Top 10 Best Exterior Caulk For 2020

Top 10 Best Exterior Caulk for 2024

Top 10 Best Exterior Caulk for 2020

Caulks, exterior or interior – are not something we deal with every day. There are a lot of people out there who don’t even know their existence, never mind their importance in our lives!

However, it is the homeowners, construction workers, repairmen, and engineers who know just how important caulks are to the wellbeing and maintenance of a building.

A simple but powerful ingredient in construction that can contribute to the conservation of your home, office, shop or any other kind of building. Check out our Melbourne caulking services here. 

If you are reading this article without any previous knowledge about exterior caulks, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the best exterior caulk – what they are, how they are used, what are the best exterior caulks you can get at a reasonable price, as well as what you should remember when buying exterior caulk.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Caulk

To invest the best caulk for trim, baseboards, and others, it would be best to consider the following factors:

  • Materials: A couple of caulks provide better adhesion to certain surfaces, so you need to consider carefully the surface applied before deciding.
  • Moisture: Is the caulked surface drier or wetter? In the wet conditions, you will need a caulk with the waterproof and mildew-resistant capacity.
  • Location: The exterior caulks are a prioritized option if you need to caulk outdoors.
  • Paintable: Not all caulks are paintable. If your demand is the best paintable caulk, the best plan would be to check the time before buying. Hitch Property Constructions has a wide range of caulking services
  • Application: Instead of choosing to purchase a caulk that requires you to use chemicals to clean, you can prioritize to select the caulks cleaned up with water. It is important that these caulks are non-odour and safe.

How to Apply Caulk Properly

  • When applying caulk for cracks and joints, remember to keep it up to ½ inch wide.
  • You should apply caulk on a painted surface without dust. It’s better to paint a primer coat before caulking.
  • You always need to paint the wood surface before caulking it.
  • Cutting the tip of the caulk tube decreases the amount of caulk flowing out of the tube in place of creating a big hole. Never do that.
  • You had better use a putty knife to widen the under ¼ inch joints and cracks before caulking.
  • Move the gun slowly while applying caulk.
  • To avoid causing a mess, you should use a damp cloth to clean the spout and your hands as well. After applying within 2-5 minutes, you are allowed to use a wet caulk-smoothing tool.
  • If you caulk around mouldings, make sure to fill the crack enough only. Moreover, you have to put enough pressure with the tip of your fingers as long as it is shaped into a clean corner joint. Pay attention that it’s hard to paint around joints.
  • Before caulking, you must also clean shower, bidets, sinks, lavatories, and tubs because applying it over mould, mildew, and the wet surface may not adhere properly.
  • Get rid of body oils, soap scum and other residues by swabbing the joint with rubbing alcohol.
  • It’s good to caulk your bathtub after you fill it with water because the weight of the water can produce strains which create the biggest possible joints between your bathtub and the wall.
  • Use low-tack tape for a sensitive and finished surface after each near finish. This makes the caulk dry faster.
  • Sometimes, caulk may shrink after drying. In this case, you need to caulk another layer to produce a neater surface in place of overfilling your crack.
  • Removing old caulk carefully before applying over previous and existing sealed joints. When it comes to masonry and concrete surfaces, it’s better to use a wire brush to remove the caulk.
  • Silicone caulk requires mineral spirits to clean the areas around the caulk. Meanwhile, you can use the combination of soap and water for others.

Best Exterior Caulk

Although there are different kinds of exterior caulk available in the market for different kinds of surfaces and uses, here are the ten best exterior caulk that you can choose from. Check out Hitch Property Constructions for a huge range of Melbourne caulking services


This 10.5-ounce latex exterior caulk comes in a cartridge, easy to use by everyone, even if you have never used caulk or any kind of sealant before.

However, it will also give you a permanent and professional-grade seal anywhere you use this caulk.

Once applied, this flexible but sturdy exterior caulk will harden and become absolutely permanent, sealing off your home from any kind of exterior nuisances, so that you won’t have to apply caulk again. At least, not for several more years.

There’s nothing more annoying than recurring repair jobs around the house when you have to keep applying a sealant or exterior caulk to the same spot again and again.

However, if you use the Sashco Big Stretch on your holes and gaps around the house, you can be absolutely sure that you won’t have to pay attention to that same problem for several years in the future.

This is not only a permanent sealant but weatherproof. It will keep humidity, water and cold air out of your homes when your windows and doors are closed.

You can manipulate the Sashco Big Stretch Latex Caulk any way you want to, by twisting, bending, compressing, stretching and elongating it.

It can be increased to more than 500% of its original size when needed, and will instantly harden on any surface, giving you immediate results.


This is a slate grey adhesive sealant that is both flexible and permanent. Available in a 10.1-ounce cartridge, the DAP 18110 is easy to use, even if you have never done anything similar before.

A single application adds a great value to your construction or design, effectively sealing off your home, office or shop to the outside weather. It can withstand anything, from harsh weather to extreme heat.

The DAP 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk takes only half an hour to harden, after which you can add any kind of paint or polish over it.

You can use this sealant anywhere and on any kind of surface, from cement to wood, metal to plywood.

The sealant is completely resistant to moisture and mildew of any kind; this means no matter how exposed it is to weather and external conditions, this sealant will not come off or be damaged.

If ever dirty or dusty, you can easily clean up the sealant with water, which will also not damage the sealant in any way.

This is a premium quality latex sealant caulk that will give you years and years of steady performance once you use it, and you’ll not have to worry about the problems at hand for many years.


This is a pack of 12 Latex Sealant that will last you a lifetime of use. This pack is more suitable for professional construction workers, engineers and landscape artists than amateur homeowners or for repairs around the house.

Because this is a 12-pack package of sealant, this is more than enough for a lifetime of handy repairs around the house for an amateur.

Other than that, the DAP 18152 BOOOKE6IES is a permanent solution in keeping the hash weather out of your homes.

This sealant comes with a 35-year durability guarantee, which means that you won’t have to worry about making any repairs to the place you applied this sealant to for 3+ decades. You can paint on it, apply polish or use water to clean it up.

The DAP 18152 BOOOKE6IES is completely invisible to the naked eyes so that you can use it without having to care about aesthetics.

Besides, the DAP 18152 BOOOKE6IES has an excellent adhesion that will stick to any surface: wood, cement, glass, metal and steel. You can use this sealant both inside and outside your building, as well.


This sealant from Red Devil has been specially made for doors and windows, a 5-ounce cartridge that is extremely easy to use.

The red devil has separate sealants for different parts of the house, and the 0408 EZ Squeeze is perfect for putting in the final touches on your door and window frames.

This caulk is easy to use, with a special EZ Squeeze cartridge that allows you to use up every single blob without any waste.

You can seal your home from every bit of rain, air, draft or moisture by effectively sealing off your windows and doors with this caulk.

Perfect for use both inside and outside the home, the Red Devil 0804 EZ Squeeze can be painted on after it has dried up almost immediately.

This is weather-, water- and mildew-resistant sealant that you can just use once and forget about for decades to come.

This caulk sealant is absolutely perfect for sealing off any cracks or gaps in your doors and windows, covered up by paint or polish. You can go on winding up the tube until you have absolutely nothing else left in the tube.


This funny looking 2.8-ounce squeeze tube contains an incredibly versatile sealant that you can use almost anywhere, both inside and outside the house.

This sealant is made from 100% silicone that will stick to tiles, glass, cement, wood and metal, and many more different kinds of surfaces, almost every ingredient that is used in construction.

This sealant caulk is 100% water- and weatherproof, and will completely seal off your home, store, business and office from any outside intrusion of water, cold/hot air or moisture.

You can apply this caulk to your windows and doors, as well as any kind of gaps and cracks around the home, and be completely safe from outside intrusion.

Besides doors, windows and walls, you can use the Gorilla 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk in your kitchens and bathrooms around pipes and faucets, and in your gutters and drains.

This sealant comes in handy while working with your automobile engines and in swimming pools and aquariums.

In short, this is a very versatile sealant that you can use almost everywhere and for different purposes. It won’t become yellow, shrink or even crack, even when exposed to water or harsh climate for a long time, and this sealant will completely resist mildew and mould of any type.


This sealant caulk from Sashco – the Sashco 13010 – can stick to wet surfaces as well as dry ones. This means that you can use this caulk in pipes and plumbing jobs, and it can be trusted to keep water out of places you don’t want the water to reach.

Besides, this sealant can also be used both indoors and outdoors, to keep your home, office or storage building completely sealed off from wind, hot/cold air, water and moisture.

This is a 10.5-ounce pack that will last you years and years of repairs around the house. Made from a co-polymer rubber-based sealant, Sashco 13010 is flexible and soft. You can extend it, twist it and even bend it, and there will be no tear in the sealant.

Since you can use this sealant on wet surfaces and underwater, this is the perfect caulk to be used for repairs in your swimming pool, aquariums and inflatable pools. Even immersed underwater, this sealant will maintain its adhesion to surfaces.

This is a clear adhesive sealant that you can also paint on, or cover with plastic for aesthetic purposes.


This highly durable caulk sealant from GE Silicon comes in a 10.1-ounce cartridge and is extremely easy to apply.

The main points of entry for unwanted cold/hot air, moisture and water in our homes and offices are through the gaps in our windows and doors. 

This sealant has been manufactured especially for sealing off doors and windows so that our buildings are completely weather- and waterproof.

With this caulk sealant in the gaps between door panels and window panes, you can be sure no single drop of water or any draft of air can enter your rooms.

You can use the GE Silicon caulk anywhere in your home, office, shop or storage unit – from the attic to the basement. It can be used on all types of windows and doors, as well as on brick and mortar.

This sealant hardens in less than 30 minutes, after which, you can apply paint or polish on it, or even wash it with water. Your rooms will become completely sealed off from the harsh weather outside in less than half an hour.

Once hardened, you won’t have to worry about any kind of repairs on these doors and windows for the next 10+ years.

You can make small repairs to your home with the GE Silicone 2+ Window and Door caulk, and completely put the matter out of your mind!


This is a rather small 5.5-ounce cartridge that comes quite in handy for small and simple repairs around the house.

You can use this acrylic latex caulk on almost any kind of surface in the house; from wood to cement, metal to plumbing pipes. You can paint on this sealant after it hardens, both inside and outside the home.

With this acrylic sealant, you can seal off your home, office, store or storage unit from any kind of outside wind, air, water and moisture.

It is weather-, water- and mildew-resistant and will last for years. In fact, one application gives you 35-years of durability guarantee, like any other DAP product.

This caulk is white in colour and hardens very quickly. It is a good adhesive that will stick to most material, made in the United States. You can also clean it up with water in case of dirt build-up.


This sealant caulk from GE Silicone can be trusted to permanently seal off harsh weather and hostile environments from your home, by sealing off any gaps and cracks in your doors, windows, floors, walls and ceilings.

Any gaps that you apply this sealant will be completely sealed off, with no cracks or shrinks in between. Even under extreme weather, nothing will happen to the sealant after it has hardened.

This sealant hardens within 30 minutes of application and can be painted on or washed with water. Once hardened properly, it can withstand more than 12 hours of continuous exposure to water or weather.

This means that you can use this sealant for inside the building as well as outside, where exposure will be the most.

The GE Silicone I All Purpose Caulk can be used on any kind of surface around the house, including door frames and window sills, sidings and trimmings, vents, pipes and wires.

It is made from 100% silicone and is completely waterproof and 100% weatherproof. This sealant is flexible and stretchable; it will stretch and move when needed with the surface it is used on.


This is a clear, high-performance acrylic latex sealant that will give you a lifetime of durability. This is the perfect sealant for sealing off moisture and mildew from your home, as guaranteed by the HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection.

The Red Devil 0777 can be used on most surfaces around the house, including cement, wood, glass, plaster, masonry, aluminium, brick, metal, concrete and tiles. You can use this sealant on your doors and windows, as well as walls, floors, ceilings and pipes.

You can depend on the Red Devil 0777 sealant for a lifetime of durability wherever you use it, not just years or decades.

Indoors or outdoors, it can withstand the harshest of weather forever, and keep your home safe from cold air and water. This sealant is a great way to make sure no moisture comes into your home and create humidity inside.

This sealant from Red Devil takes a very little time to harden and can be painted on. You can also wash it with water when it gets dirty, or when you are washing your doors and windows, and nothing will happen to your sealant.

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