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Home Property Constructions is Australia’s leading internal & external waterproofing company in spray applied protective coatings and membranes. A professional waterproofing system will extend the life of your assets and increase the durability of the structures. We offer water leak investigation works, diagnosis and reporting for any water ingress issues with water tests/flood tests to determine the location of the leak and the most suitable waterproofing system to rectify the issue.

10+ Years Specialising in Internal & External Waterproofing

New home builds, renovations, and water damage repairs.

Located in metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Home Property Constructions is a family-owned business that specialises in all aspects of waterproofing in the building, residential and construction industry. To put it simply, waterproofing will make any structure of your choosing water-resistant.

This means that it will be unaffected by any dampness or aqueous bodies. By applying waterproofing solutions to your building, you will be able to prevent water from entering into your structure. We at Home Property Constructions can present you with a number of renovations solutions thanks to our extensive range of membranes and coatings.

Got Water Leaks? Avoid costly repairs with our watertight applications

With a combined 10 years of experience, our team of highly skilled waterproofing experts deliver superior waterproofing solutions to Melbourne’s residential, construction and building sector. In the course of the last decade years, we’ve developed a dependable status for delivering exceptional waterproofing services and quality workmanship. With a great proportion of our business originating from repeat clients and referrals.

  • Internal Waterproofing Services

    Leaks from bathrooms, showers and wet areas can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Even a small leak can result in expensive repairs over time. The solution is simple: if you have a leak from your bathroom, shower or wet area, call us today for a free quote and prompt service.

  • Balcony Waterproofing

    Polyurethane membrane and joint sealant to balconies to provide a durable and flexible waterproof coating. Is the damage caused by these external leaks so severe it can no longer be ignored?

  • Leak Detection & Recovery

    Leak detection is a highly specialised service that can pinpoint precisely what is causing water damage to your property. It also addresses what needs to be done to rectify the issue, and what will need repairs to make sure everything that has been affected by the water damage is completely fixed. 


    Balconies, retaining walls and basement blockwork services. Do you require quality external waterproofing that won't cut any corners? External waterproofing is an essential part of any build, and poor quality or incorrectly done works can cost you thousands in repair bills and additional time.

  • Bathroom Waterproofing

    Application of fibreglass waterproofing system to ensure a strong, durable and toughen waterproofing application. As an often overlooked procedure, failure to waterproof your bathroom can potentially cause serious damage.

  • Waterproof Repairs

    Our team of licensed waterproofers repairers use the latest methods and systems to re mediate these issues – liquid, PVC and torch-on membranes. Our waterproofing repair works include balcony replacements, leaking showers and bathroom repairs.

OUR WATERPROOFING SERVICES Elite Waterproofing Specialists

We offer high-quality waterproofing systems to each part of the construction business. So regardless of the project, you’re operating. As a result, if you need a waterproofing solution we’re the perfect choice for you. We can work with you on your project where it be a simple waterproofing job or a roofing membrane which requires knowledge in the field to do right. We also offer different products depending on the job and the budget to provide more than one option.


So, you’re building or renovating and need internal waterproofing. You’ve come to the right place! Our family-owned team of waterproofers are fully licensed and accredited with Ardex membranes, and our combined experience spans decades. 


Our external waterproofing services cover balconies and retaining walls. Using some of the most stringently tested products and methods with the best product warranties in the industry, our external waterproofing is second to none.


Do you have moderate to severe water damage that's starting to extend beyond the confines of a single room? Or maybe your bathroom walls are rotting away and the tiles are coming off, exposing unexpected damage.


Have you had the unfortunate experience of receiving second-rate waterproofing, and it's now damaging your home and allowing moisture into places it doesn't belong? Our waterproofing repairs can help you re-waterproof inadequate areas, relieve hydrostatic pressure, and provide proper drainage.


Having a balcony is a great thing, especially if you live in a small apartment, townhouse. It’s your outdoor entertaining area, your breath of fresh air. It’s good for gardens, outdoor living, and of course barbeques! However, when things go wrong and you find that your balcony is leaking, fixing it can be a real nightmare.

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