Internal Waterproofing Services


  • Bathroom Waterproofing
  • Fix Leaking Shower & Repairs
  • General Water Damage Protection
  • Leak Detection & Waterproofing Assessment
  • Laundries & Other Wet Areas

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Leaks from bathrooms, showers and wet areas can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Even a small leak can result in expensive repairs over time. The solution is simple: if you have a leak from your bathroom, shower or wet area, call us today for a free quote and prompt service. Home Property Constructions, professional shower repairs and waterproofing experts, offer a complete range of internal waterproofing services including waterproofing bathrooms, shower repairs and all wet area waterproofing. If you need to fix a leaking shower or stop a slow leak for good, make your first call to Home Property Constructions.

Internal Waterproofing Services By Melbourne's best

We specialise in complete internal waterproofing of the highest quality.

Showers & bathrooms waterproofing in Melbourne is one the most commonly reported building defects by homeowners. Poor membrane installation practices is the main cause of waterproofing failure. We offer fully seamless waterproofing systems for internal wet areas, liquid and sheet applied waterproofing solutions. This includes particleboard, plywood, scyon and concrete slab substrates The appropriate waterproof primer will be selected depending on the surface.

Waterproofing and Sealing of Bathrooms, Leaking Showers & Laundries

Home Property Constructions are your ultimate internal waterproofing solution specialist, in case you are going through the hassles of a leaking building and drainage problems. With years of experience and lots of knowledge gathered, we know which solution can be apt for which type of problem. Our experts make use of the right equipment to offer waterproofing solutions in Melbourne.

Custom Internal Waterproofing Internal Home Waterproofing Done Right!

Do you need waterproofing in Melbourne? Waterproofing work involves any protective treatment of a dwelling designed to prevent the penetration of water or moisture into the dwelling. It also refers to the protective treatment of wet areas in a dwelling designed to prevent the unwanted escape of water from those areas by using solid membranes or membranes applied by brush, roller or any other method.

Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or even below the ground, as well as decks, balconies and internal wet areas like shower recess or washrooms.

We also complete the following:

  • Waterproofing of all corners and horizontal joints in the shower
  • Waterproofing of plasterboard joints and nail heads extending in the shower
  • Sealing of tap penetrations
  • Waterproofing of floors & horizontal surfaces that adjoin an insert bath
  • Installation of water stops at laundry, shower and bathroom’s doorways.
  • Installation of bond breakers for bonds between membranes & substrates
  • Waterproofing of floors for frameless shower screens
  • Waterproofing of fixing penetrations
  • Waterproofing for hobs & hobless showers.

Our long years of expertise has allowed us to research and test different membrane waterproofing products in Melbourne’s market, to ensure our clients are only receiving the best quality at all times. We use different products depending on the application required for bathrooms, laundries & showers waterproofing to ensure optimal performance. All products are installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

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  • Full Home Renovations

    Upgrade every aspect of your home! Demolishing and rebuilding a home is a long and exhausting process. You also end up without usable accommodation for months on end. It’s incredibly expensive!

  • Kitchen Renovations

    Renovating the kitchen is the most popular type of major renovation in a home. It’s also the best way to increase a home’s value if it were to be put on the market.

  • Bathroom Renovations

    We are highly dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation services. Our quality work and excellent customer service have made us one of the most trusted names in the business.

  • Room Additions

    Adding a room (or more than one) is also very popular. Often, families with two or more children and not enough bedrooms choose to add on so each child can have their own bedroom.

Looking for a professional waterproofing team that does things right the first time?

So, you’re building or renovating and need internal waterproofing. You’ve come to the right place! Our family-owned team of waterproofers are fully licensed and accredited with Ardex membranes, and our combined experience spans decades. We’ve worked on residential and commercial builds and our waterproofing is second to none. Our focus is on quality and service, and providing you with great end result with no issues between various trades is what we strive for with every job.

Internal Waterproofing Solutions

All works meet the Australian Standard for internal waterproofing across the various domestic, commercial and educational building requirements. We’re more than happy to quote works from building plans (you can click here to contact us and email your PDF plans), but we prefer to give a more personal service. We like to sit down with your project managers or estimators to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve, what you need out of the service, and why we feel we’re a great choice for your project. We can also discuss critical dates and other trades that will need to be worked around. 

The internal waterproofing services we do includes things like:

  • Enclosed and unenclosed showers, including wall recesses
  • Bath hobs and freestanding baths 
  • Bathroom and washroom waterproofing 
  • Laundries and other wet areas that include troughs or basins
  • Toilet blocks
  • Leak detection and waterproofing assessment services

Internal waterproofing pricing for rooms is based on area and perimeter, with shower costs based on the overall size of the shower. All quotations we provide are completely transparent, and are displayed as sq/m and l/m costs, itemised per wet area.

Product Usage
To maintain our high quality standards, we specifically stock and use Ardex membranes. We are also fully accredited with Ardex products to ensure correct application every time. For internal waterproofing purposes, there are 2 products that we make use of most.

Ardex WPM 155 Rapid polyurethane-acrylic liquid membrane with Ardex STB tape. This quick-drying liquid membrane is perfect for wet area floors and walls. Our image gallery on this page shows photos of the Ardex WPM 155 Rapid in use.

Ardex WPM 750 sheet membrane for under screed use in showerbases. This tough, super-flexible product has one of the longest product warranties on the market.

Contact us if you would like any product data sheets or specifications on the products that we use, or if you have a job that you would like quoted up.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question all the time, but it’s really like asking how long a piece of string is. How big is the bathroom? Does it have a shower? Is it a standard shower or is it a double-sized shower with multiple rain shower heads? Does it have a bath hob? How many wet areas are required over the entire job? Questions like that can seriously affect pricing. We’re talking a difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars based entirely around your room and job specifications.

OUR WATERPROOFING SERVICES Elite Waterproofing Specialists

We offer high-quality waterproofing systems to each part of the construction business. So regardless of the project, you’re operating. As a result, if you need a waterproofing solution we’re the perfect choice for you. We can work with you on your project where it be a simple waterproofing job or a roofing membrane which requires knowledge in the field to do right. We also offer different products depending on the job and the budget to provide more than one option.


So, you’re building or renovating and need internal waterproofing. You’ve come to the right place! Our family-owned team of waterproofers are fully licensed and accredited with Ardex membranes, and our combined experience spans decades. 


Our external waterproofing services cover balconies and retaining walls. Using some of the most stringently tested products and methods with the best product warranties in the industry, our external waterproofing is second to none.


Do you have moderate to severe water damage that's starting to extend beyond the confines of a single room? Or maybe your bathroom walls are rotting away and the tiles are coming off, exposing unexpected damage.


Have you had the unfortunate experience of receiving second-rate waterproofing, and it's now damaging your home and allowing moisture into places it doesn't belong? Our waterproofing repairs can help you re-waterproof inadequate areas, relieve hydrostatic pressure, and provide proper drainage.


Having a balcony is a great thing, especially if you live in a small apartment, townhouse. It’s your outdoor entertaining area, your breath of fresh air. It’s good for gardens, outdoor living, and of course barbeques! However, when things go wrong and you find that your balcony is leaking, fixing it can be a real nightmare.

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