Home Renovation Ideas

How to renovate an old house?

We all crave the creature comforts of a cozy, well-designed home. While there are a lot of do-it-yourselfer’s out there who work tirelessly on their homes and seem to be updating or renovating on a constant basis— this is not possible for those of us who don’t know the difference between a table saw and a drill. Of course, the latter mentioned group of people could just hire someone to renovate their homes for them, but then that comes with messy and costly renovations. Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates. How can we update our homes while bypassing major renovations? We want updates that all of us can do, not just those handy do-it-yourselfers.

If you want to maintain the character of your older home, but long for a few modern touches and conveniences, here are some changes that won’t break the bank. Making things more energy efficient, installing new appliances, repainting, and other thoughtful updates can go a long way to give your house a modern edge while staying true to its retro vibe. 

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’re already on your way to saving money. But with the right planning, you can transform the feel of a whole room with a single project that only costs you a few hundred bucks. Planning for a new look of your house? Look no further! Hitch Property Constructions is here to help in your home renovations.

Cabinetry: Update Drawer Pulls and Door Handles

Nothing dates your kitchen and bathrooms more than old-fashioned, worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs. There is no excuse not to update all your cabinet and door handles when it is really so simple to do, and there are so many ways to update your cabinetry. There are numerous finishes to choose from, such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless. With so many modern choices on the market, it may be hard to decide what best suits your home. Don’t stress too much about the plethora of options, and you could always buy one or two different styles to see what works best in the room. Plus, there are not really any steadfast rules to choosing cabinet pulls and knobs. Essentially, a country kitchen can look chic and updated with very modern stainless knobs, while a modern kitchen can look cool and eclectic with more vintage-style knobs. The design choice is up to you, so get out there and start updating your kitchen and bathroom cupboards today.

Update Window Treatments

Windows seem to be overlooked a lot of the time. Homeowners struggle to decide what style would suit the room best, leading them to give up and leave the windows bare or just install simple blinds for privacy. Here’s the thing— windows beg to be dressed! By leaving your windows bare, you are missing out on a whole spectacular layer of decorating. While those who are lucky enough to enjoy ocean or mountain views may argue this fact, but even the best of views could be framed by stylish window panels. Windows can be dressed to perfectly suit your style and taste. You can go bold and graphic with geometric curtain panels, or beachy with gauzy white sheers, or minimalist with bamboo shades—-the options are endless. If you are stressing about all the possibilities, then take a cue from the colour schemes that you already have in place. Sometimes the easiest option is to simply match curtain panels to the colour of your walls— doing this creates a look that goes with any style.

Home Renovation Ideas

New Lighting To Your Home

Proper lighting can truly bring a room to life. A poorly lit room looks small, dark and cramped, while a brightly lit room appears open, airy and welcoming. There are numerous ways to brighten up your home with lights. Some of the easier methods are as simple as buying table lamps and floor lamps for your home. Strategically place a couple of tall floor lamps in dark corners and watch your room come alive. Layer this lighting with lamps on side tables, making the room feel welcoming and cozy. Then, if you want to get adventurous, you can replace all those outdated ceiling fixtures with the stunning modern masterpieces that are available on the market. Of course, this last part may require you to hire an electrician for installation, but if you’re handy, replacing a ceiling fixture is something that is not too complicated. Whether you keep it simple with floor lamps, or go all out and replace all your ceiling fixtures —modernize your home with plenty of bright lights.

Create An Outdoor Room

Sometimes we forget to look outside our very own doors for unused space. Even if your home doesn’t have a large front porch or amazing backyard patio—there is still space to be used. You just need to be inventive. You can create an amazing outdoor space by starting with an outdoor rug to define a “room” outdoors. Then add a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs and throw cushions, a small fire pit, some dangling string lights — Voila! You have added a new “room” to your home. If you want to get fancier you could put down some brick pavers or flagstones, then layer it with the outdoor rugs, chairs etc… Or you could go all out and install a large pergola, drape the sides with privacy curtains, add an outdoor heater, some music, some wine….yes, this sounds like a great outdoor escape. The pergola install may take the weekend to accomplish, but it would be worth it come Sunday evening when you unwind outdoors with your glass of wine.

Landscape Your Yard

Landscaping is too often overlooked. We plant one or two trees and assume we are done. However, curb appeal is greatly affected by the design of your landscaping. While not all of us have a green thumb, it can be easy to make a couple raised garden beds or plant more trees and flowering shrubs. Begin with a visit to your local greenhouse. Staff at these stores are full of advice and knowledge about local plant life. Ask them what plants thrive best in your area and, more importantly, what plants are the easiest to care for. Most of these garden centres have a landscape architect on staff who can design a landscaping plan for you, as well. It is best to start slowly by adding a couple flowering shrubs to your front yard, and then add a small raised bed around a walkway or front door. Remember to layer the heights of plants with the tallest in back, and read the planting directions for spacing and projected heights. With time and patience, you will have a beautifully landscaped yard.

Add Easy to Install (And Remove) Wallpaper

This is not your Grandmother’s wallpaper. No, we are talking about all of the amazing new removable wallpapers that are currently hitting the market. We are also not talking about those tacky wall decals that say, “Always Kiss me Goodnight”. Rather, the new lines of removable wallpaper come in amazing patterns and graphics that will make your room look like you hired an interior designer (and spent a fortune). These wallpapers are easily removed by simply peeling them off (without harm to the wall underneath), and most can be reused. For an easy weekend project, consider covering the main wall of your bedroom with a peaceful pattern, or consider a living room update by covering one wall with a funky geometric patterned paper. There are numerous online stores where these wonderful wallpaper can be purchased. Just be sure to read the fine print and buy the brands that are top-of-the-line and remove easily. Check out our range of Melbourne home renovations for your dream house.

Spruce-Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms get dirty and dingy quite quickly. Begin a bathroom overhaul with a thorough cleaning. Yes, not a lot of fun, but the shiny result will give you new motivation to spruce-up the rest of the bathroom. Once the room is clean, look to the outdated knobs, light fixtures, vanity, faucets, and shower curtains. By simply changing out one or two of the most outdated items, you can make your bathroom look modern and new. A coat of paint can go far in a bathroom, as well. Look to the bathroom below and notice all the shiny white painted trim and blue walls; the modern cabinet pulls; the cool lantern light fixture; the modern faucet; the plush towels, and the pretty plants—-these all add up to a brand-new bathroom, without tearing out cabinets, walls or sinks.

Make a Man Cave

Men are uniting everywhere— in their man caves. While some of us girls don’t get it, men like to have a man-cave to escape in, a room to call their own, a room to drink with the guys and watch the game in peace. Who can blame them? It does sound like a great escape. Men, here are some tips for creating the ultimate man-cave. First, find a space in your home that you can use, whether it is the basement, the garage, or an outdoor room or outbuilding such as a shed. Then you need to decorate it and make it your ultimate escape. Add a TV, a pool table, a fridge, a bar, some darts, comfortable chairs, rugs, pillows, music…etc. Getting the picture? Make it home. There are a lot of companies that customize garages into amazing man-caves. They install flooring, wall units, and sound systems, essentially turning the garage into a new room in your home. Ladies, maybe we can do the same with a craft room?

When In Doubt Just Clean and Paint

Does this list have you exhausted? Is your home overwhelming you? Maybe you should just start by simply cleaning-up your main living space. A deep-clean can enhance our mood and make our home more livable (and more importantly inspire us to do more). It seems obvious, but a clean coat of paint can take a room from drab to fab. Consider adding a punch of colour on an accent wall, or just touch up your trim with a clean coat of white paint. If your home already has a fresh coat of paint, then look to other things that could use a touch-up. Maybe paint your ceiling a cool blue, or bring new life to an outdated piece of furniture with a new coat of paint. A deep clean and a new coat of paint can go a long way when it comes to revamping our rooms without major renovations.


Start with the areas of your home that you love. You likely purchased your home for specific reasons. Maybe you loved the built-in bookshelves; maybe it was the gorgeous hardwood floors; maybe it was the clawfoot tub. Whatever you love, start there. The chances are that those features could use some TLC, so here are a few ways to get started. Hitch Property Constructions has the best range of renovations services to help you create your dream house.


Depending on the type and condition of your flooring, it may be worthwhile to restore them. It would likely cost far less to restore hardwood floors than it would replace them. If your home has retro flooring like checkered vinyl or retro tile, it may be fun to restore them as well. A well-maintained area of carpet can even be turned into a rug for posterity’s sake! Keeping original features intact will help to maintain the character of your home.


Styles change from year to year, and depending on the age of your home, your woodwork may reflect that. Layers upon layers of paint or stain could leave gorgeous original details looking gunky and outdated. Take time to properly restore the woodwork in your home to give the entire house a fresh look.

Special Features

Whether it’s a fireplace, staircase, or wrap-around porch, your home probably has some gorgeous special features. Focus on bringing these areas up to par. If you loved them enough to buy the house, it’s worth the time and effort to restore them!


For some aspects of your home (chartreuse shag carpet, anyone?), there just isn’t any hope. If older elements are holding your design back, update them with modern replacements. The key is to blend the old with the new to create a timeless aesthetic that lasts for years to come.


The popular open concept floorplan hasn’t been around for that long, so your older home’s layout likely leaves your design feeling cramped or choppy. Breathe new life into your space by knocking down non-load bearing walls or widening doorways.


The chances are that your home has lived through a renovation or two (or maybe more). This patchwork method of updating can create an assortment of styles throughout your home. Use this time to bring all of your rooms up to a common threshold. If you do something to one room, like paint the ceilings or replace moulding, do it to every room. If you replace the cabinet in one bathroom, do the same for every other bathroom. Doing so will aid in streamlining your design.


From light switches to cabinet handles, fixtures can date a home. Update these common fixtures throughout your home to bring its design up to the 21st century:

  • Light switches and plates
  • Outlets and outlet covers
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Register covers and vents
  • Door handles
  • Indoor and outdoor light fixtures


You’ve done all the hard work; now it’s time for the fun stuff! The way you decorate your older home can have a major impact on its overall feel. Here are just a few ways to modernize your home’s décor.


Never underestimate the power of a little paint. Neutral beiges can brighten up a once dim study. Bright, spunky accent walls can restore youth to a once formal dining room. A fresh coat of paint can help tremendously in your effort to update your home, and it takes very little time or money.


Use a mix of modern and era-specific pieces to bring harmony to your home’s design. Repurpose vintage furniture in unusual ways to bring an unexpected element to your room. The key to furnishing your old home with new furniture is to blend styles in a compatible way. In doing so, you’ll update your home without losing its unique character.


Fun accent pieces can an easy and inexpensive way to update your home’s appearance. Try to choose some accents that enhance the design of your home. New pieces can be great additions as long as they don’t clash with your home’s existing features.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to update your home without the messy overhaul or huge expense of remodelling. Study this list and the rooms in your home, then ask yourself what is the most outdated feature(s) in your home? Then it’s time to get to work! Change out old cabinetry knobs, light fixtures, faucets, window treatments and faded paint. Or look outside the typical rooms in your home by creating an amazing outdoor landscape, outdoor room, or garage man-cave. All of these small updates go a long way to renewing your home, your spirit and your sense of well-being. What recent updates have you done to your home? Or what items in this list do you plan to do first?

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