Cost To Remodel Bath Room

How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom?

If you ever have been wondering about how much it cost to remodel a small bathroom in your home, then please keep reading on.

Nowadays, bathroom renovation projects in our homes are getting more and more common, and a new trend about smaller and more efficient spaces comes along with the appealing space that this new generation wants to live at.

A bath remodels several benefits that every homeowner should endeavour. In our article, you are going to be able to learn and calculate all the key facts to succeed if you are planning to do a small bathroom remodel so you can keep adding value to your property.

If a broken sink or dripping shower has you dreaming of aesthetically pleasing, radiant bathroom tiles and Instagram-worthy goodness in a remodelled bathroom, you’re not alone. Along these lines is the confusing phenomenon of bathroom remodel costs as well. 

We all fantasize about expensive hardware, luxurious bathtubs, His & Her sinks in the early stages of bathroom remodelling. However, you need to think about money first. For instance, can you still create your desirable bathroom within a budget? To do so, you need to understand the different aspects of a bathroom remodel costs.

A remodel is an excellent way to turn your house into your home. If you have a small bathroom that deserves some love, there are changes you can make to turn it from drab to fab. We’ll break down everything you need to know, and we’ll answer the biggest question: How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom?

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Small Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Before you start pulling out your hammer, there are a few things you’ll want to do. Set your budget, choose your fixture, decide what projects require a professional, and accessorize. Sound overwhelming? We’ll break it down.

Cost To Remodel Bath Room

Set Your Budget

Renovating your small bathroom can seem exciting and daunting at the same time, and often the scariest part is the price. The average small bathroom remodel costs around $6,500, but it can swing in either direction based on a few factors. Choosing high-end finishes and expensive accessories will add to the cost of your project. Hiring a professional to complete the entire remodel can also cause your budget to skyrocket. Conversely, choosing affordable products and doing some work yourself can bring the cost of a small bathroom renovation down.

Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures

Remodelling your small bathroom on a budget is a possibility. Start by finding affordable options that look luxurious while optimizing your small space. Selecting products that look more expensive than they are and choosing unique items that also suit your small space are great ways to achieve this.

Bathroom Tiles: DIY or Bring In a Pro?

If you’re a handy homeowner, you may be able to tackle some small bathroom remodel projects on your own. However, one area where you may want to call in the professionals is tiling. This will likely increase your budget above the average (these homeowners paid $3,600 for the tiling labour in their small bathroom on top of the $3,600 they paid for the tiling materials). Still, a professional can get the job done quickly with fewer errors.

The Finishing Touch: Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are another important element of any remodel. This is where you can infuse your taste without spending much money.

Our Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Remodel Costs

Do the Math

Ask yourself if your bathroom needs just a facelift or a full remodel and work around it. The most important thing about remodelling your bathroom is knowledge. 

An average midrange bathroom remodelling costs anywhere between $5,000 – $20,000. It’s easy to go with the flow and spend more money than you initially planned on doing. Not just that, contractors can often nudge you to spend more on unnecessary items and improvements. Hence, it is important to select the right contractor to work with.

Research, understand and have a clear mind when it comes to your budget and stands your ground. Draw a rough draft and try making changes to it. Once you and your contractor are happy with the final output and are on the same page, they only get started on the Remodeling. This method will help you prioritize better and spend more efficiently. 

Remodel in Phases

It’s always better to remodel in phases, and it’s more convenient in today’s busier times. Make a schedule, hire a contractor, and get the shower, tub, and groundwork done first. While you’re at it, do not forget about bathroom storage as well.

That is also going to cost you the more significant chunk of your budget. On average, $2000-$5000 is for labour, fixtures (such as the toilet), tile replacement, sink replacement, flooring, and general plumbing. 

When that’s out of the way, you can shell out the remaining bathroom remodelling costs on brushing up the design. Carefully follow your plan because these decisions can make or break your budget.

There are a lot of things you can DIY like painting the walls, changing the faucets, redecorating the bathroom as per your liking, and so much more. So, what’s keeping you from having a little fun? 

Bathroom Remodel and Design Costs

Be it Classic White, Retro, Victorian, or Asian-Inspired; everyone has their personal preferences and lifestyle. 

Whatever you choose will influence the total bathroom remodelling costs profoundly. For example, subway tiles are less expensive than designer mosaic tiles. Your average tiles will cost you $3-$5 per square feet, and more modern bathroom designs can go up to $50-$80 per square feet. Also, a $400 bathtub works just as well as a $4000 tub. 

As you work on the designs, ask your contractor for a firm cost breakdown. Design choices are where the expenses add up, and once you’re happy with the figure, get started. 

Light up the Bathroom

A bathroom serves many motives — it’s your sanctuary—a place that soothes your soul and lifts your mood whenever needed. 

The lighting usually does a lot of it in your bathroom space; spotlight, vanity lights, dimmers, etc. When it comes to the lights, please don’t overdo it, but don’t under-do it either. 

Make sure your bathroom has bright and clean lights that can adjust to your mood. Dimmers play a massive role in setting the field as they add flexibility and can be changed as you like. 

An essential aspect of choosing your light is the direction. Avoid clear bulbs that cast a shadow and result in unflattering asymmetrical lighting. 

Choose opaque or frosted lights instead of a well-rounded appeal. One thing to keep in mind is the lights are resistant or accustomed to wet, moist areas. 

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Add That Extra Pop of Color

A fresh pop of colour on that big dusty wall can help bring the whole remodel together. Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to brighten up your bathroom without spending much. 

Opt for bright whites, blues, ivory, or grey tones to make your remodel come to life. Semi-gloss and satin formulas that are resistant to mould and mildew would work best in the long run. 

You don’t have to go big on the tiles and save up to $100 if you choose to paint the walls yourself. 

DIY-ing your bathroom also has its appeal and satisfaction. The process might seem stressful, but the result would make everything worth it. Let’s get messy, shall we? 

Make a Statement

Keeping the basic out of the way, it’s time to add some wow-factors. With enough boards pinned on Pinterest, the possibilities are endless. 

Stick to your theme, look for pieces that add value to your bathroom remodel without hampering your budget. Pick items without overcrowding the space; remember less IS more. Statement pieces play a huge role in adding to the bathroom remodel costs, but they provide significant value as well.

Mirrors are one of the essential items in any bathroom. They play a huge role in making even a small bathroom appear larger than life. Pick mirrors that are big and add a sense of style. 

Vintage, elegant mirrors with metallic brushing or just a classic rectangle mirror can add a statement to your bathroom. Make sure they’re well lit and go well with your overall theme. 

Planters and succulents are huge on the market. They add vibrancy and a piece of nature every time you walk-in. With several options online, you can get your pick for under $20. 

Add some beautiful artworks, shower curtains (under $30), and non-slip rugs ( under $100) to elevate the whole look. Remember, it’s all in the details. 

How Are The Bathroom Remodeling Looks Like?


Demolish, it will be the first step in the process. Assuming that we are gutting out the bathroom, a Residential Contractor will cost between $650–1,150 depending upon factors such as wallpaper, more than one layer of the floor, etc.

Rough-in plumbing and electrical

As stated before, it should be more major changes in the layout for the electrical, plumbing and mechanical connections. The Scope of Work typically is to replace the shower valve mixer, install the toilet, replace drain and install the sink. A typical plumber will charge $290–590 for this type of work. If you are planning to replace the tub, you should add about $150–400 for the tub, and the plumbing might charge between $400–800 for labour.

The electrical usually stays the same, and you will need to expect to replace the light fixture $150-$295. If you need to install an exhaust fan with an exterior connection the range is around $600-$895 in electrical labour. Add extra costs if you want to install a recessed light $200-$350 or a GFI (Ground Fault Circuit) outlet around $250-$400 each for labour and materials.

On the mechanical, we will apply the same principle. In a small bath remodel It won’t usually be part of the work that needs to be done. If you are adding a vent or replacing ducting, you are looking for a range between $250–400 per labour and materials.

Tub and Shower area

If you are replacing or leaving the tub, you can refer to the rough plumbing section. If you are doing a tiled shower area, the cost of the labour and material needs to be added to your overall bathroom remodelling cost. For a typical small bathroom, the materials needed for tiling the shower and floor will be $400–900 depending on the tile selected. The labour cost for a Residential Contractor for doing the tile work will be in a $3,000-$4900 range.


If you are doing a tile flooring in your bathroom remodelling project, please refer to the tub and shower area title on this article. Other options on the flooring could be vinyl planks for $350–590 depending on the material selected or laminate floor around the same range for labour and materials.

Vanity, sink, and faucet

There is a wide variety on this topic. You can either find a vanity-top combo in retail stores for a range between $190–500. If you are looking for something more sophisticated such as a shaker cabinet with granite or quartz on top you will be looking for an extra $650-$995

Don’t forget the faucet! You can find a really wide selection out there. The most common range for standard faucets is around $45–150 for the material.

Drywall work

Depending upon the damaged caused during the previous steps to drywall patching, this price will change. Small patching work it will run around $395–695, but if you did a major gut on the bathroom renovation you range will increase to around $975-$1,395 on labour and material costs.


Based on the demolition result, the trim work will increase or decrease in the dollar amount. Replacing small areas, it will range between $150-$300, and if you are replacing or installing a new trim on the bathroom area, you will be looking $550–900 in labour and materials.


Your small bathroom remodelling project is almost completed! New drywall needs to be primed, and new trim needs to be prep. Classic pricing for Residential Contractor assuming that you are going to prep the trim and prime the new drywall and patched areas; painting walls, ceiling, and trim will cost around $895-$1,350 labour and materials.

Two Final Considerations in You Bath Remodel Project!

If you have a shower, you might need a shower glass. You can find either a pre-made standard one on retail stores for $450-$975. Don’t miss include the installation cost of about $450-$650. If you are planning to install a frameless glass, you will be looking a price for labour and material of $1800-$2400 including the shower glass hardware

The final consideration is the hardware to make a bathroom functional. You can include in your budget for a standard towel rack, ring towel and toilet holder around $175–295 for the set and need to be added $175-$350 for installation cost.

DIY Renovation/Remodel

Selling a home comes with required inspections – make sure your DIY work is up to code to avoid additional remodelling costs. When doing any DIY work, research all local and national codes, get proper permits, and have inspections completed. Because of the wet environment and load requirements, specific electrical and load-bearing codes exist for bathrooms. Not following local building codes can result in further renovation costs at resale and create safety hazards.

To save money, many homeowners are doing DIY renovations and remodels. A homeowner with the right experience and tools can pull off an entire bathroom remodel without sacrificing quality. But more often than not, the result could look cheap, affect resale and present safety hazards. Licensed contractors leave a professional look and feel to their work.

Common pitfalls of a DIY project include oddly cut tile, cabinetry that isn’t level, and uneven grout. If you’re determined to try doing it yourself, start small and work on a half-bath first. Bathrooms are one of the top items on a homebuyer’s checklist. If you’re looking to upgrade to resell, choose a professional every time.

Hiring a Pro

Bathrooms present a great project for DIYer’s with the right tools, knowledge, and time. Too often, those three things don’t line up. Since you’ll get an average of 60% to 70% of your investment back with the home sale, it’s better to hire a remodelling professional. A pro will take care of all permits, inspections, and most of all, make sure your home is up to code. Also, bathrooms are a top consideration for prospective homebuyers. Presenting them with a professional finish goes helps sell your home.

What to Ask a Bathroom Remodel Pro

Before you hire a professional to remodel your bathroom, ask them these seven crucial questions first:

Can I see examples of your past bathroom remodelling work?

Read your contractor’s reviews—comb for details on their punctuality, communication skills, work environment cleanliness and work quality. But if you see negative reviews, don’t dismiss the pro right away. Look at how they respond: if they show strong communication and conflict-resolution skills, they may still be a good fit.

Make sure you also ask for a portfolio of their past work, especially if you have a specialty project in mind. On Thumbtack, you can look at photos of previous work for bathroom remodelling contractors before you hire them.

Do you take on bathroom remodelling projects of my scope?

Some contractors specialize in certain kinds of projects. For example, one contractor may do bathroom additions and master bath renovations, while another focuses specifically on small bathroom remodels. Ask this question upfront to save everyone the time and effort of a site visit.

Also, if you need bathroom design services, make sure to ask if your contractor has design training. If not, consider hiring an architect or designer in addition to your bathroom remodeler.

How many projects do you run at the same time?

You want a company that has time for you and has long-term relationships with its subcontractors. Make sure you and your contractor have the same expectations about how often they will be onsite once the remodel or renovation kicks off. The contractor should be open with you about how long each stage of the project will take, and they should show a good understanding of what factors could potentially push that timeline out.

Who will be working in my home?

Many general contractors serve as the business head and hire foremen to run projects. Ask to meet the project manager and make sure it’s someone you want at your house every day. Depending on the elements of your bathroom remodelling project, your contractor will probably bring in more specialists.

This is a good thing in most cases — you want a specialist for things like drywall, painting, and retiling. But make sure you ask exactly what will be subcontracted out and get background information on those subcontractors.

Are you bonded, licensed and insured?

Any contractor or subcontractor who works on your house should be bonded, licensed, and insured properly according to state and local standards. Insurance can help protect you if your home gets damaged during construction or workers are hurt onsite while hiring a bonded contractor can help protect you if the contractor fails to pay workers, doesn’t pay for permits, or doesn’t finish the work. Here’s more on how to do your research.

What permits does my renovation or remodel need, and will you get them?

If a contractor isn’t willing to get the permits, it may be a sign they’re not licensed. You may need permits to make sure the work is up to code and that your homeowner’s insurance will cover it once it’s done. Make sure to ask whether permits are required and, if yes, ask to see the permits before the project starts.

How do you work?

What time does the workday start and end? Do workers clean up at the end of every day? Will they haul off garbage and debris? If pros are working inside, ask how they’ll protect your hardwood floors from damage. It’s best to talk about all of this upfront and get it in writing. And don’t just take their word for it — make sure to read their previous reviews carefully to see what other homeowners have said about their working style.

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Understanding Bathroom Remodel Costs

While a bathroom is a general, substantial functioning space, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Adding comfort and style, even beauty, will only perk up space. Consider what details will serve you and your bathroom the best before worrying about the bathroom remodelling costs.

Take your time and do your homework when deciding your bathroom remodel. Check online and offline prices before finalizing anything concrete. Remember, the final bathroom remodel costs depend on various factors such as size, layout, scope, and other similar factors. Once you get it out of the way, you’re all set to start your bathroom remodelling! 

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