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What is the cheapest way to redo kitchen countertops?

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    It doesn't matter where you live, your kitchen countertop will get a lot of use and abuse. It's only a matter of time before they need to be updated or replaced entirely. Countertop installation is a job that some professional remodelers will not do. At the same time, we can think of at least two reasons to try making this a do-it-yourself project: the chance to save money, and the chance to do something truly original.

    Using this as a foundation, you can begin designing and installing a high-end kitchen that won't break the bank. We'll take a look at the many popular alternatives for low-cost kitchen and bathroom countertops.

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    Put in New Countertops on a Budget to Refresh Your Kitchen

    Kitchen Renovation Ideas

    Painting Countertops

    This is a low-cost option for concealing worn-out countertops made of wood or linoleum. In fact, you can paint your own counters without any trouble. Just sand, prime, and paint it.

    Hand sanding and using a pad sander are equally effective. Select sandpaper with a grain size anywhere between medium and fine. Avoid leaving deep scratches while sanding down the surface to prepare it for priming and paint.

    Applying paint and sealant with a spray gun (remove counters beforehand or cover non-sprayed surfaces with plastic and painter's tape) or rolling on the paint with a dense sponge roller can help you avoid brush strokes. Use three to four coats of polyurethane to preserve the paint.

    If you don't want to spend the extra money on a speciality finish, you may paint your countertops with any high-quality semi-gloss or gloss paint.

    Covering Countertops

    Countertops can be simply covered with wood veneer, cloth, or metal. A low-priced wooden door, some fabric, and some Mod Podge may be transformed into a functional countertop for the laundry room.

    Make use of a 6-inch dense foam roller rather than a brush when applying polyurethane sealer.

    Countertops have been given a marble appearance with the help of PaperIllusions. In order to prevent the cloth from shrinking too much during use, it should be prewashed to remove the sizing.

    Existing countertops, concrete, wood veneers, and thin metal sheets are all suitable substrates for tiling directly over.

    Painting or Decals for Tile Countertops

    Painting tiles is a time-consuming chore that requires thorough preparation if a professional result is to be achieved. If you're short on finances and don't mind putting in a lot of sweat equity, painting your tile is another option to consider.

    The name of Tile Tattoos by Milo, an additional method for modernising tile, says it all. These tile tattoos (or decals) come in a variety of styles, and the company that makes them claims that they are 100% waterproof. To some extent, these materials can be used to improve the look of the existing tile, but they won't hide unsightly or old tile entirely.

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    Other Options

    The counters can be given a facelift using any number of materials, including a mosaic of "found" objects or a covering of copper coins. Just about any idea may work for a countertop. There are a few key considerations you should always keep in mind while replacing or refinishing an existing countertop. Try asking yourself these questions: Can I expect the finish I pick to hold up under regular, everyday use? Can it withstand the high temperatures in a kitchen? May I ask if it's watertight? In such a scenario, you should be fine.

    Inexpensive Countertop Options

    The price of your countertops might range from $20 to $200 per square foot, so it's up to you to find a beautiful and affordable alternative within that range. The installation labour cost ranges from $35 per hour for cheaper materials to $100 per hour for more expensive ones.

    • Tile and laminates of many kinds are excellent low-cost alternatives.
    • Any kind of tile or wood is ideal for a do-it-yourself project. The more daring do-it-yourselfers among us can even try their hands at installing laminates.
    • Alternatives that are better for the environment: Wooden or recycled paper, glass, or aluminium counters with a resin finish are also available.

    Cheap Kitchen Countertop Ideas

    Do you want to update your kitchen but find yourself with a limited budget? Dozens of options exist for imitating the pricey look of granite or marble without breaking the bank, allowing you to put that extra cash into new appliances or a kitchen makeover.

    Ceramic and Stone Tile

    Tiles manufactured from natural stone often cost twice as much as ceramic or porcelain tiles ($10 vs. $5 vs. $30 a square foot). With regard to both cost and aesthetics, tile counters are superior to laminate.


    • With it, you can make the most of your culinary canvas.
    • The best low-cost option for the do-it-yourselfer.


    • Needs to be sealed and maintained on a regular basis.
    • Epoxy is needed for easy cleaning.
    • A lot of time and effort is needed to set up, but the supplies are very inexpensive. Consider laminates instead of ceramic tile if you plan to hire a professional to instal the floor.

    Inexpensive Laminate Counters

    Laminate counters are the most cost-efficient way to give your kitchen a contemporary look and feel. Laminate countertops can be purchased for around $25 a square foot.

    You shouldn't expect them to win any design awards, but they will give your kitchen a fresher, more contemporary look and feel. Formica's 180fx range is an example of an upgraded alternative; it comes in stone, marble, and wood grain designs and has the look of more expensive materials at a fraction of the price.

    Cheap Quartz Countertops

    The average cost of quartz countertops is between $50 and $150 per square foot. Quartz Silestone countertops can cost anything from $2,000 to $7,000 to instal. Cambria and Corian countertops, for instance, may have a different installation price than Silestone quartz counters.

    Even though it costs about the same as granite, it's a much better option for individuals on a tight budget who still want the luxury look of marble or slate. It is exceptionally long-lasting and does not require sealing, unlike granite.

    Cheap Solid Stone Counters & Alternatives

    Prices for soapstone, slate, granite, and marble countertops, as well as other varieties of solid stone, can range from $40 to $200 per square foot. In terms of cost and prestige, stone has always been at the top of the list. All you need is some time and effort put into research to locate some reasonably priced slabs. Hitch Property Constructions has an extensive range of kitchen renovation Melbourne to take the hassle out of deciding the right furniture that matches.

    Tips for finding cheap options:

    • Check for oversized or overstocked slabs that have been chipped.
    • Select a plainer or less attractive colour to save money.
    • Closeouts and sales can be found at many merchants, including discount department stores, countertop speciality shops, and even some online vendors.
    • A skilled installer can quickly and easily restructure these ugly pieces to complement your new kitchen or bathroom.

    Cheap alternatives to natural stone slabs include:

    • An example of man-made stone is engineered stone. They tend to last longer and need fewer repairs.
    • Because of the variety of colours and designs, it comes in, stone tile is perfect for DIY jobs. Their low initial investment is offset by the ongoing care they require.

    Cheap Corian

    The cost of Corian countertops can range from $35 to $65 per square foot. Solid surface countertops can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,500 with installation included. Since the patent for Corian solid surface countertops has expired, a slew of new competitors has joined the market, driving down prices.

    Epoxy and Affordable Custom Counter Ideas

    Epoxy paint can be applied over existing counters to create a variety of aesthetic effects for $3 to $10 per square foot. The results are comparable to those achieved using tile or laminate. It can be made to look like stone or any other durable material. In addition to these traditional options, you can go for a gleaming metallic finish or adopt a radically modern look.

    • The cost of an epoxy kit for home use is $500.

    DIYers beware: while installation is straightforward, it's equally easy to make a mistake. The price of getting a pro to sand down the epoxy and redo it is almost double that of hiring them to do it the first time around.

    Recycled Paper, Glass and Aluminum

    Recycling materials can be acquired for $30 to $95 per square foot, depending on the material. Price estimates for recycled glass countertops range from $2,600 to $4,200 for an installed surface.

    The use of recycled counters has dual benefits: it reduces the amount of trash sent to landfills and it saves money. In comparison to laminate, they are only slightly more expensive.

    Wood/Butcher Block

    The cost of wood countertops can range from $35 to $200 per square foot, depending on factors such as the species of tree used, the finish used, and the thickness of the material chosen. Butcher block countertops can be installed for anywhere from $1,700 to $5,000. Maintaining wood is a lot of work, but you can also have epoxy added by a pro to make it more durable.

    • Do it yourself: basic, unfinished, readymade variants can be purchased at a big box store for less than $300.
    • Living edge, transparent epoxy, and wood combinations are often used for custom work, and their combined cost can easily exceed $10,000.

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel countertops can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $11,250 to instal, which comes out to an average of $95 per square foot. It is one of the most expensive materials available. If you want to save money and time on upkeep, stainless steel countertops are the way to go. They may prove to be the most economically sensible choice because of how long they last in your house.


    • Durable, anti-corrosive, and able to survive for a very long time.
    • Not a single bit of upkeep is needed.
    • A simple to maintain surface.


    Concrete countertops can cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per square foot, with an installed price between $5,000 and $10,000. The most expensive option also gives you the widest range of customization options for the look of your new home.

    • The availability of a wide range of colours and surface treatments is an advantage.
    • Concrete sinks with plumbing installed can be purchased for a premium.
    • Profound durability with a little of care.

    Ideas for Low-Cost Countertop Replacement in the Kitchen

    After completing the design phase and gathering the required materials, the following step is to have them installed. Professional installation can cost anything from $35 per hour up to $100 per hour. A cost reduction of 50% or more is possible if the installation time can be reduced by half.

    Tips For Cutting Your Install Budget:

    • Just do it on your own. Epoxy, tile, laminate, and hardwood are all great choices.
    • Making a few simple mistakes might soon add up to more money than it would cost to hire a pro. Don't rely on others to do everything for you; take charge of some of the preliminary work.
    • It's up to you to take down the lighting and plumbing. You can save money by doing cooking and cleaning yourself and negotiating a discount.
    • Find a handyman and hire him. To save money, engage a skilled handyman who charges the going rate.
    • Hire a specialist to help you. Do you mind paying a bigger penalty for your shortcomings?

    Recycled Glass Countertops

    The kitchen is the room where wear and tear are felt the most, thus sturdy countertops are a must. However, glass is often misunderstood and incorrectly assumed to be neither durable nor long-lasting. Although glass has a stunning visual appeal, it's hard to see it holding up under the constant wear and tear of an ordinary kitchen.

    Strength and Sustainability

    Many common types of contemporary countertops include stone and synthetic materials derived from petroleum. We now know that petroleum production and use are not environmentally beneficial. Granite is not as sustainable as other building materials because of the energy needed in the quarrying process.

    Countertops made from recycled glass are sturdy and kind to the environment. Due to innovation and cutting-edge technology, recycled glass now makes for stone-like countertops. Additionally, they're eco-friendly.

    In order to create the appearance of marble, certain bottles, mirrors, and plate glass are crushed and melted down. To varying degrees, some brands of recycled glass countertops use only recycled materials.

    Recycled Glass Countertop Styles

    Recycled glass products are scarce in comparison to new glass products. Demand for recycled goods is expected to increase alongside rising environmental consciousness.

    Most countertops made from recycled glass look like terrazzo marble. Glass and concrete scraps are used to construct this. The glass chips range in size and hue. The glass is framed with the cement of varying hues. It is sturdy and luxurious, like granite or marble. To compare, this material is more expensive than laminate or tile but less expensive than granite or marble.

    Eco-friendly ceramic tile options also include those made from recycled glass. You can recycle about 70% of them. Like ceramic tiles, they are scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to set up. This tile is a good value because it costs about the same as a typical tile of middling quality.

    Other Green Options

    Recycled glass countertops may not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean there aren't alternative eco-friendly options for kitchen renovation. There are a wide variety of recycled plastic counter covers on the market right now, and they all look different and, most likely, cost less than conventional options.

    In fact, some people are using bamboo, which can be harvested rapidly and is very resistant to the effects of moisture, to build countertops. We live in an age where imagination is more important than ever. It's smart to reuse anything that would otherwise be thrown away, including rescued materials. The country is full of talented artisans who can make beautiful tableware out of waste wood or metal.

    One Last Tip

    Countertop and cabinet installers could spend more than a day at your house, depending on the scope and nature of the work. The success of your renovation job depends on your ability to both plans ahead and get along with the staff.

    Counter and cabinet contractors are welcome guests in your home despite the noise and inconvenience they may cause. Don't forget that despite all the commotion, the crew's ultimate goal is to make your house more aesthetically pleasing for you to come home to. Discuss the issue at hand before taking any drastic measures. Both parties will profit from this arrangement, as it will make contractors feel valued.

    FAQs About kitchen renovation

    Colours such as creams and beiges can make a kitchen look elegant and expensive. If your kitchen is modern, you can use dark colours, such as blacks and greys, which can make it look lavish and extravagant. White reflects light and makes the space look bigger, so complement white with some wood and metallic highlights.

    • Know the cost of designing a stylish kitchen on a budget. ...
    • Kitchens on a budget can be DIY fitted. ...
    • Buy flat-pack for a more affordable kitchen. ...
    • Pick an Ikea kitchen and upgrade the doors. ...
    • Look for budget kitchens that are ex-display. ...
    • Mix and match budget and expensive buys. ...
    • Replace kitchen worktops on a budget.

    A common misconception is that due to their superior build quality, German kitchens are vastly more expensive than regular English kitchens. While pricing will vary between manufacturers, there's no reason great quality can't come at a great price.

    Yes, Ikea kitchens are good. I believe that Ikea kitchen are a great product for the price. Of course, custom cabinetry is better. But if your budget does not allow for a completely custom, locally built kitchen then I believe that an Ikea kitchen remodel is an excellent second choice.

    A kitchen designer or interior designer would not only be able to help you get the best layout and use of space from your kitchen but would also be able to arrange trade discounts and tap into a wide knowledge of sourcing and fitting tricks that can be used to put your kitchen together the way you want it.

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