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What is commercial maintenance?

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    First impressions matter for commercial property owners. Your building's exterior must be immaculate to maintain its reputation. It's important to make a good impression on your employees, visitors, and competitors. Taking care of your property's exterior shows that you value quality and care about your brand's image.

    Investing in commercial maintenance guarantees a positive first impression. Your property will experience wear and tear, so addressing issues when they arise won't help. Commercial maintenance ensures that all aspects of your premises are cared for and issues are caught before they grow. Here we answer the question 'what is commercial maintenance?'

    Fixing and maintaining a business's premises is a hassle that's often put off. This shows the importance of having a professional commercial maintenance company handle all property repairs and compliant service lines.

    Commercial maintenance refers to non-domestic properties. Offices, retail stores, apartment complexes, and more need commercial cleaning. If you own property, you'll hire a commercial cleaning team to clean inside and outside.

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    Commercial Maintenance for Landlords

    Landlords hire commercial cleaners for end-of-tenancy and communal area cleaning. You can also hire a property management team. This is a more professional approach and the best if you have multiple properties.

    Block management teams handle commercial maintenance for landlords. Electrical maintenance is required if you own multiple apartments or homes. This includes communal lighting, lift and fire alarm maintenance. Block management teams perform commercial maintenance on your behalf, relieving you of the responsibility.

    Commercial Maintenance

    Commercial Maintenance for Retail Landlords

    Retail properties must meet standards like rented homes. Commercial properties are tougher than residential. More problems can arise. Electric gate systems need regular maintenance. CCTV and window/door locks also help.

    It pays to hire a management team whether you own an industrial estate or a small store in a mall. A management team will handle more than just commercial maintenance. You won't have to chase down rent or resolve disputes.

    More Commercial Maintenance

    Additionally, unclogging drains, removing graffiti, and painting white lines on parking lots are all examples of commercial maintenance tasks that may be performed. Therefore, any maintenance work that needs to be done on a commercial property is considered to be commercial maintenance.

    Any form of property ownership comes with a significant amount of responsibilities. Leave the maintenance issues that arise with your rental properties up to a property management team if you are a landlord who does not want the additional responsibility of conducting inspections or making contact with tradesmen.

    What Is Commercial Maintenance? A Full Guide To Maintaining Your Corporate Premises

    Property owners rarely need to do hands-on work when they have a commercial maintenance contract. This means you can focus on growing your business.

    There are reputable companies that specialise in almost every aspect of commercial property maintenance, from landscaping to cladding. Their teams will tailor contracts to your schedule to ensure site visits don't disrupt daily operations. Teams will bring nearly all the tools they need to complete tasks safely and well. Professionals have extensive training in their field, so they'll follow an approved process that guarantees results.

    After implementing a commercial maintenance plan, you'll know your property meets health and safety regulations. As a public building, you must ensure that visitors and employees are safe from on-site dangers and not at risk of injury. Maintenance contracts help ensure this.

    For those who have recently moved into new premises or hope to begin outsourcing their building maintenance, below we have devised a guide to all of the essentials that you must factor into your plan:

    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Electrical Appliances
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Window Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Exterior Cladding
    • Cleaning Office Windows

    Grounds Maintenance

    Professional grounds maintenance helps maintain appearance and safety. No client, customer, or employee wants to see overgrown hedges, dead plants, or weeds and litter. It creates a negative first impression of your business.

    Broken tree branches and fallen leaves are major wintertime hazards on your property. Assessing and maintaining all trees on-site is an important part of groundskeeping. Our tree surgeons will suggest pruning and cutting back weak or rotting branches. Tree pruning alone reduces the likelihood of an accident and costly claims if a branch falls on a visitor's car.

    Electrical Appliances

    The Health and Safety Executive considers every commercial electrical appliance dangerous. Every piece of electrical equipment must be checked, inspected, and tested to meet legal standards.

    You or responsible team members can independently check equipment's condition. Before an electrical inspection, all items must be off and unplugged. Check the plug and cable for exposed wires or botched DIY repairs. If you see taped wires or other amateur repairs, stop using the device and have a professional replace the wiring. Burn marks or discoloration indicate overheating.

    It's important to perform electrical checks and know the warning signs of an internal problem. Flickering lights, a burning smell, and a faint buzzing noise are signs. Suppose you notice any of these, however minor. In that case, it's best to have a commercial electrician take a look – it's better to be safe than sorry for more information on common electrical problems.

    Plumbing Systems

    A commercial property's water system is used every day. A fully functioning sequence of pipes is needed to heat the building, flush toilets and wash hands in bathrooms, provide drinking water and cook, and more. Even a small internal issue can have a big impact.

    We recommend a quarterly inspection by a commercial plumber to reduce the risk of plumbing and water system damage. Booking a regular assessment will help spot potential problems before they snowball into a system breakdown. During a plumbing inspection, your plumber will look for leaks, corrosion, and blockages. They will also offer tips on how to save water and reduce your bill.

    Window Cleaning & Maintenance

    Window cleaning in a large commercial property, especially an office building, cannot be done alone. Maintaining an immaculate condition is essential.

    Window cleaning frequency varies by location. Those in a busy town or city, on the high street, or facing a non-stop dual carriageway or motorway may experience more dirt and debris. More passersby and traffic means more window cleaning.

    As cleaning all windows on a large office building requires scaffolding or suspended platforms, many property owners hire commercial window cleaners twice a year. For areas that are visible year-round, like the ground-floor reception, consider cleaning windows quarterly. As the work will be done on the ground floor, a caretaker can do it.

    It's important to clean and maintain windows to prevent damp and mould. Over time, window sealant can start to deteriorate, crack and lift, making it incapable of preventing a build-up on condensation, which will eventually lead to damp and mould. Warm air from inside condenses on cold windows in winter.

    Dampness and mould are unsightly and can cause health problems. Inhaling mould fragments regularly inflames the airways, causing a tight chest, coughing, wheezing, and sore throat.

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    Exterior Cladding

    The paintwork of a building suffers the most damage from daily wear and tear and weather changes. Cracking, blistering, and flaking are all issues that can affect the exterior paint of your home.

    The initial application of exterior paint affects its longevity in many ways. Cracking occurs when the surface isn't properly cleaned before application or when too many layers are applied before the first coat is dry, which also causes blistering. Paint type causes flaking. Solar UV light breaks down the emulsifier in masonry paint, causing flaking.

    We recommend hiring a professional cladding spraying company to repaint the entire building for long-lasting results. Your existing cladding panels will be color-matched for a seamless finish.

    The Benefits Of A Self-Performing Maintenance Company

    Companies that rely on a commercial building maintenance provider can rest easy knowing that qualified professionals are attending to their critical systems.

    Save Time On Routine Repairs

    The task is completed successfully on the very first attempt by highly trained technicians who specialise in the systems found in commercial buildings. Commercial maintenance companies send their own qualified technicians to the job, as opposed to on-staff building engineers who might not have certain certifications or facility services providers who rely on subcontractors.

    There is no reason to perform an action more than once if it can be completed successfully just once! In addition, in contrast to an employee who works 40 hours per week, a self-performing technician is available around the clock.

    Find Innovative Solutions To Common (and not common) Facility Problems.

    When you hire a company that specialises in the maintenance of commercial buildings, you can be confident that they have "been there, done that" before. Take advantage of the technician's previous experience to speed up the repair process and ensure that your company and brand continue to function normally.

    Save Money With Commercial Building Maintenance Providers

    When you can rely on knowledgeable technicians whenever you need them, there is no need to include funds in your budget for a full-time salary and benefits. If you choose a provider with a good reputation, they will work with you to find the solution that is both the safest and the most cost-effective for your facility.

    Count On Quality Control

    The work of a self-performing technician is solely the technician's responsibility. This indicates that they are going to produce the highest quality work at all times, on every occasion. Companies that are self-performing are proactive, reliable, and hold their technicians and their work to a high standard of accountability. Teams comprised of highly qualified individuals collaborate in order to determine the most effective course of action for your facility.

    Put Safety First With Commercial Facility Management

    Self-performing technicians who have a high level of experience and qualifications are very familiar with the regulations that govern everything from the quality of the air inside to the safety of the electrical system. They are most concerned with ensuring your safety.

    Focusing On Service

    The vast majority of businesses are aware that your structure is comprised of more than the sum of its mechanical parts. Find a company that provides maintenance for commercial buildings and looks beyond the systems to establish a rapport with you and your employees as well as the business's owners.

    Choosing a Commercial Maintenance company

    Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right commercial maintenance company.

    Do they have Insurance?

    Check to see that they have the appropriate insurance to cover any damage that may occur during the service.

    Do they have a good reputation?

    There is a possibility that reading online reviews will be helpful. Investigate whether the company is willing to provide references by asking about it. One positive indicator to look for is a relationship with their clientele that has been maintained over time.

    What services are offered and are they available 24/7

    Some businesses provide their services as part of a bundle, while others may charge you additional fees for specific adjustments. Make an enquiry regarding the services that are offered as well as their availability.

    How experienced are their technicians

    An experienced hand may be able to offer solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective to meet your urgent requirements. Find out if the company can provide you with technicians who are both certified and skilled to back you up.

    Can the company offer services at off-peak hours?

    You definitely do not want to be sweeping the floor of your office while everyone is there. The majority of the housekeeping services are performed outside of peak business hours, and you should confirm that the company is flexible enough to adjust to your working schedule.

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    What does it cost

    Costing is important because you don't want to rack up big bills. Compare services and negotiate the best deal. Include only needed services, not a package.

    Commercial maintenance is nothing new, and most large and medium-sized businesses outsource it. A clean, uninterrupted business environment is essential for success. Using a commercial maintenance service is smart business.

    With planning and research, maintaining your building's quality is easy. Professionals can use their skills to complete jobs faster and have the right equipment and industry knowledge to ensure a high-quality result. The time of year can affect the success of maintenance tasks.

    FAQs About Property Maintenance

    Building maintenance includes cleaning common areas, removing trash regularly, and repairing items that are broken. It can involve inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services.

    Structural Maintenance means the physical structure of the building upon which all other attributes of the building depend on. Structure shall not be construed to include doors, openings, gates, fixtures, wall coverings, floors, ceilings, roofs, or other non-structural elements.

    Services provided include preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, scheduled servicing, testing and component replacements, and the operation of building mechanical and electrical systems. There are a number of different arrangements for providing maintenance services.

    Operation is the activity of running the building in proper working condition. While maintenance is the activity carried out for the proper up-keeping of it and repairing is the activity carried out to repair the defect or damage present in the structure.

    4 types of maintenance strategy, which one to chose?

    • Corrective maintenance.
    • Preventive maintenance.
    • Risk-based maintenance.
    • Condition-based maintenance.
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