Commercial Maintenance

What is commercial maintenance?

As a commercial property owner, first impressions remain imperative. The exterior of your building must maintain an immaculate appearance to continue building a high reputation. Not only is it vital to create a good impression for your employees, but also to attract visitors and ensure that your competitors recognise that you are a reputable company. In taking time to care for your property exterior, you instantly form the idea that you are a business that appreciates quality and takes pride in the impact that your brand has on outsiders.

With the above in mind, the most effective way to guarantee a positive first impression is to invest in commercial maintenance. Your property will inevitably go through wear and tear, which means that handling situations when they begin to cause a problem will not work towards your advantage. Through commercial maintenance, on the other hand, you can ensure that all aspects of your premises are taken care of, and issues can be detected before they have a chance to grow. If you are yet to consider enlisting the professionals to manage your site, then here we answer the question ‘what is commercial maintenance?’

For any business, taking precious time to fix and upkeep your premises is often a hassle and gets put to the back of the list of priority jobs. This shows the importance of having a professional commercial maintenance company on board to handle all repairs and compliant service lines when it comes to your property and place of business.

Commercial maintenance is a term that is generally applied to maintenance on properties that are not designated for domestic use. Commercial cleaning can apply to offices, retail stores, communal areas in apartment blocks, and more. If you own property, then you will use the services of a commercial cleaning team for taking care of the general cleaning of your premise both inside and out.

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Commercial Maintenance for Landlords

As a landlord you will often employ commercial cleaners for the end of tenancy cleans and for communal area cleaning. You also have the choice to enlist the services of a property management team for the purpose. This is a far more professional approach and the best method to take on board if you have more than one or two properties.

As a landlord, commercial maintenance can be carried out by a block management team. If you own a block of apartments or dwellings, then maintenance will be required for electrical installations. This can include lighting in communal areas, maintenance to lifts, and to fire alarms. A block management team working on your behalf to carry out necessary commercial maintenance will take the pressure off you to try and carry out repairs yourself.

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance for Retail Landlords

Retail properties need to meet standards in the same way dwellings that are rented out the need to be habitable. The commercial premise is tougher than private properties. But there are more things that can go wrong. Electric gate systems need to be maintained and checked periodically. So do CCTV systems and locks on all windows and doors.

Whether you own an industrial premise on an estate out of town or a small store within a shopping centre, it pays to employ a management team. Employing a management team will mean that not just your commercial maintenance will be taken care of for you. It will also mean that you do not have to chase tenants for rent or try and sort out any disputes that arise.

More Commercial Maintenance

Commercial maintenance can also include unblocking of drains, removal of graffiti, and painting of white lines on car parks. Any maintenance that needs to be carried out on a commercial property is thus classified as commercial maintenance. Owning property of any sort is a huge responsibility. If you are a landlord who does not want the added responsibility of carrying out inspections or contacting tradesmen, leave your maintenance issues to a property management team.

What Is Commercial Maintenance? A Full Guide To Maintaining Your Corporate Premises

One of the most significant benefits of opting for a commercial maintenance contract is that it is rare that you, as the property owner, will ever need to get involved in hands-on work. This means that you will be able to put your sole focus into running and growing a successful business.

There are a variety of reputable companies that specialise in virtually every aspect of your commercial property that requires maintenance from landscaping to cladding, meaning that you will never be short for expert knowledge. Their teams will work with you to devise tailored contracts based on your schedule, ensuring that their site visits do not cause any disruption to daily operations. There will also be no need to invest in equipment as teams will bring almost all of the tools that they need to carry out tasks safely and to a high quality. Professionals would have undergone extensive training in their area of expertise, so they will work towards an approved process that guarantees results.

Once you have implemented a commercial maintenance plan, you will then have peace of mind that your property meets the latest health and safety regulations. As a public building, you are responsible for guaranteeing that all visitors and employees are safe from all on-site dangers and are not at risk of injury – maintenance contracts will help to ensure this.

For those who have recently moved into new premises or hope to begin outsourcing their building maintenance, below we have devised a guide to all of the essentials that you must factor into your plan:

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Window Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Cleaning Office Windows

Grounds Maintenance

Professional grounds maintenance is one of the critical ways of sustaining both appearance and safety on-site. No potential client, customer or even employee wants to arrive at a building to see overgrown hedges, dead plants or a site filled with unsightly weeds and litter. It will instantly create a negative impression of your business before they even had the chance to step inside.

During the winter months, there are significantly more potential dangers on your grounds, the main of which being broken tree branches and slipping hazards caused by fallen leaves. A vital component of ground maintenance involves assessing and maintaining the health and condition of all trees on-site. This means that if our tree surgeons believe that branches are becoming weak or are beginning to rot, they will suggest pruning and cutting them back. Tree pruning alone dramatically decreases the likelihood of an accident, as well as the costly claims if a branch was to fall onto a vehicle in the visitor car park.

Electrical Appliances

Every electrical appliance inside your commercial building is viewed by The Health And Safety Executive as a potential danger. The law states that every piece of electrical equipment must undergo adequate checks, inspections and testing before you, as a business, meet legal standards.

There are simple checks that you, or responsible team members, can carry out independently to depict whether equipment remains in good condition. Before beginning any electrical inspection, it is critical to make sure that all items are switched off and unplugged. You can then continue to inspect the condition of the plug and cable, keep an eye out for any exposed wires or botched DIY fixing jobs. Suppose you notice that any amateur repair techniques such as taped wires, stop using the device and seek an expert to replace any wiring professionally. Also, be wary of any burn marks or discolouration as this is a key indication that the appliance is overheating.

Not only is it essential to carry out sufficient electrical checks, but also understand the tell-tale signs that there may be an internal problem building. Signs such as flickering lights, a burning smell and a faint buzzing noise are the most prominent. Suppose you do notice any of these, no matter how small the problem may seem. In that case, it is highly recommended to enlist the help of a professional commercial electrician to take a look – it is better to be safe than sorry for more information on the most common commercial electrical malfunctions.

Plumbing Systems

A water system is used daily and is often seen as the core of a commercial property. A fully functioning sequence of pipes is required to heat the building, flush toilets and wash hands in bathrooms, provide employees with drinking water and the ability to cook, along with an endless list of additional uses. This means that even a slight internal issue could cause an immediate impact.

To ensure that you minimise the risk of plumbing and water system damage, we highly recommend opting for a quarterly inspection with a professional commercial plumber. Although there may not be any prominent, visible damage, booking a regular assessment will allow potential problems to be spotted and resolved before they have the chance to snowball into a complete system breakdown. During a plumbing inspection, not only will your plumber aim to detect any leaks, corrosion or blockages, but they will also advise on how you may be able to save water and effectively cut your bill cost for more tips on how to begin saving water as a business.

Window Cleaning & Maintenance

In a large commercial property, particularly an office building, window cleaning is most definitely a task that cannot be carried out single handily. However, the essential task is vital to ensure that you can maintain an immaculate condition.

How often window cleaning is required depends on the location of your premises. Those who are situated central of a busy town or city, on the high street or facing a non-stop dual carriageway or motorway are likely to experience a higher build-up of dirt and debris. Essentially, the more passersby and local traffic, the more regularly you will require window cleaning.

As cleaning all windows on a large office building will require the use of supported scaffolding or even suspended platforms, many property owners opt for booking the service with commercial window cleaners twice a year, which is plenty. However, for areas that are visible to the public all year round, such as the ground-floor reception, you may want to consider cleaning these windows on a quarterly basis. As work will be done on the ground floor and no professional equipment will be required, the task can be completed by an on-site caretaker.

Not only is it critical to ensure that windows are clean, but also that they remain in good condition to prevent damp or mould. Over time, window sealant can start to deteriorate, crack and lift, making it incapable of preventing a build-up on condensation, which will eventually lead to damp and mould. Condensation occurs the most during the colder months when the warm air from the inside hits the cold windows.

Although damp and mould have an unsightly appearance, they can also cause a number of health issues. Regularly being surrounded by these issues and inhaling mould fragments begins to inflame the airways causing a tight chest, coughing, wheezing and sore throat. The NHS website has a full guide on the health effects of damp and mould, which is worth reading to ensure that no employees or visitors fall ill due to missed warning signs.

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Exterior Cladding

The paintwork of a building is likely to suffer the most damage, not only does paintwork go through day-to-day wear and tear, but also has to withstand the constant change in weather conditions. This means that there are several different issues your exterior paintwork may experience including cracking, blistering and flaking, all of which disrupt the overall appearance of your property.

Many different factors contribute towards the overall longevity of your exterior paintwork, and it all begins with the initial application process. Cracking is often caused when the surface has not been sufficiently cleaned before application or too many layers have been applied before the initial coat had the chance to thoroughly dry, which is also a prime culprit for blistering. Flaking, on the other hand, is usually caused by the type of paint used. Those that use masonry paint are most likely to experience flaking as UV light from the sun breaks up the ingredients in the emulsifier in the paint, which eventually will cause flaking.

For those who are looking to repaint the entire building, we strongly suggest contacting a professional cladding spraying company who will be able to respray your property, providing long-term results. All paint used will be colour-matched to suit your existing cladding panels for a seamless finish.

The Benefits Of A Self-Performing Maintenance Company

Companies that rely on a commercial building maintenance provider can rest easy knowing that qualified professionals are attending to their critical systems.

Save Time On Routine Repairs

Highly trained technicians who specialise in commercial building systems get the job done right the first time. Unlike on-staff building engineers, who may lack specific certifications, or a facility services provider that relies on subcontractors, commercial maintenance companies send their qualified technicians for the job. There’s no need to do something twice that can be done right once! And unlike your 40-hour/week employee, a self-performing technician is available around the clock.

Find Innovative Solutions To Common (and not common) Facility Problems.

When you work with a company that specialises in commercial building maintenance, they’ve likely “seen it all before.” Take advantage of a technician’s prior experience to expedite repairs and keep your business and your brand up and running.

Save Money With Commercial Building Maintenance Providers

There’s no need to budget for a full-time salary and benefits when you can rely on expert technicians on-demand. A reputable provider will work with you to find the safest and most cost-effective solution to your facility’s problems.

Count On Quality Control

A self-performing technician is responsible for his or her work. Which means they’re going to do their best work all the time, every time. Self-performing companies are pro-active, reliable, and are accountable for their technicians and their work. Highly qualified teams work together to find the best solution for your facility.

Put Safety First With Commercial Facility Management

Highly qualified and experienced self-performing technicians are very familiar with OSHA regulations ranging from indoor air quality to electrical safety. Your safety is their first concern.

Focusing On Service

Most companies understand that your building is more than the sum of its mechanical parts. Looks for a commercial building maintenance company that sees beyond the systems and looks to build a rapport with you and your employees.

Choosing a Commercial Maintenance company

Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right commercial maintenance company.

Do they have Insurance?

Make sure they have the right Insurance to cover the damage during service.

Do they have a good reputation?

Online reviews may help, to a certain extent. Find out if the company is willing to provide references. A long-standing relationship with their clientele is a good sign to look for.

What services are offered and are they available 24/7

Some companies offer services as a package, and some may charge you extra for certain fixes. Inquire about the services offered and availability.

How experienced are their technicians

An experienced hand may offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to your emergency needs. Find out if the company provides certified and skilled technicians to back you up.

Can the company offer services at off-peak hours?

You do not want to clean up your office floor during peak time. Most of the housekeeping services happen during off-peak hours and make sure the company has the flexibility to adapt to your working hours.

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What does it cost

Costing is crucial, and you do not want to end up with hefty bills at the end of the month. Compare similar services providers and strike a deal for the best offer. Include only the services required rather than a widespread package.

Commercial maintenance is nothing new, and almost all corporate and mid-sized businesses outsource their maintenance work to specialised service providers. To run a successful business, a clean and uninterrupted business environment is vital. Using a commercial maintenance service provider is a smart way to operate a business.

With initial planning and research, ensuring that your building remains in immaculate condition without compromising on quality is an easy task. Enlisting the help of professionals is always highly recommended as not only will they be able to use their skills to complete jobs quicker, but they will also have the correct equipment and industry-related knowledge to ensure the final result is of a high standard. Always take into consideration the time of year when scheduling maintenance tasks as it can impact how successful the outcome is.

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