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How can I renovate my house cheaply?

It’s not always practical to buy an old house to wait out a home renovation after years of saving. Wanting to renovate the house on a budget, keeping finances in mind for each section of the house, without blowing costs. 

I’m sharing all my tips on how we renovated a house on a budget in Australia without the help of tradies or professionals. We are not carpenters or builders and have not renovated before, so we learnt all the technicalities along the way. We’ve worked on our house over the weekends while working on our full-time jobs.

So if you want to renovate a house yourself, read on. I have also included some cool house renovations before and after photos.

House renovation can be costly as you move to make your house a luxury place with comfort and style. Staying on a limited budget during the remodelling process thus requires more than general concepts on how to renovate a house. You have to take into consideration a number of factors to avoid spending too much beyond the limits of your budget. This is where creativity and resourcefulness come in handy. Let’s have a look at some of the tips to make the renovation process easy.

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Cheap Remodeling Ideas

How Can I Renovate My House Cheaply

Renovating or remodelling your home does not have to be expensive. Whether you are trying to update and remodel a house to get it ready to sell or to make it a more comfortable place for you to live, there are plenty of ways you can fix up your house without spending a lot of money. These changes will:

  • make your house a more comfortable place to live,
  • help increase the market value,
  • make it look better for your guests who visit,
  • and let you enjoy your house to its fullest extent.

Remodelling and Renovating on a Budget

Remodelling and renovating a home does not have to be expensive. Here are a few ways to remodel your home without breaking the bank.

  • Make changes that have a big impact.
  • Considering small things that make a big difference.
  • Do it yourself.
  • Trade and barter for labour.
  • Borrow or rent tools.
  • Shop around for the best price.
  • Consider your needs when you buy.
  • Buy second-hand goods.
  • Think creatively.

By using the tips provided, you can save a great deal of money while increasing the functionality and beauty of your home.

Clean Up

Before making any changes in the house, it is best to put everything away where it belongs and clean up the place. Your place will look better immediately. Also, by cleaning, you get the opportunity to see how things are arranged and think of ways to rearrange the furniture or choose a better location of stored belongings to make it more effective or pleasing to the eye. 

Getting rid of clutter will also clear up space and will make the rooms look bigger than they did when they were crammed with things.

You may find that moving items from one room to another will help clear up space and make your home more functional without having to spend a single penny.

Make Big-Impact Changes First

To save money, you want to consider making the changes that have the greatest impact first—the things that will get the most bang for your buck. Things like paint, flooring, lighting, and arrangement and existence of appliances and furniture. A fresh coat of paint can quickly and economically update, brighten and enhance a home.

Then, if you still have money in the budget, you can make the changes that will enhance the home in more subtle ways.

Smaller Changes That Can Have a Big Impact

In addition to thinking big, you should also think small. There are small changes you can make that make a big impact as well.

  • Changing the hardware of cabinets, for example, can change the look of the kitchen without having to replace the cabinets.
  • Painting the trim instead of painting the whole house might be sufficient depending on your situation.
  • Adding a drawer organizer might keep you from needing another drawer.
  • Repairing instead of replacing some things could avoid headaches and cost less, depending on the amount of time and material it would take to repair them.
  • Changing the rug or towels in the bathroom, or a new bedspread or curtains in the bedroom can change the look of the room without any remodelling whatsoever.

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Do It Yourself

To save the most money, you will want to do yourself all of the things that you are capable of doing. If you have the skills and experience to do something, it will be cheaper for you to do it than to hire it out. There may also be some additional skills you can pick up by watching some YouTube videos or reading some books or articles.

Of course, you do have to be careful that you don’t cause any damage that will cost more to repair. Some jobs may turn out to be bigger or more complicated than you expected. If you take your time and start with small and easy repairs, you will be able to build up your confidence and skill level over time.

Trade and Barter for Labor

If you have friends who have skills you are missing, you may be able to barter with them by sharing your skills with them. Don’t forget, and the trade doesn’t have to be in remodelling. You could cook, babysit or run errands while they work on installing lighting fixtures, for example.

Borrow or Rent Instead of Buying

If you need some big tools to get the job done, you may find a tool lending library in the city or a place that rents tools. Since you will only need the tool for a short time, you can avoid the cost of buying it and finding a place to store it.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Most people know that prices vary tremendously for items, and usually comparison shop for basic household goods. They also know they should get three estimates so they can make sure they are getting reasonable prices for quality service.

They may sometimes forget to comparison shop for the material. Be sure to compare the prices at different stores and online. You may find that it is cheaper to buy the item at a store when it is on sale, and then pay someone to install it for you. In this way, you will also be able to pick out the exact thing that you want in your home.

Also realize that since most items you install during a renovation or rehab will stay in your home for a long time, there is no need to buy the latest and greatest item. Most people will not know a couple of years from now whether you bought an item that was from 2012 or 2013. You can easily buy something on clearance (as long as the condition, quality, and features are good) and save a great deal of money without anyone being the wiser.

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need.

Many items come with lots of special features. Sometimes you can save money by not buying those features. For example, I recently replaced the garage door opener. When doing my research, I chose a make and model that would work best for me. I noticed a big price discrepancy, however, and realized that the same product was being sold two different ways. One included the keypad that was installed outside the door, and the other one didn’t. I decided that I did not need the keypad and saved myself $60 on the price of the opener.

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How to Renovate Your House on a Budget These Days

Demolish by yourself

Demolishing the house may not be as expensive as renovation; however, you can still save a few coins by doing the process by yourself. However, you need to take good care of yourself to avoid unnecessary injuries. Doing a demo is mostly preferred on a deck, but when it comes to the interior, it is advisable to seek the services of a contractor. Start from the front door now that you have had your house properly cleaned. The next step involves renovating. But where should you start from to make the process more effective? Of course, the front door is the first focal point.

Renovate your front door

Get the door renovated with a quality home builder. You can also choose the option of painting the door. However, by having it renovated, it will impress your family members and guests. It will also increase the value of having your house sold. Since you are working on a tight budget, use a bespoke or customized model furnished with faux wood. Quality wood will increase the durability of the house.

Move to the Kitchen Tiles

Going for tiles or changing the kitchen worktop is the first focal point when having your kitchen remodelled. To avoid much and unnecessary cleaning, choose a smart worktop which is efficient and clean always. Lamination can be an alternative to make the worktop since it only costs a few coins. Laminated tiles can give out that conspicuous image with an impression of the most expensive house design. Have your windows adjacent to the kitchen to retain a constructive atmosphere inside the room.

Change the Rug

Go for a bespoke model or customized rug which is cost-effective yet gives that lively and comfy feeling inside the house all through. You can as well opt for a rug designed with finest furnishes and textures. Feel free to select on any colour however the best colour should be that which matches with the painting of your house. Remember your garden sparing enough time for your garden backyard can create a big difference to the general appearance of your house. Here you will require the do it yourself application. Start by mowing the lawns, trim some tree branches around your house, do some proper weeding and within a short span, you will notice your house looks pretty well. I know you are asking yourself “Since what time did sweeping the pathway taken as a DIY house renovation?” Irrespective of what you are thinking, the facts remain that sparing some two days or three on your garden will certainly make your house look much appealing for resale and yourself also.

Exterior and Interior Painting

The painting might not be your main concern; however, it will extremely improve the initial impressions on your house. If the house happens to be a weatherboard type, then all you require is a few coats of paint. If it is a brick house, then use the rendering idea to make it look great and appealing without spending much. Rendering remains the best and affordable way of enhancing the beauty of your house. To avoid spending much, you can opt to paint by yourself. Painting is easy and requires basic knowledge on how to apply a coat on your house. If you don’t have a lot of experience in painting, you can check out housetipster.com to learn tips on painting your home. With some information, you’ll be ready to tackle your home and make it look beautiful and original.

Improved Lighting

Make sure the “light spectrum” from your bulbs is appropriate for the area. You want soft bulbs that emit a yellow/red undertone in “hanging out” zones such as the living room. You want bright bulbs that emit blue undertones in “study” zones such as your home office or library.

Install new blinds or curtains in the windows. Two-inch wood blinds give your home a nicer aesthetic than most one-inch vinyl blinds. As a plus, they’re harder to destroy if you have any kids or pets in the house.

Hang more mirrors. By hanging more mirrors, it increases the light that shines through the house. If you can hang two mirrors in the same room, put them on opposite walls; this will make your room seem bigger. You can even hang them in places that are above eye-level, like over a fireplace.

Decorate and Declutter

Rearrange your furniture. You don’t necessarily need new pieces of furniture. Simply creating new shapes and reorganizing the flow of a living space can do wonders. Is rearranging not enough? Adding some decorating with slipcovers or fabric will give your furniture a new colour or pattern, and this is another item that can add to the theme of your home.

Is your home a little bare? Put a personal touch on the walls with photos or art. For an even more frugal alternative, change the frames of your existing photos and art.

If you’re crafty, you can sew a new bed set, and pillow covers out of old pieces of clothing or fabric. You can also knit a blanket. Don’t have any that are good enough? Hunt for fabric at yard sales.

Purchase small decorative pieces to fill your space. Examples include mini-lanterns, artsy coasters, or a new coffee table book. Place plants both indoors and out. If you already own plants but have them potted in cheap plastic containers, upgrade them to a nice ceramic pot. Are you feeling creative? Paint the pots. These are “finishing details” that can give a space a modern feel.

Clearing unnecessary items can make space feel much more inviting, and anything you declutter can be sold or donated.

Surfaces and Fixtures

Use peel-and-stick contact paper with stainless steel finishes on appliances. This gives you a modern look you’re going for without the astronomical price tag. Your appliance will have a stainless steel façade at a fraction of the price of the real deal. No one will know the difference.

Install new switchplate covers—these are the covers on light switches and electrical outlets. A basic white cover will cost about $1 each at major home improvement retailers, and they’re easy to install. A new, clean white cover will look much nicer than that old, yellowing cover you had. For added oomph in the kitchen, try stainless steel covers. You can also hunt for patterned and decorative covers online.

Change your doorknobs, handles, and hinges. These are inexpensive finishing touches that make a huge difference, and the installation is quick and easy. Along the same lines, you can also buy new hardware for the cabinets in your house.

Change your lampshades. This is a seemingly small detail that has the potential to make a huge difference. If you start making small changes like this, try and think of a theme to build off of so everything in your home looks cohesive.

Install crown moulding, baseboard trim, and doorway trim. Trim and mouldings go a long way toward making a home look upgraded, especially crown moulding. Depending on your budget, you can go fancy with wood trim, or give a room an extra splash of colour by painting over white trim.

Clean and tune-up your furnace and ventilation shafts. Taking care of these items doesn’t constitute a cosmetic upgrade, but it will make your home function more efficiently.

Burn candles or incense, or use an air freshener. A new scent can help you enjoy the feeling of a nicer atmosphere.

Finally, your kitchen rugs, bath rugs, hallway runner, and your doormat are perfect candidates to swap out. You can even switch to a new shower curtain or buy a new bathroom set. Imagine you’re moving into a place for the first time and own nothing. What would you change?

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