Facade Of My House

How can I improve the facade of my house?

All homeowners are interested in increasing the long-term value of their homes and properties. While there are some things you cannot control, like the real estate market in your region, there are many things that you can do to boost your resale value. Unfortunately, many of these methods generally come with a hefty price tag and may be out of reach for many people.

Fortunately, there are ways to spruce up your home and increase its curb appeal without having to break the bank. By implementing some modest exterior renovations and livening up your home’s façade, you will be able to command a higher price for your home when you decide to sell it. In the meantime, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of having an up to date home exterior for yourself.

Facades can be renovated for many reasons: your facade is damaged or getting old, you are doing a home expansion, or you want to sell the house, etc. Remodel your facade is an important investment, but in return, it also offers you many advantages: increasing the value of your home or improving its energy efficiency.

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The Right Facade For Your Home

Facade Of My House

Always go with your style intuition.

This is the first and most important tip we are going to give you!

There is 0 reason you should select a façade that isn’t true to you or your taste – no matter how on-trend it may be. Think of it this way… when you’re pulling into your driveway at the end of every day you want to 100% love the home that you see and that you work for!

So, if a design concept doesn’t feel right, it’s best to avoid. Go with whatever style you’re naturally drawn to with anything visual; minimal, modern, contemporary, traditional or classic?

Avoid the latest fads.

Following the latest and boldest trends can sometimes end up being a move you’ll regret as modern trends can date quicker than you think. And the bolder? Not the better!

This move can cost you in the long run when you decide your home’s facade needs an update sooner than it should. What to avoid include things like patterns, bold colours/colour combos and harsh shapes/angles.

If you’re willing to take the risk, try to incorporate the fad into an element easily accessible and relatively affordable to change later on. For example, coloured doors are a great feature and can be easily changed or repainted later.

You’ll also want the style of the home to flow from the interior to the exterior to create consistency.

The power of natural materials

Natural materials not only add that extra visual element which brings a facade character and dimension, but it can add a soothing warmth to your home too.

Now, this is not limited to just the home itself! Natural materials such as timber, brick, stone or concrete can create some curb appeal through your landscaping elements too. Think fencing, paths, low landscape walls, and you name it!

When choosing which natural materials to use, look at what undertones can be drawn from the materials and colours of your home’s exterior.

Pick your colours wisely.

When it comes to colours, it is best to use one colour consistent with your home’s interior and then use 3-4 different shades of that one colour to add depth.

If your dream shade for the exterior of your home is too harsh to be an interior colour, consider a half or quarter strength paint.

You should also go with colours that are easy to manage and maintain.

If you are feeling bold and daring, contrast light with dark colours and throw in some textures to make a statement.


Just like with makeup (sorry all male readers) you want to highlight the best features of your face; your cheekbones, lips, eyes, whatever it may be. And it’s the same with the face of your home!

Apply your feature colour; the colour with the most contrast, to the part of your home you want to draw the most attention to and position as the focal point.

A common area to highlight is the entry space of your home, which creates an inviting feel.

Materials can be another great way to draw attention to a particular feature of your home.

Lighting can make a world of difference.

Do you ever drive past a house at night and think ‘wow!’

It’s most likely because the house was lit up with feature lighting.

The effect of a well-lit façade not only makes your home the standout on your street but adds a sense of luxury too.

Try some soft lighting or up and down lighting on feature design elements such as columns or a blade wall. You won’t believe the difference it will make!

Upgrade Garage Doors

Garage doors can get damaged or worn out over time. This can lead to a drag on the overall impression that your home gives off. If you want to take a small step that makes a big difference, simply installing new garage doors with contemporary features will do the trick.

Choose a garage door that has features that blend with the aesthetic and colour scheme of your home. Hiring a professional garage door installation company is an easy way to sure that the job gets done efficiently and correctly.

Light Up Your Exterior

Many homes have insufficient or dimly lit lighting near the front door and along the entryway path. This is uninviting and can give off a gloomy or depressing appearance, especially in the evening when there is less natural light. 

Adding new lights to your front lawn and your entryway is a great way to make your home more welcoming and attractive. Make sure to choose a style that is not too ostentatious, and that fits with the overall vibe that you want your home to have.

Change Up The Front Door

Modifying or changing out your front door for something in newer or better condition is another good way to boost the curb appeal of your home. You can choose to either remove your existing door and get a completely new entryway, or you can paint and touch up your current door for a cheaper alternative.

Repair The Driveway

If you have a paved or gravel driveway, you will know that time and the elements can wreak havoc on them. Every once in a while, it is a good idea to make the investment in restoring and repairing them. This will make your home more aesthetically pleasing by providing a more all-around crisp and clean appearance.

Paint Your House

Finally, painting the exterior of your home is a good way to make a big impact on its appearance for those with a modest budget. Whether you decide to go with a completely new colour scheme or whether you stick with simply updating your existing paint job, touching up your home with a fresh coat of paint is a sure way to make it look like new again.

Reasons to remodel the facade of your house.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

A remodelled facade will increase the value of your home. When it comes time to sell your property, it is a good investment. Potential buyers will appreciate a house with a new facade, so choosing the right materials for your facade renovation is very important.

You should prioritise resistant and sustainable products such as natural stone, less expensive than other cladding materials. It will add economic value to any home, and it will last a lifetime.

Improve Insulation And Energy Efficiency

An old or damaged facade will impact the balance of heating and cooling in your house. If you don’t want to increase your home’s energy consumption, you will have to improve insulation. If fact, the most effective places to add insulation to older homes are exterior walls. 

Nowadays, you can choose among many types of exterior wall insulation. In this way, you can create a more comfortable indoor climate while significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency. 

Avoid Extra Costs Of Maintenance

Remodelling your facade at the right tie is essential to avoid extra costs. Good maintenance can extend your facade’s life, and it will prevent future problems or damages. Natural stone is an interesting material for exterior facades because it withstands the most unfavourable weather conditions, and it requires almost no maintenance.

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Reduce Humidity Levels Of Your House

Rising damp refers to the humidification of walls by the water present in the soil. It can result in the appearance of saltpetre and the detachment of the coatings covering the bottom of the walls. In order to reduce it, walls affected by the humidity must be given a specific treatment. 

Enhance The Beauty Of The Exterior Walls

If you want a stylish and contemporary facade, you should change the way it looks. Give it a fresh appearance replacing windows, painting doors or installing a natural stone cladding using innovative materials such as STONEPANEL™. The only panel certified for exterior facades will enhance the beauty of your home.

Simple ways to improve the facade of your house

Give it some light

Sometimes, a near-perfect facade is just missing that little something extra. In such cases, exterior lighting often makes the difference between a house that merely looks nice and one that stands out in the crowd.

A few well-placed spotlights can completely change the look of your home. Brighten up windows and doors, tuck them into hanging plants and trellises, or use LED lights to highlight strong feature walls. For extra eco points, choose solar-powered lamps.

People in glass houses

Want to bring your home into the 21st century? Just add glass! Opening up your life to the world might seem drastic, but it’s a sure-fire way of making your facade look modern, and will allow a whole lot more light to penetrate the interior of your house.

Installing a glass feature wall takes some effort, and requires the help of a professional. However, a sensational look can just as easily be achieved by replacing your front door or balcony guardrail with glass panelling. Just be aware that you’ll need to keep a window cleaner. 

On the fence

If more privacy is high on your list of priorities, why not invest in a glamorous new fence? This allows you to stylise the front of your house in a variety of ways without altering the structure itself.

Choose the material depending on the theme of your home? Old-fashioned or gothic houses should have a wrought iron barrier to match. Modern, minimal abodes suit simple, horizontal wooden slats, and country style homes should opt for a true classic—the white picket fence.

Take a risk with colour.

All-white houses look amazing, but they are increasingly becoming the norm. Also, they require a LOT of upkeep—who wants to be scrubbing down their facade every month after the heavy rain resulted in grimy streaks all over the walls?

Dare to take the risk and paint the front of your home in your favourite colour. Earthy browns, oranges and greens are always a safe bet, but hot pink, seafoam green or even black would look just as amazing. Don’t forget to consult your neighbours before making a drastic change, though—they might not be too happy if you change the scenery of the neighbourhood too much…

White-out minimalism

With that being said, sometimes a total lack of colour is the strongest way to make an impression. If you’re a minimalist at your core, an all-white facade is the only logical option.

White is inoffensive and easy on the eye, true, but it can also be a style statement in its own right. An all-white facade is also a hugely practical decision—it makes smaller homes look lighter and wider, and also reflects sunlight, meaning that less heat is absorbed into the walls of the house.

Emphasise texture and details

A clean and minimal facade can look like a dream, but what if you’re after something with a bit more visual interest?

An easy way to perk up your house without carrying out a major renovation is by adding texture. Install a slate panel to an otherwise bare wall, use raw wood to frame windows, or mix up smooth concrete and rough pebble dash for an unexpected, varied look.

Frame your lifestyle in colour

If a quick and easy pick me up is all you’re after, why not just repaint your window frames? Choose a strong shade that will contrast or complement the existing facade colour, and take your time as you carefully paint around each frame. 

Take this look one step further by painting the front door in a similar or matching shade—or max it out by clashing the colour of the doors and frames.

Install Shutters

Adorning your house with shutters or accent trim is a good way to add dimension and contrast. There is a range of shutter styles available, from colonial to French country, that can help update your home’s personality. Think of it as accessorising your house!

Dress Up the Driveway

A cracked asphalt driveway can be an eyesore. For a quick and inexpensive refresh, fill cracks with asphalt patch and coat the surface with a blacktop refinishing compound, available at hardware stores. For a more involved project, consider upgrading your driveway with a decorative border of concrete or paving stones.

Update Landscaping

Regardless of whether you have an expansive front yard or a small suburban lot, adding shrubs, trees, and bushes that frame and complement your home will provide a big boost to overall curb appeal—as will a well-maintained lawn.  

Paint House Trim

A fresh coat of paint can have a rejuvenating effect on your house. If the scope of the project seems overwhelming—or if the whole house doesn’t need painting—consider repainting the trim in an exciting new colour. 

Replace Mailbox

Your mailbox is so “out there” that people are going to see it no matter what. Why not turn this functional, boring container into something that makes a statement? There are a variety of distinctive options available at retail, but you can create one of your own almost as easily.   

Landscaping paths and walkways

Your front walkway should be attractive and welcoming and create a pleasing experience as it guides visitors toward your house. Decorative pavers and bricks can be laid in an attractive pattern that draws the eye to the front door, or, for less money, you can create a lined path of cedar or other wood chips that release a nice fragrance when stepped on.

Hang Window Boxes

Window boxes are available in a variety of materials, including PVC, wrought iron, wood, and copper. Filled with colourful flowers or lush greenery, they add life to your house. Hanging a few on the front of your home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to amp up curb appeal.

Replace Garage Door

Inside, your garage may be a total mess, but if you have a fresh-looking garage door, it’ll look like a sanctuary of order from the outside. You can paint an old garage door quickly and inexpensively; for a pricier fix, replace old roll-up doors with carriage-style doors for a dash of class.

Install Storm Door

If you have a great front door, don’t cover it up with an old, beat-up storm door. One that is primarily glass can show off a grand front entrance. A storm door with a screen that rolls up out of sight when you don’t need it is a convenience worth considering.

Outdoor Sculptures

You use art to express your style inside your house, so why not do the same outside? Placing a dramatic sculpture or unique fountain on your front lawn creates a focal point and engages passersby. Your art can be as simple as carefully arranged rocks or as refined as a beautiful marble statue. Just don’t overdo it—too much yard art can be overwhelming and distracting.

Front Porch Potted Plants

Adding potted plants can make your porch and walkway come alive. This is a wonderful way to achieve a warm and inviting feeling without serious landscaping or gardening. Dramatic or whimsical planters get you even more mileage out of this simple but effective decorating trick.

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Paint the Fence

If you have a fence around your property or railings leading up to your front door, think about painting or replacing them to improve the visual appeal of your front yard. While wood is the usual choice, you can get creative with other materials like metal pipe or galvanised steel.

These five easy tips are straightforward and effective means of bringing new life to your home. Most of them require only a modest investment and some time. However, this investment is well worth it. Get the job done, and you will be able to enjoy a higher resale value when the time comes.

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