Facade Of My House

How can I improve the facade of my house?

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    All homeowners want to increase their homes' long-term value. While you can't control some things, like the local real estate market, you can boost your resale value. Many of these methods are too expensive for many people.

    There are inexpensive ways to improve your home's kerb appeal. By making some exterior renovations and sprucing up your home's façade, you can sell it for more. Meanwhile, you can enjoy an updated home exterior.

    Damaged or old facades, home expansions, selling the house, etc. are all reasons to renovate. Remodeling your home's facade can increase its value and energy efficiency.

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    The Right Facade For Your Home

    Facade Of My House

    Always go with your style intuition.

    This is going to be the very first and most essential piece of advice that we give you!

    No matter how much of a trend something may be, there is absolutely no reason for you to choose a facade that isn't authentic to who you are or your aesthetic preferences. Consider it in this light... When you pull into your driveway at the end of each and every day, you want to be absolutely head over heels in love with the home that you have been working hard to achieve.

    Therefore, it is best to steer clear of a design concept if it doesn't have the right vibe. Choose whatever aesthetic you feel most drawn to when it comes to anything visual: minimalist, modern, contemporary, traditional, or classic?

    Avoid the latest fads.

    Because of the rapid pace at which modern trends become out of date, following the most recent and daring fashion trends can occasionally turn out to be a decision that you will come to regret. And the more courageous? It's not even close!

    When you decide that the exterior of your house needs to be updated sooner than it should, this move could end up costing you more money in the long run. Things to stay away from include things like patterns, bright colours or colour combinations, and sharp angles and shapes.

    If you are willing to take the risk, you should try to incorporate the trend into a component that is both easily accessible and relatively inexpensive to change at a later time. For instance, having coloured doors is a wonderful feature that can be easily altered or repainted at a later date.

    For the sake of coherence, you should make sure that the design of the home is consistent throughout, from the interior to the exterior.

    The power of natural materials

    Natural materials not only add that additional visual element that brings character and dimension to a facade, but they can also add a soothing warmth to a home.

    Now, this is not something that is restricted to the confines of the house itself! Your landscaping elements, especially those made of natural materials like wood, brick, stone, or concrete, can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Think about erecting fencing, paths, low landscape walls, and anything else you can think of!

    When deciding which natural materials to use, it is important to take into consideration the undertones that can be drawn from the materials and colours that are used on the exterior of your home.

    Pick your colours wisely.

    When it comes to colour, it is best to use one colour that is consistent with the interior of your home, and then use three to four different shades of that one colour to add depth to the design.

    Consider using a half or quarter strength paint if the colour of your dreams for the exterior of your home is one that would be too intense to use on the interior walls.

    You should also choose colours that are simple to manage and keep in good condition.

    To make a statement and show that you are not afraid to take risks, contrast light and dark colours and include a variety of textures in your design.


    You want to highlight the best features of your face, such as your cheekbones, lips, eyes, or whatever it may be, just as you would if you were applying makeup (I apologise to any male readers who are reading this). And the same goes for how the outside of your house looks!

    Apply your feature colour, also known as the colour with the most contrast, to the area of your home that you want to be the focal point and draw the most attention to.

    The entry space of your home is a popular location to highlight because it produces an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

    Materials are yet another fantastic method that can be utilised to call attention to a specific element of your home.

    Lighting can make a world of difference.

    When you pass a house late at night, do you ever think to yourself, "Wow!"?

    It's highly likely due to the fact that the house had feature lighting installed in it.

    Not only will a well-lit facade give the impression of luxury to your home, but it will also make it stand out from the other houses on the street.

    If you want to highlight certain design elements, such as columns or a blade wall, try using some soft lighting or up-and-down lighting. You won't believe how much of a change it will bring about!

    Upgrade Garage Doors

    Garage doors can get damaged or worn out over time. Because of this, the overall impression that your home gives off may be diminished as a result. Installing new garage doors that have modern features is all that is required to achieve the desired result if you are looking for a simple action that can have a significant impact.

    Pick a garage door for your house that has design elements and hues that coordinate with the rest of the house's exterior and interior. Employing the services of a professional company that instals garage doors is a straightforward way to improve the quality and speed of the work that needs to be done.

    Light Up Your Exterior

    Near the front door and all along the path leading to the front door, the lighting in many homes is either insufficient or dimly lit. This is not inviting and can give off an appearance that is gloomy or depressing, particularly in the evening when there is less natural light in the room.

    Putting in some brand new lights on your front lawn and in your entryway is an excellent way to make your home appear friendlier and more appealing to guests. Make sure that the style you pick for your home is not overly showy and that it complements the ambience that you envision for it as a whole before making your decision.

    Change Up The Front Door

    Increasing the aesthetic value of your home can also be accomplished by modernising or replacing the front door with one that is of a more recent vintage or one that is in better condition. You have the option of either removing the door you currently have and installing an entirely new entranceway or painting and repairing the door you currently have for a more cost-effective alternative.

    Repair The Driveway

    You probably already know this, but whether your driveway is paved or gravel, the passage of time and exposure to the elements can do a lot of damage to it. Every once in a while, it is a smart decision to spend money on restoring and repairing them because doing so will extend their lifespan. This will provide a more uniformly crisp and clean appearance that will, as a whole, make the appearance of your home more aesthetically pleasing.

    Paint Your House

    Last but not least, if you have a limited budget, painting the exterior of your house is an excellent way to make a significant improvement in the way it looks without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to give your home an entirely new colour scheme or simply update the paint job that is already there, giving it a new coat of paint is a surefire way to make it look like new again. This is true regardless of whether you decide to go with an entirely new colour scheme or simply update the paint job that is already there.

    Reasons to remodel the facade of your house.

    Increase The Value Of Your Home

    The value of your home can be increased by renovating the exterior facade. It will be a beneficial investment for you when the time comes to sell your property. A house with a new facade is more appealing to prospective buyers; consequently, it is critical that you use high-quality materials when renovating the facade of your home.

    You should place a higher priority on long-lasting products that are also environmentally friendly, such as natural stone, which is also more affordable than other cladding materials. It will not only last a lifetime but also increase the value of any home it is installed in.

    Improve Insulation And Energy Efficiency

    Your home's ability to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year may be affected if its facade is old or damaged. Increasing your home's insulation is a necessary step to take if you do not wish for its energy consumption to rise. In point of fact, adding insulation to older homes' exterior walls is the strategy that yields the best results.

    These days, there are many different kinds of exterior wall insulation from which to choose. By doing so, you can make the climate inside your home significantly more comfortable while simultaneously increasing the amount of energy efficiency it possesses.

    Avoid Extra Costs Of Maintenance

    It is essential to remodel your facade at the appropriate time in order to avoid incurring any additional costs. The life of your facade can be extended with proper maintenance, and it will also prevent any problems or damages in the future. Natural stone is an intriguing material for use in the construction of exterior facades because it is resistant to even the most unfavourable weather conditions and requires very little, if any, maintenance.

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    Reduce Humidity Levels Of Your House

    Walls that have become humidified due to the presence of water in the soil are said to have rising damp. It is possible for saltpetre to form, as well as for the coatings that cover the base of the walls to come loose as a consequence of this. Walls that are impacted by the humidity need to undergo a particular treatment in order to achieve the desired reduction in it.

    Enhance The Beauty Of The Exterior Walls

    Altering the appearance of the facade is something that should be done if you want it to have a modern and stylish appearance. You can give it a new look by painting the doors and windows or installing a natural stone cladding made from innovative materials like STONEPANEL™. Window replacement is another option. Your home's aesthetic appeal will be improved by the use of the only panel that is approved for exterior facades.

    Simple ways to improve the facade of your house

    Give it some light

    There are times when a nearly perfect façade appears to be lacking just a tad bit of something extra. In these kinds of circumstances, the use of exterior lighting can frequently be the deciding factor between a house that merely appears nice and one that stands out among its neighbours.

    A few strategically placed spotlights have the ability to completely transform the appearance of your home. LED lights can be used to bring attention to prominent feature walls, as well as windows and doors; they can also be concealed within hanging plants and trellises. Solar-powered lamps are the best option for those concerned about the environment.

    People in glass houses

    Do you want your house to look like it was built in the 21st century? Just add glass! It might seem extreme, but opening your life up to the outside world is a surefire way to give the appearance of a contemporary facade on your home, and it will also let a great deal more light enter the rooms inside your home.

    The installation of a glass feature wall is labor-intensive and should only be attempted with the assistance of a trained expert. Alternately, if you replace the guardrail on your balcony or the front door of your home with glass panelling, you can achieve the same sensational look with minimal effort. Take into consideration that you will need to maintain a window cleaner.

    On the fence

    Putting money into a stylish new fence might be a good idea if increasing your level of privacy is high on your list of priorities. This gives you the ability to customise the appearance of the outside of your home in a number of different ways without having to alter the structure itself.

    Determine which material you want to use based on the style of your home. Wrought iron fencing is the ideal choice for period homes, such as Gothic or Victorian styles. Homes with a country style should go for a true classic like the white picket fence, while homes with a modern or minimal aesthetic look best with horizontal wooden slats that are simple.

    Take a risk with colour.

    Although all-white homes have a stunning appearance, their prevalence in the housing market is on the rise. A significant amount of maintenance is required for them as well; who wants to have to clean the exterior of their home once a month after the persistent rain has left dirty streaks all over the walls?

    You should have the courage to try something new and paint the outside of your house in your favourite colour. Although earthy browns, oranges, and greens are almost always a safe bet, other colours such as hot pink, seafoam green, or even black could look equally as amazing. Be sure to have a conversation with your neighbours before making any significant adjustments, however, as they may not be pleased if you alter the landscape of the neighbourhood too significantly...

    White-out minimalism

    Having said that, there are times when the most effective way to make an impression is to completely avoid the use of colour. An all-white exterior is the only choice that makes sense if you consider yourself to be a minimalist at heart.

    It's true that white is a colour that doesn't offend anyone and is easy on the eyes, but it can also make a fashion statement all on its own. White exteriors not only make homes appear larger and brighter, but they also reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed by the house's walls. This makes white one of the most practical choices one can make when designing a home.

    Emphasise texture and details

    A neat and uncluttered exterior can have the appearance of a dream home, but what if you want something that has a little bit more visual interest?

    The addition of texture is a quick and simple way to give your home a facelift without the need for extensive remodelling. For an unexpected and varied look, try installing a slate panel on an otherwise bare wall, framing windows with unfinished wood, or combining smooth concrete and rough pebble dash in the same project.

    Frame your lifestyle in colour

    Why not give your window frames a new coat of paint if all you need is a quick and easy pick-me-up? Pick a bold colour that will either stand in contrast to or complement the colour of the existing facade, and then take your time as you paint carefully around each frame.

    You can take this look one step further by painting the front door in a shade that is either similar to or identical to the trim on the windows and doors, or you can go all the way and clash the colours of the doors and frames.

    Install Shutters

    It is possible to add depth and contrast to the appearance of your home by decorating it with shutters or accent trim. There is a variety of styles of shutters available, ranging from colonial to French country, that can assist you in modernising the personality of your home. Imagine it as adding finishing touches to your home!

    Dress Up the Driveway

    A driveway that is made of cracked asphalt can be an eyesore. Cracks can be quickly and easily repaired with asphalt patch, and the surface can be refinished with a blacktop refinishing compound, which can be purchased at hardware stores. Both of these steps are relatively inexpensive. Consider enhancing the look of your driveway with a decorative border made of paving stones or concrete for a project that requires more time and effort.

    Update Landscaping

    It does not matter if you have a large front yard or a small lot in the suburbs; adding shrubs, trees, and bushes that frame and complement your home will provide a significant boost to the overall kerb appeal of your property, as will keeping the lawn in good condition.

    Paint House Trim

    Your home can get a new lease on life simply by getting a new coat of paint on the walls. If the scale of the project seems overwhelming to you, or if you don't need to paint the entire house, one option to consider is repainting the trim in an exciting new colour.

    Replace Mailbox

    Because it is located so "out there," there is no way to avoid people seeing it even if you hide it. Why not transform this ordinary container into something that makes a statement instead? You can choose from a wide variety of unique options that are sold in retail establishments, or you can make your own with almost no effort at all.

    Landscaping paths and walkways

    Your front walkway ought to be appealing and inviting, and it ought to deliver a pleasurable experience to guests as it directs them in the direction of your home. You can create a lined path of cedar or other wood chips that release a nice fragrance when stepped on, or you can create an attractive pattern by laying decorative pavers and bricks in an attractive pattern that draws the eye to the front door. The latter option will cost you less money.

    Hang Window Boxes

    Window boxes can be purchased in a wide range of materials, including PVC, wrought iron, wood, and copper, amongst others. They breathe new life into your home by being brimming with vibrant flowers and verdant foliage. One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the kerb appeal of your home is to hang a few of these on the front of the house.

    Replace Garage Door

    Even if the interior of your garage is a complete disaster, the exterior of the building can be made to look like a haven of peace and tranquilly simply by installing a new garage door. An old garage door can be painted in a short amount of time and at a low cost; for a more expensive but more elegant solution, old roll-up doors should be replaced with carriage-style doors.

    Install Storm Door

    If you have a beautiful entrance door, there's no reason to cover it up with a battered old storm door. A front entrance that is primarily glass can be a showpiece for a luxurious building. The installation of a storm door that has a screen that can be rolled up out of sight when it is not in use is a convenient option that should be considered.

    Outdoor Sculptures

    Inside your home, you use art to demonstrate your sense of style; if you do the same thing outside, why not? A dramatic sculpture or one-of-a-kind fountain can be placed on your front lawn to serve as a focal point and engage people who are walking by. Your artistic expression can be as uncomplicated as a few rocks that have been thoughtfully arranged, or it can be as complex as a stunning statue carved out of marble. Just remember not to go overboard, as having too much yard art can be stressful and distracting.

    Front Porch Potted Plants

    Bringing life to your porch and walkway through the use of potted plants is a great idea. Without resorting to intensive landscaping or gardening, this is a fantastic way to create an atmosphere that is cosy and welcoming. You can get even more mileage out of this straightforward but highly effective decorating trick by using dramatic or whimsical planters.

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    Paint the Fence

    Consider giving your property's perimeter fence and any railings that lead up to the entrance of your home a fresh coat of paint or installing new railings in order to boost the aesthetic appeal of your front yard. Although wood is the material most commonly used, you are free to get inventive by using other materials such as metal pipe or galvanised steel.

    Bringing new life into your home can be accomplished in a straightforward and efficient manner by following these five easy tips. The majority of them call for only a limited amount of financial outlay and some amount of time. However, the return on this investment is more than satisfactory. If you finish the work, you will be able to enjoy a higher resale value when the time comes to sell the property.

    FAQs About Facade

    If you're fairly experienced with soil types and plants and have the time, then do-it-yourself landscaping may be just for you. Even so, an overall plan is a must to create a cohesive look for your do-it-yourself approach. Get more tips on how to landscape.

    Exterior design includes your home's size and shape, how it fits into the surrounding neighbourhood and streetscape, and the impact it has on its site.

    The word facade originally comes from the Italian word “facciata”, and is defined as the outside or all of the external faces of a building. The term is frequently used to refer just to the main or front face of a house.

    You might be wondering, “What is facade cladding?” In a way, it could be seen as the “skin” of your facade. It is a physical border, applied to your existing structure, covering most of the exterior surface area of your home.

    What is the difference with facade and cladding? A facade is the front landscape of the building and is more for the look of the building. Cladding varies which could be plants or materials which is added into the design.

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