Bathroom Remodel

What do I need to know about bathroom remodelling?

Do you constantly find yourself unsatisfied with your bathroom, leaving endlessly whining about what irks you? Have you been dreaming about an all-out rejuvenating bathroom renovation? If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom renovation big or small, you’re likely to have questions and concerns about how to keep your remodel functional, affordable and easy on the eye. Will you need a permit for your bathroom renovation? What colours are ‘in’ in this era for bathroom makeovers? What are your tiling options? To start, we recommend asking yourself, “Why exactly do I need a bathroom renovation?”

A bathroom may seem like an exciting prospect, but many homeowners begin to question their decision when faced with reality. Budget and costs, material and layout decisions, limitations, and more can make the process stressful and less than desirable. However, if you go into your renovation project, knowing what to expect, it will make the journey to your dream bathroom much smoother.

Getting your bathroom just right can be hard, but, if you do, it will be well worth the struggle. The bathroom is a great place to think, relax, and spruce up – it’s not all about the toilet! It is also an easy way to increase the value of your home. In this post, we will introduce too great ways to help you remodel your bathroom into a dreamy and valuable space.

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How Much Will Your Remodel Cost?

What does the average bathroom remodel cost these days? That, of course, depends on the size of the project itself and the materials you choose to use. 

Depending on your financial situation, there are two main ways for you to pay for your remodel:

  • Cash: If you’ve saved for your remodel, work hard to meet your budget goals. Be upfront with your contractor and let them know how much you have to work with and how much you’d like to spend.
  • Financing: Several loan types can fund your bathroom remodel. Take the time to talk to several companies to see where you can get the best rates. Two common options are home equity or personal loans. 

Be sure to leave a cushion in your budget to cover unforeseen costs, or for any special features that you may want to add in along the way. A good professional will work hard to avoid unexpected expenses and be transparent about how and where the money is spent.

Bathroom Remodel

Common Cost Considerations

There are many features of a bathroom remodel that can quickly utilize your renovation budget. Here are some of the most common:


One of the biggest considerations in a bathroom remodels a change of layout. You will, of course, spend less on plumbing and construction if you keep the existing floor plan. But the goal of a bathroom often remodels to create more usable space; space that can easily be utilized by you and your family on a daily basis. Consider the flow and function of your already-existing layout and what you do and don’t like about it. Then, plan your new layout to function and flow in a way that truly works best for you. Changing the layout of your bathroom is one of the best ways to make your bathroom a relaxing place that you can enjoy spending time in. It is also one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. The more efficient space, the more likely it is that future potential buyers can envision their lives in it. While it may be a bigger price tag upfront, a new layout could be just what your dull and crowded bathroom needs to transform into an open and efficient space that you can use and love for years to come. 


An easy way to spend your money is by taking out your old fixtures and replacing them with new ones. New fixtures like your toilet, sinks, tub, shower, and other hardware, can chip away at your budget rather quickly. If necessary, one way to lower costs is to consider keeping some of your old fixtures. 

Surface Materials

Some of the most expensive elements include countertops, flooring, and other surface materials. Whether you are creating more room or just updating to give your space a fresh new look, these are the things that people often want to renovate the most. Choose materials that have the style you want and fit well within your budget. 

Tubs and Showers

Bathroom elements like tubs and showers can quickly increase the amount of money you’re spending on your remodelling project. Choosing one over the other can have a big impact on the final price tag. Prioritize what is most important to you and see how it fits within your budget.  

Signs For When You Need A Bathroom Renovation

The Decor Isn’t You + Is Outdated.

If there’s one sign that your bathroom renovation is well overdue, it’s that the décor and colours look outdated. Maybe your tastes have changed, or maybe trends have changed. Regardless of the reasoning, if the colour of your bathroom has become unsightly to you, this should be the first sign that a complete bathroom remodels may be necessary.

When it comes to bathroom makeovers, colour is the first important decision and an inspiring starting point. Not only is it the most noticeable element of a room, but it’s also a reflection of your style and taste. Take time to think about your colour choice; there’s no benefit in rushing to commit to a colour that you may end up disliking. If you are of the indecisive sort, muted tones and neutral greys are all you need for a swift, noticeable upgrade.

The colour and type of your bathroom tile also play a crucial part in determining if a bathroom renovation is in your future. Old-fashioned tiles on the walls are the key driver of most bathroom updates. Unique textures and patterns are consistently on-trend, and retro looks are easy to transition to when some of your existing tiles are older and heavily featured. If you are looking to switch it out for something more modern, neutral tiles can help you create a timeless bathroom design that can be updated as colours and styles change.

Cramped Layout

Unfortunately, most bathrooms weren’t designed with 21st century needs in mind, with older estates having minimal bathroom space. If you’re struggling with the size, layout, or organization of your bathroom, this is another sign that it’s time for some restructuring. Do you find yourself stumbling over the toilet when moving about the room, or squeezing past the sink to get to the shower? These are elements that can be assuaged with the help of a bathroom renovation or remodel.

With a bit of thought, a bathroom can be laid out in a completely different way to fully optimize the available space and give a feeling of greater luxury. There are endless appealing space-saving designs to be found, which will make better use of the space without having to expand the dimensions of the room. You can keep it simple and reposition the organizational pieces, or take it to the next level by updating an older bathroom necessity with a newer model.

Sometimes you’ll need a permit to complete a full bathroom renovation. When are permits necessary? If you aren’t changing the structure of the apartment, chances are you won’t need a permit to go ahead with your bathroom remodel. Most interior work won’t require a permit, but if you’re moving to plumb around, you may need to obtain a permit to fulfil the goals of your bathroom renovation.  

There Is Obvious Damage

If components are leaking in your bathroom, or you’ve met with the overwhelming smell of mildew, you must commit to a bathroom renovation. Those that are looking for a less drastic route may be wondering why they have to go for a full bathroom renovation instead of just a fresh coat of paint, but the truth is, when damage is present, action needs to be taken before it gets worse. Plus, if you find yourself embarrassed to offer your bathroom to guests, then you shouldn’t need to ask whether you should be going ahead with a renovation.

If anything is unsightly or mouldy, then it shouldn’t be salvaged, it promptly needs replacing. If there is any rusting or limescale, then it needs sorting. You can modernize fixtures and fittings during your bathroom renovation to solve these problems (and save water too). Ensuring you have proper ventilation in your bathroom can solve trying bathroom odours. Proper renovations include these more technical challenges so that even the less glamorous elements of a bathroom are well taken care of.

Poor Lighting

If the lighting is so bright in the morning it blinds you, or so dim in the evening you can barely see your face in the mirror, then questioning the necessity of a bathroom renovation hardly needs asking. Proper lighting is crucial to reinvent the entire ambience of the room, and many DIY bathroom renovations often forget the importance of lighting in favour of focusing on more decorative elements.

Don’t neglect lighting during your bathroom makeover. The difference a properly lit room makes can be astounding, and although you may come to regret a piece of art or paint colour, you’ll never regret upgrading your lighting. To switch up the lighting depending on need, we suggest adding a dimmer switch so you can choose the level of brightness for your bathroom renovation.

Low On Storage

If you lack the space to store bathroom necessities, this is a focal point that will drive your need for a bathroom remodel. A bathroom renovation can be the key to creating all the storage you need without taking up space with bulky store-bought organizers. When everything is in its proper place, not only does your bathroom look better and feel more luxurious, you’ll also have an easier time navigating what may already be a small or cramped space. There are plenty of bathroom storage solutions that you can integrate into your full bathroom makeover, which can become the star feature of your finished bathroom. 

It Seems Tiny For Your Need

How much space do you need to go through your daily routine comfortably? If you notice yourself feeling cramped while putting on your makeup or doing your early morning shave, you might benefit from making your bathroom bigger via a full bathroom renovation. A layout can only be changed so much without intervention by a design professional, and a full bathroom renovation can make your space bigger. As we previously stated, if you’re demolishing or moving walls during your bathroom remodel or extending your home in any way, talk with your designer about needing a permit before proceeding.

Things to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Create a Detailed Plan From the Very Beginning

Whatever you do, don’t think you can get away with “figuring it out as you go.” You need to have a comprehensive and thought out plan from the very beginning.

Never underestimate the process or just how many details come along with it. Otherwise, you might get stuck halfway through. Things like an electrical swap may seem simple, but in almost all cases they aren’t.

With enough careful planning ahead of time, you won’t be left having to start over or with mismatched items that look beautiful on their own but hideous together.

Remember, start with the end goal in mind and work your way backward. Have a diagram, or at least a rough sketch, of everything down to the very last detail before you embark on the project.

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It’s Incredibly Easy to Go Over Your Budget

Before beginning to remodel your bathroom, do yourself a favour and have the plan to spend at least $5,000 over your budget. That’s right, $5,000. Ideally, have that $5,000 tucked away in savings earmarked for this job and nothing else.

You never know what can happen. The sink will be more than you expected, you’ll need more time than anticipated, the countertop that you wanted to keep will have to be replaced, the plumbing will need to be completely redone, and the list goes on and on. Trust me: something unexpected will happen, and it will end up costing more than you budgeted.

Undoubtedly, the bathroom design you choose will have a huge impact on the cost of the job. If you need to relocate a bathtub or sink within the bathroom, extensive plumbing is usually required – which increases the cost of the work significantly. Budget generously.

Picking the Wrong Grout is a Disaster

You’d be surprised just how crucial something like this is. Grout can make or break the look of your bathroom.

Picking the wrong colour for your grout can destroy the entire look and feel of an otherwise beautiful bathroom remodel. For instance, if you have a mosaic floor, you should never opt for bright white grout. It will look fresh for maybe the first hour, but then it turns dirty relatively quickly.

It’s worth noting that white grout is going to stain over time, especially if the bathroom you’re remodelling is one that has a lot of people coming and going.

Most of us place a lot of emphasis on getting the bathroom tile right, but we tend to overlook the grout. Make sure your grout matches and looks good with the flooring you love. Black contrasts beautifully with tiles of all patterns, sizes, and shapes. It will help you achieve a contemporary look and everything in between.

Greys, beiges, tans, and creams are universally appealing and are less likely to fade. Those are my personal favourites.

You Might Want to Stay Elsewhere During the Remodeling

It’s no secret that a bathroom remodelling project can be messy and noisy.

Some folks think that one small room isn’t going to bring much disturbance to their routine, but if you’re not going the DIY route, you might want to have the family crash at a friend’s house or hotel. Contractors and workers tend to come whenever they feel like and – unfortunately – care very little about the actual living space they are working in.

Although you may want to monitor the progress of the work, you should probably stay clear during the demolition phase. Whatever was in that bathroom that you’re planning on getting rid of and replacing has to come out. This brings dust, dirt, debris, and a whole lot of mess traipsing from the bathroom to the front door of your home (even if the workers are relatively clean and careful.)

If you have small children or toddlers, it’s also a good idea to spend as much time outside of the house since workers may leave dangerous tools around and building materials might be more exposed.

Lastly, the layout of your house will help determine whether you should stay or crash elsewhere. If you only have one bathroom, this is a no-brainer, especially for those who don’t want to use a porta-potty!

Similarly, suppose the project is very involved. In that case, it might be difficult to endure the noise and occasional power outages that could come from any electrical work you want to be done.

Work With Your Existing Bathroom Footprint

If you want to save money in your bathroom remodel, try to get a handle on the footprint of your bathroom. Look at your plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinets, and the overall look. Sometimes, the remodelling process can be complicated because of tight spaces. Try to consider everything, even specifics like making the cuts needed to accommodate nooks and laying the tiles in awkward spaces. Don’t forget that technology changes everything. You may want to install warming drawers for towels or a toilet that conserves water.

You might be thinking that you’d like to switch the tub with the shower. Although this might be a good idea, in theory, you should never ignore the existing footprint. If you want to increase space, decide whether you need to move a wall. Sometimes, working within the existing space may not be ideal, but it will help you save money. Even if you do choose to change your bathroom’s layout, make sure to take great measurements and to base your design off of them.

Consider This

It’s hard to say what the most important factors will be for each decision you make. A lot of that will depend on your situation. Those doing a bathroom remodel should have a list of must-have features that they want in their space. What does that look like for you? A separate space for the toilet, a shower, bathtub, a shower and a bathtub, heated floors, cabinet space, or even something unique like a steam room? List things you want from highest to lowest priority. As you navigate through the remodelling process, be willing to bend and let go of lesser-desired features if necessary. Here are some of the top things for you to consider when remodelling your bathroom. 


When choosing the components of your bathroom, keep the size and scale in perspective. For a powder bathroom or a bathroom with a smaller layout, you may want to choose features that leave more floor space and don’t take up too much of the already limited room. Add in a pedestal sink instead of a cabinet sink to help open it up and make it seem larger. If you desire to have more space overall, consider adding on to your already-existing layout. Extending your bathroom by even a couple of feet can not only get you the space you need, but it also increases the value of your home, making it more efficient and desirable to potential buyers. If your master bathroom has too much open, unused space, try adding a standalone tub or a vanity to help fill it in. Should you ever find yourself stuck on what works best, seek the helpful advice of an expert. Professional contractors, interior designers, and even realtors have an eye for what is most efficient in various spaces.


These days, sustainability and age-in-place capabilities are rising in popularity. Homeowners like the thought of saving money with efficient products. And as the cost to retire increases, people desire to stay in their homes as long as possible. When designing your new bathroom, consider what will benefit you long-term. Perhaps creating a will let you stay in your home. Or maybe a low-flush toilet will save you markedly over the next decade. Adding things like ceiling-high cabinets or steps leading up to your bathtub may not be the most efficient or practical design features later on down the road. The key is designing for your needs both now and in the future. 


While it’s your decision to design your bathroom the way you want it, for aesthetics and resale purposes, it’s often wise for your design to be consistent with the style of your home. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t modernize it. If you have an older craftsman, for example, consider adding modernized vintage touches like subway tiles and a standalone tub. These days, it’s easy to find new twists on these old favourites so that you can ensure you uphold the charm of your home while creating a space that is new and inviting to future buyers. 

Take some time to do your research and gather ideas. Look for fixtures, features and design elements that fit your style and preferences. Having some information and details ready to provide the architect and contractor will make their job that much easier.


There was a time when the lighting was forgotten, which created rooms people didn’t love. Luckily, times have changed, and lighting has become a primary focus yet again. Considering all that you use them for, bathrooms are an ideal place for good lighting. When choosing the right lighting for your new bathroom, think about your general needs within the space. Without it, the beautiful changes you’ve just made could still end up leaving you unhappy with your space.


When it comes to your bathroom, storage is key. From cleaning products, cosmetics and toilet paper, to towels, medicine and kids bath toys, your bathroom is home to a wide variety of products that can quickly make it feel overwhelming and unloved. The last thing you want is to have your bathroom counters over-crowded every time you walk in. Consider adding storage options such as cabinets, vanities, and shelves to provide some added space to store all of your bathroom essentials. 


A lot goes unseen in a bathroom, which is why plumbing is so important. If your house is older, consider optimizing your pipes. With everything that travels through the plumbing, you’ll want to ensure you have proper sizing and placement. This could save you the huge hassle of having damaged pipes later on. If you’re already doing a remodel, it’s an excellent time to upgrade – and often well worth the cost.

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Choosing Professionals

Choosing the contractors, you’ll work with maybe the biggest consideration you have to make when planning a bathroom remodel. You’ll want to work with someone who sees your vision, can assist you in fine-tuning it, and can perform the job in a way that turns that vision into reality. Transparency and reputation are two key factors to look for in your professional contractors. Look for people who are willing and able to answer your questions and have made a good name for themselves within the community. When you first meet with potential contractors and architects, don’t be afraid to bring your ideas and any questions you have. When the fit is right, you’ll know.

A bathroom remodels can either be extremely exciting or dreadfully stressful. Yes, there are a lot of decisions to make. But walking into the project informed and aware of what you can expect can help smooth out the potentially bumpy ride. Before you start renovating, take the time to ask questions, do your research and plan. That way, when it’s time to start, you’ll be ready to go.

Bathrooms are an important selling point when putting your space on the market. In many cases, selling your home means you’ll need a bathroom makeover. A bathroom renovation can significantly increase the market value of your home and can be the make or break factor that can persuade a potential buyer. If your master bathroom is looking a little worn down and in dire need of a bathroom renovation, you might find it harder to sell your home. Put some work into your bathroom and see interest increase, all due to the addition of some new renovations.

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