who should i hire to remodel my bathroom

Who should I hire to remodel my bathroom?

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    The renovation of a bathroom is frequently cited as one of the most pleasurable types of home improvement projects. The results are both immediate and personal, including a gleaming new shower or bathtub, an upbeat colour scheme, a bathroom vanity with a beautiful countertop, and more storage space than ever before. Remodeling your bathroom to a high standard can not only improve its functionality but also add value to your home. Employing a bathroom contractor with experience who is able to see your project through to its successful conclusion is one way to ensure that the remodelled bathroom will be of the highest quality.

    The installation of a shower door, the replacement of a faucet or a toilet seat are examples of simple home improvements that many homeowners are capable of completing on their own. Nevertheless, extensive bathroom remodelling calls for a higher level of expertise and should be delegated to a professional team whenever possible.

    If you want to avoid having to spend a lot of money fixing a botched remodelling job, your best bet is to hire a remodelling contractor who will complete the task correctly from the very beginning. A professional remodeler has the education and experience necessary to complete a bathroom renovation according to the specifications that you provide.

    The process of hiring a contractor to remodel a bathroom is analogous to getting married. You want to work with someone who is trustworthy and easy to get along with.

    It is possible that they will be working on the project in your home for several weeks, during which time they will be there for the majority of the day. If you do not get along with that individual, you probably won't want to invite them into your house.

    It's likely that, prior to committing to another person, you run through a mental checklist of everything you want and need. You will want to follow these steps in the same manner when hiring a contractor.

    Bathroom renovations in Melbourne are just one of the many services that Hitch Property Constructions provides.

    Reasons to Hire a Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom

    According to most bathroom renovation contractors, even though the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, it is the most labour intensive area to renovate even though it is also one of the smallest rooms. The more specific you need to be in order to achieve the result you want, the more difficult it may be. This is due to the fact that even within a relatively small space, such as a few square feet, you will need to take care of a variety of things, including electrical wiring, plumbing, tiling, cabinetry, and a great deal more!

    Therefore, rather than taking on the task on your own, it is advisable to hire professionals who specialise in bathroom renovation. Think about it this way: if you do it yourself and make a significant error, you will eventually have to hire a contractor and pay additional money to have it fixed. This is the case even if you don't make the mistake. If this is the case, then why not just hire one from the beginning?

    Bathroom Remodel

    Bathroom Renovations

    Your friends and family members who have previous experience working with contractors for bathroom renovations are the best people to ask for referrals when you are looking for a trustworthy professional. You could also search the internet for local listings and give a renovation expert a call if you find one who appears to have a lot of experience and a substantial portfolio of previous work to show for it.

    In general, there are many different advantages to working with a bathroom remodelling contractor, including the following:

    The Professional Looks

    Turn off the power to your power tools if they are already set up and ask yourself if the finished product will have the appearance of a job done by a professional once you are finished. You may end up achieving all of your dream bathroom goals, but it may end up looking sloppy rather than stylish. This is the point at which the decision must be made.

    You have probably visited the bathroom of a friend at some point, and during that visit, you may have noticed that the fixtures were all stained and dripping, the tiles were loose and out of alignment, or the toilet was leaking at the back. Take heed of the following red flags before embarking on a do-it-yourself bathroom renovation project. The aesthetic results that a professional bathroom renovation contractor can help you achieve cannot be matched by anything else.

    The Turnaround

    Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior who believes they can finish renovating their bathroom in one weekend? If so, do you believe they can do it all by themselves? If that is the case, those are some pretty good intentions; however, it is likely that it will take you several weeks, possibly even months, to finish the job on your own.

    If you are like most people, you work during the week and have obligations waiting for you on the weekends; as a result, finding free time to devote to home improvement projects is nearly impossible. Oh, and there's also the fact that the family's anxiety levels continue to rise with each passing day.

    Therefore, rather than doing the work yourself, it is best to hire a trustworthy bathroom renovation contractor. This will allow you to take advantage of the expertise of construction and design specialists who will work eight hours per day to ensure that the project is finished in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Renovation Contractors Have Professional Networks

    Because bathroom renovation contractors have been in the business for longer than you have been thinking about renovating it yourself, they have connections with wholesalers and bathroom supply dealers who can cut them in on good deals. In addition, because bathroom renovation contractors have been in the business for longer than you have, they have access to better quality materials. If you have to buy all of the supplies yourself, you might find yourself standing in the local home improvement store, bewildered, paying outrageous prices, and not knowing which brands are the best. This is because you will have to buy everything yourself.

    It's possible that you'll end up paying more for the materials than the bathroom remodelling contractor would charge you with the labour included in their estimate.

    They Have a Team

    The renovation of your bathroom will require the assistance of a skilled team. When we talk about hiring someone to oversee each stage of the project, we are referring to the need for designers, construction experts, electricians, plumbers, and contractors. The following are a few of the most important professionals that your bathroom renovation contractor would bring in, all of whom are capable of performing the same task in a matter of minutes that would take you hours to complete.


    Behind each and every wall in the restroom is a complex network of pipes and wires. With just one mistake, the risk of a fire starting could be multiplied by ten. In addition to everything else, the fact that the bathroom is a smaller space where water and electricity can easily say "hello" to each other is a reason to call in an electrician.


    Stick to decorating rather than taking on something as complex as plumbing if you want to take on something by yourself. It is recommended that, unless you are a skilled and experienced professional, you allow the contractor who is renovating your bathroom to bring in a reputable plumber.

    Tile Installers

    Take a stroll around the perimeter of your restroom. Do you take note of the precise cutting of each tile and the way it fits into place? It is the responsibility of a tile layer, who is equipped with the necessary tools and has the necessary level of experience to properly align bathroom tiles so that they can withstand all of the water wear and foot traffic. It's possible that the contractor you hire to renovate your bathroom will also be able to help you negotiate a better price on heated floors with the tile layer. Even better, do away with the tiles and have a solid shower wall system installed instead. Such a system should come with a warranty that covers the entire time you live in the house.


    It will be the responsibility of the carpenter to instal bespoke cupboards, windows, and any other wooden accessories that you require. Your bathroom remodelling contractor will bring in an experienced carpenter who will make the space look exactly how you envisioned it before the renovation began.

    To put the cherry on top of everything, a trustworthy contractor will be able to provide you with assurances regarding the length of time the project will take, the standard of the final product, and, most importantly, an affordable price. At Five Star Bath Solutions, our expertise in bathroom remodelling encompasses the full scope of the room. You only need one contractor to completely remodel your bathroom while staying within your desired price range and the allotted amount of time. Depending on the task at hand, certain projects can be completed in as little as a single day.

    Therefore, put away the tools and start looking for the most dependable bathroom renovation contractor you can find who can assist you in realising your ideal vision of a luxurious, stylish, and contemporary bathroom. Hitch Property Constructions has the best range of renovations services to help you create your dream house.

    Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

    Interview Three or More Bathroom Contractors

    If you only talk to one or two bathroom contractors, you will only gain a limited set of viewpoints from those conversations. You run the risk of receiving bids that are significantly higher than you anticipated if you proceed with soliciting bids from these contractors. It is easier to find the contractor who is the best fit for your job if you conduct interviews with a greater number of different contractors than you would normally do. In addition to this, you will have a wider variety of bids from which to select.

    Review the Contractor's Previous Work

    Bathroom remodelers will typically bring a photo portfolio of their previous work to the interview with them. This portfolio may be presented in the form of a picture book or on a computer screen. Additionally, the contractor's portfolio can be viewed on the contractor's website or on contractor-matching sites to which the contractor belongs. Aim to look beyond the pretty pictures and determine whether or not this bathroom contractor does the kind of work that is appropriate for you.

    Get Estimates in Writing

    There is not much value in providing verbal estimates, neither for the homeowner nor for the bathroom contractor. Even when everyone has the best of intentions, numerical values are occasionally lost, misunderstood, or misheard. All understand Well-written estimates. It is not impolite in the least to enquire about a verbal ballpark estimate from a bathroom contractor. You must be aware, however, that no one will be held to that figure, and you must also provide a written estimate of the costs involved in the project.

    Pin Down the Schedule

    Make sure to clarify the start date of the bathroom remodel with the contractor before you sign the contract by asking them when they can begin working on the project, as well as the total amount of time it will take. You and the contractor should place a high priority on keeping to the schedule. If you and the other party are in agreement about everything, then you can move forwards with the contract. It is common practise to include in contracts a clause that states "Time is of the essence." This clause specifies the amount of time that the contractor has to work on the project, along with a payment schedule by the homeowner.

    Clarify What the Contractor Will Do

    Talk to the bathroom contractor even before the contract is drawn up to find out specifics about what can be expected from the work that will be done during the course of the project. Contractors who specialise in remodelling bathrooms carry out a predetermined checklist of tasks and provide the necessary components. The contractor will never make a statement to the effect that the bathroom will be remodelled. In its place, this more extensive project of renovating the bathroom is broken down into a number of distinct, smaller subprojects.

    Discuss Supplying Your Own or Reusing Items

    When you hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom, in addition to using brand-new building materials, you also have the option of recycling materials from your existing bathroom that are still in usable condition. Have a pre-planning conversation with the contractor about the materials that you intend to reuse. Also, make sure that you follow the guidance provided by the contractor regarding the viability of these materials.

    Discuss the Peripherals

    During the course of the bathroom renovation, a good contractor should be proactive in bringing up any issues that are not directly related to the project but may have an impact on your life. What other facilities do you have available to you if the bathroom that is being renovated is the only bathroom in your home? When will the subcontractors start working, and when will they finish? What time of the day will they arrive? Will they be available to work on the weekends? During the process of remodelling your bathroom, your life will be affected in a variety of ways, including those listed above as well as others.

    Verify Licenses and Credentials

    Bathroom contractors are licensed and registered, and attendant to licensure or registration is a wide variety of requirements such as insurance, bonding, criminal record checks, testing, continued education, and more. As a standard membership requirement, online services that match customers with contractors frequently stipulate that all relevant licences and registrations must be current.

    Choose the Contractor Who Is the Best Fit

    Your ultimate decision on a contractor for your bathroom remodel should not be based solely on one factor, such as the price of the job, as this is the one that the majority of us have a tendency to become fixated on. An inexpensive bathroom remodel is not going to be worth the price if the materials or the workmanship will only last a few years at the most. Instead, consider the following in addition to the cost:

    • The degree to which you and the contractor are able to collaborate effectively.
    • Whether or not the contractor's previous projects are comparable to the project you are having done.
    • Timeliness, on both your end and the part of the contractor
    • The professional conduct of the contractor
    • Testimonies from some of our other customers

    Sign a Legal Contract

    After you have selected the contractor to work on your bathroom, be sure to sign a contract with them. Both parties should sign and date this contract, and it should include the specifics of the remodelling project, including the cost, a payment schedule, the address of the work site, the start and end dates, and any other details that both parties agree upon.

    Contractors Aren't Always Designers.

    Some bathroom remodelling contractors are all-inclusive, which means they help you with every aspect of the remodel, from the initial design to the final nail that is hammered into the wall. On the other hand, some contractors who remodel bathrooms want you to have the design completed before they will begin the work.

    Save Money by Supplying Your Materials

    The vast majority of contractors are completely fine with their customers procuring their own supplies. These might be more decorative light fixtures, towel racks, mirrors, or even toilets. Be aware that the contractor will tack on his or her commision to each and every item that they purchase for you.

    Be Prepared

    The time has come for you to start looking forwards to your project now that you have selected the ideal contractor. A conscientious contractor will request the full set of blueprints, in addition to a sense of what you want to achieve with your project and an estimate of the associated costs. In most cases, the cost of materials constitutes forty percent of the total, while the profit margin ranges from fifteen to twenty percent.

    Payment Schedule

    A payment schedule can reveal a great deal about the work ethic and current financial situation of a contractor. If they want fifty percent of the winning bid up front, there is a good chance that they are having financial difficulties. A schedule will typically begin with a payment of ten percent upon contract signing, followed by three payments of twenty-five percent each, evenly spaced out across the duration of the remodel. After the completion of the project, the remaining 15% is distributed to the parties involved.

    Price Isn't Everything

    Price shouldn't be the deciding factor in any purchase you make. You are not required to hire a contractor just because his bid is the lowest among those that were submitted. The communication that takes place between you and the contractor is absolutely necessary for the completion of this process. There are times when it's in your best interest to shell out a little bit more money to secure someone with whom you have a better rapport.

    Put Everything in Writing

    Make sure that you have a contract in place for each step of the project before the contractor starts working on it. This includes the payment schedule, proof of liability insurance, worker's compensation payments, specific materials being used, as well as the start date and completion date.

    Brainstorm bathroom remodelling ideas

    You've probably spent some time looking at pictures for home improvement projects in magazines or on the internet. You should keep the pictures you've collected to show the remodelling contractor if you already have an idea of how you want the new bathroom to look and have already done some research. Keep a list of the things you want to share with the remodelling contractor. For instance, if you already know what kinds of fixtures you want or if you have ideas for wallpaper, keep a list of these things.

    It is critical that you have a clear vision of the end result before approaching a remodeler with a request for an estimate. When you invite remodelling contractors to give you quotes for your project, it is important to remember to stick to your plan. If this is not done, price comparisons will be difficult to make. Looking for the best home constructions? Look no further! Hitch Property Constructions has the ultimate list of home designs for you to choose from.

    Hiring a bathroom remodelling contractor

    Referrals from others and word-of-mouth recommendations are still the most effective ways to locate a trustworthy bathroom remodelling contractor. Businesses in the service industry grow and become more successful when their renovations are completed at a professional level, and when their customers are pleased with the work. Therefore, if your neighbour, friend, coworker, or family member was pleased with a recent remodelling job, you should ask them for the contact information of the service contractor so that you can get in touch with them to get an estimate of the cost of the work.

    When you have narrowed down your options, contact multiple home improvement contractors and make arrangements for them to visit your home to provide you with written estimates of the costs involved. Verify that the contractor has a valid licence, that they are insured, and that they offer a guarantee on their work.

    Embrace the process and remember to take a lot of photos both of the beginning and the ongoing work. Keep your sights set on the end goal: that bathroom of your dreams, the upgrades you've been wanting for years, the features that will secure a higher selling price for your home. Try to keep in mind, despite all of the commotion and the setbacks, why it is that you are taking these steps.

    FAQs About Bathroom Renovation

    Making renovations to your home or business can be an exciting time for anyone. Bringing together the feelings of excitement and stress when deciding on the final details of the project, it can become easy to overlook some crucial steps before actually taking any action.

    The requirements for a building permit vary from state to state, although, most of the time at least one permit is required when undergoing renovations.

    A bathroom should get a makeover every four to five years at the very least. When you are between the ages of four and five, you may notice that certain colours are no longer in style, that your accessories are beginning to break, and that you are growing weary of the design of your bathroom.

    The first thing that you see when you walk into a bathroom should not be the toilet but rather the bathtub or basin because this is an essential aspect of the design and a good place to begin planning the layout of your space. Pick one important component: Build the layout around the focal point of the room, whether it's an impressive freestanding tub, a stunning vanity unit, or a beautifully tiled shower area.

    There is no necessity for that at all. In wet areas of a bathroom, such as around the bathtub and inside the shower inclosure, tiles have traditionally been used as a means to waterproof walls. However, there are now other materials that can be used to add a decorative touch to bathroom walls while still providing waterproofing.

    Tiling the area behind a toilet tank is something that professionals will always recommend doing in order to protect your surface from water damage and additional humidity.

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