Kitchen Renovation Ideas

What are the kitchen trends for 2022?

While the trends come and go, our kitchens last for many more years and perhaps many more owners. With this in mind taking the time to plan and create a kitchen that has both longevity and compliments your home is a vital step towards maximising your investment.

We’re living in both calm and stylish times in the kitchen, which needs never be the hidden room. In the seasons coming, be creative with space and storage, indulgent with colour and embrace some luxury for the room where creativity, as well as a festivity, unfolds any time of day. Balance it all with natural details.

So, what will this year bring? We’ve kept a keen ear to the ground, and it seems like exposed shelving, metal accents, broken-plan living and calming colour palettes will take charge in the kitchen, and other areas of the home. Take note! Hitch Property Constructions has an extensive range of kitchen renovation Melbourne to take the hassle out of deciding the right furniture that matches.

Sleek Kitchens With Plenty of Storage

The pursuit of a clutter-free lifestyle and the need for warm, inviting spaces is making elegant, seamless kitchen design ever-more desirable.

Sleek cabinetry without handles and magnificent kitchen islands offering ample extra storage continue to take centre stage in many of the open plan living spaces we see emerging today.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Our lust for connecting spaces continues to propel the unrelenting push for unique storage solutions, innovative cabinetry and futuristic technologies that hide our functional appliances at the push of a button making way for beautiful, uninterrupted entertaining spaces.

While we are busy streamlining our kitchen spaces and increasing our storage, designers continue to breathe new life into previously redundant or ignored spaces around our homes. We are expanding our kitchen capacity with functional yet sophisticated butler’s pantry and laundry areas that flow on from the kitchen — all trends that are set to continue for years to come.

A Love of Raw Industrial Materials

The ever-growing fascination with our natural and built environment is fuelling our desire for raw materials that engage with our senses — inspired by the rugged beauty of nature, our food or the very materials we use in the construction of our homes and the built environment. We are all driving the trend towards calm, organic spaces that resonate with our lifestyles and surroundings.

Industrial chrome and steel essentials, such as ovens and fridges will be beautifully anchored in the coming seasons by natural materials — style a row of rattan or neutral-toned light shades, and go with timbers such as solid pines, pale ash and bamboo for framing details such as wall panelling, bench tops and perhaps a double kitchen island for extra luxurious dinner party prep—Accessorise with fresh flowers and vintage fruit bowls in the downtimes.

Natural materials such as timber and bamboo are beautiful, timeless, and easy to incorporate into your kitchen. The raw tones will neutralise your space, add warmth and texture and can be worked into several kitchen styles.  

When it comes to choosing your benchtop material, many people are opting for durable laminate benchtop surfaces because of how easy they are to install. They are budget-friendly, and you can choose surfaces that replicate the look and feel of real timber as well as marble too, without the maintenance required.

In 2020 we are loving naturally toned and textured benchtops as they add interest and character to a kitchen space but are still a timeless style – a must-have combination when creating your new kitchen. With an array of colours and looks to choose from, you can select a benchtop look that suits your kitchen style.

Quartz surfaces from Caesarstone are a beautiful and classic choice for your kitchen benchtops. Boasting a wide range of colours and textures, there is something for everyone. Our pick is marble-look tops with a white base and subtle veining such as Calcutta Nuvo as they suit a wide range of kitchen styles and are a classic choice. If you wish to create a more modern, industrial kitchen look no further than Caesarstone’s new Primordia, an organic grey concrete-look top.

Laminate benchtops are an excellent & cost-effective option. Colours are an amazing way to introduce a timber-look to your kitchen with the added benefit of being easy to clean. These tops are characterised by the authentic character, knots and planking of true solid wood with the ends featuring vertical grain edging to complete the look.

Design tip: Consider mixing benchtop surfaces and looks used on your island and other tops in your kitchen. For example, you might like to use a show-stopping marble-look quartz top on your island and pair it with timber-look or simple block-coloured tops on the back runs.

Statement Splashbacks

This year splashbacks are getting the attention they deserve. A notable yet often overlooked part of your kitchen design. A considered splashback can elevate your kitchen. It can be the main attraction or accentuate other prominent features.

Either bold statements in their own right or seamless continuations of your luxurious surfaces, splashbacks offer the opportunity to add a complementary or contrasting flair to your kitchen bringing a whole new layer of interest to your overall design.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is still very much an evolving trend across both Australia and Europe, and its presence is introducing exciting new opportunities for unique design statements and innovative kitchen gardens. The practicality and know-how of integrating open shelving into your overall kitchen design do require careful consideration.

How do you feel about this emerging trend? Are you ready to step away from minimalist designs or have you already started deliberating which crockery or travel curiosities will make the display cut? Open shelving is certainly a trend to watch to see how it evolves with the kitchens of the future.

Open shelving derived from metal accents and steel frames are being used as stylish storage solutions and design features in the kitchen – this is something we will continue to see in 2020. A simple solution that helps to give your kitchen the edge and point of difference you’ve been looking for. Box shelving units and benchtop planters are also being created out of these materials, adding greenery and light to space, bringing the outdoors in.

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces is another trending element for interiors that seems to be here to stay. This touch of nature and introduction of environmental hues brings a sense of retreat and tranquillity to our busy and over-worked lives…something we all long for.

When done right, open shelves can make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. They have become a popular choice, particularly in a traditionally styled kitchen, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Open shelves can be made at any size with some clever thinking outside the box. With the help of multipurpose panels, you can create visual interest in the space while also creating nooks for bits and pieces that you want on display. Looking for kitchen renovation Melbourne? Look no further? Hitch Property Constructions has you covered. 

Two-Tone Design

A rapidly growing trend for 2019 is two-tone colour in kitchens. Contrasting cabinetry that creates a captivating aesthetic for kitchen designs or a combination of Caesarstone surface colours that add interest or a distinctive flow to separate spaces.

Adding two-tone cabinets or surfaces can provide the perfect backdrop to accentuate or complement your design and colour palette.

You will find the two-tone trend can work wonders for small spaces evoking a sense of both space and luxurious indulgence.

Materials & Calming Interior Palettes

According to internationally renowned trend forecaster Scarlet Opus, when it comes to the materiality of interiors, the theme of ‘imperfect beauty’ is shining through, evoking a handmade approach with a luxurious attitude. Think timber (in all its natural rawness and beauty), concretes, metallics and exposed elements. In the kitchen, these applications are extending into benchtops and cabinetry too, bringing warmth, texture and tactility into space.

The forecasters have also identified a theme of ‘clarity’ at Scarlet Opus – this trend embraces products that calm us and enrich our lives as we strive to make life simpler and more meaningful with a minimalist mindset. Like it or not, we’re part of an always-on, forever connected world. With a need to switch off and disconnect from our over-stimulated daily environment (consciously or subconsciously), we welcome neutral palettes that will bring softness and a sense of calm, with the Nordic approach to clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic continuing to be embraced. Yep, you guessed it, that ever-so-popular Instagram-friendly interior style is here to stay.  

Surface Sensations – Marble and Terrazzo

We might be living in the digital age…but we are still sensory beings with a need to surround ourselves with surfaces that evoke a tactile aesthetic. The look of marble and terrazzo surfaces are strong trends that we will continue to see in 2020. While both have been on the home décor scene for a while now, the beauty and textural quality have made these looks a popular choice for bringing interest into spaces. Incorporating these aesthetically popular surfaces in the kitchen with terrazzo and marble-inspired benchtops can up the ante in any kitchen space. 

Broken-plan Living

Is this the new open-plan way of living? Broken-plan living is about creating distinct zones within an area, allowing it to be multi-functional while also retaining that feeling of open space. Although this isn’t necessarily a new concept, it is something we should expect to see more and more of in the New Year. Think internal screens, shelving and storage units, and the creation of different layered levels, working to divide up space.

Tip: Adding an extension to your kitchen benchtop or island is a great way to make the kitchen multi-functional, as the area can then be used for a dining table, extra storage or even a study nook creating different zones and layers in the one space.


White, cream or light grey walls are always fresh and welcoming for the room where nourishment and connection are at the core. This year, anchor your whites with a feature panel or a wall, or a lineup of dapper bar stools in solid, even moody colours such as deep salmon or brass, chrome or charcoal, smoky blue or a dashing black.

While white kitchens will always have a place in the home, trends are moving towards something a little moodier and bolder. Darker palettes, such as black, rich greens and navy, are certainly making their way into people’s kitchens. If you are going for a dark colour palette, make sure you have a lot of natural light entering the space, and create balance with accents such as timber tones to soften the aesthetic. Influenced by international design trends to suit our unique market, the colour palette for cabinetry is moving towards sophisticated darker tones, combined with open display shelving, and rich textured benchtops.

If white kitchens aren’t your style, there are many door colours, finishes and textures that you can select from that will still allow you to create a beautiful kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to add some colour to your kitchen. When Pantone announced Classic Blue as its Colour of the Year for 2020, our minds immediately went to French Navy doors from our Luxe range. As seen below, adding a pop of colour to a small top run of cabinetry can completely transform the space by creating a feature that your eye is naturally drawn too.


Free up wall space for artwork and just a few carefully placed shelves by building in a larder cupboard — one deep, crafted, elegantly shelved and organised space for all of the food goods from winter vegetables to condiments to rows of jarred dried goods that’ll make your guests’ eyes water when they sneak a peek


Leafy potted plants, vases in natural tones filled with garden flowers, photographs in frames, neat rows of shapely jars filled with colourful spices — pops of warmth and personality are what your open shelf spaces are made for. Keep your kitchen clutter-free yet take pride in displaying a few tools of the trade in this open-hearted room.

Incorporate clever storage solutions

While you will want some items openly displayed, others are better kept out of sight, and that’s where clever storage solutions come into play. Kitchen items are being conveniently hidden behind stylish cabinets, making it all the more important to integrate your storage when planning your kitchen. 

Avoid clutter and create usable spaces for everyday items, as well as pieces that you want to be tucked away. Using cabinetry in smart ways creates a modern look without compromising space.

Integrate as much cabinetry storage as possible and consider blind corner cabinets and spice and wine racks to ensure everything in your kitchen has a home. Using cabinetry underneath your island bench is a great way to win extra storage space. If a clear, uncluttered bench is what you are after, then ample storage is the answer. Check out our range of kitchen renovation at Hitch Property Constructions.

So, how can you apply these trends to your kitchen design?

Trends exist to inspire. With a plethora of innovative ideas available in magazines, social media, online articles and material samples, you have an ideal opportunity to start building a collection of ideas and inspiration. Taking your collection to designers is a welcome conversation starter. So, what feels like a pipe-dream now can often be reworked into something that fits your budget and style once you sit down with your kitchen design team.

Island Benches: Take a Seat

Kitchen Island Benches are a very popular design feature in many Australian kitchens – and for a good reason. They offer stylish and functional preparation space in your kitchen, maximise storage and allow your space to flow beautifully and easily. They also create a beautiful gathering space for your family and/or guests when you’re entertaining. What you include in your island bench design really depends on your needs, style and lifestyle.

We predict that having no appliances such as a cooktop or sink & tap on the island will continue to be an increasingly popular design choice as it becomes a large seating area, acting as or taking the place of a dining table. So if you’re short on space and don’t mind not having a conventional dining table, this could be a great option. This design also allows you to maximise storage and seating- win, win!

Storage: Organisation is Key!

Find a place for everything in your kitchen with our smart storage solutions which will transform how you use your room. Choose from an extensive range of internal organisers, from adjustable drawer dividers, knife holders, corner carousels to base units built into drawers or cupboards allow you to optimise your kitchen space.

If space permits, a walk-in or butler’s pantry concealed from the main kitchen will also provide extra storage space – not to mention they help to hide the mess when entertaining! If space is tight, opt for a pull-out pantry with adjustable shelving to store all your necessities – or customise your own by adding drawers inside the cupboards.

Put it on display:

Drawing from the latest European trends, Frame Shelving features anodised matte black framing with glass shelves (melamine panel shelving is also an option); providing a striking visual effect. This shelving is a clever way to incorporate extra overhead storage in an eye-catching and stylish way without blocking natural light.

We love styling smaller sculptural pieces on open shelving mixed in with other kitchen essentials such as accessories and cookbooks. Consider displaying pieces that have a bit of humour or that add a pop of colour so that your eye is drawn to them.

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