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Is Patriot Solar Generator Worth It?

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    Solar power generators are immensely useful energy insurance devices that come in handy when dealing with a variety of emergencies, particularly those related to power outages from the power grid. In the event of an emergency, it is helpful to have a solar power generator on hand.

    The use of these generators is an excellent way to guarantee that you will never be cut off from access to a steady supply of electrical power. For those of us who live off the grid, for those of us who live in areas that are prone to natural disasters, or for those of us who simply want to keep our families completely covered during any type of emergency, it is essential.

    In light of this, selecting the ideal solar power generator to meet one's needs can be challenging due to the extensive number of options that are currently available on the market. These include a variety of solar power stations as well as solar generators, including solar generators that are portable. In addition, the kind of solar generator that will serve your needs the best is going to be determined by a number of factors that are specific to you, your house, and your family.

    Solar-powered generators like The Patriot Power 1800 generator this one are a welcome addition to the market, and they're especially useful for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

    However, this is a newer and more robust choice now on the market. The product is "bigger and greater" than 1500, as promised, and packs quite a punch, so say the reviews.

    When you look at the Patriot 1800 solar generator, you might be thinking that it seems like it would be an excellent choice for your requirements. Are you looking for power that can be used in an emergency? Do you need anything to run in the RV? Do you need something that can be carried around easily? Sadly, the Patriot 1800 does not have as many capabilities as the majority of people believe it does.

    When people see the number "1800," they immediately assume that it must have a huge battery or a large inverter, both of which are capable of powering everything that they require. People are ecstatic about the fact that it comes with a 100-watt solar panel, a flashlight, a small battery pack, booklets, food, and a variety of other trinkets and trinkets. But here are some reviews of the Patriot solar generator.

    house with solar panels

    There is a generator made by Patriots called the Patriot Power 1800. The parent firm of this label is a recognized producer of self-sufficient living necessities like emergency food kits and tools. Patriot Power Generator 1800 has been a successful product for the company, despite the fact that it is not a solar-focused manufacturer.

    Patriot Power Generator has been on the market for over five years, and although it is still an expensive solar generator, prices have dropped significantly over that time. Because five years is such a long time in the world of solar technology, it's important to examine the inner workings of this unit in detail to evaluate how it stacks up against other available solar generators.

    FAQs About Patriot Power Generator 1800

    Despite 1800 in its title, the storage capacity of the included battery is far from large. The estimated watt-hours of a fully charged Patriot power generator is a mere 650wH. Although its 12-volt lithium iron phosphate battery is very high quality, the capacity is simply too low to ignore.

    According to the manufacturer, the Patriot 1800 supposedly has 2,500 life cycles, though that's obviously quite hard to test out anytime soon. In theory, this means that you could use this product every single day for almost seven years before you would need a replacement.

    Solar generators are best used for charging devices and running small appliances. They're a great source of backup power for a boating or RV camping trip because of their portability, plus they're clean and don't require you to keep lots of fuel on hand.

    When you get power from a solar generator, you're harnessing the sun's energy for free instead of using costly fossil fuels. Moreover, you can continue to get free energy from the sun for the lifetime of the solar panels you're using, which is usually between 25 and 35 years.

    Not only that, but it can actually put out 30 amps of power which no other portable solar generator in the world is capable of doing. This means you could connect it directly to your RV/Travel Trailer, and it will run everything just like you were at home.

    Patriot Power 1800 Solar Generator Highlights.

    Let's start with a few of the many advantages of utilising the 1800 new solar-powered generator. To wit:

    • It produces zero smoke.
    • It doesn't require any external fuel source—the sun—and weighs just 40 pounds.
    • Using it indoors is perfectly fine.
    • Packaged with a 100-watt solar panel and freebies.
    • It can run heavy-duty devices like your refrigerator for 2500+ cycles.
    • It has a safe lithium-ion phosphate battery and arrives fully charged.

    Battery Capacity

    When you see the name "Patriot 1800," you might assume that it comes with a sizable battery that has 1,800 watt-hours of capacity. It does not. Although the battery is made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4), which is a very desirable composition, the capacity of the battery is not even close to 1,800 watt hours. It is not even one-half of what you stated. The battery only has a 690 wh capacity.

    The manual for the device states that only 90 per cent of the battery's capacity is being utilised, despite the fact that the battery has a capacity of 768 wh. 768 wh multiplied by 90 per cent equals 691.2 wh.

    The Patriot 1500 had a battery that only had 500-watt hours of capacity. One of the things that can be found in their sales pitch is the fact that the new Patriot 1800 has a battery that is larger by 28 per cent in comparison to the model that came before it. When you consider that the initial model only had a small battery capacity, increasing it by 28% really wasn't that much of a challenge.

    To put this into perspective, a battery with 690 watt-hours can power a standard refrigerator for between 6 and 9 hours. Not even the entirety of one day. The Patriot 1500 model would only be able to power a conventional refrigerator for approximately 4 to 7 hours. Although the 1800 model is an improvement over the 1500 model, it is still quite inadequate.

    During a power outage, it is highly likely that you will need to run more than one refrigerator. It would be helpful if you also ran a freezer, if at all possible. In addition to that, you most likely need to have some lights on, a few phone chargers, a laptop charger, and maybe even a fan running at the same time. Or, and this is much more important, you might require power for medical equipment, such as a CPAP machine.

    Solar generators with a power output of less than 1,000 watt hours (Wh) are considered obsolete, especially large ones like the Patriot Power Generator 1800.

    solar kits melbourne

    Even while the inbuilt 12V lithium-ion phosphate battery is of a high enough quality, it cannot compete with the benchmark for its category in terms of capacity. Since its inception, the Patriots have not replaced the battery.

    If you want to utilise your solar generator as a backup power source in case of blackouts or other crises, a large battery performance is a must. To put it plainly, if you expect to operate many electrical gadgets at once, a battery with 652 watt-hours will not offer enough power to run them for any substantial amount of time.

    In the event of a grid outage lasting quite a while, a standard refrigerator would only have enough juice from a 652 Wh rechargeable lithium battery to keep it running for about five hours.

    Battery Storage Lifespan

    The Patriot Power Generator's short storage life is a key downside of the product. The "shelf life" of a battery is the time from when it is charged to when it is totally discharged.

    Some batteries are better than others at maintaining their charge for longer than others, but all packs eventually lose their charge due to natural wear and use. If you intend to use your solar generator in an emergency or as a backup power source, its longevity is an important consideration.

    Although 4Patriots, claims the Patriot Power Generator has a six-month shelf life, most customers report that it lasts only a month or less. This is a sign that your deep cycle battery is getting old and needs to be replaced. It's worth noting that many of the solar generators sold at this price bracket have a life span of many years or more. Therefore, if dependability is of paramount importance, you should monitor the solar generator's internal battery closely.

    Charging Rate & Lifecycle

    The longevity of the power generator in the 4Patriot is yet another outstanding quality associated with it. According to 4Patriots, both the solar panels and the battery in their product can withstand continuous discharging and charging for up to 2,500 cycles. Because of its exceptionally long lifespan, this solar generator is now considered to be among the best of its kind.

    Charging Capability

    This solar panel generator does not perform too poorly when it comes to the speed at which it can charge itself, in spite of the drawbacks associated with the capacity of the battery.

    Obviously, this is yet another feature of this solar generator that will invariably add value for the people who make use of it. The Patriot Power Generator also has a feature that allows for rapid charging, which is helpful for charging electronic devices like cell phones and laptops.

    Poor Solar Energy Input

    Most people believe that the solar generator's power output is one of the most critical factors to consider when making a purchase. You are not to blame for the fact that calculating the exact amount of energy produced by a solar panel is a daunting task. For the simple reason that it is a difficult subject to grasp. To put it simply, it defies easy explanation.

    The single 100-watt solar panel built into the Patriot 1800 is a nice bonus. If you plug the panel into the Patriot and let it charge for an hour, it will generate 100 watts of power in ideal conditions, which will never happen. Alternatively stated, it will generate the energy equivalent to 100 watt hours.

    The Patriot 1800's battery could be recharged in at least 6 hours if the solar panel was in fine shape and the battery was fully dead. However, there are two major problems with that.

    Because first of all, optimum conditions are so unusual, charging will take more than 7 hours. On a sunny day, the panel may generate up to 75 watts of energy in a single hour. From completely dead, a full charge would take at least 9 hours at a 75-watt charging rate.

    There is a wide variety of solar panels available on the market. It's really disheartening that many solar panels only provide 40–50 per cent of the electricity they're rated for. Investing in cheap panels will only yield cheap output.

    Output Ports

    In addition to having a limited storage capacity for its batteries, there is a shortage of both quantity and variety in the Patriot Power Generators' output connections. The Patriot 1800 includes four USB outputs, one DC outlet, and two AC wall outlets. It also has a DC 12V automobile output connection. Even while on the surface this appears decent, it is actually pretty outdated.

    Modern solar generators typically have more connections and features, including USB-C ports, than older models. This is simply the result of the generator going without an upgrade for almost five years. Considering how swiftly solar technology is progressing, it is disappointing that the business has not done more to stay up with the technological upgrades that are now the industry benchmark in the solar panel market.

    Solar Performance

    One common misconception is that all solar generators can store the same amount of energy. However, the rate and efficiency with which a solar generator can charge its internal battery from the sun's rays depend on a variety of parameters.

    A major factor in the system's efficiency will be the solar panels and generator you choose to use together. Patriot 1800 from 4Patriots come preconfigured with one 100W solar array. It would take about six to seven hours for a completely exhausted Patriot Power Generator 1800 to be recharged using the product's supplied solar panel, as the power rating of solar panels is determined by how well they work under ideal conditions. It also assumes that the solar panel will be exposed to sunlight for at least six hours straight throughout the middle of the day, which is unlikely.

    Limited to Just Two 120-Volt Plugs.

    Only two power outlets that can handle 120 volts are provided by the Patriot 1800 generator. What exactly does this entail when it comes to day-to-day operations? Imagine for a moment that you are the victim of a power outage and that you are aware that you will not have access to your home's electricity for a number of days.

    You immediately start frantically scrambling to plug in all of your essential devices, but there are only two standard outlets available, so you won't be able to plug in a very large number of things.

    If you have a solar generator, you will be able to charge the electronic devices that are most essential to you even if the power goes out. This is one of the many advantages of having a solar generator. When viewed in this light, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model does not perform particularly well. It seems a little underequipped given that there are only two wall outlet plugs rated for 120 volts. It's possible that someone will want to plug in a refrigerator, mobile phone, laptop computer, lights, etc.

    Because there are only two locations, this could be a deal breaker for many people who were hoping to purchase a product that would be useful in times of crisis. When you order a product that you anticipate to have all of the necessary components for handling unexpected situations, it may be possible to buy an additional accessory like a power strip, but this seems to be a moot point in most cases.

    The fact that the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model has four USB ports and one DC cigarette lighter socket is a definite plus.

    While some generators may not have this feature, the four USB ports included with this one will allow you to charge your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. And yet, suppose you need to connect more than two gadgets. So then what? That would mean using one of the generator's electrical outlets to connect in a power strip, which could seem excessive given that the manufacturer could have simply installed extra outlets with minimal effort. The power strip must be plugged into one of the available sockets.

    Customer Service

    It is to the credit of 4Patriots, the company that makes the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model, to have a customer service team that actually answered the phone when it was called.

    A surprising number of businesses do not even make the effort to provide this fundamental amenity for their clientele. Having said that, it is unsettling to take even a cursory glance at the numerous complaints directed against their customer service department regarding solar generators.

    It would appear that the people on the other end of the line are completely incapable of knowing any information regarding the specifics of their products, most notably their Patriot Power Generators and their Patriot Power Sidekick brand.

    Over-All Impression 

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 gave the impression of being a capable solar generator at first glance. It has a built-in deep cycle battery, power inverter, MPPT charge controller, and several output ports; however, when you compare its actual specifications against those of other generators in its price range, you will find that the Patriot Power Generator falls short.

    melboourne solar panels for home

    There is a lot to be said about this solar generator, which holds the market share leadership position. Although there are some positive and some negative aspects, on the whole, this product deserves a score that is slightly higher than average. In a number of respects, the positive characteristics that it possesses do, in fact, outweigh the negative ones that it possesses. This solar generator, for instance, can supply power to appliances such as your refrigerator, freezer, and various medical devices. Additionally, it does not produce any smoke or fumes, and it has a lithium-iron-phosphate battery that is of a high quality and is known for its durability.

    Additionally, the Patriot Power Generator is capable of managing up to 3,048 watts of peak power consumption and approximately 1,800 watts of continuous power consumption (hence the namesake). Having said all of this, we are of the opinion that this handy device will most certainly be an asset worth keeping when you so desperately need an emergency backup power source in the worst-case scenario. It is worth keeping because it is so handy.

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 model still comes out on top, despite the fact that it has a few flaws. 4Patriots, LLC exemplifies what it means to be a family-owned and operated business while also being a classic example of an American success story. The very first meeting of the newly formed company took place in a Nashville, Tennessee, kitchen. The goal of the company is to produce items that can genuinely assist regular people and provide them with solutions to problems that may occur in real-world situations when they are faced with unexpected events.

    In light of this, they provide a satisfaction guarantee that entails a full refund of the money spent on the product, in addition to a no-questions-asked policy that safeguards your Patriot power generator. When one considers all of this, it is not hard to comprehend why so many clients have such a strong affinity for this business and the items it sells.

    However, it is crucial to note to compare both of these generators with other generator brands when conducting research on any of them. This is the single most crucial consideration.

    The Patriot 1800's suitability to your needs can be ascertained in this manner, along with the importance of its various characteristics.


    Solar-powered backup generators are becoming increasingly popular. They're useful in a wide range of crisis situations, but especially those that involve disruptions to the regular power supply. Several considerations will decide which solar generator model is optimal for your requirements. Over five years have passed since the release of the Patriot Power 1800 Solar Generator. The company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of survival products like food and tools for people who need to be independent.

    It has a long life cycle of 2500+ cycles and can power appliances like refrigerators. There is no way the battery can hold 1,800 watt hours of power. Although the Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a significant upgrade over the earlier 1500 model, it is still woefully underpowered. A normal refrigerator can run on a 690 watt-hour battery for 6-9 hours. It would take the Patriot 1500 model about 4-7 hours to power a standard refrigerator.

    If the Patriot 1800's solar panel is activated, the battery may be charged in at least 6 hours. When conditions are optimal, it can produce 100 watts of power. Rapid charging is possible with the solar generator, which is useful for powering electrical gadgets like mobile phones and laptop computers. As standard, 4Patriots' Patriot 1800 has a 100W solar panel installed. The panel has the potential to produce up to 75 watts of power in one hour during sunny weather.

    If you only have 75 watts to use, it will take at least 9 hours to fully charge. When it comes to performance, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model falls short. Having only two regular outlets means you can't charge or power a lot of devices at once. Having four USB ports and one DC cigarette lighter connector is a nice bonus for this generator. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 includes an onboard deep cycle battery, power converter, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller, and several outlets.

    Your fridge, freezer, and even some medical equipment can all get their power from this solar generator. It has a high-quality lithium-iron-phosphate battery and doesn't give out any smoke or fumes. As a company run by a family, 4Patriots, LLC is a model of what it means to be a family business. The firm's mission is to provide useful goods for everyday people. They promise your complete pleasure or your money back, whichever comes first.

    Content Summary


    • Here are just a few of the many benefits of using the brand-new solar-powered generator that we installed in the year 1800.
    • For example, it doesn't generate any smoke at all.
    • It can run on solar power alone, saving you money and space.
    • Included a 100-watt solar panel and other bonuses in the box.
    • It has a long life cycle of 2500+ cycles and can power appliances like refrigerators.
    • It comes precharged and features a secure lithium-ion phosphate battery.
    • the power of a battery
    • The moniker "Patriot 1800" would lead you to believe that it has a massive battery with a capacity of 1,800 watt-hours.
    • The battery has a very desirable composition (lithium iron phosphate, or LiFePo4), but its capacity is nowhere near 1,800 watt hours.
    • Only 690 watts of power can be stored in the battery.
    • The battery has a capacity of 768 wh, however according to the user manual, it is only being used at 90% capacity.
    • There were only 500 watt-hours of battery life in the Patriot 1500.
    • The sales pitch for the new Patriot 1800 includes the fact that, compared to the battery in the previous model, it is 28% larger.
    • Considering the original model's meagre battery life, a 28% increase wasn't too difficult to achieve.
    • In order to put this into perspective, a battery with 690 watt-hours can supply energy to a typical refrigerator for 6 to 9 hours.
    • It would take the Patriot 1500 model about 4-7 hours to power a standard refrigerator.
    • It's likely that you'll need to keep more than one fridge running if there's a power outage.
    • Large solar generators like the Patriot Power Generator 1800 are no longer necessary because their power production is less than 1,000 watt hours (Wh).
    • The built-in 12V lithium-ion phosphate battery is of sufficient quality, however it is inferior to the category standard.
    • The Patriots haven't replaced the battery since the system was first built.
    • Solar generators with high battery capacities are ideal for use as emergency power supplies during power outages or other emergencies.
    • Simply explained, a battery of 652 watt-hours will not provide enough power to run multiple electrical gadgets simultaneously for any significant amount of time.
    • the longevity of batteries in storage
    • The Patriot Power Generator's relatively low battery life is a major drawback.
    • A battery's "shelf life" refers to the time it takes to go from fully charged to completely dead.
    • Consider the solar generator's lifespan if you want to use it in an emergency or as a backup power supply.
    • Most consumers complain that the Patriot Power Generator only lasts a month or so, despite 4Patriots' claims that it has a six-month shelf life.
    • If you see this, it's probably time to replace your deep cycle battery.
    • As a result, if reliability is really important, you should keep a close eye on the solar generator's built-in battery.
    • Another great thing about the 4Patriot is how long its power generator lasts.
    • 4Patriots claims that their product's solar panels and battery have a cycle life of 2,500 charging and discharging cycles.
    • This solar generator is regarded as one of the best of its kind due to its extraordinarily extended lifespan.
    • Despite the difficulties related with the capacity of the battery, this solar panel generator does not perform too poorly when it comes to the pace at which it can charge itself.
    • Fast charging is possible with the Patriot Power Generator, which is useful for powering mobile electronics like smartphones and laptops.
    • Low Solar Energy Input
    • The power output of the solar generator is widely regarded as an important buying consideration.
    • No one should feel guilty for how difficult it is to estimate solar panel output.
    • The Patriot 1800's solitary 100-watt solar panel is an added bonus.
    • If you charge the Patriot for an hour with the solar panel plugged in, it will provide 100 watts of power under perfect conditions.
    • It can produce the same amount of energy as 100 watt hours if put another way.
    • If the Patriot 1800's solar panel was in good health and the battery was completely depleted, the process may take no longer than 6 hours.
    • The panel has the potential to produce up to 75 watts of power in one hour during sunny weather.
    • Solar panels come in a wide range of styles and prices.
    • Many solar panels only produce 40-50% of the electricity they are rated for, which is very discouraging.
    • The Patriot Power Generators have a few less output connectors than would be ideal, and their battery capacity is limited.
    • The Patriot 1800 has two AC power outlets, a DC power outlet, and four USB ports.
    • Most modern solar generators also include USB-C connectors, as well as other connections and capabilities that older models lacked.
    • The lack of an upgrade to the generator over nearly five years has led to this.
    • Efficiency of Solar Energy
    • The assumption that all solar generators have equivalent energy storage capacities is widespread.
    • Many factors, however, affect how quickly and effectively a solar generator can charge its batteries from the sun's rays.
    • The effectiveness of the system depends heavily on the solar panels and generator you select.
    • In ideal conditions, the solar panel included with the Patriot Power Generator 1800 would take roughly six to seven hours to fully recharge the unit's battery.
    • The Patriot 1800 generator provides a meagre two 120-volt outlets.
    • Just pretend for a second that you've experienced a power outage and have been informed that you won't have electricity in your home for several days.
    • In the event of a power outage, a solar generator will allow you to keep your most important electronics charged.
    • This is only one of the many positives of using a solar generator.
    • The Patriot Power Generator 1800 model does not do well under these conditions.
    • There are only two 120-volt wall outlets, which makes it look underequipped.
    • The possibility of someone needing to plug in a fridge, phone, computer, lights, etc.
    • Many people who were hoping to buy a product that might be useful in an emergency would be disappointed to learn that it is only available at two places.
    • It's feasible to purchase extra accessories like a power strip when ordering a product that you assume to contain all the required components for managing unexpected situations, but this seems to be a moot point in most cases.
    • The Patriot Power Generator 1800 model is advantageous due to its inclusion of four USB connections and one DC cigarette lighter connector.
    • This generator has four USB ports, making it ideal for charging electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., when you're away from an outlet.
    • But let's say you have more than two devices to link.
    • That would necessitate plugging the power strip into a working electrical outlet on the generator, which would appear wasteful given that the maker could have easily added more outlets.
    • The power strip needs to be connected to a working outlet.
    • It's to 4Patriots' credit that their phone was answered when we called their customer support line regarding our Patriot Power Generator 1800 model.
    • Surprisingly few establishments go to the trouble of providing this extremely basic service for their customers.
    • However, it is concerning to see so many complaints about solar generators lodged with their customer care department.
    • Total Impression
    • At first appearance, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 seemed like a strong solar-powered power supply.
    • Although it boasts a deep cycle battery, power inverter, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller, and many output ports, the Patriot Power Generator falls short when compared to other options in the same price range.
    • Much has been written about this solar generator, which leads the industry in terms of market share.
    • For instance, this solar generator can fuel the operation of your fridge, freezer, and even some medical equipment.
    • As an added bonus, it boasts a high-quality, long-lasting lithium-iron-phosphate battery and emits no smoke or odours while in use.
    • In addition, the Patriot Power Generator can handle a peak demand of 3,048 watts and a steady demand of around 1,800 watts (hence the namesake).
    • Having said that, we believe that this useful tool will be a worthwhile investment if and when the time comes when you require a reliable backup power supply.
    • Because of how useful it is, you should maintain it.
    • Despite its shortcomings, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model is still the best option on the market.
    • The success of 4Patriots, LLC is emblematic of the American dream and the value of family-run businesses.
    • So they back it up with a no-questions-asked policy that covers your Patriot power generator and a satisfaction guarantee that refunds your money if you're not happy with it.
    • When researching, however, it is essential to look at both of these generators with research on other generator brands.
    • Using this method, you may evaluate the Patriot 1800's features and determine whether or not they are crucial for your purposes.
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