Find Melbourne’s Finest: A List of Leading Marble and Stone Benchtop Suppliers and Installers

If you ask a benchtop contractor about the advantages of installing marble benchtops, the typical answer is, "it depends on where you are going to use them." The consensus is that marble makes an excellent surface for bathrooms, offices, fireplace surrounds, and many other locations where they don't get rough and tough use.

Every kitchen requires a benchtop. It holds all the cooking essentials you need. A kitchen countertop is proof of all your kitchen activities. You keep your oven, gas stove and other items you require on a day to day basis while cooking.

Kitchen benchtops also influence the kitchen's look, and so you should take time and choose the best countertop. Well-chosen countertop can enhance the functionality of the kitchen and increase the aesthetic appeal. At present, stone countertops are gaining ground, with marble kitchen benchtops drawing the maximum attention.

On the hunt of benchtop suppliers and installers in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right benchtop suppliers and installers can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding benchtop suppliers and installers that offer supreme service and a carefully curated selection of materials is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your benchtop hunt, we've rounded up our favourite benchtop suppliers and installers from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    European Marble Centre

    european marble centre

    European Marble Centre is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in stone manufacturing and installation. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the best advice and continued service in the field of natural and reconstituted stone materials.

    Key aspects of European Marble Centre include:

    • Latest Technology: Utilizing advanced technology in masonry cutting, including CNC machinery, to ensure precision and quality in their products.
    • Professionalism: Their experienced staff offer advice on the best use of marble, granite, and reconstituted stone for both domestic and commercial projects.
    • Display Showroom: An extensive range of the world's finest marbles, granites, and reconstituted stones are showcased in their Moorabbin showroom.
    • Customer Service and Competitive Pricing: Committed to providing high-quality service and craftsmanship at competitive prices.

    Phone: (03) 9555 8621

    Daniels Marble House

    daniels marble house

    Daniels Marble House, established in 1988, is a family-run business based in Brunswick East, Melbourne, specializing in stone and granite benchtops. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they have honed their expertise in working with a variety of natural stones, including marble and granite. 

    The company is also adept at handling reconstituted stone, a popular man-made product that has gained traction in the market over the past decade. Known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Daniels Marble House has built a strong reputation, largely propelled by a robust referral service from satisfied customers. Their commitment to providing personalized service and helping clients make the perfect choice for their projects is evident in their approach.

    Services offered by Daniels Marble House include:

    • Marble and Granite Benchtops: Specializing in the design and installation of marble and granite benchtops.
    • Work with Various Stones: Expertise in handling a wide range of natural stones, including reconstituted stones.
    • Custom Projects: Catering to specific client needs with a wide range of materials available on-site.

    Phone: 0408 383 688
    Email: [email protected]



    Smartstone is a leading quartz supplier in Australia, renowned for offering top-quality quartz benchtops and stone kitchen surfaces ideal for kitchen design and renovation. Established as a destination for engineered stone benchtops, Smartstone combines the beauty of natural stone with the durability and sustainability of engineered surfaces. 

    In 2022, Smartstone introduced Smartstone NewGen, a low silica, up to 56% recycled formulation, emphasising a more sustainable and responsible surface choice. This innovation reflects Smartstone's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in its product offerings.

    Smartstone's product range includes:

    • Ibrido: Luxe veined stones with new precision on a Smartstone NewGen low silica base.
    • Santorini: A range of dazzlingly beautiful and versatile pure, perfect whites.
    • Toledo: Classic cream to warm beige tones, evoking timeless elegance and charm.
    • Paris: Rich green and brown hues define a resilient yet romantic character.
    • Milan: A sophisticated palette of sleek black and chic grey.

    Phone: 03 9394 3120

    Tivoli Marble

    tivoli marble

    Tivoli Marble, with 50 years of experience, has established itself as a world-class provider of high-quality natural and engineered stones in Melbourne. Specialising in both residential and commercial projects, Tivoli Marble is renowned for its expert craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. 

    The company has built strong partnerships with reliable suppliers in the quarry and stone trader sectors, ensuring superior stones for design and decorative needs. Their team of skilled craftsmen works meticulously to client specifications, creating stunning kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, flooring, moulding, and figures.

    Services offered by Tivoli Marble include:

    • Custom Stonework: Crafting kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, flooring, moulding, and figures.
    • Masonry and Stonework Services: Providing technical enquiries, customized products, and professional consulting on design and aesthetics.
    • Maintenance Advice: Offering guidance on the upkeep of stone installations.

    Phone: (03) 9543 9040
    Email: [email protected]

    Modern Stone Art

    modern stone art

    Modern Stone Art, with over 20 years of experience in the stone industry, is a dynamic and innovative team based in Victoria, Australia. They are committed to staying ahead in the stone market by providing clients with the latest and finest quality stone products. 

    Known for its professional services, Modern Stone Art offers competitive pricing and ensures that their high-quality stone products are a valuable investment for properties. Their expertise and dedication to quality have made them a go-to provider for stone solutions in Victoria.

    Services offered by Modern Stone Art include:

    • Kitchen Benchtops: Offering high-quality quartz stone, granite, and marble benchtops tailored to client requests.
    • Stone Splashbacks: Providing a range of stone splashbacks in various colours to complement home styles and decorations. These splashbacks are durable, easy to clean, and perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and feature walls.
    • Bathroom Vanities: Enhancing homes with impressive and valuable bathroom vanities made of stone.

    Phone: 1300 178 663
    Email: [email protected]

    Ascend Stone

    ascend stone

    Ascend Stone, a reputable stone supplier, specialises in producing and supplying beautifully finished stone products. They are known for their handcrafted kitchen benchtops and offer a wide range of materials,

     including Granite, Quantum Quartz, European Stone, Blue Stone Travertine, Marble, Sandstone, and more. Ascend Stone also provides CaesarStone and natural stone factory offcuts, as well as monumental works and elegant hand-carved marble statues. Their expertise extends to a variety of stone applications, catering to both residential and commercial needs.

    Services offered by Ascend Stone include:

    • Kitchen Benchtops: Expertise in crafting handcrafted kitchen benchtops with a quick and easy quoting process.
    • Stone Tiles and Stackstone: A full range of natural stone tiles and stackstones suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Flat Pack Kitchens: Assistance with "do it yourself" kitchen projects from companies like Bunnings or IKEA.
    • Building & Landscape: Accredited supplier for large-scale stone building projects.
    • CaesarStone Collections: Offering the new CaesarStone "Classico" & "Supremo" collection.

    Phone: +613 9460 8281
    Email: [email protected]

    Classique Stone

    classique stone

    Classique Stone, a leading natural stone supplier, offers a diverse range of products for construction and renovation projects in Melbourne and throughout Australia. They specialize in natural stone benchtops, backed by a 10-year warranty, showcasing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

    Classique Stone operates a state-of-the-art production plant equipped with the most advanced equipment in stone masonry, including CNC Bridge Saws, inline edge polishing machines, and surface polishing and honing machines. Their team of 20 highly qualified and skilled masons has perfected the craft of stonemasonry, ensuring the delivery of top-notch products.

    Services and offerings of Classique Stone include:

    • Natural Stone Benchtops: Providing a variety of natural stone benchtops with a 10-year warranty.
    • Wide Range of Materials: Offering a range of products from natural to reconstructed stone options, including Onyx, Blue Stone, Limestone, Marble, and Granite.
    • Diverse Projects: Collaborating with prestigious architects, builders, homes, hotels, churches, and restaurants across the country.
    • Customization for Various Styles: Catering to different project styles, whether modern, edgy, classic, etc.

    Phone: 03 9562 8150
    Email: [email protected]

    Olympus Stone

    olympus stone

    Olympus Stone, based in Melbourne, is a leading stone company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in the manufacturing and installation of stone products, they cater to a wide range of residential and commercial clients across Melbourne. 

    Known for their expertise in handling marble, stone, and granite, Olympus Stone offers comprehensive services from initial consultation to supply and installation. As a family-run business, they are committed to providing high-quality and affordable stone solutions, ensuring that each project is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

    Services offered by Olympus Stone include:

    • Kitchen Benchtops: Specializing in the design and installation of stone kitchen benchtops.
    • Bathroom Tops: Offering a range of stone options for bathroom tops.
    • Fireplaces and Wall Cladding: Providing stone solutions for fireplaces and wall cladding.
    • Quality Stone Products: Ensuring high-quality stone materials for various applications.

    Phone: 0400 060 284
    Email: [email protected]



    Topform, with its commitment to quality, performance, innovation, and service, has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of laminate benchtops, splashbacks, and shelving products in Australia. Catering to a diverse range of customers across the country, Topform is recognized for its ability to meet various design and functional requirements in both residential and commercial settings.

    Key offerings and services provided by Topform include:

    • Laminate Benchtops: Offering a wide selection of laminate benchtops in various colours and styles.
    • Splashbacks: Providing durable and stylish splashbacks suitable for kitchens and other areas.
    • Shelving Products: Manufacturing high-quality shelving products for different applications.
    • Wide Range of Colors: An extensive colour palette for laminate benchtops, shelving, and splashbacks to suit various design preferences.
    • Diverse Profiles for Benchtops: A variety of profiles for laminate benchtops, each with unique characteristics to meet aesthetic and design needs.

    Phone: (03) 9462 6666
    Email: [email protected]



    iStonz, based in Melbourne, is a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and affordable stone and granite benchtops. With over 20 years of experience, iStonz specializes in custom cutting and finishing marble benchtops to suit any interior décor. Their expertise extends to a variety of stones including granite, marble, quantum quartz, and caesarstone, sourced from Melbourne quarries. iStonz is recognized for its ability to combine classic stone masonry principles with modern technology, delivering stunning results for both residential and commercial projects.

    Services offered by iStonz include:

    • Quartz Benchtops: Providing a range of quartz stone benchtops.
    • Kitchen Benchtops: Specializing in attractive kitchen benchtops.
    • Bathroom Vanities: Offering gorgeous bathroom vanity units.
    • Stone BBQ: Creating stone BBQ setups.
    • Fireplaces & More: Supplying stone solutions for fireplaces and other applications.

    Phone: 0430770377
    Email: [email protected]

    Willis Bros.

    willis bros.

    Willis Bros. Marble & Granite, established in 1996, is a renowned provider of marble, granite, and engineered stone products on the Gold Coast. They specialize in crafting bespoke granite and marble kitchen benches, tailored to the specific needs of each home. 

    With a commitment to total customer satisfaction, Willis Bros. offers a wide selection of elegant stones, including their WB Signature Range, Engineered Stone, and Natural Stone. Their focus is on delivering the most exquisite, strong, and robust products in the industry, with customer satisfaction and memorable stones as their highest priorities.

    Services and offerings of Willis Bros. include:

    • Bespoke Kitchen Benches: Crafting beautiful granite and marble kitchen benches.
    • Wide Range of Stones: Offering a large selection of stones, including the WB Signature Range, Engineered Stone, and Natural Stone.
    • Diverse Applications: Providing stone solutions for bathrooms, shop fitting, staircases, fireplaces, and furniture.
    • Quality Workmanship: Ensuring quality products, contemporary designs, and a variety of selections.
    • Competitive Rates and Reliable Service: Offering competitive rates, fast and reliable service, and a 24-hour turnaround for quotes.

    Phone: (03) 9303 7561
    Email:[email protected]

    The Marble House

    the marble house

    The Marble House, located in Fairfield, Victoria, Australia, is a distinguished supplier of natural stone, specializing in marble. They are known for sourcing and importing the finest stone from around the world, actively involved in supplying natural stone for high-end commercial and domestic projects. Their collection includes a vast range of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Onyx, and Travertine, making them a go-to destination for those seeking premium natural stone in Australia and New Zealand.

    Key offerings of The Marble House include:

    • Extensive Range of Natural Stone: Offering one of the largest ranges of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Onyx, and Travertine in Australia.
    • Variety of Finishes: Importing natural stone in finishes like polished, honed, brushed, antique, and sandblasted to suit different project needs.
    • Showroom & Warehouse: Featuring a modern showroom and warehouse where clients can view full sheets of natural stone, facilitating the selection process.
    • Unique Stone Selection: Emphasizing the uniqueness of each stone block, ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

    Phone: +61 3 9822 2501
    Email: [email protected]

    Pietra Gallery

    pietra gallery

    Pietra Stone Gallery, a prominent stone supplier in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide, offers an exceptional selection of fine stones. They specialize in providing high-quality natural stone products, including porcelain tiles, pavers, and a variety of interior and exterior stone arrangements. Sourcing their materials from quarries in Italy, Brazil, Greece, the Middle East, and Turkey, Pietra Gallery is committed to bringing spaces to life with quality products that embody style and durability. Their extensive range of exclusive products makes them ideal for homes requiring only the highest quality natural stone, both indoors and outdoors.

    Key offerings and services of Pietra Stone Gallery include:

    • Wide Range of Natural Stone: Offering marble, granite, travertine, limestone, quartzite, and onyx.
    • Textures+ Collection: A new range of finishes for natural stone surfaces, providing additional textures like ridges, grids, and non-slip surfaces.
    • Applications: Suitable for walls and flooring, kitchen benchtops, vanity tops, staircases, fireplaces, outdoor landscaping, paving, and pools.
    • Customer Service: Providing expert advice and assistance in selecting the right natural stone products for various projects.

    Phone: (03) 9706 8653
    Email: [email protected]

    Baltic Stonemason Professionals

    baltic stonemason professionals

    Baltic Stonemason Professionals, based in Melbourne, specializes in providing high-quality granite, marble, and limestone for various home improvement projects. They offer a wide range of natural stones, ensuring that customers can find the perfect material to transform their kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces into glamorous and functional areas. With a focus on personal selection, inspection, and quality control of overseas suppliers, Baltic Stone prides itself on offering quality materials at reasonable prices. Their craftsmanship, use of experienced tradesmen, and superior quality material selection are key to their service.

    Services and products offered by Baltic Stone include:

    • Natural Stone Slabs: Offering a variety of granite, marble, limestone, and travertine slabs.
    • Custom Stone Products: Specializing in tops, kitchens, floors, bathrooms, fireplaces, elevations, staircases, and complex projects.
    • Quality and Craftsmanship: Emphasizing the use of quality materials and experienced craftsmanship in all projects.
    • Extensive Range: Providing an extensive range of granites (70 plus) and marbles (20 plus) to choose from.

    Phone: (03) 9791 7944
    Email: I[email protected]

    Lithostone Quartz Surfaces

    lithostone quartz surfaces

    Lithostone Quartz Surfaces, with over 7 years in the engineered stone industry and a parent company with over 30 years of experience in natural stone, is a prominent force in the market. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality engineered stone surfaces made from natural quartz and various particles. These surfaces are ideal for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, living spaces, and various commercial uses. Lithostone is known for its minimal maintenance requirements and guaranteed longevity, withstanding heavy wear and tear while maintaining a new-like appearance.

    Key offerings and features of Lithostone Quartz Surfaces include:

    • Engineered Stone Surfaces: Providing surfaces perfect for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, and more.
    • Durability and Quality: Engineered stone surfaces are extremely durable, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
    • Ethical and Quality Manufacturing: Carefully researched and chosen overseas manufacturers with NSF and Green Guard certification.
    • Wide Color Range: Offering a sophisticated palette of 28 colours with textures ranging from soft mineral flecks to unique veining.
    • Natural Stone Distribution: In addition to engineered surfaces, Lithostone also distributes a fine selection of natural stones.
    • 15-Year Warranty: All Lithostone Quartz Surfaces products come with a 15-year warranty.

    Phone: (03) 9354 5362

    Parthenon Marble

    parthenon marble

    Parthenon Marble is a company that specializes in sourcing unique materials to help clients create exceptional projects. They invite customers to book an appointment to visit their showroom, where they can explore a range of materials and discuss project ideas. Parthenon Marble focuses on providing a variety of materials and offers edge profiling services to cater to different design preferences.

    Key aspects of Parthenon Marble include:

    • Sourcing Unique Materials: They specialize in finding unique materials for various projects.
    • Showroom Visits: Offering appointments for clients to visit their showroom and explore material options.
    • Range of Materials: Providing a diverse selection of materials for different project needs.
    • Edge Profiling Services: Offering edge profiling to enhance the design and functionality of materials.

    Phone: 03 9499 8833
    Email: [email protected]

    ABA Stone

    aba stone

    ABA Stone, established in 2000, is a family-owned business located in the South Eastern Suburbs, specializing in natural and engineered stonework. They offer a range of services for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as fireplaces, outdoor areas, and more. ABA Stone caters to both renovations and new builds, providing expert craftsmanship and personalized service. Their commitment to quality and functionality is evident in their passion for creating beautiful stone benchtops and other stonework projects.

    Services offered by ABA Stone include:

    • Stone Benchtops: Crafting beautiful and functional stone benchtops made of dolomite, marble, or other materials.
    • Quality Fireplaces: Constructing well-designed fireplaces, including hearth, mantel, and surrounds in the stone of choice.
    • Great BBQ Areas: Providing outdoor space stonework, including outdoor kitchenettes and BBQ areas, from design to delivery and installation.

    Phone: 03 9763 2422
    Email: [email protected]

    RHF Quartz Stone Australia

    rhf quartz stone australia

    RHF Quartz Stone Australia, founded in 2008, is a renowned supplier of high-quality quartz stone. Based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Darwin NT, they cater to a global market. Their quartz stone is synthesized with 93% quartz crystal and 7% resin, along with a small amount of inorganic pigment. This composition is processed under vacuum conditions and through heterogeneous material aggregation technology, resulting in a product that is hardened, polished, and known for its hard and compact structure. RHF Quartz Stone's products are highly resistant to abrasion, compression, scratch, high temperature, corrosion, and penetration, making them ideal for various applications.

    Key offerings and services of RHF Quartz Stone Australia include:

    • High-Quality Quartz Stone: Providing stone that is synthesized with quartz crystal, known for its durability and quality.
    • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for building new homes, renovations, and commercial projects.
    • Assistance in Project Planning: Offering guidance and referrals to professional builders or kitchen companies for new builds and renovations.
    • New Product Range: Showcasing a variety of new quartz stone products in different sizes and styles.

    Phone: 1300 743 786
    Email: [email protected]



    Stonaa, located in Dandenong South, VIC, specializes in premium engineered and Caesar stone benchtops in Melbourne. They offer quartz kitchen benchtops known for their functionality and style. The quartz stone they use is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and resistant to mold and mildew. With over 20 years of experience, Stonaa combines style and elegance with quality and functionality, ensuring that their quartz kitchen benchtops meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and practicality.

    Key offerings and services of Stonaa include:

    • Quartz Stone Benchtops: Providing durable and stylish quartz stone benchtops for kitchens.
    • Kitchen Benchtop Overlays: Offering natural or artificial stone kitchen benchtop overlays, including granite, marble, and artificial stone quartz.
    • Caesar Stone Benchtops: Supplying budget-friendly quality Caesarstone benchtops for kitchen renovations.
    • Wide Collection: Specializing in Caesarstone benchtops and quartz stone benchtops with unique patterns and rare colors.
    • Expert and Professional Advice: More than 20 years of experience in delivering expert advice on designs and colors that suit interiors.
    • Kitchen Island Benchtops: Offering a luxurious collection of stone kitchen island benchtops for both domestic and commercial surfaces.

    Phone: 0423 402 274
    Email: [email protected]

    Benchtops Rejuvenated

    benchtops rejuvenated

    Benchtops Rejuvenated, based in Melbourne, specializes in kitchen benchtops and renovation services. They offer modern and innovative designs, focusing on kitchen face-lifts, benchtop replacements, and complete kitchen renovations. Their commitment is to provide high-quality materials and workmanship at a more affordable cost. Benchtops Rejuvenated aims to enhance the look of kitchens by offering the latest designs and trends in the industry.

    Services offered by Benchtops Rejuvenated include:

    • Kitchen Face-Lifts: Updating and enhancing the appearance of existing kitchens.
    • Benchtop Replacements: Providing a range of options for replacing kitchen benchtops.
    • Kitchen Renovations: Offering complete renovation services for kitchens.

    Phone: 0410 611 495

    Bench Top City

    bench top city

    Bench Top City Pty Ltd, based in Dandenong South, Victoria, specializes in providing a wide range of decorative laminates, benchtops, and board products with superior surface finishes. They are proud distributors of high-quality European and Japanese brands such as DUROPAL, ADMIRA, SOIS MENDINNI, and BTC FURNITURE LINOLEUM. Their products are known for their exceptional quality and are ideal for various applications, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, commercial projects, and more.

    Key offerings and services of Bench Top City Pty Ltd include:

    • Premium Engineered and Caesar Stone Benchtops: Offering a range of quartz kitchen benchtops known for their superior gloss finish and durability.
    • Wide Range of Products: Providing a variety of decorative laminates, benchtops, and board products.
    • Fire Rated Solutions: Offering products that comply with safety standards and provide fire resistance.
    • Anti-Microbial Solutions: Supplying materials that actively contribute to protection against bacteria and germs.
    • Extensive Catalogue: Featuring a broad catalogue of products, including laminates in various colours and textures like woodgrain, marble, concrete, and solid colours.

    Phone: 03 9793 3918

    AU Stone Company

    au stone company

    The AU Stone Company, based in Melbourne, specialises in providing stone benchtop solutions for home renovations. They are renowned for their efficient and cost-effective services, particularly their unique method of overlaying quartz stone benchtops over existing laminate surfaces. This process, which can be completed in just one day, offers a hassle-free renovation experience with a 20-year guarantee. The company caters to a diverse range of budgets and preferences, offering fully customised Caesarstone benchtops, marble look benchtops, and reconstituted stone benchtops.

    Key services offered by the AU Stone Company include:

    • Customized stone benchtops, including Caesarstone and marble look options.
    • Reconstituted stone benchtops, are known for their durability and resistance to damage.
    • Stone kitchen, laundry, and bathroom splashbacks.
    • A unique overlay process for benchtops, providing a quick and affordable renovation solution.
    • Precision-cut stone, ensuring perfect fits and finishes.
    • A free measure and quote service with a commitment to meeting strict deadlines.

    Phone: 1300 781 283
    Email: [email protected]

    Konnect Kitchen Store

    konnect kitchen store

    Konnect Kitchen Store, based in Melbourne, specializes in custom kitchen design and renovation. They cater to a wide range of kitchen spaces, from small budget kitchens to luxurious ones, offering unique and customized solutions. With a focus on quality and functionality, Konnect Kitchens provides services for every type of kitchen, ensuring that each design is tailored to the homeowner's specific needs and preferences. Their experienced team ensures that every step of the kitchen renovation process is well planned and executed, turning clients' visions into reality.

    Services and Products Offered:

    • Custom Kitchen Design and Renovation: Tailored designs for all types of kitchen spaces.
    • Premium Quality Kitchen Products: Use of top brands in kitchen renovation projects.
    • Wide Range of Kitchen Products: Includes sinks, tapware, handles, splashbacks, and kitchen appliances.
    • Bathroom Products: A selection of bathroom vanities, tapware, basin bowls, and accessories from leading brands.
    • DIY Kitchen Options: Assistance for DIY renovators with a range of kitchen hardware and accessories.
    • Custom Furniture: Options for personalized kitchen, laundry, and pantry designs.

    Phone: 03 9796 3337
    Email: [email protected]

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