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15+ Best CCTV Camera System Installers Melbourne (2023)

It can be difficult to keep an eye on your children when they are playing outside. But what if you could have an extra set of eyes watching them and making sure they are safe? Installing a CCTV camera system in Melbourne is a great way to do this.

This type of security system will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, so it's important that the installer has experience with installing these types of systems.

Do you want to know the best CCTV camera system installers in Melbourne? If so, then this is the blog post for you! We have listed some of our favourite companies that offer great service and will provide all your needs. You won't be disappointed by any of these top-notch businesses. Read on for more information.

Melbourne’s Ultimate List of the Best CCTV Camera Systems Installers

Defend Security Group CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

defend security group melbourne security systems, cctv & cameras

0426 655 294

We don't believe in "one size fits all" solutions at Defend Security Group. While it's understandable that advertising packages, bundles, and kits appear alluring at first glance, they fail to consider the plethora of aspects and elements that ultimately determine which security solution is ideal for you.

We are aware that everyone has distinct security needs and expectations. Because of this, the first step in every security solution we offer to a customer is a conversation. The initial meeting assists in laying the framework and giving us insight into your needs and expectations.

Our entire personnel is a certified team of installers and security advisors. All employees are in possession of the necessary licensing for their jobs, including working with children checks, cabling licenses, product endorsements, and police checks. Our team is more than qualified to handle any security need you may have in the residential, commercial, or industrial area because we have more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Casals Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

casals security

1300 610 056

We have been a trusted name in Melbourne for more than 20 years, and in that time, we've installed more than 20,000 security systems, CCTVs, and alarms. We've seen it all and done it all.

Melbourne’s 5 Star Security Systems Company

We are aware of the importance to our customers of receiving the greatest security system installed by the best security experts, as well as long warranties to guarantee that we are only using the most reliable security systems available. Particularly while you are away from home, our best security systems Melbourne have your back.

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Security Company

We'll safeguard not only your house but also your financial assets. We accomplish this by keeping the cost of our home security service extremely low so you won't have to sacrifice your financial stability to make your home safe. We offer a range of security solutions to fit any budget. One fundamental element unites all of our home security systems: the security of your Melbourne house, no matter the cost.

Omega Security Solutions - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

omega security solutions

03 9689 3483

The business started out small, going by the name Western Suburbs Locksmiths (WSL), and it was based out of a storefront on Albert Street in Footscray. In order to accommodate its continued growth, WSL relocated to larger facilities, establishing itself at 96 Buckley St. in Footscray. In order to continue growing and entering the high-tech security industry, we changed our name to Omega Corporate Security in 1994. In 2012, we changed to Omega Security Solutions.

The Thomas and Dougall families still own and run the business today, along with a staff of more than 40 full-time workers. Ben Dougall, the founder's son, is standing next to David Thomas. After succeeding in all areas of the business while working as an apprentice at the company in 1973 at the age of 14, David was promoted to Director in 1993. He has been with the company for 40 years, is currently managing director, and his knowledge of the sector is unmatched.

Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

unified protective group

1300 884 058

Our security staff have gone through rigorous job screenings and certified training programs in Australia. We make sure every employee complies with ongoing compliance standards and receives an orientation at each site where they will be working.

To guarantee that our team has the resources and know-how necessary to deliver and consistently uphold a high level of service, we continuously monitor their performance. We communicate with our customers frequently and appreciate any criticism on how we've performed. We have developed and invested in a comprehensive technological system that addresses the entire range of guard management, from rostering and deployment to live location management of rostered guards, as part of the operations structure.

We take great satisfaction in having a fully functional contact center and being available to our clients every day of the week, 24 hours a day. When you require security resources, you can count on us to respond quickly. Depending on where you are, we'll try to send security personnel to your location within an hour.

CCTV Camera Systems FAQs

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) is an integral part of a TV system used for security and surveillance reasons. They are a private way to monitor what is happening in and around your home. 

Cameras are strategically placed so you can observe specific areas of your house and property. The cameras communicate with monitors, and the images are shown only to the people who are designated to see them. This provides an optimum level of privacy and security. 

This system is reliable, which means it is often used for traffic monitoring, building and grounds security, medical facilities and other essential purposes. A CCTV camera can also be used to keep your home and its occupants safer. You can watch it from the monitor, a computer, and even your smartphone.

The Germans first used CCTV to observe the launch of the V2 rockets. Since then, it has evolved into the comprehensive security camera technology we know and use today. From public buildings to private offices and residential homes to country clubs, strategically placed security cameras are used to view events as they occur and capture footage for monitoring at a later time. Some common uses for CCTV technology include:

Home Security

Homes with security camera surveillance are far less likely to be burglarized or vandalized than those without. Though security cameras don't prevent crime from happening physically, homeowners today use them to deter criminals from trespassing and keep their families safe.

Another residential use for CCTV technology is as a "nanny-cam." Nanny-cam recordings serve as great resources for those curious about how their household staff spends their time. Parents also use nanny cams to ensure that their children are left in good hands when they are gone for any length of time.

Business Surveillance

Small business security camera businesses use CCTV technology for several reasons, including as a crime deterrent. Banks, offices, museums, restaurants, retail stores, and other companies are a hotbed for crime, as most always have cash on hand.

Business owners strategically place security cameras at registers, back offices, near safes and entrances to protect the money. Retail stores use security cameras on the sales floors to deter shoplifting and vandalism.

Much like with the nanny-cam, businesses also use security cameras to monitor employees and make sure they make the best use of their time. This is especially handy when a company employs night crews, such as cleaning and maintenance crews, call centre staff, and inventory management teams.

Traffic Monitoring

Law enforcement agencies use security cameras to monitor traffic at intersections and on busy roads. The footage, which an officer can view at any time, allows law enforcement to identify drivers that run red lights, speed, or otherwise drive recklessly and to penalize those drivers while preventing more serious crime elsewhere.

Round camera in the middle of the industrial facility has two types of CCTV security camera systems: Analog and IP (network/digital).

Analogue Security Systems

Analogue surveillance systems work by connecting your standard analog camera to a digital video recorder (DVR) via transmission cables. The DVR receives the video from the camera, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive for either live viewing or later viewing.

This setup also allows you to transport the video over the internet for remote viewing. The DVR is charged with compressing, converting, storing, and streaming the video with the analog system. It is also responsible for controlling all of the camera's built-in capabilities, including motion detection, schedules, notifications, alarm inputs, and more.

IP Security Systems

IP systems are a little more involved, and as such, are a more expensive option. In an IP configuration, the camera takes over the responsibility of the DVR, including compressing, converting, and streaming the video over an internet connection. A DVR is not necessary; instead, the video can be streamed directly to a personal computer or an NVR (network video recorder).

CCTV tends to divide opinion, and you will often see articles proclaiming it to be over the top and unnecessary, but also see a report saying that CCTV is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Crime reduction

CCTV cameras have been proven to reduce crime when used effectively. They also reduce the risk of any attempted criminal activity. This report by the UK Police found that CCTV can reduce crime by up to 51% in some instances.

CCTV Is A Cost-Effective Solution

In the long term, the cost of the cameras is more than made up by the reduction of criminal damage that would have had to be paid for during a break-in. What's more, many insurance companies offer a reduction in costs for businesses and homes that have CCTV.

People Feel Safer

CCTV helps people to feel safe, particularly at night. CCTV footage is one of the most valuable pieces of evidence that the police can use to identify and catch criminals.

CCTV cameras are also vital in helping to keep customer-facing workers safe. Often just seeing a sign saying that CCTV cameras are in use is enough to put some people off from trying anything illegal and dangerous.

They also provide peace of mind when you are away from your home and business, so you can monitor your property when you are out or on holiday.

CCTV technology has given rise to the video surveillance industry, which has provided several safety solutions for property owners, law enforcement, and business owners everywhere. 

As consumers needs have grown and changed, the industry has gone with it, offering better products with improved performances and reliabilities.

With systems available in all price ranges and with each different providing levels of security, CCTV has proven to be one of the most accessible loss prevention and safety monitoring technologies available on the market today.

MaxSol Techs - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne


0455 665 589

We Are Melbourne’s Leading CCTV Installer

Having years of experience with Melbourne CCTV systems. For thousands of people wishing to safeguard their homes, businesses, and other properties, we are the top option. Design and installation have a significant impact on how your surveillance cameras perform. Fire alarms and burglar alarms operate without issue. Our team of CCTV Installation experts offers consultations, solutions and services to ensure structured cabling that enhances the performance of security devices. We are completely qualified, registered cablers, and licensed security equipment installers.

We take a complete approach to data cabling, concentrating on every significant factor that must be taken into account for the most fruitful outcomes. In order to create a strategy for data cabling, our specialists first go to the client's location and inspect the entire building. We assist our clients in selecting the ideal locations for CCTV camera and alarm installation in order to make use of the proper wire lengths.

Mobile Locksmith & Security Cameras Melbourne - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

mobile locksmith


Our goal is to provide you with prompt, individualized service for all of your security camera and locksmith needs, including those in Endeavour Hills, Frankston, Dandenong, Beaumaris, Braeside, Dingley, and the majority of Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs. With our experience, we can handle locksmith needs for both small and large business establishments. Call 0411378082 if you require security cameras in Melbourne, or much of Victoria.

We have established very strong bonds with major corporations that need consistency in their security throughout the years, and we eagerly anticipate expanding alongside their business. Along with residential re-keys, new lock replacements, and security camera upgrades, some of the businesses we work with include councils, retirement communities, schools, and a range of factory businesses.

Security Camera Installation Specialist - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

security camera installation melbourne

0424 726 105

The ACMA and Victoria Police have trained and licensed our team of knowledgeable antenna and security camera installers so they can offer a comprehensive range of communication and security services. We can ensure the safety and security of your home or business by providing a surveillance camera system from the World’s most trusted brands, including Swann, Hikvision, Dahua and Bosch.

Anywhere in Melbourne's southeast, our staff may visit you and do a thorough security audit. We can work with you to create a CCTV system that meets your needs financially and offers specialized security for your property. Additionally, we provide full repair and upkeep services for current security camera systems and may modernize an older system.

We provide up to 5-year warranties on our selection of cameras, and a minimum 12-month warranty on all installation labor. For only $500, we can also install intercoms in residences and businesses. Contact us right away for professional security CCTV installation and repair services in Hampton Park or anywhere else in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs.

HawkVision - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne


0470 760 331

Hawkvision, a pioneer in the security industry, sets the bar extremely high and provides factory direct prices to the general public. It will be challenging to locate costs and services like these elsewhere. Why? We frequently buy our security equipment directly from manufacturers, so by doing so you're cutting out the middleman. You'll be glad to know that we give our CCTV cameras and products (at least) a three-year warranty.

Our helpful staff members double as skilled specialists who can advise you on the best options for assembling a customized, high-quality security system at a reasonable price.

Melbourne Alarms - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

03 9005 0175


Your castle is your house. You should feel protected and secure there. Unfortunately, keeping a light on and securing the door won't stop an intruder. We have the expertise and experience necessary to protect you from theft, robbery, and home invasion.

Pick from our selection of cutting-edge CCTV systems, video intercoms, and security systems. Any of our alarm systems can be managed by a mobile app for self-monitoring, or you can choose professional back-to-base monitoring with no commitment for a guaranteed response. Think about enhancing any package with one of our Sentinel early warning detection options. When an intruder enters your property, The Sentinel immediately notices him and sends you video proof.

You can modify any of these alarm system packages to suit your particular requirements. Speak to one of our alarm system specialists for courteous, useful guidance if you're unsure about where to begin. We'll work with you to discover the best option.

Caught In The Act - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

melbourne alarms

1300 766 503

In 1998, (CITACT) was created. We are a company that is entirely owned and run by Australians. Our primary goal is to offer Total CCTV, and our clients' contentment has been largely attributed to our security solutions.

Piqued In The Act Local government, small and medium-sized enterprises, and schools are the areas of expertise for Video Surveillance Pty Ltd. Our "in-house" crew, which is fully licensed, handles all installations and servicing. We take pleasure in staying current on the laws and rules governing the installation and provision of CCTV and other security systems.

Serious Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

melbourne alarms

(03) 8513 0790

CCTV / Alarm / Intercom & Access control solutions for Sydney and Melbourne

We are aware that our customers value having the right security system installed by the proper security personnel, as well as long warranties to guarantee that we are only using the most reliable security systems available.

We take security very seriously. In addition to helping families and businesses monitor and prevent break-ins, theft, and intruders, we also offer the extra security step of surrounding their property with high-tensile strength security doors and window screens to make it much harder for break-ins to occur.

Browse Window Screen Security - Protect your home with stainless steel mesh that is impenetrable to burglars. Suitable for Homes, Offices, and Schools. Browse Security Door Options – Minimise your vulnerability by installing a high Australian Standard security door that allows you to leave your front or back door open while receiving maximum security and airflow into your property.

Security Systems - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

jbt security camera systems

1300 556 780

We specialize in security camera systems in Melbourne, including their installation, supply, servicing, and maintenance. In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we install and update commercial security systems. JBT Security Systems are innovators in the design and execution of camera systems and alarm security solutions, such as Security Camera Systems, that not only function but also greatly simplify daily life.

Eclipse Security Systems - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

eclipse security systems

1300 661 190

Since 2000, Eclipse Security Systems has offered security systems to High-End Residential and Commercial Business Owners in Melbourne. We have pioneered technological advancements throughout the years and are now regarded as Victoria's security industry's leaders.

The personnel and installers at Eclipse Security Systems are properly licensed and insured. They receive continuing technical training from our suppliers, ensuring that they are kept abreast of the most recent advancements in the systems and equipment we install and adhering to OH&S guidelines established for the security industry.

Australian Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

australian security

1300 361 120

High Quality & Fully Licensed Security Services in Melbourne

With a focus on CCTV, Alarms, Intercom Systems, and Access Control, Australian Security provides professional security services in Melbourne. Due to our excellent service over the past 35 years, we are regarded as one of Australia's leading experts in both residential and commercial security systems.

We are not a franchise, so you can rest assured that you are working with one of Melbourne's largest independently owned and operated security system installers. We offer FREE on-site estimates with no commitment, regularly review our pricing, and strive to offer our clients the best value while utilizing premium components and abiding by accepted industry standards.

ITS - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne


03 9587 4081

Millions of dollars are lost annually by Australian businesses and households due to theft, vandalism, and liability claims. We can give you a very powerful and reasonably priced instrument to use against these and other crimes.

Our CCTV surveillance systems can assist you in better preventing theft and vandalism, identifying false liability claims, and documenting incidents to increase the security of your entire property. Additionally, our CCTV equipment can be used to increase worker productivity and a variety of other corporate efficiency. Our solutions are simple to modify, as well as simple to expand and inexpensive to purchase.

Eversafe - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne


03 9001 0909

Regardless of your company's size, Eversafe has you covered. To keep you safe and secure around the clock, we offer a wide range of personalized security systems such as CCTV camera systems, monitoring systems, and video intercoms.

Melbourne companies rely on Eversafe to install CCTV and security systems. This is due to the fact that we have been in operation for close to 20 years, offering you a lot of knowledge to draw upon when you require personalized security solutions that fit your demands and budget.

Because we work closely with you, we are able to offer a plethora of customised options and tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements, complete with unparalleled customer service. These encompass everything from CCTV and video surveillance to access control and monitoring for commercial, residential, and industrial complexes.

OzSpy - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

0466 322 650

The most affordable prices can be found at OzSpy on top-notch home security, commercial CCTV security camera systems, alarm systems, intercom systems, and other security systems. We can help if you require a dependable, evidence-grade security system due to concerns about theft or dishonesty in your home or place of business, issues with neighboring properties, or simply because you want to feel safer. By utilizing clever technologies and unambiguous communication, we hope to increase everyone's sense of security.

Vtech Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

vtech security

0468 343 846

Our company is proudly run and owned by Australians. For the past five years, our team of qualified installers has provided high-quality services to numerous households, businesses, and private entities.

We can provide you with the ideal option, whether you need a home theater, intercom, antenna, or CCTV installation. Additionally, you are in good hands if you are a little tech savvy like us and want to manage everything from your phone or tablet. Integration into the home doesn't have to be pricey. Enjoy inexpensive little delights in the comfort of your own home.

To ensure that you have crystal-clear vision and sound, we address all of your concerns and guide you through every aspect of your system. Our company is proudly run and owned by Australians. For the past five years, our team of qualified installers has provided high-quality services to numerous households, businesses, and private entities.

Security Camera Specialists - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

security camera specialists pty ltd

0413 114 490

Victoria-based Security Camera Specialists Pty Ltd (SCS) is an independent security consulting business that specializes in the installation and sale of security camera surveillance technology. Our main clientele are business owners who want to safeguard their assets, financial commitments, staff, and information. According to the 2004 Private Security Act, Security Camera Specialists is authorized by the Victorian Police to supply and install security equipment. At 1Yertchuck Avenue in Ashwood, Victoria, Security Camera Specialists Pty Ltd conducts business.

The company's facilities will continue to house all of the equipment and serve as a showcase where customers may see equipment in action. In order to assess their needs and provide advice on the best security system for them and the anticipated cost before installation, we typically visit potential clients at their location. On request, customers will receive a free survey with no obligations and a written quote. In addition to routine inspections (typically three times a year) to make sure the equipment is still in good operating condition, a post-installation service that includes maintenance and repair will be provided. We will make sure to keep our own abilities, expertise, and network of resources current so that we can provide aid with security technology that is state-of-the-art, effective, and efficient.

Mr. Alarms - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

mr. alarms

+61 131140

All of our technicians are fully qualified to meet the strict requirements of Australian security regulations and have years of experience. Additionally, our demanding training program makes sure we maintain our ability level.

We take pride in constantly staying on the cutting edge of advancements in the world of security systems. ensuring that your project is delivered using cutting-edge technology. Our technicians are completely insured for public liability or property damage in order to safeguard your safety and interests. This implies that as long as our team is working on your project, you are always protected.

You have a comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers all of our work. Our technical team will not rest until we have delivered the best possible outcome for your project. We are joyful when you are.

Jim’s Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

jim's security

131 547

We are a Jim's Group company that specializes in home and commercial security. Each of our franchisees is a sole proprietor who specializes in security locally. We provide maintenance and setup services for security alarms, CCTV systems, and security cameras, as well as professional monitoring, medical alarms, intercoms, access control, and building site security. All work is supported by Jim's Guarantee, and all franchisees are licensed and police checked. We are a reputable brand.

Jim Penman founded Jim's Group as a side hustle while finishing his PhD in history. In 1982, it began operating full-time, and in 1989, it was franchised. There are already close to 4,000 Franchisees throughout four nations, and that number is expanding at a rate of roughly 200 each year. The best conference center in Melbourne, which is owned by Jim's Group, is utilized for meetings, events, and employee training.

There are no company-owned firms; all work is performed by franchisees and authorized operators. All Divisions, with the exception of Mowing, are partnerships with people with relevant industry experience, and franchisor rights are also privately held.

AUZ Tech Security - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

auz tech security

0433 725 950

We are a Melbourne-based firm that provides security services for homes and businesses. We have been providing services to thousands of residential and commercial locations around the nation for more than five years.

We currently have more than 1000 customers. Because we are youthful and tech-savvy, we change along with technology. By adjusting our solutions to suit each client's requirements, being flexible, and being creative, we work to earn their complete pleasure. to guarantee that all of our customers—from small-scale projects to offices, businesses, and private home owners—get precisely what they need and, more importantly, what they want.

We can assist you with the interior design of your home, whether you just need a basic installation of a CCTV system, antenna, or intercom or a full home theater. You're in excellent hands if, like us, you want to use your smartphone or tablet to control various aspects of your house. Integration into the home doesn't have to be pricey. Feel our tiny little luxuries in the comfort of your own home.

VIP Security Services - CCTV Camera Systems Installers Melbourne

vip security

1300 130 116

We have gone above and beyond to assure amazing results for every customer since we first started operating in this field many years ago, as seen by the wonderful feedback we receive. Our professionals will carefully install all of these necessary security measures wherever you need them. All of our technicians are highly qualified. Every system that our business suggests has passed thorough testing to ensure that it will work flawlessly with any application that requires it.

We will install a system that is specifically tailored to meet your property, providing you with total piece of mind and a lot more secure sense. Have an expert, qualified professional install your home security system!

VIP Alarms offers a comprehensive selection of burglar alarm systems that offer complete coverage for buildings of any size or architectural style. Being the market leader for many years, we strive to offer genuine items along with trustworthy installation help and round-the-clock customer support. This helps us uphold our reputation and keeps us inspired to provide consumers with the finest service possible.

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