Which home renovations are your best investments?

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    The ability of renovations to make us happier in the spaces we call home is a perk, but certain updates have the potential to add more value than others when it comes time to sell or refinance a property.

    It is possible to spend a lot of money on some of the best improvements you can make to your home, such as remodelling your kitchen, installing a new deck, or redoing your bathroom. Before you commit to a home improvement project, it is helpful to have some idea of the kind of return you can anticipate receiving from the investment. Are you planning any major renovations? Check out HP Constructions Melbourne's extensive range of home renovations.

    What renovations add the most value to a home?

    There are a number of effective strategies that can be implemented in order to maximise the return on investment (ROI) that you receive from making improvements to your home. This is true regardless of whether or not you intend to sell your home in the near future (return on investment). It is essential to keep in mind, however, that not all additions and alterations to a home are created equal. Although the idea of turning a bathroom into a relaxing spa sounds appealing, it's possible that the investment won't be worth it when it comes time to sell the house. On the other hand, home improvements such as fixing a leaking roof or replacing old gutters are more likely to result in an increase in the property's value (despite not sounding quite as luxurious).

    The current moment is ideal for making investments in the infrastructure of your home because housing prices are expected to continue rising. Putting return on investment in home improvements at the top of your list could potentially boost the value of your home even further, which begs the question: how can homeowners be sure that the improvements they make to their homes are worth the investment?

    Bathroom remodel

    This demonstrates that kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in a house to prospective buyers. You won't get back nearly as much as you put into a bathroom remodel, but you will get back almost as much as you put in if you stick to neutral colour palettes and upscale fixtures. A bathroom remodel is not a quick or inexpensive weekend project.

    Bathroom addition

    Is it possible to have an excessive number of bathrooms? Probably. Putting in a bathroom in a location where there was none previously can be challenging, but you will get a significant portion of your investment back. If a full bathroom is not an option, you might want to think about installing a powder room instead.


    It is best to steer clear of feature walls and other colour choices that are more personal in nature because colour is highly subjective and many people will just paint over them anyway. Think in terms of functionality, cleanliness, and neutrality, and give potential buyers room to inject their own character once the house is in their possession.

    Although there are hundreds of slightly different whites available today, you should steer clear of whites that lean too heavily towards yellow or (heaven forbid) apricot because this can give the impression that the space is very old. A very faint grey hue is acceptable, but it will give the rooms an appearance that is somewhat clinical and detached from their occupants.

    The best solution is to find a happy medium by combining a small amount of black with a small amount of ochre to produce a white that is slightly muted but still bright.

    Whites with a small element of taupe are also a good way to go; however, you should be careful to avoid having this colour scheme be associated with "rental beige." Be sure that the colour you choose doesn't get a 'dirty' appearance when it's paired with white by following this tip.

    Create a grand entrance

    You're familiar with the boring front door that you have, right? Taking it to the next level by replacing it with a grand entry door that comes complete with glass side panels is an example of how this can be done. Your home will have a friendlier appearance as a result, and you'll have a wider pool of potential buyers to choose from.

    Curb Appeal Updates

    Enhancing a property's street appeal is likely to generate the highest return on investment (ROI) of any home improvement project.

    It would appear that prospective buyers do not give homes a second opportunity to make a good first impression. For instance, research has shown that installing a brand-new front door or repainting the exterior of a building can make a substantial impact on how prospective buyers view a property, despite the fact that these improvements have very low installation costs. This results in a very favourable cost-to-value ratio.

    Paintwork, a neat entryway, and sturdy fencing are all relatively low-cost improvements that make a big difference in the way that buyers perceive your property and, as a result, the number of interested buyers and the final offer that they are willing to make on the property.

    Entry door replacement

    Because first impressions are so important, investing in a sturdy and appealing steel entry door is money well spent. You can get a door that appears to be expensive installed for a low cost, and then you can recoup almost all of the money that you spent purchasing it.


    In Australia, hardwood floors are quickly becoming the standard, and carpeting is typically reserved for use only in bedrooms, unless the home is located in a particularly cold part of the country.

    If you are renovating an existing timber floor, you should either replace the floorboards entirely or try to match the existing floor as closely as possible. This will help create an effect that is consistent from room to room. This will create the illusion of a larger floor area and will make even the smallest rooms seem like they are a part of the larger space.

    Keep in mind that floors with lighter colours, like Jarrah, or effects like black Japan, make the floor areas appear larger, whereas floors with darker colours, like Japan, make the floor areas appear smaller.

    Garage door installation

    When channelling your inner Joanna Gaines, replacing the garage door might not be the first improvement that comes to mind. However, it turns out that this particular replacement has one of the highest returns you can get on an investment in a home improvement project. You can expect to get back very close to the total amount that you invest. And what if you could get a deal on your brand-new door? It's possible that the project will even nett you a profit.

    When it comes to getting a return on your investment, having a garage door that is appealing to the eye is high on the priority list. The cost estimate for this project is based on the cost of removing and disposing of an existing 16-by-7-foot garage door(s), replacing it with a new four-section garage door with heavy-duty galvanised steel tracks, and assuming that you will be reusing the motorised garage door opener. The new door will have a height of seven feet and a width of 16 feet.

    When you sell your home, you will recoup approximately 94.5 percent of the money that you spent on this enhancement to the home's kerb appeal.


    The presence of quality lighting in a home makes a significant impression and has the effect of lifting the spirits of anyone who enters the space.

    Always expect to be rewarded with a higher sale price and an improved state of mind for the owner while they are living in a space that has been improved by the installation of skylights in previously dark interior rooms, the installation of bi-fold doors, or the installation of larger windows.

    When you are trying to sell a home or apartment, taking down the curtains may not be practical over the long term. However, doing so will make the space seem airier and brighter during showings, and the new owner will be able to address concerns regarding privacy in whatever manner they deem appropriate.

    You can also increase the amount of light in your home by using mirrors. However, you should steer clear of mirrored wardrobes because they are so 1980s and go against the contemporary and elegant look that the majority of people are going for.

    Kitchen remodel

    Major Remodel: There are times when a complete overhaul of the kitchen is required. When it comes time to sell, you won't get back as much money as you would have with a simple renovation, but you will get back a sizeable amount nonetheless. In addition to that, it will present a stunning appearance in the interim.

    Minor Remodel:

    When it comes to the cost of remodelling a kitchen, the possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit. But if you don't want to gut your existing kitchen down to the studs and start from scratch, you can do a minor kitchen remodel instead, which may include upgrades such as new flooring, new appliances, and refurbishing the cabinets, and you'll get back the majority of the money you invested in it.

    The creation of a kitchen that has a contemporary appearance and is functional can add more than just value to your home. It can also increase your enjoyment of activities that you do on a daily basis, such as cooking, entertaining friends, and eating meals with your family.

    The upgrade has an inherent value, which is something that prospective buyers recognise. On average, you will be able to recoup a little more than 77% of the cost of a minor kitchen remodel when you sell your home. During a project of this nature, you might decide to replace the appliances with newer models that are more energy-efficient; reface the cabinets with new shaker-style wood panels; instal new countertops along with a new sink and faucet; replace the hardware; add new flooring; and paint the walls.


    The majority of people have a preference for options that require little to no maintenance, so you should take care that your selection of materials does not give the impression to any potential buyers that they have many years of laborious work ahead of them. This can be very off-putting and lower the perceived value of the home.

    Natural timber on the exterior of a building is a major offender in this regard; however, densely planted and intricate gardens are also a potential deal breaker for many individuals. You should try to incorporate self-watering systems into your garden design if at all possible. At Hitch Property Constructions, we offer a comprehensive selection of home maintenance services.

    Manufactured stone veneer

    A significant improvement to the appearance of the exterior of your home can be achieved by removing the vinyl siding and installing stone veneer in certain areas, such as the entryway. The cost estimate is based on a number of factors, including the installation of 36 linear feet of sills, 40 linear feet of corners, and one address block, as well as the use of materials such as two separate layers of a water-resistant barrier, corrosion-resistant lath, and fasteners. The average cost estimate is as follows:

    Buyers place a high value on a property's ability to attract positive attention. If they don't like the way the house looks from the outside, some people might not even stop to check out your open house. Installing a stone exterior can be a challenging and expensive upgrade; however, installing a manufactured stone veneer can be accomplished for a much lower cost and still contributes to an increase in the value of your home.

    This cosmetic upgrade and accent design element is likely to attract the attention of a potential buyer, and it can enable you to recoup more than 95 percent of the costs associated with renovating your home.


    Barbecuing is a national pastime in Australia; therefore, the addition of any kind of outdoor space, such as a patio or a deck made of timber, where this activity could take place will result in a significant increase in value.

    Even if this area is initially quite small, the very fact that it has space will demonstrate its potential, and subsequent owners can extend it if they host a lot of parties outside.

    To make a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors, planting can be used to soften the edges of desks and paving, and natural gas outlets can be installed in outdoor areas. Both of these solutions are sensible options.

    Replacement roof

    Nobody wants to shell out money to replace a roof; everyone would much rather have one that has been recently completed. When you list your home for sale, it will be worth the money you spend on this unglamorous but necessary upgrade if you can say, "new roof!" in the description.

    Siding replacement

    When it comes time to remodel, most people don't immediately think of replacing their siding, but doing so can have a significant positive effect on the value of your home as a whole. Changing out the siding is an investment that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

    Fibre-cement: Even the nicest house can have an unappealing appearance if it has old siding that is worn and faded. When you resell your home, you will get back more than seventy-five percent of the money you invested in replacing 1,250 square feet of old siding with new fiber-cement siding. This will cost you slightly more than seventeen thousand dollars. All 4/4 and 5/4 (a fraction measuring thickness) trim will be upgraded with this purchase.

    Vinyl Changing out the siding on a house is an easy way to give it a more modern look and may be a more cost-effective option than installing fiber-cement siding. A replacement of 1,250 square feet with new siding is estimated to cost a total of $14,359 on average, and it is anticipated that you will recoup approximately 74% of your initial investment when you sell the property.


    Incorporating plenty of storage into your renovation is not only practical for day-to-day living, but it will also allow the house to appear immaculate during viewings when the time comes to sell it, as all unsightly items can be put out of view and hidden away (especially exercise equipment!).

    A similarly well-kept and organised garage will convey to prospective purchasers that the rest of the property has been well-kept and cared for as well as being in excellent condition.


    At the top of your to-do list should be fixing obvious problems that appear to be expensive to fix, such as watermarks, damp or mould on walls, or rot in timber window frames and fascias.

    It may be tempting to simply paint over these types of issues, but the majority of building surveys will highlight these faults, which will make potential buyers uncertain.

    Anything that causes a prospective buyer to feel anxious is likely to dissuade them from submitting an offer, particularly in the current buyers market that we are experiencing.

    The Attic

    If your house has an attic, consider yourself extremely fortunate. You can make two changes to it that both have a very high return on investment.

    The first step is to instal insulation of the highest possible calibre. This provides a dual benefit: not only does it save money on energy costs, but it also makes the living space more appealing.

    The second option is to construct a bedroom in the attic. Adding a bedroom to your attic is likely to result in an increase in the value of your home. This is due to the fact that you will be increasing both the total square footage as well as the all-important "number of bedrooms" metric.

    However, it is essential to keep in mind that the expenses associated with this redecorating project can quickly add up. You should give some thought to the fact that you will require stair access, the addition of a few windows, and possibly the reinforcement of the floors.

    Universal design bathroom

    People have a tendency, as they get older, to look for features in the bathroom such as walk-in showers, support bars, wheelchair accessibility, and other important components that will allow them to spend more time at home while maintaining their sense of security and convenience. If you already own these things, you'll get back the majority of the money you spent on them.

    Window replacement

    Not only do new windows make your home look nicer, but they also come with unforeseen advantages such as lowering your monthly energy bills. Replacement windows are something that prospective buyers want, and they are willing to pay top dollar for them.

    By installing low-E glass in your existing windows, you will be able to recoup approximately 72% of the cost to replace those windows. The exterior of these simulated divided-light vinyl windows features a finish that can be customised to any colour. (Low-E refers to a product's low emissivity, which helps it save energy.) You will want to make sure that the exterior trim matches the ones that are already there, while the interior trim should be left alone. Typically, a renovation of this nature will set you back somewhere in the neighbourhood of $17,000.

    Wood deck addition

    Homebuyers almost always look for space in a new dwelling in which they can host gatherings, and this includes outdoor areas. The addition of a deck won't come cheap, but the value it adds to your property will almost completely make up for the expense.

    Why homeowners should consider a home renovation

    Home Renovation Tips

    Renovating your house not only increases the pleasure you get out of living there, but it also has the potential to increase its value over time.

    When you refinance your home, for example, a property appraiser will take into account any renovations you have made to your home when determining how much the home is currently worth on the market. If your home is worth more money, you will have more equity in it and your loan-to-value ratio will be lower. It's even possible that you'll be able to get out of paying for your private mortgage insurance earlier than you had anticipated.

    When you go to sell your home, prospective buyers will want to see a spotless, well-kept home that has been updated with contemporary features and is ready to be moved into. In addition, if you live in an area with a competitive housing market, the possibility exists that your listing will be competing for buyers' attention with other, more recently upgraded homes.

    How much you should invest in home renovations

    It is essential to have a solid understanding of which home renovations yield the highest return on investment before investing a significant amount of money in bespoke home improvements for your property. Because remodelling professionals will require this kind of information before meeting with you, it is imperative that you take into consideration both your financial constraints and the objectives you wish to achieve with the renovation. Doing so will allow you to be as effective as is humanly possible.

    It is essential to keep in mind that prices can differ substantially from one region to another depending not only on the cost of labour and materials but also on the quality of service that is provided.

    Nevertheless, there is some value in adding personal touches, even if the value lies solely in the fact that you will get enjoyment out of your renovations while you are the homeowner.

    If this is the case, then why do major renovations to your kitchen and bathroom not result in a significant return on your investment? When it comes to getting a good return on your investment, the simpler the project, the better. These tend to be more labor-intensive endeavours (ROI). That doesn't mean you shouldn't tackle them if you have your heart set on glass-fronted cabinets and an eye-catching tile backsplash, particularly if you plan on staying in the same place for at least two years. Stick to these five home improvement projects if you want to see a return on your renovation dollars as well as improve the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

    FAQs About Home Renovation

    The report from Remodeling magazine found that bathroom additions generate the highest return on investment, with an average of 86.4%. The addition of attic bedrooms, family rooms, and sunrooms returned anywhere from 70 to more than 80 percent of the money that was spent, and this does not take into account the value of your own enjoyment of all of that new space.

    The value of your home will decrease if there are any short sales or, even more significantly, foreclosures on your street. Even if they are not direct comparables, in the sense that they have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the same amount of square footage, the fact that they are in your immediate neighbourhood can cause the value of the entire area to decrease.

    The only cost type of universal design bathroom remodel surveyed in the report is a midrange remodel, but it offers the highest return on investment of any bathroom remodelling project.

    The higher the value of the home, the greater the expectation that buyers will have of finding high-end appliances already installed. The lower estimated values will appeal to purchasers who are on a limited financial budget, and these purchasers might not like the idea that they are paying more for a house because of its high-end appliances (which many of them might feel indifferent too, anyway.)

    Your home's appraisal could take a hit if you have a messy yard, shoddy paint work, unmanaged grass growth, and an overall neglected aesthetic. faulty electronics and antiquated infrastructure. When we talk about systems, we're referring to things like the plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical systems.

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