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What is the cheapest type of house to build?

Avid house-hunting fans love to poke fun at the extensive “must-have” lists often presented in our favourite home television shows. But if you’ve undertaken the search for your dream home yourself, you know how challenging it can be to find a house that you love within your budget.

This dilemma is one that many potential homebuyers face. So, if you find yourself constantly frustrated with the slim pickings of homes on the market or you’re struggling to remain within your price range, then it could be time to quite literally go back to the drawing board and consider building your perfect home from scratch. Looking for the best home constructions? Look no further! Hitch Property Constructions has the ultimate list of home designs for you to choose from.

How To Build A House For Cheap

If you’re going to try to build your own house, the cheapest way to do it is to make sure that you are the one to hire subcontractors. When most people hire a company to build a house for them, they are hiring a person to hire out subcontractors to build the house for them.

Studies show that you can save as much as 40 per cent to 50 per cent of your building price by just subcontracting things out yourself. However, that’s now always the easiest thing to do. Going through this route means that you have to be aware of what a house needs, as well as a keen eye for good workers. 

How To Build A House Cheap And Fast

Building a house, both cheap and fast, tends to require substantial planning. Most of the time, you will need to choose a home plan that works with the tools you have as well as the timeframe you want to have—along with that, building a house for cheap means that you will need to hire out subcontractors on your own. 

The simplest way to save money on building a house is to do it yourself—at least, part of it. There’s no way around it. Labour isn’t cheap, and that means that building a home isn’t always going to be affordable unless you take a hand in it.  

Different Types of Houses You Can Build

First of all, keep in mind that there are different types of houses you can build. Your house will be different depending on what you want to build. Depending on what you plan to build, you can choose from various kinds of houses.

Home Construction Ideas

For instance, if you want a small house but it is also an affordable one, then there are many other options to choose from such as mobile homes or condominiums. You can also choose a more permanent structure that will last longer, such as a barn. These are just some of the types of houses you can construct.

Building A Duplex

Another option is to build a duplex which is a two-story house with two different floors. You can also use two stories for a penthouse. This can be very expensive, however, because it is more complicated than what we normally see with residential buildings.

There is a way to get answers to your questions regarding what is the cheapest type of house to construct. You can go to the internet and search for some companies that are willing to give you their estimates. However, when asking a company to do this kind of work, they should not only give you the estimate but should also explain why it was so cheap.

The reason why they were so cheap is that they are not selling anything to you. They are not selling you anything because of how much it is going to cost them to do the job. So, instead of asking “what is the cheapest type of house to build?

Instead, ask them what the most inexpensive way of doing it is. It may be the simplest way or the least expensive. Ask them about their plans so you can find out what their plans are that would be best for your situation. You will also be able to get answers to your question “what is the cheapest type of house to build?”

Once you have found their plans, ask them to make you a contract for you to follow. They should include the price and the time they estimated for the project so you will have an idea of how much you should expect to spend. Finding the right home constructions company Melbourne is an important decision. Check out our range of the best home design constructions at Hitch Property Constructions.

S House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

This prototype for low-cost housing combines lightweight structure and durability.

The prototype was for a lightweight steel-framed home, while the second was built from precast concrete to offer more excellent long-term stability. This third iteration combines reinforced concrete foundations with a steel frame and steel lattice walls. This house was built for under a 100k budget.

Happy Cheap House by Tommy Carlsson

Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson has completed an affordable prefabricated home near Stockholm that is clad in corrugated iron and resembles a cube with some of its corners cut off. Tommy Carlsson developed the Happy Cheap home as a prototype for a low-cost and space-efficient update of the prefabricated homes that are common throughout Sweden’s suburbs.

The house was built on the 65-square-metre site using a prefabricated modular frame of laminated plywood that can be assembled quickly on-site, reducing the total cost of the project to just over 150k euros.

Casa Invisible by Delugan Meissl

The mirrored surfaces of this modular housing unit in Slovenia, by Austrian studio Delugan Meissl, help it to blend in with the surrounding countryside. Casa Invisibile is a prototypal dwelling developed by Delugan Meissl to confront issues in the modern housing market, including soaring prices and the availability of appealing plots.

Two prototypes produced by the studio and installed in Slovenia have dimensions of 14.5 metres by 3.5 metres, making it possible to transport them to the site directly from the factory on a lorry.

The buildings are manufactured using a prefabricated timber structure that reduces costs and allows them to be erected using a turnkey solution. The total cost for each dwelling was €120,000 (£88,000) including interior furnishings.

Building Prerequisites

Also, ask them if there are any prerequisites to building the house you are thinking of using their construction plans for. You should be aware of the things that will need to be considered before the construction can start.

One thing that will need to be considered before the project needs to begin is that you need to build the foundation of the house. If the land in front of your house is not flat, the house will not be able to be built on it. A foundation is an important part of any house to help hold the foundation of the house together.


Now, you might be looking for actual home designs that are really cheap to build, or methods to use that keep costs low.  At HP Constructions, we have the best home constructions selection to make your house a dream come true.


The obvious first step to reducing your budget is to reduce your overall housing needs. Generally, the smaller the house, the fewer materials you need and therefore the less money you’ll spend. Along with that, smaller homes will require fewer resources to heat, cool, and maintain it over time.

But before you rush off and build a tiny house, you need to address what your housing needs actually are for your family. While tiny/small may be the best way to save money for many people, there are situations you have to address before you fall in love with small home plans. Click here to learn some critical points to evaluate whether or not tiny/small homes are right for you. 

Beyond that, it is entirely possible to end up spending MORE on materials per square foot on a tiny house build than you would if you’d built slightly larger. Aim to strike a balance of materials to living space when planning your home.


Doing this not only keeps building materials out of the landfill, but it helps save you money as well. You can get some stunning, high-quality building materials if you find the right deals.

For example, one of our followers dismantled an old Sears kit home and salvaged the materials from it. These homes were sold between 1908 and 1940, and contain some beautiful and strong old-growth lumber. She and her husband took it down in exchange for all the lumber & beams, which they then used as the frame for their house. Between the lumber and the other various items they gathered (old tongue and groove, wood flooring, and bricks, to name a few), she estimates that they saved around $10,000 on materials.

Be careful, though. Not all reclaimed materials are safe for use, and some could actually cost you money in the long run.


This goes along with the previous one, but your cheap and free materials don’t have to be reused items. It is entirely possible to get brand new items at deep discounts. For example, we got four brand new high-efficiency windows still in their shrink wrap at a local builder’s surplus store. We paid roughly 30% of their retail price just because someone else had a mis-order!

You can also save huge amounts of money on services by simply finding the right people and ASKING. We hired our excavator after lots of friends and family referred him to us, and the relationship we formed with him easily saved us five figures. He’s been in excavation for decades and was always willing to share his expertise with us whenever we had questions. Not only that, but because we kept coming back to him, he was more than willing to work out deals with us. 


Using a natural building technique is a great way to save money while also working in harmony with the earth instead of against it.

We built our house with cordwood masonry. Cordwood was the perfect fit for us because we have a LOT of Eastern red cedar on our property, which is a great wood for cordwood construction. In addition, cordwood plays well with our local climate and doesn’t require any additional finish work. A regular stud wall would have needed studs, sheathing, vapour barrier, insulation, and finish coverings like siding and drywall. Our cordwood walls, built within a post-and-beam frame, negated the need for much of that.

Careful though. As I stated earlier, just using a natural method doesn’t mean you will reduce your costs. Incorporating natural building methods along with other strategies, however, is a great way to save money. 


The more of the construction you can complete on your own, the less you will ultimately pay out in labour and materials. This is an area where knowing your skills and your limits is a huge asset. Even more important is your ability to learn and adapt.

We both spent a lot of time learning how to complete tasks ourselves. We used our first home as a sort of “practice” house. It was an unfortunate looking foreclosure with great bones, but it needed a lot of work. Together, we gutted the kitchen and rebuilt it from scratch, ripped out parts of our old bathrooms to building new, fixed a cracked foundation, and removed old aluminium wiring to replace it with better and more code-compliant circuits.

How To Build A House Yourself (For Cheap)

Building a house for yourself means that you’re going to need to have some kind of experience and knowledge in construction. Most of us cannot (or will not) build a house from scratch on our own. 

For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that you’re still going to work with subcontractors to make your home a reality. Here’s what aspiring homeowners need to do if they want to build a house without a primary contractor’s help:

  • First things first, you’re going to need to look into home plans. You simply cannot build a home without having plans first. So, start researching your ideas or buy a house kit. 
  • Next, you’re going to have to clear the foundation’s area. Doing this means that you’re going to have to clear away trees, plants, and rocks in the area that your home will be in. You can often do this yourself, which can help save serious bucks. 
  • Then, you’re going to need to hire subcontractors for each portion of the house. Subcontractors are going to be necessary for every element of your home, and each subcontractor will have his or her own specialty. You will need to hire some for the framework, the electricity, the foundation, the plumbing, the flooring, as well as the roofing. 
  • They will start with pouring the foundation, then will add the siding, home shell, utilities, roofing, and finally, insulation. Home construction is done in stages, and it will take a while. You will have to watch (or work with the subcontractors) as your home is constructed in stages. 
  • You will need to help them get permits and also watch over their work. Most areas will have zoning laws and permits that need to be gotten. In order to build your home legally, you have to get the right paperwork filed.

What Are The Cheapest Materials To Make A Home From? 

If you are looking to build your own home for cheap, materials will come into play. Most of us have heard of prefabricated panels and used shipping containers as materials, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these materials if you want to build a nice home. 

Some of the other common (but cheap) materials you can use to build home include:

  • Reclaimed timber
  • Metal sheeting
  • Traditional bricks
  • Concrete panelling
  • Plastic

It’s worth pointing out that the materials you choose may or may not work with the area that you want to move to. For example, bricks are very affordable but aren’t advisable in areas where earthquakes are prone to happen. On a similar note, metal sheeting might be cheap, but it’s prone to rusting if it’s near the sea. 

Is Building A Home On Your Own A Good Idea?

It can be if you plan things correctly and make a point of hiring the right help. However, this move is still one that needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. Only you can really tell if you are ready to build your own home. 

In the long run, it can save you money and act as a good investment. But, it still can backfire if you don’t take care of the planning, hiring, and standards you want to live with. 

Once you have a list of these things to consider, you can compare what the cheapest type of house to construct and then make an educated decision. There is no better way to save money than by being able to know what is the cheapest type of house to construct than knowing the basics of what it takes to get it done.

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