Flooring For A Balcony

What is the best flooring for a balcony?

A balcony is such a great addition to any home or apartment complex. It provides a nice area to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air without totally being exposed to the elements. Or, a balcony is a great way to expand living and entertaining space for those who don’t have a huge garden or lawn. Balconies are often preferred over traditional decks when the desire to have access to sunshine, but also, some shelter or shade exists. 

When considering or designing a balcony or terrace, thinking of the floor covering ideas beyond traditional wood or concrete may seem overwhelming. You may be wondering what the best balcony flooring your builders should implement.

Your beautiful balcony was a huge perk when you bought your condo, but the unappealing concrete floor might be keeping you inside. Let’s turn your terrace into a sky-high haven with our stunning composite decking tiles or exotic wood decking solutions? 

Balconies can often seem like an architectural afterthought. They are usually pretty utilitarian: a wood or concrete floor, and a metal railing. Not the outdoor living area of your dreams. Upgrading the balcony flooring can be the first step in transforming your space into a real oasis where you enjoy spending time.

Before you add all the furniture, accessories and design elements to your balcony, you need to start with the floor. Flooring plays a really important role in defining the style of a balcony. A cracked concrete slab or splintery wood decking doesn’t set the Zen vibe you were hoping for. Today, I’m sharing some products and ideas that will get your balcony design headed in the right direction.

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Balcony Flooring Ideas

If your balcony is in poor structural condition, then it needs to be replaced. But, if it’s structurally sound and just plain or ugly, then you have a few options. These ideas are also good if you can’t physically alter your balcony, but want to make it look nicer.

Decking tiles are a great choice for a balcony, especially one that looks bad. Instead of building an entirely new floor, these tiles are placed on top of the existing surface. It looks like wood decking, brick, or even grass, on the top side, but has a plastic grid on the underside. This grid connects the tiles to form a new floor.

Flooring For A Balcony

Balcony Flooring Choices

Stone Balcony Flooring

Traditionally, the decking of a balcony was made of stone, along with the balcony and building itself. Generally, the stone would slope slightly to avoid a build-up of muddy puddles and mosquitoes breeding in warmer weather.

The advantage of a stone deck is that it can last hundreds of years, but the disadvantages are that they are heavy, expensive and don’t suit most modern buildings, although, in the right setting, they can be gorgeous!

Wooden Balcony Decking

Like much decking today, balcony “floors” are often built-in wood.

Advantages include wood being lightweight, attractive, relatively inexpensive and easy to cut and install. Disadvantages include the maintenance needed to slow down the rotting process, the fact that most wood does rot, splinters and the decks’ ability to attract slimy growth.

Balcony Decking Tiles

Balconies can be decked with tiles, which provide a rapidly cleanable surface. The disadvantages can include their being heavy and also slippery. They can also break and are not very attractive or traditional looking. Balcony decking is rarely created using tiles.

Composite Balcony Decking

Balcony flooring made of composite decking materials is becoming a very popular choice due to its being even lighter than wood, not rotting or attracting bacteria.

We supply a wide range of composite decking materials alongside our balcony systems is arguably the highest quality available. 

Our balcony flooring comes in colours and textures ranging from the palest smooth wood tones to the roughest Japanese charcoaled finish in black.

Each board is hand coloured and textured to very much capture the best points of a wooden deck without the disadvantages and maintenance of wooden flooring on the balcony.

Outdoor Patio Tiles for Balconies

Outdoor patio tile is an obvious balcony flooring solution. The tiles are made of PVC material, and they are fast drying. The non-slip surface texture makes this a safe wet area tile, and water will drain through quite quickly. Each 1×1 foot interlocking tile is lightweight and makes installation a breeze. Once in place, the tops remain consistently dry, which helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew. These tiles are suitable for virtually any weather conditions, and they have been UV treated. This floating balcony flooring is extremely low maintenance and easy to clean with a mop and household cleaner.

Rooftop Balcony Sterling Tiles

Another balcony flooring solution is Sterling Rooftop Tile. This durable patio rubber floor tile features interlocking edges for a clean finish. It is a heavy-duty product that works great for essentially any outdoor applications – especially patios, decks, and balconies. 

It works well for home or commercial settings, as it is a high-end product that is rated for living spaces with even the heaviest of outdoor furniture. 

Each tile is 2 inches thick and 2 x 2 feet in size. It is very easy to clean and maintain, as you damp mop with hot water and a neutral pH cleaner. It is made from recycled rubber buffings and crumb rubber from tires and is available in black, terra cotta, green, blue, grey, and brown. Border and corner ramp options are available. 

StayLock Tiles for Balcony

StayLock Tile is a superior balcony flooring solution. This product has a fall height rating of 20 inches and has a non-slip surface ideal for areas where people will be walking or standing, as it is comfortable on the feet. The durable perforated modular tile allows for water drainage, and it is also waterproof and acid and oil resistant. 

The tiles will not separate over time, and the colour is UV stable for seven years. There are many attractive colours to choose from, and if you select black, the product is made from recycled materials and may contribute to LEED points in green buildings. The 1 x 1-foot tiles are made in the USA of durable and flexible plastic that provides foot traction and comfort. This product makes for an easy DIY installation with an active locking connector system, so you can have a balcony flooring solution that looks and performs well in no time! 

Life Floor Outdoor Slate Tiles

If you prefer the classy appearance of slate, Life Floor Slate Tiles are a great balcony flooring solution. 

This product is an outdoor foam tile that is 3/8 inch thick and made from PE/EVA foam and rubber materials. This results in a flooring option that provides an attractive floor which is UV stable, slip-resistant, durable, long-lasting, and available in numerous colours. 

Aside from balconies, this tile is perfect for any area that is constantly exposed to water, such as a pool or hot tub or outdoor deck or patio. This outdoor foam tile provides a very high level of cushion and traction, as it has a grippy slate top texture – making it a much more comfortable option than concrete or asphalt. It also has a 1-foot critical fall height rating, and it is designed to perform well in extreme hot or cold environments.

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Runnen Floor Decking Tiles

Available in four options: a solid wood (made from acacia), dark grey polypropylene, light grey polypropylene, and fake grass. The tiles are 11.75″ x 11.75″ and cover 8.72 s.f. per box. The dark and light grey tiles would be great for a more modern balcony design. The wood tiles are arranged in a parquet pattern, so you don’t have as many options in your layout as you would with the grey tiles. Also, be aware that you only get nine pieces in a box, so you’ll need more boxes for your project.


Bare Decor EZ-Floor Decking Tiles 

While more expensive than Ikea’s tile, they are made of solid teak. As long as it’s maintained, solid teak will last a long time. One box contains ten 12″ x 12″ tiles that will cover 10 square feet. This option will be a good choice if you plan on having your balcony a long time. Of course, you can always pick it up and move it to a new balcony.

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish (Set of 10), Long 9 Slat


DeckWise WiseTile  

Made from solid hardwood (Ipe), these tiles do not have the plastic support/connection grid like the other tiles. Instead, hardwood runners support the slats. Tiles are sold individually, rather than by the box. The tiles come in a larger size (2’x2′), and the individual slats are larger. The Bare Decor tile, above, has nine slats per foot, while these tiles have four slats per foot or eight slats per two-foot-wide tile.

Naturesort Slate Composite Tiles  

These 12″x12″ tiles are made from bamboo and a plastic composite. Tiles are available in a few different configurations: a four slat (all slats run in the same direction), a six slat parquet, and an eight slat parquet. Sold in boxes of eleven, these tiles cover 11 square feet. I like the colour and that it looks like brick pavers.

NewTechWood’s UltraShield Naturale 

This product offers the most design options. Made from recycled wood and plastic, the tiles are available in fifteen different colours—everything from natural wood shades to Caribbean blue, to Irish Green and Swedish Red. Not only do you have a ton of colour options, but the tiles come in various sizes: 12″x12″, 12″x24″ and 12″x36″. One box contains ten tiles, and each tile has four wide slats. Coverage depends on the tile size – longer tiles cover more square feet. I like that this is a system and that you can get end trim pieces and bevelled transition strips (so you don’t trip).


Once you select a decking tile, you can get creative. The tiles that are just simple slats (not in a parquet pattern) offer the most design options. You can place them end to end, so they look like continuous slats. Or, you can alternate the direction of each tile, so they make a parquet pattern – like the NewTechWood image above.

Another option is to make a bigger parquet pattern by using four tiles to make a unit in one direction and four tiles going 90 degrees the other way. You could also make a checkerboard pattern using two different coloured tiles.

A third option would be to place darker tiles around the perimeter and use the lighter ones as the field. You could also use one shade of tile to make an accent area – like a rug – and another shade for the rest.

Finally, you can combine the deck tiles with stones to make some really interesting designs. If your balcony measurement is not a multiple of your tiles, you can use a border of stones to fill in the difference.

Balcony Designs That Will Floor You

Balcony design has always held a special place in our hearts – the huge potential of a small space to act as a welcome respite in all homes. With the right kind of balcony tiles and flooring, even a modest balcony can transform into a spot of solitude, a flourishing garden or an entertainment zone. Tiles have a decisive role to play in determining the functionality as well as aesthetics of the space. Here’s how you can select the best types of tiles for your home.

Artificial Turf for a Garden Effect

Artificial turf/grass is laying down a cosmetic layer of grass on your balcony floor. It is easy to maintain, unlike real grass turfs and also not very expensive. So you can have your green acres and keep them too! Besides, this type of flooring is very easy to change from time to time.

Moroccan Tiles for Sheer Vibrance

Did you think that Moroccan tiles can only be used in kitchens? Think again. These tiles, with their delicate patterns and vibrant colours, can turn your balcony flooring into a work of art. 

Wooden Texture for Subtle Style

Wooden textured balcony tiles provide a neutral backdrop for furniture and other embellishments. Also, if it’s a large balcony where kids might play, wooden tiles offer baby-proofing as well. 

Soft Wood Tiles for Neutral Backdrop

These tiles are larger versions of textured tiles and smooth to touch. If you plan to use bright coloured furnishings in your balcony, softwood tiles are an excellent option. 

Wenge Panelling for Vintage Elegance

This shade of dark wood is called wenge, and it instantly takes us back to Victorian times. The log cabin style panelling gives a very vintage vibe to a balcony. 

Pinewood Deck for Outdoor Parties

Pinewood is a type of softwood flooring that is exceedingly durable if maintained well. Its best feature is its aesthetic value, making it perfect for open-air party decks like this one. 

Mosaic Tiles for Vivid Patterns

Mosaic floors used to be fairly common in India before different kinds of porcelain and vitrified tiles stormed the market. Mosaic tiles are a budget-friendly option. But the best part about using mosaic is the choice of numerous patterns and playful colours that can brighten up your balcony. 

Etched Tiles for Subtle Class

Etched tiles are regular ceramic tiles engraved or etched with a laser. They have a raised surface and are often used in wet areas like bathrooms. These tiles provide a textured flooring option that also helps ensure that people don’t slip and fall in case the balcony is wet. It might be necessary for homes where there are elderly family members.

Hand-painted Tiles for Rustic Beauty

Hand-painted tiles are a work of art by themselves. They lend a rustic charm to balconies but must be maintained carefully. For example, these dot and dash geometric patterned tiles have us swooning!

Landscaping with Pebbles & Wooden Flooring for a Zen Space

Landscaping in balconies is a fad that is catching up. Dry landscaping with stones and pebbles is a Japanese concept; it is popularly referred to as the zen garden. This type of landscaping takes up some parts of the flooring in the balcony—wooden flooring compliments zen gardens for a perfect balance of energy. 

Indian Tiles for Ethnic Patterns

Ethnic Indian patterns cast in ceramic tiles make a great pick for balconies. Earthy colours are best suited for this type of balcony tiles. A mix of dark and light shades can be used to give the balcony floor a textured finish.

Mangalore Tiles for a Touch of Tradition

The deep red Mangalore tiles made of a special clay are scented with history and cultural references. Apart from being eco-friendly and sustainable, these tiles offer a generous dose of aesthetic nostalgia. 

Decorative Ceramic Tiles for Effortless Style

Shaded tiles are composed of darker and lighter gradients of the same colour. They could be made of ceramic, granite or clay. So instead of being a homogeneous shade, the balcony floor has a smattering of two different shades. 

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Regular Ceramic Tiles for a Casual Vibe

Basic and budget-friendly ceramic tiles present a viable option for balcony flooring.

Simple and unpretentious, the regular ceramic tiles that we use in our homes can be both budget-friendly and easy to maintain. You can do up the balcony with plants and props.

Whether you put down decking tiles, a rug, or DIY a stencilled floor, you don’t have to live with ugly balcony flooring. Start with a nice floor, and create a beautiful balcony that you can enjoy.

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