Being A Carpenter

What are the pros and cons of being a carpenter?

Do you consider becoming a carpenter? Great! However, before making your final decision, make sure that you check out this article since I show you all the pros and cons of being a carpenter in the following chapters.

Carpentry can be a very fulfilling career if you take a lot of pride in your work. Kevin Dowd, a carpenter in Massachusetts, says, “It’s great to see what you’ve built and known it’s going to be there for a long time.” The things that carpenters build will grace people’s homes for years to come. For a carpenter, this knowledge can be quite gratifying.

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Did You Know?

One-third of all carpenters are self-employed. This means they work for themselves and don’t have to report to a boss. If you’re the kind of person who is self-motivated and enjoys having the freedom to choose jobs as needed, then carpentry might be ideal for you.

Being A Carpenter

Fun Fact

The motion picture industry (people involved in making movies and shows for television) employs “scenic” carpenters. These people are hired to build sets that will eventually make it onto the big screen!

The job of a carpenter is different almost every day, which means that there is a lot of variation in the work he or she does. Carpenters are never bored at work! There is no need to worry about repetitious job duties.

Carpentry is, however, very physical work. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on your feet. You may be required to carry heavy materials and tools. This profession also requires a lot of time working outside in all kinds of weather. So, if you dislike the outdoors, you might want to consider something else!

Safety is very important in carpentry because carpenters work with tools that, if not handled and used properly, can be very dangerous. People in this profession have to be very focused on the task at hand and always make safety a priority. The risk of danger is lessened by the knowledge of the tools of the trade and following proper safety precautions.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the number of positions available for new carpenters is on the rise. The great need for carpenters, coupled with the ease with which one can learn the job, makes it a very appealing option for many.

Benefits Of Working As A Carpenter

Commercial carpentry has grown in popularity for years now. While technology is constantly evolving to create machines and equipment that can construct buildings, none have been up to the standards of true craftsmanship acquired through years of hands-on work by humans. Commercial carpenters are proud to be in their chosen field, and they are grateful for the many positive things that come from their career. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that come from being a commercial carpenter that you may not have considered.

Competitive Wages

The first benefit of commercial carpentry is competitive wages. Contractors are always looking for carpenters to help on their next build, and they aren’t afraid to offer high wages to get the best of the best. Commercial carpenters make far more than minimum wage, so you can feel secure knowing that your paycheck will reflect the hard work you put in. We highly recommend joining your nearest Carpenters Local Union to ensure fair wages across all jobs. Carpenters Local Union protects commercial carpenters by ensuring no job tries to skimp on wages. We understand how hard you work, and we make sure that you are fairly compensated. With enough skill and experience, you may find contractors fighting over you and offering you even better pay!

Variety of Job Paths To Choose From

If you aren’t exactly sure where your journey will take you, commercial carpentry is an excellent career path! “Commercial Carpentry” is an umbrella term that encompasses many, many specializations. If you find that you’re every detail-oriented, you may like to do framing which requires extremely precise measurements and joining. You can also specialize in concrete forms to allow concrete companies to pour the foundations for builds, or you can take on the challenge of drywall. Other positions include interior carpenters that construct floors and staircases or even finishing carpenters who handle the finer details of the build. While training, you will likely get to try out all of these paths, so you can figure out which is the best fit for you!

Learn Transferable Skills

Most people don’t, but should you decide to exit the commercial carpentry field, you’ll have dozens of transferable skills that employers of all industries look for. These skills are not carpentry-related work, and rather they are skills you picked up along the way that make you a valuable employee to any company in any industry. These are just a few of the many examples:

  • Visualization skills, especially taking 2D models and picturing the 3D final product
  • Math and measurement skills from years of schooling and real-life application
  • Attention to detail developed overtime from the precise nature of commercial carpentry work
  • 3D modelling knowledge from modern construction technology
  • Independent motivation from working on a project and needing to meet personal deadlines
  • Time management skills from having to complete tasks on time and adapt to any last-minute changes
  • Willingness to work hard because carpentry is no joke and requires mental and physical exertion at all times

Avoid Office/Cubicle Life

If you’re an active/outdoorsy person, you probably loath the idea of working 40+ hours a week at a desk. Commercial carpentry gives you hands-on work that exercises your body and your mind every day. You won’t be sending emails, filing documents, sending faxes, or making phone calls when you follow this career path! Well, you might occasionally do those things, but the majority of your job requires you to get into the heart of the construction site, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. You’ll get to work outside just about every day, and you don’t need to purchase any blazers or dress pants.

Job Security

The final benefit of becoming carpentry might be the most important; job security. Many people think that trade jobs will soon be obsolete thanks to technology, but that isn’t true at all. Technology is working with commercial carpenters to make life easier. Precision instruments and more advanced equipment are changing the game, but they are no threat to jobs themselves. Humans are required to work these machines, and no robot can problem solve quite like a human being. Commercial carpenters have a certain finesse that technology cannot replicate. Construction can involve a lot of last-minute changes and think on your feet. Robots are not great in those circumstances, nor can they work well with other players on the team. Commercial carpenters are constantly working alongside other construction specialists. Plans change, creative ideas are needed, and a personal touch is required for a great finished product. Commercial carpentry jobs are here to stay, and construction is constantly happening all over the country.

Advantages of Being a Carpenter

Carpenters see the results of your work.

One important advantage of being a carpenter is that you will see the results of your work on a regular basis. For instance, if you make a door or a window for a client, you will see the result after a few weeks or even days. Consequently, you have kind of a goal to work towards.

It can be quite satisfying seeing the fruits of your labour, and when your client is very happy with the result, it will be even better. However, in many other jobs, you don’t see the end-results of your work. For instance, if you work in an office job, you will often make presentations that are only used for a single occasion and will not be used in the long run.

Moreover, you will often also not have tangible results in most office jobs. Therefore, employee satisfaction is often rather low in those kinds of jobs since people need to see the fruits of their labour to stay motivated and to see a purpose in what they are doing.

Thus, by becoming a carpenter, you will not have this problem since you will see results quite frequently.

You can make things for your own

As a carpenter, you can not only make nice things for clients, and you can also make tables, chairs and many other things for your private purposes. Many carpenters don’t buy furniture from the store, but they manufacture everything by themselves. By making their furniture, they can be sure about the quality and that the things they make last for quite a long time.

Hence, if you love making your stuff and don’t want to rely on conventional furniture from the store, being a carpenter can also help you out in this regard.

You can supply your family and friends with fancy furniture.

Another benefit of being a carpenter is that you can also make furniture for your family and friends. Custom-made furniture from carpenters is often quite expensive, and many people are just not able to afford it.

However, for your family and friends, you can make a fair price for them since you will be able to buy materials cheaper than the average person and you can also price your working hours at a fair rate.

Thus, you can supply your peers with fancy furniture, and you will therefore have a pretty high standing among your friends and family members since they will be grateful for what you are doing for them.

Carpenters can fix many things at home.

Carpenters can not only manufacture fancy furniture; they are usually also able to fix many other things at home. Since carpenters learn many technical skills during their careers, they can often easily fix leaky faucets or other minor things. Moreover, carpenters are often also able to make and install their flooring.

All this can save plenty of money in the long run, and even though carpenters will not earn that much money from their job, they can still compensate for this by saving money on various different occasions.

Carpenters are attractive to most women.

Many women are also attracted to carpenters. It is usually quite attractive to women if a man can create things with his hands and if he can solve problems in the household.

Since carpenters are often quite skilled in those things, they will often have a rather easy time in the dating market.

You can start your own carpenter company.

As a carpenter, you can also start your own company after a while. For instance, you can learn your craft for a few years in a company, and after becoming good enough in what you are doing, you can easily switch and starting your own business. Thus, you don’t have to work as an employee forever.

Many carpenters work self-employed, and if you are the type of person who wants to live a free and independent life as I do, becoming a self-employed carpenter may also be the way to go for you.

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Regular working hours

Another upside of being a carpenter is that you will usually have regular working hours. Many carpenters work 40 hours or even less and don’t have to work plenty of extra hours.

Hence, if you have many other hobbies in your life and don’t want to miss out on them for your career, becoming a carpenter can be great since the workload will not be that big most of the time and you will have plenty of leisure to enjoy other things you like more than working in your life.

Carpenters usually don’t work on weekends.

While working overtime only happens on rare occasions in carpentry, also working on weekends is rather uncommon. Most carpenters only work Monday to Friday and enjoy a full weekend off work.

Consequently, you will have plenty of leisure as a carpenter and can enjoy many weekend trips with your family and friends.

Good work-life balance

In general, carpenters also have a pretty good work-life balance. Since they don’t have to work that much, they often come home rather early. Hence, especially if you want to have a family or already have children, becoming a carpenter can be great since you will be able to spend plenty of time with your loved ones after work.

You will often also be flexible regarding when to start your workday, and if you start rather early, the chances are that you will already be home in the late afternoon.

Thus, being a carpenter is a great career choice if you want to spend plenty of time with your family and if you want to see your kids growing up.

Decent job security

Like in many other artisanal professions, there is currently a lack of qualified employees who can do the job and chances are that the labour shortage in this field will continue in the future.

There are rather few young people who are willing to do the job and job prospects will likely also be excellent in the future. Hence, becoming a carpenter can also be great if job security is really important to you.

Carpenters can work in many different fields.

As a carpenter, there are also many different fields in which you can work. At the same time, some carpenters make windows or doors, other work on construction sites.

Job opportunities are almost endless, and as long as you are good at what you are doing, many doors will open for you during your carpentry career.

Hence, if you feel like it is time for a change after a few years, you can still work in many different areas as a carpenter.

You can earn additional money on weekends.

If you need additional money, you can also do so by working on weekends. While this might not be possible in your job, you can still start a side hustle and work on additional projects.

Since there is a shortage of good carpenters out there, the chances are that you will get more orders than you could even finish.

Thus, in case you need some extra money, carpenters often have an easy time to generate this additional income.

Carpenters don’t have to sit in an office all day long.

While some people like working in an office, most of us hate it. Humans have never been made for working in an office in front of a computer screen all day long. We had been out there for many thousands of years, hunting, gathering and creating stuff. As a carpenter, you don’t have to work in such an unnatural environment.

You can go back to the roots and create nice furniture and other things out of natural materials like wood instead. In turn, the chances are that you will be happier than someone who is working in an office, even though this person will likely make more money than you.

You can work on many different projects.

If you work as a carpenter, no project will look the same. Your clients will always have new wishes and preferences. Consequently, it will not be enough to do your standard work.

Quite often, you will have to customize things to fully satisfy your clients. While this can be quite challenging, it can also be nice since you will never get bored and also have to use your brain.

Low barriers to entry

For becoming a carpenter, barriers to entry are also quite low. You need a high-school diploma, and you will be good to go. Sure, you will need some years of apprenticeship before you are considered as a real carpenter.

Yet, there will be no need to go to college in most states for becoming a carpenter and therefore, you can save plenty of money compared to a person who urgently needs to go to college.

Therefore, you can also avoid student debt which is quite common in our current state of the world and the serious problems associated with it.

Thus, you can become a carpenter without imposing the financial burden on you that comes along with many other professions.

Disadvantages of Being a Carpenter

Carpenters don’t earn that much money.

While being a carpenter has many advantages, there are still some downsides to this profession. For instance, one disadvantage of becoming a carpenter is that you will not earn that much money. Most carpenters don’t earn more than 50,000 dollars a year.

While this will often be enough to cover most of your basic expenses, it will not be enough to afford to buy a home in a fancy neighbourhood. In some cities, it will even be barely enough to pay your rent at all.

Consequently, carpenters often suffer from financial problems, and if you want to become wealthy or even rich, you should look out for other professions instead.

Risk of accidents

Another problem with being a carpenter is that there is a significant risk for accidents. Carpenters often work with sharp tools and machines, and sooner or later, the chances are that you will seriously injure yourself.

In some cases, carpenters even have to give up their job since they will no longer be able to do their work after those accidents.

Physically demanding job

As a carpenter, you will also have to carry heavy stuff. For instance, you will have to move doors and other heavy things on a regular basis. In turn, this means that you need a certain minimum level of strength in this field and if you don’t have this physical strength and are also not willing to go to the gym and work on yourself, becoming a carpenter will be quite problematic for you in this regard.

Being a carpenter can be problematic once you get older.

Since the job as a carpenter can be physically demanding, becoming a carpenter can also be quite problematic, especially in your older years. Once you reach a certain age, you will just no longer be as fit as you were during your 20s and 30s.

Consequently, you will also no longer be able to deliver the same performance as in your early years and your quality of work and your speed tend to decrease due to that.

Therefore, also the risk of becoming unemployed may increase over time, and it is often hard to find a new job after you have passed a certain age.

Self-employed carpenters have to do plenty of paperwork.

If you plan a career as a self-employed carpenter, be aware of the fact that this implies much more than just carrying out your carpentry work. You will have to acquire orders, do the legal work and also take care of proper accounting and tax issues.

Overall, the life of a self-employed person can be much more complex compared to working in a regular job for someone else, and you should make sure that you are an entrepreneurial person before going this path.

Job security depends on your physical abilities.

While carpenters often have good job prospects, they are also quite vulnerable in this regard since their job prospects greatly depend on their physical abilities. Only if you are fit and your motor function works properly, you will be able to continue to work as a carpenter.

If at one point in time, this will no longer be the case due to accidents or diseases, the chances are that you will lose your job pretty soon and that you will also have a quite hard time finding another job since the whole carpentry relies on physical work.

In contrast, if you work in an office job, you can also do so if you have minor disabilities as long as your hands work properly and you can type things with a computer.

Thus, there is a significant danger of losing your job in carpentry in case you will no longer be able to carry out any physical work.

You need some technical understanding and talent.

As a carpenter, you also need some technical understanding and talent for what you are doing. While some people are borne with those technical skills, others struggle with it, and if you are not skilled in technical things at all, you should also not become a carpenter since you will make too many mistakes and will not become happy in the long run.

Being a carpenter can be lonely.

Another downside of being a carpenter is that it can also be rather lonely. You will work many hours on your own since you have to finish a door or other things.

Many times, orders are that small that they are only suitable to be carried out by one person, and this also implies that you will not have too much contact with your colleagues.

Instead, you have to work on your own, and this lack of interaction can stress people on a mental level.

You have to be flexible as a carpenter.

As a carpenter, you also have to stay flexible regarding how you do things. Your taste will often not match the taste of your clients, and your clients will often demand that you change minor things after they see your work.

Consequently, you will always have to adjust to the taste and preferences of your clients, and this can be quite annoying, especially if you don’t share your clients’ opinions at all.

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Some clients are just difficult.

Some people will also never be satisfied with what you are doing. There are just people out there who can never be happy and always find things to complain about.

Hence, be aware that you will never be able to make everyone happy and that you ignore the negative vibes of those clients who often want to bring you down.

Like in every other profession, carpentry career has its pros and cons. Every career has its downside, but still, people choose the path to follow for their reasons may it be because of their interests or for financial reasons.

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