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What are the ideas when remodelling a bathroom?

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    Is there a need for a bathroom renovation in your house? Give the design of your bathroom a boost with some careful planning and some of our invigorating ideas for bathroom renovations. Start with these invigorating ideas for master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms whether you're looking for bathroom remodelling ideas or bathroom pictures to help you update your outdated space. Whether you're looking for ideas to help you update your space or bathroom pictures to help you do so, start here.

    Looking for some inspiration for your new bathroom design? You must be, seeing as how that's the reason you're in this room! A bathroom remodel can have a significant impact on the ambience of your home, regardless of whether you choose to make minor adjustments, undertake a comprehensive makeover, or simply day-dream about it from your desk (and your skin-care routine).

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when it comes time to remodel, this functional space, along with the kitchen, is frequently given top priority. Each of these sources is packed with ideas that will inspire your renovation, and they include luxurious tubs, chic vanities, and modern showers, among other features.

    Discover chic locations that range from simple and approachable to lavish and extravagant, all of which are sure to make you day-dream about the afternoon. At Hitch Property Constructions, we offer a wide range of bathroom renovation Melbourne.

    Bathroom Design Ideas And Inspiration

    Bathroom Ideas

    White Modern Bathroom

    This is the kind of contemporary bathroom that comes to mind when one thinks of the colour white and the word "modern." The only things that are required are straight lines, white, and a few natural accents. Because the flooring and walls are tiled continuously from floor to wall, the shower seems to blend into the background of the room.

    Black Powder Room

    There are many colour options available for use in a powder room in addition to white. Dare to go dark by painting it black, but don't forget to add colour with some beautiful art! Always sophisticated and refined is the colour black.

    Walk-In Shower with Pebble Tile

    This walk-in shower has a beachy atmosphere thanks to the column and floor made of pebbles. In order to bring back memories of the last time you washed the salt off of your skin, decorate your bathroom with elements inspired by the beach. The use of pebbles is a fantastic way to get started!

    Fresh Traditional Bathroom

    If you walked into this immaculately clean bathroom, wouldn't you feel revitalised just looking at it? A lot of white with a hint of green, a lot of light with a bamboo roman shade; all of these elements work together to make a nice, refreshing bathroom that is perfect for washing the day away in.

    Simple and Clean Traditional Bathroom

    The light blue-green is colourful enough to bring some joy, but it is not so far from neutral that you will quickly become exhausted by it. The clean lines, simple shapes, and traditional touches of the faucet make this bathroom something that will stay classic for years to come.

    Small Functional Bathroom

    This compact bathroom makes the most of its space by utilising a pedestal sink and a walk-in shower recessed into an alcove. The difference can be attributed to the natural light coming in through the window. The whimsical mosaic tile adds personality and character to the space.

    Minimal Spa Bathroom

    There are times when the essence of luxury is not in the abundance of something, but rather in the absence of something that is not essential. This bathroom, which features a lot of open space, is a great example of how to achieve the spa-like atmosphere with only the essential features. This room has been given all of the personality it requires by the addition of a refinished chandelier, a traditional marble countertop, and an uncomplicated freestanding tub.

    Bathroom with Forest Wallpaper

    The bathroom features a striking forest wallpaper that is black and white. The "etched" quality of this room is emphasised further by the presence of lithographic and monochromatic works of art on the walls. The room appears much brighter as a result of the few blue accents that are present.

    Brass Tacks

    The traditional bathroom features accents of brass, which bring colour and warmth to the space. Metal finishes are extremely popular at the moment, and it's safe to say that they'll never really go out of style. The mirror is the focal point of the space.

    Bamboo Trellis Bathroom

    This bright and airy powder room makes a statement with its choice of wallpaper, which is a green bamboo trellis. This room is eccentric and full of personality thanks to the bamboo blinds, fresh green window frame, and ornate mirror frame that are all featured in it.

    Waterfall Style Walk-In Shower

    We've all had the fantasy (and some of us have actually done it!) of taking a refreshing shower under a waterfall in the middle of a lush tropical forest. With one wall made of slate and the other made of roughly hewn natural stone, this opulent walk-in shower gives the impression of a special little grotto on some private tropical island. The waterfall is an interesting alternative to the standard rain showerheads.

    Tiny Bathroom with Walk-In Shower

    Just because it's small doesn't mean it can't do its job! The toilet is located in the shower area of this bathroom designed in the wet-room style, which saves a significant amount of space. A plant can be placed on the ledge near the window, which also functions as a storage space for other items related to the shower. In contrast to the clinical atmosphere created by white and grey tile, the addition of a plant brings a touch of nature and freshness to the space.

    1960s Modern Bathroom

    Although they are understated, the 1960s-inspired touches that were used to decorate this bathroom successfully attract the eye. First thing that catches the eye is the mirror with rounded corners and the stool with golden legs. The space is dominated by black and white, and it features strong geometric lines in the form of a cylindrical sink and a cubic freestanding tub.

    Bathroom With Honeycomb Tile

    This compact lavatory packs a lot of punch thanks to the honeycomb tile that covers the entire floor. Because of the shape of the tile, the room appears to be wider than it actually is, making this a fantastic design choice for such a restricted area. And the brass faucets give the whole thing a hint of sweetness that really sets it off.

    Bathroom With Maximized Shelf Storage

    The most impressive feature of this lavatory is not its clean, classic appearance of white, nor is it its excellent lighting. What first catches our attention is the ingenious storage space located above the tub. It is in just the right spot for one to grab a towel after unwinding in the tub.

    Chic Bathroom With Transparent Chair

    Marble in white and grey tones was used to great effect on the countertop and floor of this ultra-modern, chic, and streamlined bathroom. The clear lucite chair, a signature of mid-century modern design, has been given a contemporary makeover to cater to the preferences of modern consumers.

    Minimal Rustic Bathroom

    It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful bathroom. This rustic bathroom features a wooden ladder for hanging the towels, a concrete floor, and an open wood vanity. The decor in this bathroom is purposefully kept to a minimum, allowing the natural elements to shine through. The bare-bones style is complemented by the inclusion of a mirror that lacks a frame.

    Industrial Bathroom With Black Door and Mosaic Tile

    The decision to paint the door in this particular bathroom black makes it stand out from the others. With so much white already present, the door serves as a welcome point of contrast. What might have been an uninteresting and bland white bathroom has been given a lot of personality thanks to the industrial-style finishing touches (such as the lighting, brass faucets, and exposed pipework). Looking for home renovations Melbourne? Look no further! Hitch Property Constructions has you covered. 

    Luxury Children's Bathroom

    This bathroom, which is large enough for an adult but was created with children in mind, steers clear of any potentially distracting decorative elements in favour of providing a blank canvas on which the children can express their individuality. A lovely tree can be seen through the window, and the shape of the tree is reflected in the mirror.

    Chic Industrial Bathroom

    It's not necessary for "industrial" to mean "rough." This posh lavatory is the best illustration of the following: The use of sleek black and white elements complements and contrasts elements of an industrial style, such as exposed plumbing and hardwood flooring.

    Contemporary Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

    A freestanding tub in the style of today's modern design can be found in this chic and contemporary bathroom. On the shelf directly above it is a decorative vase that has a narrow neck, which provides a striking contrast to the unusual fluted shape. The stone mosaic adds texture and movement to the room while maintaining a neutral colour palette.

    Mediterranean Style Bathroom

    It is difficult to know where to begin noticing the many lovely aspects of this bathroom because there are so many to choose from. The sinking of the concrete? What about the wallpaper? The lighting from the sconces? That smudged mirror on the door, which you can see reflected in the large mirror? The ultra-modern faucets that are almost invisible? Regardless of what strikes your attention first, however, you cannot deny that this location is a work of art.

    Trendy Contemporary Bathroom

    This room stands out from the rest of the typical white and boring contemporary bathrooms by making use of an animal skull that is at the forefront of the trendiest design movements as the primary point of interest. Observe how the strong antlers on the wall echo and contrast with the delicate bare branch and how the pendant light hangs right in the middle of the negative space that is provided by the antlers.

    Bathroom With Multiple Tile Styles

    This bathroom demonstrates that combining different pattern styles should not be something to be afraid of. It might seem like there's too much going on with the hexagonal tile on the floor and in the bathroom, the brick tile around the bath, and the blue patterned mosaic around the sink, but there really isn't.

    Blonde Wood and Limestone Bathroom

    The warm, opulent limestone and the natural, light-colored wood combine to create a relaxing environment that is almost zen-like in this bathroom. This bathroom, with its emphasis on natural materials, is a wonderful space for unwinding and thinking about one's place in the world.

    Bathroom with Pendant Lighting

    This modern bathroom features a harmonious combination of angular and rounded elements, including a rectangular countertop and wall as well as round lighting and faucets. In addition, there is a striking contrast between light and dark, as well as natural and man-made elements. The light fixture, on the other hand, stands out as an impressive option for lighting and a focal point in the room.

    White Beach Style Bathroom

    Even though it focuses on neutral colours, this bathroom designed in a beach style still has some interesting contrasts, such as the metal and marble, the sand-colored flooring, and the white freestanding tub. A stool covered in sheepskin adds a touch of cosiness and warmth to any room.

    Marble Bathroom with Large Windows

    It takes some guts to position your bathtub directly in front of those expansive windows, but when your bathroom is as stunning as yours, it's understandable that you would want to flaunt its splendour. The minimalist freestanding tub is the focal point of this modern design, which also includes marble zigzag flooring and a countertop, as well as glass and metal accents.

    Modern Renovated Bathroom

    This bathroom renovation brought out the best of this space: the large window, the corner space for the bath, and the washbasin with modern faucets. The wicker basket and the towels both have plush textures, which contribute to the overall effect of the room feeling warm and inviting.

    Sleek Contemporary Bathroom

    The slate tile, the tankless toilet, and the contemporary vases that are displayed in the window all contribute to the air of sophistication that permeates this bathroom. In addition, there is a spot for books and magazines that can be accessed from either the bathroom sink or the bathtub. If minimal is your prefered aesthetic, this can serve as a wonderful source of ideas.

    Banana Leaf Wallpaper Bathroom

    Wallpapers featuring banana leaves and other tropical plants are popular at the moment. The wallpaper in this tropical powder room serves as the primary decorative element, and the room's shade is brought out by the addition of a yellow tissue box on top of the toilet tank as well as a rattan-framed mirror.

    Cloudy Wallpaper Modern Bathroom

    The geometric side table and patterned wallpaper represent the new, while the retro faucets and brass mirror keep their roots in the past. Together, these elements create a beautiful modern bathroom that uses a mix of the old and the new. A powder room that is the stuff of dreams and combines the best of both worlds.

    Luxurious Walk-in Shower

    This walk-in shower has everything you could possibly want, including a steam unit, body sprays, a rain shower head, and handheld showerheads. Because there is very little grout between the large porcelain tiles, cleaning them is much simpler. This shower offers a sense of seclusion and calmness.

    Fresh Green Beach Bathroom

    The atmosphere in this bathroom is light and airy, which is very refreshing. The feathered pendant light adds stunning movement to the room, which contrasts nicely with the geometric stool that is placed on the floor. A leafy plant (rather than flowers) is a nice, unique touch that steers clear of being kitsch.

    Bathroom With Geometric Wallpaper

    To make the most of the limited space in this bathroom, an eye-catching and colourful geometric wallpaper was chosen to cover the walls. Because the rest of the room is neutral, the yellow stands out more than usual in this setting. The towels are yellow, too. A tankless toilet is a sleek piece of ultra-modern technology that stays out of the way until it's needed.

    Bathroom with Electric Blue Tile

    It is the decision to continue the patterned tile onto the storage shelves that is responsible for the bathroom's transformation into a visually stunning space. Because the wall already looks so nice, there is no need to instal a door in front of the shelves. Be sure to take note of the zigzagging pipe that leads to the pendant lighting; this is a nice touch that echoes the pattern of the tiles.

    Bathroom with Textured Tile and Decor

    Do not be misled by the fact that this bathroom is painted white. It is in no way dull or uninteresting. Instead of colour, it uses textures: the shiny diamond tile in the shower, the two branching wall decor elements, the lightness of porcelain on the wall, and the luxury of marble. It has an attractive, uncluttered, and timeless appearance, but it is neither dull nor conventional.

    Bathroom With Fish Scale Pattern Tile

    What could be more natural than a fish living in water? This stunning bathroom is decorated in red and white, and the floor is covered in a bold orange-red scalloped tile that looks like goldfish scales. The appearance is improved without becoming garish thanks to the thin red lines that run along the shower curtain and the bath mat that matches it. The faucet with the warm nickel finish is the most suitable option for this setting.

    Bathroom With Zebra Skin Rug

    When you use a statement piece of decor, such as an animal skin, you need to make sure that it does not get buried under a plethora of other elements of decoration. The zebra skin rug in this bathroom makes excellent use of the neutral, contemporary design that it features. And the best part about this kind of design is that it enables you to switch out this one piece of decoration whenever you like without forcing you to shell out thousands of dollars for a complete redesign each time.

    Vintage Industrial Bathroom

    Is it possible to combine vintage and industrial styles? If the appearance of this restroom is any indication, then the answer is yes. The dark tile and the wallpaper are vintage, and the exposed lightbulbs and copper piping demonstrate their industrial heritage. There is something reassuring about this bathroom, despite the fact that it should be unsettling due to the colour black.

    Modern Bathroom With Rustic Rug

    Sometimes, contemporary bathrooms can feel a bit... sterile. The grayish-green tile in this bathroom could easily work in a medical facility; however, because there is a gorgeous red rustic rug there, it does not feel like a hospital at all. Also, take note of the original lighting fixture, which has a touch of the industrial aesthetic about it.

    Contemporary Bathroom With Glass Wall

    This bathroom is very macho and European in design (take note of the bidet toilet), and it is also contemporary, dark, and moody. The use of a glass brick wall instead of a traditional wall in the walk-in shower is certainly an innovative design choice. It does not completely conceal the occupant, but it does distort their appearance.

    Classic Bathroom With Lotus Wallpaper and Gold Accents

    This compact yet striking bathroom benefits from the addition of lovely movement provided by the lotus flower's round, soft shape. The veins in the marble countertop are brought out beautifully by the light grey vanity, and the monotony of the pattern on the wallpaper is broken up by the gold-framed mirror.

    Walk-In Shower With Glass French Doors

    It is intentional that this walk-in shower's large doors, which are designed in the style of French doors, give the impression of a window. Because of the claustrophobic effect that black has on a room, there needs to be a lot of glass or other transparent materials in the room.

    Luxury Log Cabin Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

    The furnishings and decorations inside a log cabin do not have to be tacky or inexpensive. For instance, this beautifully luxurious bathroom has all the style of a cosy log cabin, but with a conscious, thought-out decor. The cabin theme is carried out through the use of natural elements. The location of the freestanding tub takes full advantage of the breathtaking scenery provided by the surrounding garden.

    Industrial Bathroom With Geometric Washbasin

    The washbasin and mirror both have a smooth, geometrical appearance, which stands in contrast to the roughness of the brick wall and the unfinished wood table in this room. Taps that are built into the wall free up valuable floor space, and a dynamic tile mosaic in black and white adds visual interest.

    Dark Tile Walk In Shower

    The rain shower head and the dark, ominous tile in this stormy walk-in shower contribute to the incredible atmosphere that the space exudes. The blue lights contribute to the calming atmosphere, making it feel as if you are sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm. (Thunderstorms can be very relaxing for some people!)

    Marble and Ivory Bathroom

    The ever-traditional white bathroom is given a contemporary update by the addition of this understated yet stunningly patterned wallpaper. The veins in marble are evoked by the grey on white, and the circular shapes provide a contrast to the square angles that are present throughout the space.

    Desert Retro Bathroom

    A place of refuge and revitalisation, a bathroom can be found in desert environments. The cacti and the straightforward retro dial radio that are placed close to the bathtub contribute to the bathroom's overall streamlined aesthetic. Having exactly what you need, with neither more nor less, can bring about a sense of peace like few other things can. Finding the right home constructions company Melbourne is an important decision. Check out our range of the best home design constructions at Hitch Property Constructions.

    Luxury Tub/Shower Combo

    The bathtub and shower in this luxurious resort bathroom have been combined into one convenient unit. This room features a circular freestanding tub, which allows the occupants ample opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery. The gorgeous interior is given the ideal kind of understated support by the natural wood surroundings, which are unadorned and unadorned.

    Utilize aspects that make them desirable, such as sleek, uncluttered lines and cutting-edge technology, in the design of your new bathroom by taking cues from these sexy elements. The bathroom remodel is one of the top projects that brings a good return on your financial investment, according to the annual report of cost versus value remodel projects. It is important to recoup the costs of your bathroom remodel when you sell your home, but it is much more enjoyable to use a space that features cutting-edge design.

    FAQs About Bathroom Renovation

    Always tile the floor first if you want to achieve a high-quality finish that also provides a better barrier against water damage. This recommendation comes unanimously from the bathroom fitters.

    The primary distinction between the two is that one refers to the process of returning something to a state that it was in previously, whereas the other describes the process of developing something new.

    The process of modifying both the practicality and the aesthetics of an area is referred to as remodelling. It may involve tearing down a wall in order to increase the size of a bathroom and rearranging the furniture in a kitchen in order to move the cabinets, refrigerator, sink, and stove to new positions. Adding on to your house qualifies as a remodel even though it's technically a new structure.

    There is no requirement that wall tiles and floor tiles be identical, but it is preferable. Tiles for the floor and the walls should, above all else, create a unified appearance by either combining solid colours of the same hue, coordinating patterns with colours, or using solid colours that are complementary to one another. This will produce an aesthetically pleasing result.

    White tiles are still the most popular choice for tile colour, especially in bathrooms that are on the smaller side. Your small bathroom will feel larger and have more natural light if you tile it in a light colour. White tile is a timeless and appropriate selection for any bathroom, but it is especially appropriate when there is very little or no natural light entering the room.

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