The Cheapest Way to Build a Deck

The cost of decking materials will vary depending on the type and quality of material you choose, where you live, and what type of lumberyard you buy from. The price of decking is a commodity just like gasoline.

The cheapest decking material is pressure treated wood. You can expect to pay between $.75 and $1.25 per linear foot for 5/4×6 ACQ treated decking from a big box store. You should sort through the bins to find the best boards. Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards usually only stock short lengths of decking less than 12′ which will leave your deck with more seams. If you go to a local lumberyard where contractors are more likely to buy from you will usually find higher grade materials with longer available lengths at a slightly higher price. Pressure treated wood is considered an economy material which is ideal for people working within a tight budget but doesn’t always hold up as well over time. Routinely staining your deck will help protect your deck but it is not uncommon for pressure treated decking to split, crack, warp, and turn gray in a few years. 

Cedar and redwood decking prices range from about $1.25 to $2.00 per linear foot for 5/4×6 stock. Redwood is commonly available on the west coast but is scarce in the eastern United States. Higher grade materials and long lengths will cost a premium.Looking for home deck services? Look no further! Hitch Property Constructions has you covered.

With over 100 brands to choose from there is a wide range of prices for vinyl and composite decking. The higher end name brands usually cost between $3.00 to $4.00 per linear foot. The big box stores offer economy composite materials for about half the price. As an additional cost many composite decking systems use special screws or hidden fasteners that can be expensive.

Exotic hardwood decking materials such as Ipe are usually the most expensive option. You can expect to pay between $4.00 to $5.00 for 3/4×6 Ipe. Ipe is only available at higher end lumberyards and is usually a special order item. Exotic hardwoods usually require side mounted hidden fastener clips which will add to the total cost.

What are multi-level decks used for?

Multi-level decks can be utilized similar to a regular deck, however various levels could additionally be designated as areas for different activities.

For example, you may have a barbecueing area on an upper deck closer to your house, and a bigger dining or enjoyable area listed below it on a different degree – or a raised or lowered area for a pool or day spa.

An additional reason great reason to mount a tiered deck is to utilize space in your yard that would previously have been pointless because of sloping ground.

Multi-levelled outdoor decking may additionally aid you to take advantage of offered room without encroaching on your neighbours’ sights.

The Cheapest Way To Build A Deck

How are multi level decks constructed?

These decks are built like the majority of various other decks. The articles for the deck are measured up in line with the house, concreted in and also enabled to establish.

The holders are fastened to the messages and also the joists spaced in between the bearers to support them and also provide additional strength to the structure.

The outdoor decking is then superimposed on the top, beginning alongside your home as well as functioning exterior.

Stairs or ramps are built to supply gain access to in between the degrees as well as are usually superimposed with outdoor decking for connection, though large stones and sleepers could function just as well. Check out our Melbourne decking services services here. 

Any stairways or ramps should be built with very easy maintenance in mind as these areas can catch dirt and also debris, quickly coming to be an eyesore.

The elevation between the various rates of your deck will have to be thought about – if it’s beyond the standard demands, you may also have to mount handrails on the edges of the upper wood decking levels.

5 Benefits of Adding a Deck to a House

1. It Provides Extra Entertainment Space

We’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth repeating.

Adding a deck provides you more room for hanging out and entertaining. Rather than stuffing everyone in the kitchen—while you cook and mix drinks—have them gather around on the deck furniture outside.

This gives you extra space inside, too, leaving you with a myriad of options for parties and playdates. The square footage of your home just went up big-time!

2. Adding a Deck to a House Improves Home Value

Not only does a deck increase your home value, but it offers a substantial return on investment.

The typical ROI for adding a wooden deck is about 85% of the cost of the project. Homeowners who paid about $10,000 for a new deck saw their home’s value increase by almost $9,000 when it came time to sell!

3. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing (For You and Your Neighborhood)

Simply put, decks look great and add a significant curb appeal to any home.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, too, offering you a plethora of designs and details to make yours unique.

Imagine potential home buyers scouring the neighborhood years down the line. If they see your neighbor’s house, and yours right next to it with a deck, they’ll likely be more inclined to check out yours first.

4. It Can Be a Quick Installation

Installing a deck doesn’t take as long as many other home renovation projects.

In as little as a few weeks, you could have a whole new addition to your home. This is another reason to hire a reputable contractor as well. They have the expertise to install it in a months’ time (or less), a considerable difference than a DIY installation would take.

5. It’s Affordable

Say you want to increase your home’s square footage but you don’t have an endless budget.

The national average cost for installing a home addition is about $200 per square foot. Compare that with the average $30 per square foot of a new deck, and, well, you do the math!

27 Design Ideas Multi Level Decks

Decks as well as porches have been around for years, nevertheless, wood decking styles have advanced considerably with time.

Advancements in innovation allow you tailor your deck in a virtually boundless number of methods. One technique that is gradually gaining appeal is multi-level decks.

They can add dimension as well as more home to your present deck, in addition to style. Lots of people like for their outside living space to be a little bit much more private, this style of deck can aid with that.

1. Two level deck overlooking a pool

This extraordinary collection of decks are high enough to watch out over the sizable pool as well as the forested land beyond the yard’s fence.

The leading rate is a dining area, with an additional table and chairs on the rate below.

2. Two level deck and patio area

The bottom tier of this deck is attached to the residence, while the leading sits at eye level with among the interior home windows and serves as an eating location.

3. Spacious two level deck

The house leads out onto the top rate of this spacious deck. The side of the reduced level is evaluated in by vine-covered latticed displays. Hitch Property Constructions has a wide range of decking services Melbourne services.

4. Multi level decks with spiral staircases

This incredible deck has a number of rates that are connected to each other through thin pathways as well as stunning spiral stairs.

The property owners can go from the first stage to the top flooring’s porch without ever tipping foot inside the residence.

5. Multi level decks with two staircases

Relying on where your guests intend to be, they can take one of the two collections of stairs coming off this deck.

One set is angled and also leads to the front lawn, while the other leads directly down to the pool.

6. Two level deck and patio with infinity pool

The even more refined degrees of this deck as well as patio disguise the depth of the infinity swimming pool as well as hot tub. The landscaping is rich and also apparently exotic.

7. Three level decks and patio

Seen from above, this multi-level deck has stairs leading down on either side to various other degrees and even down to a backyard and also a garage.

8. Multi level raised deck and overlook

The sheer height of this deck allows residents to see beyond the greatly landscaped yards. The top tier includes a dining area, while among the lower rates has easy chair for sunbathing.

9. Two level wooden deck

An easy wooden deck leads down into a secondary floor tile outdoor patio area, creating the preferred impact of separate areas without the expense of developing several wooden layers.

10. Two level decks as well as balcony

Two level decks as well as balcony

The large elevation of the upper level of this deck makes it really feel a lot more like a veranda, while simultaneously creating a covered deck area below.

11. Two level deck with hot tub

Steps lead up to a little increased section of the deck that keeps an eye out over the backyard. The middle rate is home to a hot tub, as well as is far more private than the other tiers.

12. Multi level decks with attached kitchen area

This deck facility includes a big dining location, a protected kitchen area, and also a reduced tier with a fenced hot tub that forgets the swimming pool.

13. Multi level cedar deck with privacy wall

This charming cedar deck has two distinctive areas: the leading level is walled off with ornamental privacy wall surfaces as well as serves as a private eating and amusing location.

While the lower level is open and also is an excellent location to enjoy the wind and take in some sunlight.

14. Two level decks with landscaping between

This circular deck has 2 tiers with landscape design between each level, including personal privacy and also a sense of nature throughout the readily available enjoyable space.

15. Beach house decks with two level

The deck of this wonderful residence is divided into three unique areas. The leading level is a protected deck with lots of lounge space, while the lower locations are split by a set of stairs.

16. Multi level stone patio as well as decking

A huge planter separates the pathway in between the two distinct locations of this stone outdoor patio as well as deck.

Covert just behind the tree is a jacuzzi, while an extra informal resting area is below, versus the planters.

17. Three level deck with distinct shapes

Each section of this deck has a distinctive objective and also form. The curved seats area on the top level makes love and also the ideal area to drink early morning coffee.

One step down is the dining area, which over looks the backyard, and still lower is an additional, bigger, sitting location.

18. Multi level decks and veranda

The top rate of this deck is in fact a veranda that keeps an eye out over the swimming pool and patio area below.

A collection of stairways leads down to the sunbathing and also swimming area below. The large length of this protected terrace makes it very easy to split it into different areas.

19. Increased Multi level decks as well as walkways

The deck of this residence was built up in degrees to make the most of the expansive forest views. Each level is affixed to the main home, as well as to one another.

20. Covered veranda and multi level decks

Near to the home is a wicker eating collection. A wide collection of stairs leads to a more intimate eating set, and also various other degrees lead down to the patio area below, where the swimming pool is located.

21. Pergola covered multi level decks

The reduced level of this wood deck is covered by a pergola, which adds design as well as the slightest little color. Fabric can be knotted through to create a canopy, or it can be used like an arbor.

22. Multi level decks with a balcony

The leading rate of this deck stretches around the side of the house, yet likewise leads to a reduced deck that is the best size for a hot tub.

23. Two level decks with minimalist landscaping

The top level of this deck imitates a porch and also rests above a glass-encased sunroom listed below.

24. Two level patio and second story balcony

This outdoor patio has 2 subtle levels, with a glass balustrade separating the leading level from the lower level, which includes the pool.

25. Two level decks and patio

This easy wood deck has stairs that lead down onto a more spacious rock patio area.

26. Two level decks with basement stairwell

The dining area at the top level is maintained separate from the outdoors grill on the lower level. Still reduced is the swimming pool as well as a stairwell leading into the basement.

27. Multi level stone patios attached to a decks

The ordinary wooden deck attached to the major home preceedings a secondary patio as well as shed through a collection of stone stairways via the landscaping.

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