Renovate A Garage

How much does it cost to renovate a garage?

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    Do you require a place where your car can be stored safely, in addition to additional storage space?

    You might be thinking about getting a garage, and the first thing that crosses your mind is probably how much money all of this is going to set you back.

    You should budget anywhere from $1200 to $1680 per square metre for the cost of constructing a new garage. This price range is determined by the kinds of materials you use.

    Brick veneer will run you somewhere between $1200 and $1600 per square metre, while full brick will cost somewhere between $1300 and $1680 per square metre.

    Similar to houses, garages can be constructed using a wide variety of materials and come in a variety of sizes. The price of a garage will vary depending on the materials that are used in its construction as well as the size of the building. Hitch Property Constructions has the biggest range of garage renovations in Melbourne. Check it out here.

    Reasons for renovating your garage or shed

    You should consider renovating your garage or shed for a number of reasons, including the following:

    • Because of the disorder, you run the risk of falling and injuring yourself, and it will be difficult to find anything.
    • Because there is insufficient space, there is a possibility that you will run into things or that you will be unable to complete any work. It is possible that you will be required to park your vehicle outside if you use the garage.
    • It is dangerous because if your children or pets have access to tools and chemicals, they could injure themselves.
    • You have recently acquired new equipment, but there is a possibility that you do not have enough storage space to accommodate it.
    • You require more convenience. It could take you quite some time to locate the tool that you require, which would consequently slow down your work.

    It is always best to first determine your needs, regardless of how you plan to use your budget; this step is not optional. It is always best to first determine your needs, regardless of how you plan to use your budget; this step is not optional.

    Renovate A Garage

    How do I organise storage in my garage?

    Organizing the storage in your garage is one of the most efficient and economical ways to improve its appearance. It is possible to have a garage that is well-organized and free from chaos, and this is something that can be accomplished with relative ease.

    A wide variety of hooks, suitable for hanging bikes, tools, and various other items, can be purchased at the majority of hardware stores.

    They are all relatively inexpensive, but your choice of motif will depend on the weight of what you want to hang on your walls. This will determine which theme you go with. If you want to instal metal hooks into concrete walls, you might need to use a drill bit designed for masonry.

    There is a wide selection of plastic adhesive hooks that are suitable for use with lighter items. If you find that you need to rearrange things, you can simply remove them and put them back where they were before.

    In the world of interior design, traditional pegboards are making a comeback, but in the world of garage organisation, they were never really out of style. In addition to being able to be painted, the perforations in them make it possible to attach a variety of hooks and brackets. Pegboard can be installed on the inside of concrete garage walls to help reduce echo and improve sound quality.

    When shopping for cabinets and shelves, be sure to select fittings that are built to last as much as possible. You won't be able to use the shelving that you select for your linen cabinet for the garage because it's not strong enough to hold heavier items.

    Steel shelves that are purpose-built are available at hardware stores, and they do not require any nuts or bolts for assembly. Some shelves have the capacity to support up to 200 kilogrammes of weight each, making them ideal for storing or displaying heavy equipment.

    It is important to keep in mind that sharp tools and dangerous materials, such as poisons and flammable liquids, should be stored in a secure location for the sake of everyone's safety. Cabinets made of galvanised steel, with doors that can be locked and shelves that can be adjusted, should do the trick.

    By installing specialised hooks and brackets on your garage's walls and ceiling, you can store bikes, kayaks, and other types of sporting equipment out of the way and out of sight.

    What type of garage

    You need to take some time to think things through before obtaining pricing information because you need to decide what kind of garage you want. You can essentially go one of two ways:

    Freestanding garages are an alternative to attached garages. These detached garages can be constructed out of brick or come as part of a prefabricated kit that is delivered to the site already assembled. The second choice is much more cost-effective than the first, even though it will not blend in as seamlessly with the style of your house as a dedicated structure would.

    Attached Garage: This kind of building is connected to your current residence and functions as a garage. This particular style of garage is inherently more expensive, but installing one on your property might boost its value. You could eventually turn this into a home office or a living space for an elderly relative.

    How much does a garage cost?

    The materials, the builder's permits, the insurance, and the plans will all have an impact on the total cost of your garage.

    As with any other building project, you can anticipate receiving estimates based on a per-square-meter basis. Let's take a look at each component of the structure to determine how much money we might need to spend on constructing a garage.

    You can anticipate the following costs if you choose to have your garage floor concreted:

    • $60 to $85 per square metre for plain concrete

    To cover your roof with Colorbond, you can expect to pay:

    • $6680 for a flat freestanding Colorbond roof (9m x 4.5m)

    In terms of the costs associated with building, you can anticipate paying:

    • $1200 to $1600 per square metre for brick veneer
    • Full brick construction costs between $1300 and $1680 per square metre.

    How much does it cost to add a garage door on a low budget?

    If you have an existing sectional garage door that is still in good condition, but you have to open it manually, or if its automatic opening moto is past its best, you may want to consider upgrading its door opener to a new model that is both quiet and modern.

    Try searching for inexpensive new standard models or second-hand doors and motors. You might also want to try getting in touch with manufacturers to enquire about the possibility of purchasing factory seconds from them.

    How much does it cost to add a garage door on a mid-range budget?

    It is important to plan ahead in order to reduce expenses as much as possible. If you are planning to insulate your garage door at the same time that you are having new carpet installed, or if the internal access to your garage is located next to a bedroom or living area, you can take those considerations into account when you are making your initial estimate.

    Paintable fibreglass doors are an alternative to other external access doors leading into a garage. These doors are also a good choice for woodsheds and utility areas.

    You should budget the following amounts for a garage door:

    • $1500 to $1800 for a double roller door (installed)
    • $2000 and $3000 for a double sectional garage door

    Hitch Property Constructions has the best range of renovations services to help you create your dream house.

    How much does it cost to insulate the garage?

    The practise of weatherproofing and insulating garages is gaining popularity among a growing number of homeowners.

    The addition of insulation, such as Pink Batts, does not incur a significant additional cost when a new garage is constructed.

    When customers are adding a partition wall to create a room within a garage, they often choose to remove the existing wall linings and then insulate the garage. However, this is a choice that is made by a smaller percentage of customers overall. If you are going to be storing records and other business documents, it is especially important to ensure that the area is dry.

    What type of flooring should I use?

    does finishing a garage add value?

    If you want to give your concrete garage floor a facelift but are content with how it currently looks, giving it a new coat of paint might be all that's necessary. It is essential to use paint designed specifically for use in garages because it must be resistant to abrasion and chemicals and must also be able to withstand the heat generated by car tyres.

    It is helpful to have concrete floor paint in garages that are suitable for long-life and non-slip floors. This is especially true if the garage is going to be used as a workshop.

    In order to properly prepare and paint a garage floor with a two-pack epoxy floor coating, the following advice should be followed.

    To begin, the surface of the concrete will need to be washed with hydrochloric acid and water in order to remove any old paint, coating, or glue that may be present. After that, you will need to apply two coats of topcoats.

    f you want the product to be completely dry, you have to wait seven days after the paint has been allowed to dry before starting the hardening process. Reduce the number of people walking across the surface during this time.

    The installation of carpets in garages is gaining widespread favour. The addition of a cushioned floor surface to your garage not only makes it a more pleasant place to spend time but also expands the room's range of possible uses.

    As is the case with everything else, you get what you pay for. If your finances are extremely tight, you might want to look into the local flooring outlets that your online second-hand reseller recommends.

    When it comes to garage carpets, functionality is king. There is a selection of colours available across a variety of brands, but nowhere near the variety that can be found in residential carpet.

    Styles such as "Anthracite," which is a dark grey colour, are extremely popular because of their functionality. If your vehicle gets tracked in dirt or springs an oil leak, it won't be as noticeable on this low-key colour and will instead look like an accent or a beauty mark on the vehicle.

    It must be a carpet that is designed specifically for use in garages, no matter what colour people decide to go with. Traditional carpet or vinyl will not suffice for this project.

    Polypropylene carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner for routine maintenance or hosed down in the event of a mess. However, oil spills are much easier to spot.

    The garage floor is covered with carpet that is glued directly to the concrete. Because it does not adhere to painted surfaces, the paint on your garage floor will need to be removed prior to application if it is painted.

    Before you begin, you need to check and make sure that your floor already has adequate damp proofing. Any holes that you find will need to be filled, and any bumps will need to be ground down to create a flat surface.

    Because carpet retailers always take measurements of the space before ordering carpet, they are able to advise you on whether or not your garage floor requires any remedial or preparatory work and even arrange for it on your behalf. There may be an additional charge for this, depending on what is required.

    Factors that affect the cost of building a garage

    It is important to have a sturdy garage or shed, particularly if the building contains a workshop. A garage or shed that is tidy, risk-free, and well-organized makes for a more pleasant working environment, reduces the likelihood of accidents, and enables you to complete your work effectively and on schedule.

    If you have a large garage or shed, there will be plenty of room for all of your work tools and equipment, as well as lawn equipment and other tools and items that are used only during specific seasons.

    It is essential to have an accurate understanding of the various elements that may influence the overall cost of constructing a garage or shed. You will be able to create an accurate budget for the project using this method. When making an estimate of costs, some of the following factors should be taken into consideration:


    When compared to a smaller structure, a larger garage or shed will, of course, have a higher construction cost. It will also take more time to complete, which is an important consideration, particularly if you have hired your builder on an hourly basis.

    The cost of materials

    The initial investment in high-quality materials may be greater, but in the long run, they will prove to be more beneficial to you and more cost-efficient. Materials of a higher quality have a longer lifespan and are better able to withstand the effects of weather than materials of a lower quality.

    Skills and experience of the builder

    When you hire people to construct your garage or shed, you should be sure to hire only licenced businesses. They will charge you a higher rate for their labour than unlicensed tradesmen would, but they can guarantee that the work will be of a higher quality.

    Additional services

    In most cases, the initial estimate that will be provided to you will not include certain services, such as the installation of an automatic garage door, decorative concrete flooring, or garage painting. If you want to add these features to your garage, you should make sure that you have a little bit of extra money saved up so that you can pay for them.

    Tips to help you get off to a good start

    When you are planning a renovation, the first thing you will need to do is calculate the amount of money, labour, and time that will be required to complete the project.

    This is true regardless of whether you plan to update an outdated kitchen or increase the usable space in your backyard by building a deck. Therefore, in order to get off to a good start, I have compiled a few pointers for you here.

    Get lots of inspiration

    Before beginning the process of getting quotes and selecting materials, you need to have a crystal clear idea of what it is that you want. If you know you want to redo your kitchen but aren't sure what style you want, you can get ideas for different styles from magazines that focus on home improvement and design, or you can use Pinterest to find creative ideas and save them for later use.

    Make a detailed plan

    The development of a comprehensive plan is critical to the accomplishment of your home improvement project. Even though your contractor will most likely be able to assist you with this, there are a few things that you will need to decide on beforehand, such as your spending limit as well as the materials and finishes that you prefer.

    Allow plenty of time

    The duration of a renovation or remodelling project may end up being significantly longer than originally estimated; therefore, you should schedule plenty of extra time in case of unforeseen setbacks. When things move more slowly than expected, it is helpful to have more time planned into your schedule than you believe you will require in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

    Compare all your quotes

    Before making a final choice, it is in your best interest to first obtain estimates from multiple different contractors. This will allow you to evaluate each one individually and determine whether or not you are getting a fair price.

    Check the contractor's reputation, ask a lot of questions, and look out for any hidden fees. It goes without saying that high-quality materials have a higher price tag, and skilled contractors typically charge more than less experienced ones.

    In the event that you are prepared to get started, the following is a rundown of how much money various kinds of home improvement projects in Australia will cost you, in addition to the amount of time and effort that will be required for each one.

    Who can build your garage?

    There is a good chance that you will need the assistance of a builder when constructing your garage.

    If a builder wants to work on your house, they need to have the appropriate licencing and insurance in every state. It is against the law to hire a builder who is not licenced, and doing so could result in a monetary penalty or even something more serious. In addition to this, builders should make sure they have valid insurance, such as professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, and builders warranty insurance.

    Hiring a garage builder

    When it comes time to hire a garage builder, you should make sure that the person you choose is qualified for the job. Included in the following are some questions you should ask them:

    • Have you attained the necessary qualifications and registered or licenced yourself?
    • Do you have current insurance (both professional indemnity and public liability insurance) that covers your business?
    • Have you worked on any projects in the residential sector before?
    • Is it possible for you to provide a written quote?
    • How long will it take to complete my job?
    • Do you have any references that I can look into further?

    Are you looking for garage renovations in Melbourne? No need to look any further. You have nothing to worry about when you hire Hitch Property Constructions.

    Effect on house resale value when you renovate your garage

    If you want to get the most out of the area, you should make some adjustments and incorporate some practical features that will probably appeal to the vast majority of homeowners.

    When it comes to the property's potential resale value, a renovation that is carried out correctly has the potential to be a profitable investment.

    It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the work matters, particularly if you are planning a significant change such as turning the garage into a bedroom. It will not do much to increase the resale value of your home if you convert your garage into a "bedroom" that has poor insulation, no windows, and the original garage door.

    The work that you had done on your home must be permitted, it must be done in a professional manner, and it must improve both the practicality and the aesthetic appeal of your property.

    To calculate your return on investment (ROI), you must first consider the amount of money you intend to spend in comparison to the anticipated rise in resale value. Changing your garage into liveable space can give you a return on investment of up to 80 percent if it's done correctly.

    Getting estimates from garage builders in your area is the most effective way to determine the financial requirements of your undertaking. We have an extensive range of home repairs Melbourne services at Hitch Property Constructions.

    This will provide you with an idea of what the current rates on the market are. You want a garage that not only complements the look of your property but also works within the confines of your financial plan because it is such an obvious part of the house.

    FAQs About Garage Renovation

    It is well worth the investment to make improvements to your garage, whether those improvements consist of simply adding more storage space, re-coating the floor, or completely gutting the space. Your remodelled and expanded garage will provide you with a substantial increase in both storage and usable space. You could turn it into a new room for your hobbies or workshop, a home gym, or give your family more space to move around in.

    In point of fact, the data provided by HomeAdvisor indicate that the typical cost of converting a garage into a finished room is $11,986. This represents an average return on investment of 80%. Therefore, a finished garage not only offers additional choices for living space, but it also contributes significantly to an increase in the value of the home.

    As long as the work being done is on the interior of the building and does not involve expanding it, homeowners typically do not need permission from the local planning authority in order to convert their garage into an additional living space for their home.

    Drywall is a fantastic building material that has a high fire resistance and is therefore an excellent addition to garages as a building material. In addition to people working on cars while using potentially combustible products, garages typically contain power tools, materials that can easily catch fire, and flammable substances. In order to maintain a secure environment, the installation of drywall might be a good idea.

    Insulation on the garage ceiling is typically not required if the garage is only used as a place to store vehicles, particularly if insulation is already present in the walls of the garage. However, if you have insulation on the walls but you notice that the temperature in the garage has a tendency to fluctuate, installing insulation on the ceiling might be something that is worth the time and money.

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