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How can I fix my old garage?

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    A renovation project may be in order for your garage if it has degenerated into a cluttered storage area with no room for a vehicle to park in it.

    You can improve the look of your garage as well as its functionality with a few straightforward improvements, such as organising your tools, installing improved storage options, upgrading your light fixtures, and giving the walls a new coat of paint.

    Garages can serve a variety of purposes, ranging from a straightforward location in which to keep one's tools and various containers of storage to an entertaining space that the whole family can use.

    There are many different garage trends that are popular today. These trends get even more creative with these spaces by furnishing them with a variety of themes, ranging from a sheikh from the 1920s to an ultra-modern man cave furnished with all of the most recent technology.

    As a homeowner, you might want to transform this space into a one-of-a-kind area that reflects some aspect of your personality or that simply gives a neglected area the much-needed makeover it requires. If you are one of these homeowners, you may be asking yourself on a regular basis and with increasing urgency: "Do I need to do a complete garage rebuild?"

    This can be a daunting prospect considering that tearing down your old garage and building a new one is not an easy task, nor is it an inexpensive one.

    It is important to understand why it is necessary to rebuild, as well as many of the factors that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. First, before we get into the specifics of this, though, let's find out if a straightforward redesign is more in line with your preferences.

    Should we rip it down or try to fix it up? This is probably a question that has crossed your mind if your garage is currently a disorganised storage area that is falling apart. When was the last time you actually brought your vehicle into your garage and parked it there?

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    How to Restore Your Garage

    My Old Garage

    Clean Up

    Eliminating items from the garage will make it much simpler to clean. A revitalised appearance can be achieved in the garage by sweeping away cobwebs, dusting, pressure cleaning the walls and floors and washing the windows. Keep in mind that the garage door tracks and storage cabinets need to be cleaned. It may be possible to remove grease and other stains from the garage floor using cleaners that contain citrous.


    Garages frequently take on the role of a catch-all space for the storage requirements of homes. Conduct an inventory of the things that are currently being kept in the garage and decide what should be removed or discarded and what should be kept.

    Once you have made your decision, organise the shelving that is already there or instal new shelving or storage bins. Storage options that provide a water-resistant seal or have a secure closing mechanism can protect items from being damaged by water or insects.


    There is a possibility that the light from the garage door opener's single bulb will not provide sufficient illumination for certain activities. Restoring garage lighting may involve either replacing or updating the existing fixtures, as well as the addition of new light sources.

    While fluorescent light fixtures are able to illuminate large storage areas, track lighting can provide a light source that is both bright and flexible over an area that contains a workbench. Car maintenance can benefit from the direct illumination provided by directional floodlight fixtures.


    Painting concrete garage floors is a straightforward do-it-yourself restoration project that can be done. Epoxy paint will provide a durable paint solution. Installation of flexible floor tile, a hybrid polymer floor covering, clay tile, or pavers is some of the upgrade options that may be available.

    It is possible to imitate the floors that are found in race car garages and automobile showrooms by giving the surface a high level of gloss.

    Garage Doors

    To bring back the fresh appearance of a garage, the doors that are already there can either be repainted or replaced. The garage can have a more personalised air thanks to upgraded features like doors that simulate wood or barn doors.

    Remodel vs Rebuild

    Rebuilding is not always necessary in order to give new life to your storage space in the garage. Because garages are held to the same standards as the rest of your home, they are constructed to endure for a significant number of years.

    It is important that you ask yourself a few questions before beginning the process of making plans to alter your garage. How long do you plan to remain a resident of this house?

    Do you desire a larger living space or additional space for your automobiles? Your responses to these questions will provide you with a general idea of the amount of money you are willing to invest in the renovation of your garage. If you don't think you'll be there for very much longer, a straightforward renovation might be the best option for you.

    A general rule of thumb states that if you intend to stay in the same place for at least five years, you should seriously consider redoing the garage in its entirety. After you have decided what you are willing to do, the next step is to examine the overall structure of your garage and make any necessary adjustments.

    Check everything from the ground up and all the way up to the ceiling, both inside and out. Cracks in the floor and walls that are no wider than a quarter of an inch can be easily fixed, but any cracks that are wider than this could indicate a more serious issue that will only get worse over time. If there is significant leaking coming from the roof, you might want to think about getting a new roof altogether.

    Generally speaking, you need to determine whether the issues with your garage are merely cosmetic or whether there are significant foundational issues.

    Things that might look unpleasant, such as a stained floor or a garage door that has seen better days, are actually quite simple to clean or replace. If there are any issues with the foundation or the structure of the garage, they are typically beyond the point where they can be easily repaired.

    Why Do a Rebuild?

    There are a lot of good reasons to give some thought to reconstructing your garage. A defective structure or foundation in the garage poses a significant risk to the public's safety. In spite of the fact that more extreme occurrences, such as it suddenly collapsing, are possible, the more pressing concern is with the more insidious but less dramatic problems.

    Mould and mildew can spread throughout your home and garage if you have a leaking roof, which can lead to a wide variety of respiratory problems and illnesses for you and your family.

    An improperly framed garage can lead to insulation issues, which can let moisture and wildlife into your home. There is a possibility that a sinkhole is developing beneath your house if you notice significant cracks in the floor.

    However, a rebuild doesn't necessarily have to be a response to an overall issue in your home in order to be necessary.

    When you build a new garage for your home, you can take comfort in the fact that you will be able to customise that portion of your property in a way that is more in keeping with your preferences.

    These areas are able to be custom designed with the dimensions and components that best suit your needs. A newer garage may also save you money in the long run.

    Although they can be an expensive investment, a new garage will have to go through all of the most recent building techniques and use materials that are more energy-efficient than the older version of the garage.

    This will allow the new garage to save you money in the long run. In conclusion, a brand-new rebuild has the potential to result in a return on investment ranging from 55 to 65 per cent.

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    What do I need to Consider for a Garage Rebuild?

    Outside of the simple need or desire to do a full-scale garage rebuild, there are many practical considerations you need to think about. These considerations are not optional.

    To begin, you must take into consideration all of the costs that are associated with constructing a garage. On average, you can expect to pay $25,000, with the range going all the way down to $6,000 and all the way up to $50,000. The amount can vary greatly depending on what you require and where you live, but on average, you can expect to pay $25,000.

    For the simplest garages, an average cost of $30 per square foot can be assumed as a reasonable estimate. Bear in mind that this cost does not necessarily include any tear-out and debris removal, which can potentially take a lot of time and money.

    If you decide to perform the labour yourself, you may be able to save money on it. However, it is important to keep in mind that even if you don't hire a contractor, you will still require the services of a licenced professional to inspect all of the work that you have done. You also need to think about the style of garage that you're going to want to have built.

    Garages, despite the fact that they all essentially perform the same function, can take on a few different appearances. They are typically classified as either attached or detached, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

    Because of their lower price point, attached garages are more prevalent than detached ones. The idea that it is simpler and less expensive to construct three walls as opposed to four is the guiding principle in this scenario.

    They are also more practical because it is simpler to use an older system to integrate into a newer one if it is still attached. This is another advantage of keeping an old system attached.

    A potential intruder would only be able to access whatever is in the garage as opposed to the rest of the house if the garage is detached from the house.

    This makes having a separate garage an advantage in terms of safety. In general, you need to take into consideration a variety of other aspects, such as the kinds of materials, windows, and levels of insulation that you will use.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Convert Your Garage

    Garage doors lead pretty simple lives. Up, down, up, down, over and over again, year after year, until all of a sudden they stop working the way that they are supposed to.

    Thankfully, due to the nature of that function, repairs are typically not too difficult to perform. However, every once in a while, even durable and old garage doors succumb to the elements or require significant maintenance.

    Basic Maintenance and Quick Fixes

    If your garage door is functioning properly right now, there is a good chance that you will be able to keep it in good working order almost indefinitely if you adhere to a straightforward inspection and maintenance routine. The following advice can also be used to fix problems that are just starting to show their head:

    • Investigate the rollers and tracks that are attached to the garage door. If you can't remember the last time you cleaned the rollers and tracks, now is the time to give them a thorough brushing and then lubricate the axles and rollers. If you can remember the last time you cleaned them, you can skip this step. Rollers' bearings can also deteriorate over time; you should replace any rollers that are unable to rotate smoothly.
    • Adjust the bolts and screws. On an overhead garage door, the tracks that act as guides for the rollers are constructed in sections, and then brackets are used to attach those sections to the garage. Check that the sections are securely fastened and that the screws and bolts used to hold the brackets in place are in good working order.
      Be sure to check the pulleys and cables. Garage doors that are operated by a spring mechanism have cables and pulleys that can become worn out over time. It is necessary to replace the frayed cables and damaged pulleys, which is a job that is best left to the professionals.
    • Check that the door is still balanced. To move a garage door up and down, you should only need to apply a few pounds of pressure at most. It's possible that a power garage door opener will have to work harder to lift the door if the springs have become worn out and lost their elasticity. This can cause the motor on the opener to wear out much more quickly. Changing out old springs with new ones typically requires the assistance of a trained technician.
    • Check that the door opener's autoreverse feature is working properly. When a garage door opener detects that there is something in the path of the door as it descends to the ground level, it will automatically reverse direction and lift the door back up. If this function is no longer functioning properly, the heavy door presents a safety risk, and the door opener should either be repaired or replaced in order to mitigate this risk.

    If none of these solutions resolves the issues you are experiencing, or if you would simply rather not mess with the door yourself, you should consider getting in touch with a qualified garage door installer and repair technician.

    Here are some other common garage door problems you may be able to fix yourself.

    Noisy Garage Door

    Garage doors that make a lot of noise are a source of numerous headaches, particularly for those who have to sleep above or close to the garage.

    Fortunately, the majority of problems with noisy garage doors can be resolved by performing some preventative maintenance as well as replacing a few components.

    If the basic maintenance tips that were described above do not work to quiet a noisy garage door, then it is possible that the hinges on the door need to be replaced. In addition, the rollers that move along the metal tracks can eventually become worn out and noisy if the bearing stop that holds them in place is not rolling smoothly.

    Frozen Garage Door

    It is precisely on those days of the year when it is the coldest that you have the greatest need for and will appreciate the convenience of a garage door that can be opened and closed in a hurry.

    Unfortunately, today is the kind of day on which the combination of cold and moisture can work together to make this task more challenging. It is possible for garage doors to freeze to the floor of the garage, and this does happen. When you press the opener button, there are times when the only thing holding the two together is a minor icy connection that can be broken.

    But if you try to open the door and it doesn't budge on the first try, resist the urge to keep pounding on the button for the automatic door opener.

    This will almost certainly result in a more serious issue with the garage door opener, which may include, but is not limited to, stripped gears, broken springs, and a motor on the opener that has completely burned out.

    Instead, you should experiment with other techniques that might be able to break the door's frozen connection to the floor.

    For instance, you could use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the ice and free the door. Another option would be to use a blow torch. Products typically used for de-icing can also be effective.

    You can also chip away at the ice with a flat shovel or another tool of the same kind, provided that you are careful not to damage the door or the seal that is located on the bottom of the door.

    After you have succeeded in opening the door, you will need to remove any water, ice, or snow that is on the floor beneath the garage door. Maintaining a dry environment in this area will prevent further freezing.

    Broken Glass

    It should come as no surprise that garage doors will on occasion experience broken glass because the majority of yards are used for play activities, including the use of baseballs and other types of sporting equipment.

    Broken glass in a garage poses a number of risks, including those related to safety and security, and it also extends an open invitation to every bird and insect in the neighbourhood to make their home in your garage.

    It doesn't matter what caused the glass to break; what matters is that it be repaired as soon as possible. One pane of glass can happily be swapped out for another in a matter of minutes. The procedures are identical to those used when installing new glass in residential windows.

    Safety Concerns

    Doors that are not properly maintained or that are equipped with older automatic garage door openers are potential safety time bombs because of the weight of overhead garage doors, which can weigh hundreds of pounds. The tragic stories of children or pets being injured or even killed by garage doors because they were trapped underneath a closing door are all too common, but they should not be. Accidents of this nature have become much less common thanks to the development of contemporary automatic door openers that include mechanisms for auto-stopping and auto-reversing, but accidents can still take place if the door and the door opener are not properly maintained.

    When a garage door opener is very old or when it stops working properly, installing a new opener is not just a matter of convenience; it is a matter of ensuring the safety of one's family.

    Security Issues

    The contents of the garage that you use so casually probably have a combined value of several thousands of dollars. This does not even take into account the vehicle that you park there.

    However, it is typically not too difficult for trespassers to get through this area. Installing a contemporary garage door opener that has revolving digital codes can significantly boost the level of security in a garage. These codes are difficult for even the most tech-savvy intruders to decipher.

    Faulty Garage Door Opener

    Although the front door is the one that receives the most attention, many of us actually enter and exit the house through the garage. This is true even though the front door is the focal point. Because of this, we rely on the garage door opening and closing automatically whenever we press the appropriate button.

    If the opener for your garage door decides to take the day off, you may find yourself stranded outside in inclement weather, such as a downpour or a snowstorm. There are a few straightforward steps that homeowners can take to diagnose and repair common issues with garage door openers, despite the fact that these issues may appear to be complicated.

    Worn-Out Springs

    Extension springs or torsion springs can be used to counterbalance the weight of a garage door by being connected to cables and pulleys. Because of the counterforce that these springs provide to the weight of the door, it is possible to raise and lower the door using only a few pounds of force, either by hand or with the assistance of a motorised garage door opener.

    This is made possible because of the springs. However, due to the constant pressure, they are subjected to, the springs will eventually break.

    When your garage door opener has difficulty opening the door, or when you begin to notice that it feels quite heavy to lift by hand, it is likely that the springs are wearing out and need to be replaced. Another sign that the springs are wearing out is when the door feels quite heavy to lift by hand.

    Because garage door springs are under a significant amount of pressure and can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, many homeowners choose to hire a professional to replace their springs rather than attempt the task themselves.

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    Worn-Out Garage Door

    A garage door can last for more than half a century if it is properly maintained, but if it isn't, it could break down within ten or fifteen years; at that point, there is no real alternative to replacing it other than to buy a new one.

    It is more likely that you will decide to replace the door for aesthetic reasons, which means that you will want to change the style of the door because you are simply sick of how it looks.

    Let's say you're considering tearing down your old garage and building a new one. In this scenario, there are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration, such as the total space, the type of garage that you want, and any additional energy-saving products that you want to incorporate into it.

    The typical cost across the country is approximately $25,000, but the amount you spend will ultimately be determined by the goals you wish to achieve.

    Rebuilding your home, despite the fact that it is a labour-intensive construction project, can result in a number of positive outcomes, including an increase in the property's value as well as an enhancement of the home's security.

    If the problems with your existing garage are relatively minor, such as mouldy drywall, a rusted garage door, and stained flooring, then a straightforward remodel of the existing garage might be a better and more cost-effective option for you than a complete rebuild of the garage.

    You can make your new garage into almost anything you want it to be; all it takes is a little bit of planning and a lot of hard work to get it done!

    FAQs About Garage Renovation

    In all honesty, shiplap is the most suitable material for use on garage walls. It is not only inexpensive but also very simple to put in place. What is this, exactly? The fact that it is solid wood, as opposed to drywall, makes it an ideal material for securing anything, anywhere, with hooks or nails.

    You are free to convert your remodelled garage into any kind of living space you want as long as you adhere to the requirements of the building code. When you try to build an independent living space, such as an apartment, on your property, you might run into more challenges than when you try to convert your garage into a single room. This is because the zoning regulations for each property are different.

    Putting up drywall in the garage is the first step in this project. The installation of drywall and insulation in the garage will help to make the garage more energy efficient and will assist it in maintaining a temperature that is comfortable. Additionally, it will make it appear less like a cold or sterile garage and more like a living space that is fit for human habitation.

    If you look into the total cost of the garage, you will discover that the cost of building a garage for the first automobile is higher than the cost of building a garage for additional automobiles. When compared to the price of a one-car garage, the price of a two-car garage is less than twice as much, and the addition of a third bay is even cheaper.

    Standard drywall panels of half an inch in thickness are used in garages the vast majority of the time. The only exception to this rule are ceilings that require 5x8 panels. In addition, for garages that are attached to the house, the wall that connects the two spaces must be constructed out of drywall that is rated for type X or 5x8 panels.

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