Fixing My House

How can I fix my house with no money?

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    When it comes to making repairs on your home that aren't quite within your current budget, there are three clear options that you can choose from.

    Before they become homeowners, the vast majority of people are under the impression that maintaining a property does not require much effort at all; however, this is not the case.

    Even if you buy a house, that does not mean that the only time you will have costs associated with it is when you are making the purchase. The grounds have shifted over the years, which has caused damage, and there is basic wear and tear that occurs from actually living inside of it. As a result, the structure and property require a lot of repairs and maintenance over time.

    Some really strange and unusual occurrences can cause some damage to a home, and many of those things will not be covered by insurance. However, there are some things that will be covered.

    When it comes to figuring out your next steps with a home on which you are unable to make repairs, it all depends on what you intend to do with it in the future.

    The standard of our home has a direct bearing on both the way we think and the way we live. Many individuals view the renovation as an unnecessary expenditure that will incur additional costs.

    However, you will be surprised to learn that certain renovation ideas can help you figure out how to renovate a house for either no money at all or for a sum that is less than one thousand AED, Dollars, or Pounds. Let's go into more depth about them right here!

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    Ways To Renovate a House with No Money

    Fix My House

    Do a Deep Clean

    Complete an extensive cleaning of the home's interior as well as its exterior before beginning any kind of remodelling work. Even if it isn't a smoker's home, giving everything a thorough cleaning is the most time- and money-effective way to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. Surprisingly, some things around the house require a little bit of effort in order to look as good as new. In addition, before beginning many types of remodelling projects, a thorough cleaning is required.

    Paint the Exterior

    One of the most important things to spend money on is painting the outside of a home's facade because it provides the greatest return on investment in a remodelling budget. There are a large number of homes that have been exquisitely renovated on the interior but have been sitting on the market for months because the investors who purchased them ran out of money and abandoned them in a state of disrepair on the exterior. Investing early on in painting the exterior of the house will help you avoid falling into this common trap. A house can be given new life and be brought to the forefront of attention with the help of the appropriate colour combination.


    In a similar vein, make sure that the exterior landscaping of your renovation project gets adequate attention. Adding new elements to landscaping, such as rocks, pavers, shrubs, and flowers, can be a quick and inexpensive way to improve its appearance. The objective is not to achieve perfection but rather to simply give the impression that both the front and back yards have been cleaned up and are ready for occupancy.

    Repaint the Windows & Shutters

    In a similar vein, painting the windows of a house will revitalise its personality and give the house a modern appearance, both on the inside and the outside, at a price that is relatively affordable. Be very careful, though, because you don't want to accidentally paint over the windows and then find that you can't open them. This will only give the impression that the job was done in a rush, which is not the result that is desired.

    Upgrade the Front Door

    You might want to consider giving the front door a facelift by having it repainted in a cheery and inviting colour such as red, yellow, or a light baby blue. Additionally, look into the possibility of adding a speciality feature or decorative statements to the door, and also consider upgrading the hardware. The additional cost of $40 to make the door stand out will be justifiable if it has a distinctive door that immediately captures the buyer's attention and inspires their imagination.

    Repaint the Interior

    Not only will the paint do wonders for the exterior of the home, but it will also do wonders for the interior. Even the drabbest home can be transformed into a comfortable environment that is appealing to potential buyers by applying a few coats of new white paint on most of the walls and painting one or two accent walls. Painting is a great hobby for a number of reasons, one of which is that you can easily reduce the cost of labour by doing it yourself.

    Repaint the Kitchen Cabinets

    Although it may be tempting to purchase brand new kitchen cabinets, this is a very costly endeavour that may not even be required in some cases. Instead, you should refinish and repaint the cabinets that are already there so that they more closely resemble their contemporary analogues. Even the most out-of-date cabinets can be made to look contemporary and brand new by sanding them properly and painting them with the appropriate kind of paint.

    Replace the Cabinet Hardware

    In addition, give some thought to the possibility of replacing the pulls and handles on all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Cabinet hardware that is contemporary, shiny, and brand new will give the impression to the untrained eye that the cabinets themselves are brand new, which will result in significant cost savings for the organisation.

    Upgrade the Kitchen Appliances

    Do not get rid of the kitchen appliances, even if you have an extremely tight renovation budget. If the thorough cleaning was not sufficient to restore their original shine, you can give the appliances you already have a facelift by repainting them, re-coating them with a film that looks like stainless steel, or covering them with magnetic decals that blend in with the surrounding environment.

    Install a New Backsplash

    The presence of a tile backsplash in either the kitchen or the bathroom is a typical indicator that prospective buyers will use to evaluate the quality of a remodel. Considering that the spaces that require a new backsplash are typically relatively small, it is worth the minimal investment to instal a new tile backsplash. Even the most basic subway tile, when paired with black grout, has the potential to create an upscale appearance for very little financial outlay.

    Peel and Stick Countertops

    If you are in need of new countertops for your home but are limited financially, you can take advantage of the abundance of peel-and-stick self-adhesive contact paper for countertops that is available for purchase online. Peel and stick countertops instantly give the appearance of upgraded marble, stone, or wood counters, and they are available at prices that are competitive with those of the natural materials they mimic.

    Peel and Stick Wall Panels

    There are also a great number of manufacturers that provide peel and stick wall panels, which are a method that can be utilised to impart a unique personality on a home. They are excellent for creating textured accent walls and are an affordable option for wainscoting.

    Cover Old Flooring

    If the house that you are renovating has outdated vinyl floors, you should cover them with a peel-and-stick vinyl flooring that is more up to date. The vinyl flooring available today, in contrast to its predecessors, is not only inexpensive but also attractive, and its proper installation does not call for any specialised knowledge or expertise.

    Replace the Carpet

    Carpet that is worn and torn should be swapped out for one that is newer and more up to date. When compared to other types of flooring, carpet continues to be relatively affordable. Furthermore, with the help of a few do-it-yourself videos, even the most inexperienced investors can easily cut the carpet and instal it. In addition to this, the carpet is a highly adaptable material. It conceals the underlying subflooring, breathes new life into rooms, and emits that fresh, new-home aroma that buyers covet.

    Upgrade Sink & Shower Fixtures

    Sink and shower fixtures that were made in the 1950s give off the distinct odour of an outmoded home more than anything else. To give the impression that the house was built in more recent times, you should give upgrading the plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms high priority in your budget.

    Refinish the Bathtub

    The cost of replacing an old bathtub can be quite high, and if the job is not done correctly, it can cause even more damage to the bathroom. You can save money by having the surface of the existing tub reglazed rather than replacing it entirely. This allows you to maintain the original character of older homes in particular, which is something that buyers really value.

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    Refinish the Doorknobs

    When remodelling an older home, one strategy that can save you money is to refinish the doorknobs that are already in the house. Use bronzer or spray paint to give previously worn-out handles a new coat of vitality, and they'll look as good as new!

    Remove old Shower Doors.

    Shower doors that have been in use for a long time shout out their age. Remove them entirely and instal a shower pole that can be adjusted along with brightly coloured curtains in their place. The bathroom will not only look and feel more open and spacious as a result of this update, but it will also be completely brought up to date.

    Update Light Fixtures

    Giving outdated light fixtures a contemporary makeover is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in the course of a remodelling project. Instead of purchasing brand new ones, you can spray-paint the ones you already have with dark colours (to conceal any imperfections). Either use wired hardware to replace the old sconces, or don't replace the sconces at all. Pendant lights that feature exposed light bulbs are experiencing a surge in popularity and are simple to include in an upgrade or remodel.

    Replace the Toilet Seat Cover

    The cost of new toilets can be shockingly high, and their installation is not always required. Remove the old seat cover and replace it with a newer model that is the same colour. This will save you the cost of purchasing an entirely new toilet.

    Change the Lightbulbs

    When it comes to establishing the tone and atmosphere of the various rooms in a house, lighting is of the utmost importance. Potential buyers will be put off of purchasing the home you are renovating if it has an atmosphere that is too gloomy and dark. When buyers walk through a home that is well-lit and bright, they get the impression that the home has recently been built. By exchanging older lightbulbs for LED bright lights, you can usher in a new era of illumination.

    Large Area Rugs

    As you get closer to the end of your renovation, there are a lot of final finishes that can be used to tie all the elements together that range in price from free to a few hundred dollars. The first is the placement of a large area rug in a room that is considered to be the hub of the home. A room can be transformed into a more liveable space almost immediately by adding a sizeable area rug that is both contemporary and bright.

    Install Full-Length Curtains

    Curtains that reach the floor add an additional dimension of sophistication and height to any room. They are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, giving consumers a wide range of options, and the installation process is brisk, affordable, and simple.

    Open shelving

    The use of open shelving is the newest trend in remodelled homes and can give your renovation a significant boost in terms of both value and wow factor. It is possible to transform many different parts of the interior of a home into contemporary spaces that attract the attention of potential buyers by using materials as simple as reclaimed (old) wood, sandpaper, and shelving racks.


    In addition, plants are an essential component that must be included in the staging of a home as you get closer and closer to the conclusion of your home improvement project. It has been demonstrated that having plants in a room increases the amount of oxygen in that space. Utilized in the appropriate manner, the break up the monotony of a newly renovated home and bring even more life to dead spaces than furniture could ever accomplish.


    Last but not least, as you start to get the house ready for open houses and showings, don't forget the importance of art in capturing the attention and interest of prospective purchasers. People will have an easier time imagining the elevated lifestyle they could have if they moved into a home that features the appropriate artwork strategically placed at various locations throughout the home. Art has the power to arouse positive feelings and provide visitors to your newly renovated home with a favourable first impression of the space.

    What Happens When A House Sits Empty?

    what happens when a house sits empty

    When a piece of real estate is left unoccupied for an extended period of time, the condition of the building will begin to deteriorate over time.

    When you are inside the house, you perform tasks such as turning on the air conditioner, sweeping or mopping the floors, turning on the water regularly, and addressing any exterior problems that may arise because it is possible that doing so will be necessary.

    However, if the home's plumbing, electrical systems, and other systems, as well as its appliances, are not used on a regular basis and are not properly maintained, then they will eventually become damaged.

    If the air is not being conditioned, then it may become more humid or collect more dust, which creates an ideal environment for pests, which will start to do damage to the structure little by little. When the air is not being conditioned, then it may become more humid or collect more dust.

    So, how long can you allow it to go without being used?

    It is difficult to say, and the answer may vary depending on where you are located; however, it is simple to tell when a house has been vacant for a few months because the air has a different smell, there is more dust, and you can tell that it has been vacant.

    After about a year, you may start to notice some noticeable degradation, such as holes in parts of the exterior where mice or other pests have burrowed and gotten inside. This may be the case if the degradation has been going on for a while.

    The longer you leave the house unoccupied and without maintenance, the greater the risk that it will sustain damage, which means that its value will gradually begin to decline.

    If You Are Trying To Sell The House That Needs Repairs

    You may come to the conclusion that you are unable to afford to make repairs to your home and that selling it is the only option available to you at this point in time.

    If you don't have the money to fix up your house, here are some options:

    When you are trying to compete with other listed properties that are ready to go, it can be difficult because most homes come with the expectation that the house will be "move-in ready." However, your home may need some work done to it before it can be considered "move-in ready."

    To be able to compete with that, you really need a lower price point to make up for the fact that the home requires some work to be done on it.

    However, if the discount, along with the closing costs and commissions, are going to be lower than your mortgage, this may not be possible. If this is the case, you will have to pay to sell your house, which defeats the purpose of trying to save money.

    You might want to think about doing a "for sale by owner," also known as FSBO, in order to reduce some of the costs associated with selling, but keep in mind that this will probably cause the sale of the house to take more time.

    Because investors prefer properties that require work to be done on them, selling your house to an investor (like us!) is a less well-known but often prefered alternative. Investors like homes that need work done on them.

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    Selling a house in poor condition.

    When you are thinking about selling your home despite the fact that it requires repairs, it is easy to assume that no one would be interested in purchasing it, but this is not the case.

    How do you go about selling a house that is in serious need of repairs? You go after a buyer with cash, like an investor in real estate, for example.

    When buying a house, investors are more willing to pay for things like closing costs and put some money into the pockets of the seller than a typical buyer would be. This is because investors typically do not intend to live in the home they are purchasing.

    However, an investor will try to negotiate a lower price in order to buy the property. As a result, they will negotiate to get it at a lower rate in exchange for purchasing it quickly and covering all of the costs.

    They will then be able to make the necessary repairs, re-list the item for sale, and turn a profit on the transaction. This is the reason why there are signs and commercials that say "we buy ugly houses."

    They will have to deal with closing costs and commision fees once they decide to sell the renovated house, which means that they will need to cover those costs before they can sell the house. If they cover a closing twice, handle all of the repairs labour and materials, and pay holding costs for multiple months, even though they purchased the property at a discount, it does not mean that they are making a lot of money from the transaction.

    Is it possible to sell a house that has problems? Absolutely!

    If you are dealing with problems such as foreclosure, tax delinquency, divorce, relocation, or any other life event that requires you to sell a house quickly, this is a great option to consider. We buy houses in any condition and in any location.

    Or if there are problems with the house's functionality in areas such as the electrical system, plumbing, heating system, roof, etc.

    An investor will take all of that into consideration before coming up with an offer and a strategy to purchase it from you, thereby creating a situation in which both you and they come out on top as winners.

    You can give us a call or fill out this form if you need to get an offer on your house. This will allow us to speak with you about your particular property and determine how we can assist you in your situation.

    Last but not least, before you resign yourself to paying that repair bill on your own, you should get in touch with the insurance company that covers your home to determine whether or not you are covered for at least a portion of it. In that case, the amount of money that comes out of your own pocket for medical expenses might end up being significantly lower.

    When you are working on your first or next project without spending any money, it is important to keep in mind that you do not want it to give the impression that you did not spend any money. Putting in the effort to ensure that renovations are done properly from the beginning is a simple and quick way to accomplish this goal. Pay close attention to the particulars and steer clear of embarrassing oversights like crooked paint lines or door handles that aren't screwed in all the way, as these can turn off a prospective buyer for your home and cost you money. Redesigning a space on a shoestring budget is an art form in its own right that merits the same amount of focus and consideration regardless of the size of the budget.

    FAQs About Home Repair

    You may or may not be sick of the white on white on white trend by this point, but this trend isn't going away when it comes to making an older home look like it was built more recently. The simplest, least expensive, and most functional method for concealing wall imperfections and unevenness is to paint the walls, ceiling, and trim all the same colour.

    Homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of both the interior and exterior of their properties, as well as the routine cleaning and inspection of those spaces on a regular basis. During the fall, you should rake the leaves and winterise the pool as part of the seasonal maintenance that you perform. Throughout the life of your home, the appliances and utilities will need to be inspected and repaired as necessary.

    There are a variety of approaches to repairing the foundation of a house, the majority of which are thought to be long-term fixes. However, despite the fact that a foundation repair is regarded as being permanent, this does not guarantee that there will never be any further problems with the structure's foundation.

    Immediate worries about people's safety. Alternately, roof repairs or replacements. Problems with the electrical wiring Problems with the plumbing that go beyond simply replacing a fixture

    Flooding causes the foundation and the walls to become more fragile, and the constant pressure from the water can cause cracks to appear on the surface of the walls. Even though there are measures that can be taken to prevent flooding from occuring, the damages, on average, will cost somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 to repair. While there are measures that can be taken to prevent flooding from occuring,

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