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Do detached garages add value?

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    It has been stated that until something is taken away from you, you will never know how much you valued it. The notorious quote is often attributed to someone who was discussing the benefits of garage ownership.

    If you have never lived in a home with a garage, attached or detached, the prospect of garage insurance may not give you nightmares. Never again will you want to be without that extra room, which becomes the nerve centre of household efficiency and order.

    If you're thinking about selling your home soon but it doesn't have a garage, put yourself in the shoes of a garage-owning homeowner. The negative effect on resale value is conclusive proof that this is a deal-breaker.

    Whether you're getting a new mortgage or refinancing an old one, you want to make sure your house is assessed at its greatest possible worth.

    Building a garage, attached or separate, could be one solution to this problem. In general, garages are highly valued by homebuyers.

    A home with one is more appealing to a wider range of purchasers.

    Totally separate garages. As a problem, they rank high on the list of priorities. You can free up a lot of room that can be put to better use storing or working with them. In addition to making your life easier and more organised, a detached garage is a great investment because it raises the resale value of your home.

    This is why it's important to discuss the effect a detached garage can have on your home's market value. When it comes to garage renovations in Melbourne, nothing beats Hitch Property Constructions' selection.

    What Exactly Qualifies as a Detached Garage?

    A garage that is located in a location that is distinct from the main residence is considered to be detached. To put this in a more technical context, this indicates that the building in question does not share either the roof line or a wall with the main structure of the house.

    There is a further subcategory of attached-detached garages called "non-shared-wall attached-detached garages," which have a shared roofline but no shared walls.

    In this piece, we will be concentrating solely on detached garages; there will be no discussion of attached or attached-style garages.

    Detached Garage

    When a Detached Garage Steals Value

    It is essential that we discuss the ways in which detached garages can lower the value of your home before moving on to discuss the ways in which they can raise it. Because, to tell you the truth, having an additional building on your property does not necessarily translate into automatic gains in property value.

    You should begin by thinking about the market as a whole as well as the dimensions of your lot. If you have a fairly small lot, it is probably not a good idea to pursue adding a detached garage because it will just make the layout look cramped. However, if you have a fairly large lot, it is probably a good idea to pursue adding a detached garage.

    The same is true if you live in a community that is distinguished by its high degree of concentration or its high degree of stylisation. These types of neighbourhoods have a bias against these kinds of additions, and it's likely that you'll run into a homeowners association (HOA) that will completely deny your ability to construct one.

    The second aspect is the maintenance of the building as a whole. Having an outdated garage that is in poor condition is not going to work in your favour.

    If you plan to immediately add the detached garage prior to selling your home, then this won't be an issue for you because a brand new structure is sure to grab people's attention.

    However, if you have a garage that is detached from your home and has been there for a while, you should think about renovating it and spending some money on it. At the very least, give the existing detached garage a good, thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint. This is the bare minimum.

    Maximizing Your Investment

    You need to put some serious planning into action if you want to increase the value of your detached garage and get the best possible return on your investment.

    To begin, you have to think about the neighbourhood as a whole, which is where the garage will be located. Do you reside in a region that experiences severe winters? Be sure that the detached garage is equipped with a robust and dependable heating system. If you live in the south, where the heat of the summer can be intense, you should also ensure that the detached garage is equipped with an appropriately robust air conditioning system.

    Second, take into consideration the aesthetic qualities of the garage as a whole. Make sure that all of the exterior components of the garage are spotless and that a new coat of paint is applied in the areas where it is necessary to do so. You should also give some thought to the possibility of incorporating landscaping around the detached garage set so that it is compatible with your primary residence.

    Last but not least, check that the storage configuration in the garage makes sense and is comprehensive. Make certain that there are no awkward or unusual arrangements, and check to see that the structure of the garage is sound.

    So, What About The Actual Value?

    Before we go any further, let's discuss what we want to get out of this. The addition of a detached garage will come at a cost, and unless you work some real DIY magic in order to cut costs, it's likely that you won't earn back the addition's full value when you sell the house in the future. However, this does not necessarily indicate that it is a poor investment, particularly if you intend to put it to productive use for yourself before reselling it.

    When you sell your home, you can expect to recoup approximately 65 per cent of the value of your detached garage. This is the national average. Because detached garages come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, this percentage serves as a reliable baseline for evaluating the market.

    It is essential to keep in mind that return on investment (ROI) rates will be different in different markets; the national average is merely that: an average. When determining the value of your detached garage, supply and demand are two factors that are going to be very important to consider.

    Detached Garage Property Value

    After you have constructed a garage of a size that is uniquely yours, the overall value of the property will rise significantly. For instance, if you construct a garage large enough to accommodate two or three cars, you will discover that a greater number of prospective purchasers are interested in viewing the property.

    Do Garages Add Value To Home Appraisals?


    Home Appraisals Matter

    The majority of mortgage lenders will require you to have at least 20 per cent equity in your home before they will consider refinancing your mortgage. There is a possibility that you will not reach this level of equity if the appraised value of your home is not sufficiently high. If you are selling your home, you want the appraised value of your property to be at least equal to the price that you are asking for it. In the event that it does not, the lenders who are working with the people who might be interested in purchasing your property might be unwilling to loan these people enough mortgage money to meet your asking price.

    The Impact of Garages

    Appraisers will take into account a number of factors when determining the value of your home, including the following: They will investigate the prices that nearby homes have sold for in the past. They are going to take into consideration the neighbourhood that your house is located in. They will examine the architecture, state, and dimensions of your house. They will take into consideration any alterations or additions that you have made to your house. Having a garage attached to your house can make it more appealing to a wider pool of prospective purchasers. Appraisers will take this into consideration and take into account your garage when determining the current market value of your home.

    How Much Value Is Added?

    There is no single formula to determine how much value a garage adds to a home. The average cost of constructing a garage is significantly higher than the minimum requirement of $7,500.

    If you want to build a garage, you should budget approximately $27,000 for the project. This will almost certainly increase the resale value of your home by approximately $21,000, which will result in a return on investment of 81%.

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    Other Garage Improvements

    To increase the value of your property, it is not necessary to construct a brand-new garage. You can increase the value of your home in another way by making modifications to an existing garage that are less costly. A new garage door can be installed for an approximate fee of $1,000 to $2,000, with the door itself costing an additional $300 to $4,000 on top of that. Imagine you spend the less expensive end of the range given in the Cost versus Value Report published in Remodeling magazine. If this is the case, you can anticipate recouping approximately 76.9 per cent of the cost of the new door and the installation of it in the form of increased value; therefore, it is a good investment. You can expect a return on investment of up to 85 per cent if you purchase a door that costs $2,810 and have it installed for $3,300. If you compare this to the return you would get from renovating your bathroom (64.8%), or your backyard patio (54.9%), you will see that this is a good deal.

    How A Detached Garage Adds Home Value

    It is important to do some research and understand how adding a detached garage will add value to your home before you start spending any money on the project.

    One of the many things that can be done to increase the value of a home when it comes time to sell it is to construct an attached or detached garage.

    But is it really the best option? Before you start spending money on designs or actual work, there are a lot of considerations that you need to work through first. How exactly does one go about adding value to their home, and are detached garages a good fit for every property?

    Apart from the obvious advantage of providing a secure location for your belongings, having a detached garage also adds value to your property as a result of the additional square footage it provides.

    A detached garage offers a lot of flexibility as a space. You can park your car there, convert it into additional storage space, use it as a home gym, office, workshop, hobby room, or turn it into a living space. The possibilities are practically limitless.

    It is also essential to take into consideration the fact that many prospective buyers, depending on your location, may exclude a home from their search entirely if it does not have a garage. In certain housing markets, a garage of some description is an absolute requirement.

    Do Local Real Estate Pricing Research

    To begin, you have to get a firm grasp on the idea that everything having to do with the cost of real estate is determined on a local level. Not only in terms of the states, counties, and towns in which they are located, but also down to the actual neighbourhood and street address. The term "comps" refers to this kind of research. You are able to accomplish it on your own by researching the value of homes in the neighbourhood.

    You will observe that houses that include a garage will fetch a higher price compared to comparable houses that do not include a garage.

    However, the total cost of the premium will change depending on factors such as your location, the value of your home, the size, style, and design of your home, as well as the detached garage.

    A Detached Garage Allows For Additional Home Designs

    When you have a garage that is attached to your house, you can't have a design like this because there is no way to wrap a porch around the garage. As a result, you can't have a design like this.

    You open up a whole new world of designing possibilities when you detach the garage from the house, and the new designs have the potential to raise the value of the property even further.

    Because the garage and the house do not share a wall, you will have the opportunity to design an additional exterior wall on both the garage and the house even though they are separate structures. This makes it possible to add additional features, such as windows and doors, as well as a deck, patio, or porch.

    The value of the home can be increased by each of these features.

    Detached Garage Can Add Storage And Living Space

    Multiplying the average price that homes sell for per square foot in the immediate area by the total square footage of your living space is one of the most common ways to calculate the value of a home. After that, you can make adjustments for additional amenities such as a detached garage, pool, finished basement, central air conditioning, and so on.

    Whether the price per square foot of your property is higher or lower than the market average is determined by a number of factors, including the age and condition of the property, the expected amenities in the neighbourhood, and the average value of similar homes that have recently sold in the area.

    The addition of a detached garage results in an increase in the total square footage of the property; depending on the specifics of the situation, this additional space may result in a significant increase in the property's value. Carry out some research. The following are a few of the general guidelines that we follow.

    • Putting in a garage on a house that does not already have one can be a smart move to make if none of the other houses in the neighbourhood have one.
    • If you buy a house that does not have a garage for a significant amount less than the current market value, compare the price to the prices of homes in the neighbourhood that do have garages. If the cost of the spread is lower than the cost of building a garage that is detached from the house, then it is a good idea.
    • Consult a realtor. They are likely to have the most in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market.
    • Don't overdo it. If the total square footage of your home is less than 1,200 square feet, a four-car garage is probably overkill.
    • You should cater the design of your garage to the price point, style, level of finish, and size of your home.
    • If you are already at the peak of the market, adding a detached garage won't add as much value to your home as it would otherwise.
    • At the time of the resale, you should make every effort to avoid having the biggest and best house on the block.

    Increased Appeal To Potential Buyers.

    Potential buyers are more interested in purchasing houses that have a greater number of amenities. The price will also increase as a direct result of the increased demand for the property from prospective buyers. That's supply and demand in its most fundamental form.

    The amount of storage space available in a house can be significantly increased by constructing a detached garage on the property. And anyone who complains about having an excessive amount of storage space. There are a few buyers who park their cars in the garage, while others use it to store their belongings.

    There are some detached garages that also include additional spaces, such as a fitness centre, an office, a workshop, a loft, or even an apartment.

    In the same way as with the house, the garage's number of features directly correlates to the number of potential buyers it could attract. Just don't overdo it.

    Transforming The Existing Attached Garage

    There has been a recent trend among homeowners to convert their attached garages into additional living space. Converting a garage into additional living space such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, fitness room, home office, or mother-daughter sweet is quite common.

    Because it is a remodel and not an addition, adding these rooms to the garage will be significantly less expensive and much simpler. But after that, you won't have a garage. Putting in a detached garage is the way to go if you want to make up for all of the lost storage space in your home.

    Within the confines of the old garage space, you are able to create as many additional rooms as you require without having to spend a fortune on the project.

    The detached garage may be able to make up for the storage space that was removed during the remodelling. And because detached garages typically cost less to construct than actual living space additions, you can get everything you want while reducing the amount of money you spend overall.

    You stand to gain in many different ways, including monetarily, if you construct a detached garage on your property. The best part is that it may raise the value of your home when it comes time to sell it.

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    A Detached Garage Apartment Adds Home Value

    The construction of a detached garage with an apartment on the second floor brings about a significant shift in the dynamic. The price of the living space is not the same as the price of the features that are considered an amenity. Even though the price per square foot of a home might be $200, the value of the garage might only be $100.

    However, the value of that apartment will increase to $200 due to the increased amount of living space it offers. Even with the price reduction, the garage space is still more affordable, but the apartment will fetch a very high price when it is eventually put up for sale.

    A buyer will frequently pay too much for an apartment because of the possible income it could bring if it were rented out. You might be able to reduce your costs quite a bit if the apartment is in compliance with the law and can be rented out.

    Another advantage of apartment living for prospective buyers is greater flexibility. Make use of it as a place to host guests. Move in with your parents, a close friend, or a member of your family.

    It's nice to have the option of using the apartment, even if you don't end up using it, and having additional living space can boost the value of your home.

    Even if your property already has a garage that is attached to the house, it is still possible to make a profit by constructing a garage that is detached from the house. Any home improvement project that results in an increase in the total square footage of your home is likely to result in an increase in your property value.

    However, if you create an option for a detached garage, you can free up the space for an attached garage and use it for a home renovation that will have an even greater impact. This attached square footage has the potential to be remodelled into a master suite, a gourmet kitchen, a theatre room, or a family room, depending on the user's needs.

    When compared to having an attached garage or not having a garage at all, having a detached garage is preferable for a number of reasons.

    Additionally, they do raise the value of the property. However, the amount of value added is dependent on a number of important factors.

    Check that the size of the garage is appropriate for the value of your home. Find the right balance between form and function to turn it into an asset. And don't overdo it.

    If you have a home that is 1200 square feet, you probably don't need a four-car garage. However, if you design a detached garage that is appropriate for the property, then you are sure to add a significant amount to the value of your home.

    FAQs About Garage Renovation

    If your lot is long and narrow, a detached garage may be a better option for you than an attached one because this structure can be built behind the house to make the most of the available space. Carbon monoxide fumes won't be able to enter your home through the garage entry door if you have one of these garages, so the overall safety of your home will be increased.

    It is essential to give some thought to the ways in which you can increase the value of your home, regardless of whether or not you plan on selling it in the near future. According to the findings of some studies, the value of a home can increase by as much as 5 percentage points when a garage is added.

    In later years, when automobiles became more widespread, carriage houses like these were eventually supplanted by garages. Because of the potential for gasoline explosions, garages are almost always located in a location that is separate from the rest of the house (gas was stored in the garage, as gas stations were yet to be invented).

    You do not need to give any thought to details such as the best way to connect the electrical system to the structure that is already in place. A detached garage also provides more opportunities for the design of the house. Because you do not need to take into account the presence of any other buildings, you are free to create the garage of your dreams.

    The return on investment (ROI) for constructing a new garage is approximately 64.8 percent, as indicated by the data provided by Remodeling magazine. When it comes to improvements that you can make to your house, this return on investment is among the best you'll find anywhere.

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