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Top 20 Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne, Victoria (2023)

If you own a ute, you're probably looking for a way to make the most of it. A canopy service body can be the perfect way to do just that. Canopy service bodies are designed to provide a secure place to store tools and equipment while also protecting them from the elements. 

They can be custom-fitted to your ute so that you can get the most out of its capabilities. If you're looking for a way to make your ute work harder for you, consider a canopy service body.

To help you get started on your ute canopy hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ute Canopy Service Bodies right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Ute Canopy Service Bodies in Melbourne, Victoria

    Ridgeback Service Bodies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    ridgeback service bodies


    1300 131574


    We build the best work trucks & service bodies in Australia.

    Since 1996, Ridgeback has been a leading ute and truck body maker in Australia with a focus on aluminum service bodies. Our manufacturing and delivery facilities are in Melbourne, Victoria, and we serve all of Australia.

    The revolutionary design of Ridgeback Ute & Truck Service Bodies ensures sturdy and heavy-duty core bodies, making them capable of handling the heaviest workloads. We are prepared to assist you with your fleet needs.


    In Australia, Ridgeback creates and manufactures high-quality aluminum service truck bodywork. For all important Australian sectors, we offer the best fleet solution. Our service truck bodies are made to meet or surpass any application's requirements.

    Ridgeback provides cutting-edge designs and features to suit your specific requirements, whether you need a body that can support all of your tools or welding equipment. You need look no further than a Ridgeback Service Bodies if you're seeking for a work vehicle, ute, or truck that gets the job done. The best work vehicles in Australia are made by us!


    The high-quality products from Ridgeback Service Bodies are carefully planned out utilizing cutting-edge materials, and they are built to provide adequate, customizable storage while safeguarding your tools and equipment. Our dedication to our clients has proudly spanned 25 years, and we make sure that your new service body not only looks wonderful but also improves your day's organization and efficiency.





    We have more than 70 staff that are committed to producing high-quality goods. Our capacity to offer high-quality goods is further strengthened by our accreditation to AS/NZS 9001:2008. We are proudly operated and owned by Australians.

    APMI Group has three business units

    Since 1974, APMI Metal Industries has worked in the automotive, defense, rolling stock, mining, and electrical industries, offering specialized quality sheet metal fabrication and component manufacture.

    Tradespeople, governmental agencies, and major enterprises already employ Ridgeback Service Bodies all over Australia and New Zealand because of their lightweight aluminum construction security and flexibility of vehicle changeover.

    For every price range and level of 4x4 expertise, Pioneer Campers offers a variety of hard floor off-road camper trailer alternatives.

    CSM Service Bodies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    csm service bodies


    1800 618 333

    You may be sure that we can help because we are Australia's top supplier of these designs. From our selection, design the perfect product to meet your unique requirements. For a wide selection of unique accessories that are completely customized to meet your unique needs, contact our staff.

    We can create a system for your vehicle that satisfies all of your needs, from the fundamentals to the specialized features you need for your job. Discover the difference between a product that meets your needs and has a lengthy shelf life. Our staff has extensive expertise designing and producing canopies and bodies for the majority aircraft makes and models. You can rely on a flawless fit and all the features you require.

    In order to ensure you get the best trade vehicle fit-outs for all of your vehicles, we are also available to fit out bodies for entire fleets. Therefore, whether you're looking to get new features and options for your current vehicles or the newest innovations and options for a brand-new fleet, we can help.

    Hidrive - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



    1300 368 162

    From urban environments to the arid outback, all of our products have undergone extensive testing. Allow the Hidrive advantage to propel you forward. There are many space-saving options available for service bodies and canopies. Finding objects is made simpler by shelves, hooks, racks, and drawers, which increases productivity at work. With its ample carrying capacity, a high-quality aluminum ute canopy enables you to work more efficiently.

    For fleet, trade, and mining, we specialize in custom powder-coated service bodies. We produce service body fit-outs with thoughtful design thanks to our years of experience. They are designed for safety and will function properly in either the city or the outback.

    Ute Canopy Service Bodies FAQs

    Generally 2 – 2 ½ hours for a non-central locking canopy and 3 – 3 ½ hours for a central locking canopy. Other factors may contribute extra time, such as if particular items need to be removed from the vehicle to install the ute canopy, such as sports bars, lids, etc. Please also note that this time does not consider other factors such as installing other items with the ute canopy such as roof racks etc.

    Our ute canopies are weatherproof, not waterproof. Different manufacturing tolerances from vehicle manufacturers need to be addressed, along with optional tailgate sealing strips if you encounter any water leaks. In addition, canopies should not be exposed to high-pressure cleaners or automated car washes. Please refer to how to care for your canopy brochure. All of our canopies have a large rubber seal between the deck and canopy and generous side door seals, as well as an internal drain feature for the rear door seal.

    Ute canopies, once installed, are generally not removed again unless the vehicle is sold or the canopy is no longer required. The clamp system between the ute canopy and tub of the vehicle is a non-drill fit, so it’s, of course, possible to be removed; however not a 1 x person job to lift the ute canopy off the vehicle.

    Suggest a sliding window canopy. We can also add to the sliding windows and sliding window guard (perforated powder coat sheet metal), which will allow your sliding window to stay open for air circulation purposes. In addition, the guard will stop the possibility of your animal occupant escaping. A roof vent can also be added to the roof of your canopy for extra circulation.


    Albeit it is most likely illegal, we highly recommend not to. Of course, if carrying something long and tailgate needs to stay open; however, this will place added pressure on the gas struts and increase the chance of glass breakage.

    TC Boxes - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    t.c boxes


    03 5922 1011

    TC BOXES has developed a variety of aluminum toolboxes, steel toolboxes, dog boxes, and gullwing canopies for the everyday worker, handyman, or hunter to protect their equipment, tools, and animal friends. Unquestionably the "Trades Choice," we employ superior materials in our boxes and offer a 24 month, fully included guarantee.

    The burden of finding reasonably priced and well-organized storage solutions for your tools and equipment will be reduced by our painstaking attention to detail and unwavering before- and after-sales service. Aluminum Canopies offer a safe, dependable, and economical storage solution for your equipment, protecting your possessions from the elements and prying eyes.

    Strong and lightweight 3mm FP or 2.5mm base thick CP, completely braced interiors, and neatly recessed doors round out the high standard that TC BOXES has set for aluminum canopies. These features are included as standard on all of our aluminum canopies.

    M2O Toolbox & Canopy - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    m2o toolbox & canopy


    03 9729 7569

    Our ute toolboxes are entirely locked, made of dependable aluminum, and fastened right onto the ute's tray, making it very challenging to remove them from the ute. Our ute toolboxes shield the tools from the elements, helping to safeguard them from theft as well as from deteriorating due to exposure to the environment.

    If you want the best personalized ute toolboxes in Melbourne, go no further than M2O! Aluminium Tool Boxes in Melbourne You can obtain the best toolboxes for your ute thanks to the professionals at M2O Toolbox & Canopy. For Melbourne tradespeople and ute owners, our skilled team can easily and rapidly design and construct extremely durable aluminum tool boxes with an emphasis on delivering the highest levels of client satisfaction.

    The staff at M2O Toolbox & Canopy has years of experience in the field and is aware of how crucial it is to have tools and equipment that are secured from the elements and theft. Our sturdy toolboxes are built of aluminum, which prevents them from breaking down when exposed to damp, dry, or dirty circumstances.

    Razorback - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    razorback ute canopies


    (02) 9627 7001

    Since the demands of our customers and their vehicles vary greatly, we provide support and continuous customer service to make sure your vehicle is exactly how you want it. We are the Australian industry leaders in canopy design, production, and installation because we work closely with each customer to create a unique strategy.

    Razorback Canopies provides the right items and styles for everyone, from the casual user to the tradesman! We provide a wide range of solutions for your car to fit people from all walks of life!

    Spinifex Manufacturing - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    spinifex manufacturing


    1300 308 874

    The harsh extremes of the Australian continent range from the Simpson Desert's heat and solitude to Bruny Island's frigid winds. We have seen some of the finest and worst that this nation has to offer because we are ardent travelers. We have developed a variety of sturdy and functional goods based on our practical knowledge.

    Our design philosophies are centered on usability, sturdiness, and affordability. Although quality is driven by manufacturing consistency, we are constantly looking for ways to adapt to the needs of each person.

    We take pride in the fact that all of our key manufactured items are not only produced and assembled in Brisbane, Australia, but were also created and developed there. It takes expertise to configure your vehicles as the ideal touring vehicle or a reliable workhorse. When experience counts, rely on Spinifex Manufacturing because we take pride in coming up with the best answer the first time.

    Tuff Engineering - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    tuff engineering


    (08) 9459 3513

    We continuously strive to deliver the best products and best contractor experiences in the Kenwick, Thornlie, Wattle Grove, Gosnells, Orange Grove, Martin, Fremantle, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Geraldton, Port Hedland, and the neighboring Maddington districts.

    A variety of ute canopies are available from Tuff Engineering. Your 44 ute canopy can be erected in days as opposed to weeks because the company is owned and operated in Perth, Western Australia, and has substantial stock stocks on popular models.

    We manufacture ute canopies, including tradesman and pop-top canopies. We also manufacture premium camper trailers that are sturdy, dependable, and attractive. We make every effort to offer in accordance with the needs of our client base because we are familiar with them. Customers appreciate our items for their practical and helpful applications.

    HSP 4×4 Accessories - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    hsp 4×4 accessories


    1300 441 499

    The Aeroklas ute canopy, a world first, comprises a two-skin ABS plastic cover with no joints or weak places to offer maximum protection. Every canopy comes complete with a standard LED light, tinted glass, clamp-on installation, and central locking.

    Custom Canopies & toolboxes - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    custom canopies & tool boxes


    0490 952 195

    Since it's in the name, the utility vehicle, or "ute," is favored by many tradesmen for its high level of functionality and usefulness. utes are just as common on Melbourne's streets as they are in larger Victoria and all over Australia, and they appeal to campers just as much as they do tradies.

    You're going to need the necessities, such ute canopies, aluminum toolboxes, and ute trays, to make your vehicle genuinely user-friendly, whether you work in the agricultural industry or you're just seeking to get away. You need Custom Canopies and Toolboxes if you're seeking for ute toolboxes and ute canopies in Melbourne.

    The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are home to the Australian-owned company Custom Canopies and Toolboxes. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, sheet metal installation, and advertising of our own line of products, which includes roof racks, access ladders, fridge sliders, bike mounting systems, ute canopies, ute trays, caravan storage lockers, and aluminium toolboxes.

    MFI Service Bodies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    mfi service bodies


    1300 708 597

    To meet and beyond safety regulations, MFI Service Bodies' ergonomic designs encourage productivity and lean principles. Prior to construction, our service body team creates exact computer models of each of our builds. This enables our customers to make final adjustments to their distinctive creations in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

    The protected, safe, and secure mobile workstations provided by full-canopy service bodies. The ideal design for a range of uses, including commercial, emergency, and recreational needs, is to maximize accessibility while making sure there is a solid seal against the weather.

    Canopy/Tray Blend Combining a canopy and tray design creates the adaptable configuration known as a canopy tray. With a tray space for heavy equipment and a covered canopy for safety and security for tools and equipment, this concept offers the best of both worlds.

    L&G Chivalry - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    l&g chivalry


    1300 001 687

    The team at L&G Chivalry is your best source for sturdy, trustworthy aluminum canopies that can protect your equipment and merchandise! Drawing on years of experience, our skilled and considerate team has been making galvanized aluminum ute canopies and tool boxes for use by customers from all walks of life.

    Flexiglass - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



    1300 656 590

    Using a steam-bent timber frame and sheet metal panels, Harry built his first canopy. Because of its incredible success, he soon began producing a variety of designs from aluminum sheeting with side sliding windows. This novel canopy included inner dome lighting and laminated glass.

    Together, they developed a novel fiberglass system they termed "FLEXIGLASS" and designed it. It was incredibly lightweight and flexible, unlike the ridged canopies of the time. Flexiglass maintained its expansion during the 1970s, with branches in South Australia and Victoria. Demand spread across the nation quickly, and branches in New South Wales and Queensland soon followed.

    MW Manufacturing - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    mw manufacturing


    1800 5544 35

    We at MW are dedicated to giving our clients the best containers for moving and storing equipment and materials. All MW Products are Proudly Locally Made in Clayton, meaning that all works are created, produced, and delivered locally using materials that are acquired from Australian businesses.

    Our expertise in custom-built design enables our customers to obtain a fully customized solution to meet their specific requirements without incurring a significant expense. Use only Marine Grade Aluminum Checker Plate 5052 Series, which has excellent resistance to corrosion in marine, industrial, and seawater environments. It is an alloy with medium to high strength and medium to high fatigue resistance.

    Eureka Canopies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    eureka canopies


    1800 887 881

    At our main warehouse, we always have a huge selection of sizes and configurations available for pickup. In Thomastown, close to the Dalton Road exit of the M80 Metro Ring Road. (Melbourne's northern suburbs)

    Whatever you require, there is a good probability that it is on one of our shelves. A 10% discount has been applied to all of the prices both online and in-person. There is no need for a promo code. There is a time limit

    Norweld - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



    +61 1300 302 890

    Making the dreams of our customers a reality is something Norweld is proud of. The crew has put all of our goods through rigorous testing by traversing Australia on foot, covering tens of thousands of miles and subjecting the equipment to some of the most extreme weather situations. We have worked hard to provide the best tray and canopies using this experience and knowledge. We are so confident in our goods that you can see a Norweld tray or canopy on our own cars since we know how durable they are.

    Only premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are used in the design and production of our products, which are both done in Australia. Despite producing aluminum for 50 years and having thousands of trays and canopies in use, we still innovate and enhance our products. Our goal is to create a product that, whether it be on the job site or in the wilderness, won't fail you when you need it most.

    Kylin Campers - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    kylin campers


    03 9357 8913

    We offer more environmentally sustainable and user-friendly products every day thanks to our sister company's many years of expert manufacturing, R&D, and QC experiences. You may choose from a large selection of off-road camper trailers, trailer tents, camping gear, and accessories at Pioneer Tech. Along with camping gear, we also sell label printing equipment including intermittent offset presses and intermittent letterpresses as well as converting equipment like die-cutting and label slitting machines.

    Less than 10 minutes are required for a trailer tent to be put up. The best materials for comfort, waterproofness, and good ventilation are used to make tents and swags. The structure of tents and swags is specifically designed to make them simple to erect, take down, transport, and carry. In terms of quality and customer service, Pioneer Tech products offer the best value. To place your purchase right now, please stop by or give us a call.

    Through our website, you can order any Pioneer Tech product, and we'll send it to you. Visa or Master credit cards, direct bank deposits, bank cheques/money orders, and cash on pickup are all acceptable forms of payment. We are happy to be of assistance.

    Caddy Storage - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    caddy storage


    (02) 9831 2879

    All of our service bodies are made to fit utes with dual, extra, or single cabins. Our in-house design team specializes in coming up with a practical and affordable option for tradespeople that combines additional storage with the security and safety of your tools and equipment.

    With the help of our Service Bodies' additional accessories, you can customize a storage solution to meet any job requirement and choose from three different finish options. Here in Australia, we take pleasure in creating and producing high-quality products that are precisely tailored to the needs of the regional trade.

    SMM Steel Canopies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    smm steel canopies


    +66 641 318 297

    You can be confident that SMM is the dependable choice when it comes to mounting a canopy on your automobile because to the Sammitr Group's more than 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. Modern auto manufacturing procedures are used to create the SMM range of steel canopies, ensuring quality from the start. The superior automotive steel used in the construction of all SMM canopies is designed to be as robust, durable, and secure as possible.

    Aussie Tool Boxes - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    aussie tool boxes


    03 9775 0016

    With more than 12 years of expertise, Aussie Tool Boxes is an Australian-owned and -operated company that specializes in the design and production of premium aluminum ute, truck, and camper toolboxes.

    You can be confident you'll get what you ordered because all of our boxes are created in-house, and almost always, the person you contact with in the showroom is also the one who makes your toolbox. As a result of our years of expertise working with many sectors, Aussie Tool Boxes is able to identify potential issues early on in the design process, allowing you to avoid dealing with them for the duration of the toolbox.

    Fleet Trades - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    fleet trades


    1300 358 874

    Tradespeople are among those who are the hardest on their equipment because they work hard all day. A ute, its tray, canopy, or service body may be punished by having to lift tools in and out of the vehicle continuously, drop heavy objects, carry ladders or concrete, or endure just about any other type of punishment.

    Fleet Trades produced a variety of trays, service bodies, canopies, and accessories with sturdiness, usability, and durability in mind. After more than 20 years of research and development, every Fleet Trades product has been fully ADR compliant, giving you piece of mind regarding insurance, compliance, and registration. For this very reason, new car dealers all throughout Australia install Fleet Trades equipment.

    HQ Link - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    hq link


    (03) 8759 3690

    All were carefully constructed to complement the headboard or profile of your car. The inside finishes and features (shelves, racks, drawers, central locks, etc.) are all constructed to meet your specifications! They are entirely constructed in Australia at our plant in Dandenong, VIC 3175, at 91A Cheltenham Road.

    At HQ Link, we think that producing high-quality goods will always be one of the best engines for expanding our company. For any of your inquiries, we provide personalized service and qualified counsel. With your help, we'll keep enhancing our goods and services.

    We have very affordable prices! Before we give you any quotations, we carefully assess their quality and the level of industry rivalry. We want to guarantee that you receive the best items, top-notch service, and a fantastic deal from us!

    Wigley Engineering - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    wigley engineering



    No matter what trade you are in—electricians, plumbers, builders, landscapers—we can design a canopy to meet your demands. In accordance with your specifications, we may arrange the inside. This was created with an electrical contractor in mind. includes a roof rack, interior ladder rack, under tray lock boxes, nine shelves for organizing storage tubs, and a rear drawer with modular divisions. A setup fit for a Sparkie!

    Do you want to visit the Outback? Are you going to need a canopy? Wigley Engineering will provide you with exactly what you require. The GMC Sierra Denali HD was the target market for this Dream Tourer. It has a Rear Drawer and Side Mounted Fridge Drop Slide. Water tank, spare tire mount, purpose-built tent box, three large drawers, under tray lock boxes, three point central locking, electrical panel, and a dual pull-out bench top with a collapsible sink.

    Lock&Load Ute Bodies - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    lock&load ute bodies


    03 9357 5216

    At Lock & Load, we operate under the premise that when something is well designed, it should be practical, simple to use, strong, and have a long lifespan. It should also be classy and maintain its appeal over time.

    Today's modern utility vehicles are far superior to those from ten years ago. They are becoming a more and more popular option because they are more powerful and handle more like a car than a truck.

    The factory-installed ute tubs are attractive, and the fiberglass canopies are well-fitting and enhance the appearance. However, they are difficult to work out of because to their deep sides, limited side windows, and large interior wheel arches. At Lock & Load Ute Bodies, we combine cutting-edge production techniques with traditional handiwork. All components have CAD models. When folded, the components are kept firmly in place by a welding jig after being laser-cut to a precise shape. Accuracy and reproducibility are thus guaranteed.

    Boss Aluminium - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    boss aluminium


    (03) 9909 5354

    At Boss Aluminium, quality is our first concern. All of our goods come with a lifetime workmanship warranty since we are so sure of their quality. Boss Canopies and Trays are modular, making it simple to add, exchange, or update your configuration with minimal change.

    Boss Aluminium, a licensed dealer, sells and installs JMACX Engineering kits. JMACX are the pioneers and market leaders when it comes to coil conversions and GVM alterations to produce the ultimate Landcruiser. a coil conversion that has been tested and true with unequaled handling and stability.

    Outback 4WD - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    outback 4wd


    (03) 9720 6227

    ARB canopies and ute lids provide versatile storage space, weatherproofing, and greater security for your cargo, whether for work, play, or everything in between. With our wide selection, you may be sure to discover something that not only meets your specific needs but also improves the aesthetic appeal of any function.

    ARB's canopies and ute lids are made from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them a solid solution you can rely on for many years to come. They are built robust and have been proven reliable in the harsh Australian environment. You can relax knowing that your investment is secured by a 3 year, 60,000 mile countrywide warranty backed by renowned after-sales support from ARB.

    The Canopy for Dual Cab Utility Vehicles is EGR's most recent flagship product. Since its launch in 2010, EGR has provided the Australian aftermarket with more than 50 Canopies that cover three different window configurations. Excellent market expansion for goods created and manufactured in Australia. All Canopies are fabricated in Australia at EGR's Brisbane Thermoformed Division.

    Ute Safe - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    ute safe


    +61 3 9357 6641

    Ute Safe is a manufacturer of custom-made aluminum ute toolboxes and storage compartments for boating, recreational activities, camping, and tub and tray work vehicles. Victoria is where Ute Safe boxes are made, and they are sent all around Australia. The fact that Ute Safe sells directly to customers is the best. To fit ute vehicles and trailers, boxes of every design are produced.

    Both the camping box for your refrigerator and the tent canopy are available from Ute Safe. With completely adjustable shelves and drawers, Ute Safe keeps your equipment safe. Ute Safe has you covered for work or play, from tubs to trays, work vehicles, recreational, camping, 4WD, and boating needs, from the tiniest utility box to the largest canopy.

    Our engineering makes sure that you receive a long-lasting box that performs better, protects your equipment, and offers true piece of mind. Aluminum toolboxes made by Ute Safe are lightweight and weatherproof. Use high-quality 2.5 mm marine grade aluminum tread plate to safeguard your tools and possessions from any weather conditions. All boxes have concealed hinges and are fully TIG welded, ensuring their strength and durability.

    Top Dek - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    top dek


    03 9793 8000

    With our fully customized design service, you may produce tray bodies to the highest standard. Almost every feature of our tray may be customized while still adhering to legal requirements, so it can meet the needs of any tradesperson, including fully fitted service bodies on any brand of vehicle. View our gallery to learn more about your options.

    Allen Sliding Canopy, the original and well-known canopy, is only available from Top Dek. Our canopies are built from heavy-duty canvas, and they can be tailored to your needs with options for extra windows and zips. They also available in a variety of canvas colors. Because to the sturdy frame design and high-quality roller parts, your canopy will survive for many years and shield your goods from the elements.

    ezToolBox - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



    1300 710 668

    A broad variety of impressively constructed aluminum ute canopies are available from ezToolBox. Whether it's for camping, securing and protecting your tools and equipment, or simply for additional storage and convenient access to your electronics. To suit your requirements and way of life, ezToolbox provides the ideal canopy solution.

    Rockbox Australia - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    rockbox australia


    (08) 6118 4890

    Rockbox Australia takes great pleasure in creating service bodies that are not only beautiful to look at but also incredibly durable. With the use of cutting-edge 3D computer design software, we make sure that each ROCKBOX we ship is equally robust as the next. Need something for your fleet or do you have a unique idea? Our staff is prepared to provide a tailored solution to suit your demands.

    Rockbox specializes in Fleet Solutions. To rapidly and precisely meet the needs of your fleet, our skilled team can produce specialized fleet deliveries of aluminum service bodies, ute canopies, toolboxes, and chassis mounted ute canopies.

    We confidently produce effective, high-quality solutions that are built to withstand any environment thanks to our cutting-edge software and industry knowledge. Every Rockbox is created specifically for your needs. Having a thought in mind? Our skilled team is available to create a unique service body that will withstand the test of time. All of our service bodies are made of premium aluminum and have key locks and thick rubber seals.

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