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Expert Picks: Leading Ute Canopy Service Bodies in Melbourne

If you own a ute, you're probably looking for a way to make the most of it. A canopy service body can be the perfect way to do just that. Canopy service bodies are designed to provide a secure place to store tools and equipment while also protecting them from the elements. 

They can be custom-fitted to your ute so that you can get the most out of its capabilities. If you're looking for a way to make your ute work harder for you, consider a canopy service body.

To help you get started on your ute canopy hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ute Canopy Service Bodies right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ridgeback Service Bodies

    ridgeback service bodies

    Ridgeback Service Bodies, based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in manufacturing robust and innovative aluminum service bodies for utes and trucks since 1996. They are renowned for their ability to handle the toughest workloads, offering a wide range of service bodies that cater to various industries across Australia. With a focus on quality and durability, Ridgeback's designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of tradespeople and fleets, ensuring efficiency and functionality in their products.

    Their commitment to excellence is evident in their use of state-of-the-art fabrication machines and a talented team of engineers and designers, striving to stay at the forefront of the industry.

    Services offered by Ridgeback Service Bodies include:

    • Lift-Off Bodies: Providing flexibility with a design that allows for easy detachment, making it a versatile choice for different work requirements.
    • Fixed Service Bodies: Designed to complement vehicle styling, these bodies are mounted directly to the vehicle chassis.
    • Custom Design & Build: Offering bespoke solutions that cater to unique requirements, emphasizing innovation and quality.
    • Truck Service Bodies: Specialized in designing and supplying service bodies for light and medium-duty trucks.
    • Trays & Toolboxes: A combination of trays and toolboxes that enhance organization and efficiency.
    • Lubrication Range: A variety of options for maximizing productivity and workspace in utes and trucks.
    • Accessories & Options: A wide range of custom-designed accessories to enhance the functionality of service bodies.

    Address: 65 De Havilland Road, Mordialloc 3195, Australia
    Phone: 1300 131 574
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.ridgebackbodies.com.au/

    CSM Service Bodies

    csm service bodies

    CSM Service Bodies, an Australian company established in 2002, specializes in designing and manufacturing aluminium tray bodies and fit-outs for utility vehicles. Renowned for their functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products, CSM caters to a wide range of vehicular storage needs. 

    The company prides itself on offering custom solutions tailored to individual requirements, ensuring that each product is not just robust and long-lasting, but also a functional asset for the job at hand. Their expertise extends to fitting out entire fleets, providing both new features for existing vehicles and innovative options for new fleets. CSM's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their continuous effort to improve their products and services.

    Services offered by CSM Service Bodies include:

    • Customised aluminium service bodies for various makes and models of utility vehicles.
    • A range of specific accessories, fully personalised to meet individual requirements.
    • Designs that cater to carrying loose or bulky loads while providing secure equipment storage.
    • Comprehensive solutions for trade vehicle fit-outs, including GVM and suspension upgrades, bullbars, and driving lights.
    • Optimised processes for fleet production, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality products.

    Phone: 1800 618 332
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.csmservicebodies.com.au/




    Hidrive is an Australian company specializing in providing mobile workspace solutions for utes, trailers, and trucks. With a commitment to delivering products that are fit for purpose, on time, and with certainty, Hidrive has established itself as a reliable ISO9001 certified manufacturer with a national network. The company employs over 200 staff, dedicated to setting the standard in workforce mobility and delivering certainty at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

    Hidrive's service bodies are designed to be compliant, flexible, consistent, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that they meet the diverse needs of their clients. Their products are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, offering easy access and protection from rain, dust, and theft. Hidrive's experience in tailoring its modular system for various industries is evident in their service across more than 10,000 vehicles.

    Hidrive offers a range of services and products, including:

    • Full canopy, part canopy, tool module, and U module service bodies.
    • Aluminium service bodies engineered for durability and value, resistant to cracking, rust, dust, and leaks.
    • A one-stop-shop for shelves, benches, drawers, towbars, and over 120 accessories.
    • Services for compliant GVM upgrades, bullbars, towbars, and fleet branding.
    • Industry-leading service bodies installed at company-owned facilities across Australia, including Sydney, Goulburn, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

    Phone: 01300 368 161
    Website: https://hidrive.com.au/

    TC Boxes

    t.c boxes

    T.C Boxes, an Australian company with over 15 years of experience, specializes in providing a wide range of ute storage solutions. Recognized as the 'Trades Choice', the company has developed a comprehensive selection of aluminium and steel toolboxes, dog boxes, and gullwing canopies. These products are designed to secure equipment, tools, and even pets for tradesmen, handymen, and hunters. T.C Boxes is known for using high-grade materials and offers a 24-month comprehensive warranty on its products. The company's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing organized storage solutions are evident in their product range. They also emphasize strong before and after-sales service, ensuring customer satisfaction and stress-free experiences in securing storage solutions.

    Services and products offered by T.C Boxes include:

    • Aluminium and steel toolboxes for various storage needs.
    • Dog boxes for safe pet transportation.
    • Gullwing canopies for additional storage space.
    • Tradesman trailers for mobile storage solutions.
    • 12V camping accessories for outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Under tray boxes, fridge/kitchen slides, and ladder racks.
    • Accessories for customization and enhanced functionality.
    • Truck under tray toolboxes and trailer/caravan boxes.
    • Canvas storage bags and swags for additional storage options.

    Phone: 1300 822 693
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.tcboxes.com.au/


    razorback ute canopies

    Razorback Canopies is an Australian company specializing in premium quality canopies for utility vehicles, catering to both work and recreational needs. The company's flagship product is its fibreglass canopy, renowned for being the most stylish and secure canopy in the market. Razorback Canopies also offers a range of 4x4 and ute accessories, including a tough steel tray and the Mammoth Mat, made from woven recycled truck tyres for ultimate durability. 

    The company's products are designed and selected for vehicle owners who seek to enhance their normal driving experience. Razorback Canopies is praised by customers for their exceptional service and the quality of their products, with many testimonials highlighting the company's attention to detail and the unmatched value at their price point.

    Services and products offered by Razorback Canopies include:

    • Razorback Fibreglass Canopy, featuring integrated central locking, color coding to match the vehicle, and a heavy-duty vinyl interior lining.
    • Razorback Steel Canopy, known for its strength and security, weighing approximately 80-90kg for dual cab models, and also color coded to the vehicle.
    • Customized roof rack systems using Rhino Rack roof rack systems.
    • Accessories like the Mammoth Mat for durability and utility.

    Phone: (02) 9627 7000
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://razorback.com.au/

    Spinifex Manufacturing

    spinifex manufacturing

    Spinifex Manufacturing, based in Brisbane, Australia, specializes in creating functional and durable products designed to withstand the harsh extremes of the Australian continent. With a focus on practicality, durability, and affordability, Spinifex Manufacturing offers a range of products that are not only designed but also manufactured and assembled in Brisbane. 

    Their hands-on experience in dealing with the best and worst of the country's conditions has led to the development of products that are both high-quality and adaptable to individual needs. The company prides itself on its ability to customize products without sacrificing quality or incurring high costs. Spinifex Manufacturing is dedicated to setting up vehicles as either the ultimate touring machines or fit-for-purpose workhorses, ensuring they find the right solution the first time.

    Services and products offered by Spinifex Manufacturing include:

    • Full Canopy Bodies: Providing ample space for storage and transport needs.
    • Midi and Mini Bodies: Offering maximized space and weight distribution.
    • Heavy Duty Tray Bodies: Combining heavy-duty construction with lightweight design.
    • Combo Tray Bodies: Integrated designs to suit modern vehicles.
    • Battery Boxes, Power Hubs, and Power Panels: Solutions for self-contained power and canopy/toolbox power needs.
    • Customization options for all products to meet individual requirements.

    Phone: (07) 3103 8458
    Website: https://spinifexmanufacturing.com.au/

    Tuff Engineering

    tuff engineering

    Tuff Engineering, located in Maddington, Western Australia, specializes in manufacturing custom-built ute canopies, slide-on campers, camper trailers, and trade-size toolboxes. They are known for their high-quality materials and workmanship, catering to individual requirements. 

    Tuff Engineering offers a range of products including 3-door ute canopies with interiors painted grey and exteriors painted to match the vehicle, quality slide-on campers, and custom-built camper trailers. Their trade-size toolboxes are also custom built to meet specific needs. The company takes pride in managing the entire production process, from initial design to final production, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers.

    Services and products offered by Tuff Engineering include:

    • Custom-built ute canopies, including aluminium canopies and pop-top options.
    • Slide-on campers and camper trailers designed for robustness and reliability.
    • Trade-size toolboxes custom built to individual requirements.
    • Service bodies for various professional needs.

    Phone: (08) 9459 3512
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://tuffengineering.com.au/

    HSP 4×4 Accessories

    hsp 4×4 accessories

    HSP Ute Lids, based in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia, is a premium provider of car products for a wide range of models and makes. The company specializes in 4x4 auto parts and accessories, offering innovative and high-quality products designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of vehicles. HSP Ute Lids is known for its 'world-first' designs, making its Australian line of products stand out in the market. They offer a variety of products including rugged hard lids, roll tops, canopies, and other accessories like Tailgate Central Locking, Smart Bar Bullbars, and Sportguard Tub Liners. Additionally, they provide advanced technology solutions like the HSP Load Rack, Load Slide, and Tailgate Assist, aimed at making hard work easier and more efficient.

    Services and products offered by HSP Ute Lids include:

    • Premium Hard Lids for various car models including Ford, Holden, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Hilux, Triton, and Isuzu.
    • Electric Roll R Covers for a range of vehicles.
    • The Silverback Lid, Load Slide, Armour Bar Sports Bar, and Tailgate Central Locking.
    • Tailgate Struts and Load Bars for enhanced vehicle functionality.
    • Australian manufactured and highly engineered products with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry.

    Phone: 1300 441 498
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://hsputelids.com/

    Custom Canopies & Tool Boxes

    custom canopies & tool boxes

    Custom Canopies and Tool Boxes, located in Boronia, Victoria, Australia, specializes in creating quality aluminium toolboxes and custom canopies. They are experts in the design, fabrication, and installation of steel and aluminium body options with accessories tailored to individual needs. The company offers a range of products including custom canopies, toolboxes, accessories, and storage boxes, catering to both commercial and private use. Known for their ability to customize items for almost any make and model of ute or truck, Custom Canopies and Tool Boxes builds all ute tool boxes, canopies, trays, and accessories to specific client specifications.

    Services and products offered by Custom Canopies and Tool Boxes include:

    • Custom Canopies for utility vehicles.
    • Custom Tool Boxes designed according to client requirements.
    • A variety of accessories for utility vehicles.
    • Storage boxes for additional vehicle storage solutions.

    Phone: 0490 952 194
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.customct.com.au/

    MFI Service Bodies

    mfi service bodies

    MFI Automotive Group, based in Australia, specializes in designing and manufacturing custom service bodies for utes, trucks, and specialized vehicles. With over two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, MFI Automotive Group focuses on creating service bodies that are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of their clients. They emphasize not compromising operations to fit an off-the-shelf solution, instead offering tailored service body solutions that align with the organization's requirements. The company uses carefully selected materials to achieve an optimal balance between strength, service longevity, and operational weight. Their manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest machinery, and their processes are continually refined for efficient, quality outcomes.

    Services and products offered by MFI Automotive Group include:

    • Custom service bodies for fleet, commercial, hazard & emergency services, and recreational vehicles.
    • Australian-designed and manufactured products, built to withstand Australian conditions.
    • A 5-year structural warranty on their products.
    • National sales and support, with a focus on quality and durability.

    Phone: 1300 634 669
    Website: https://www.mfiservicebodies.com.au/



    Flexiglass, a pioneering brand in the canopy industry since 1949, is renowned for its innovative and high-quality products for utility vehicles. The company originated in Western Australia when Harry Robins recognized the need for a station wagon after seeing the first Holden car. He crafted his first canopy using a steam-bent timber frame and sheet metal panels, which became a resounding success.

    Today, Flexiglass continues to lead in the development of dual cab ute canopies, offering a wide range of designs made from aluminium sheeting with side sliding windows. They remain at the forefront of the dual cab ute field, ensuring their canopies meet the demands of all the new ute vehicles entering the market.

    Flexiglass offers a variety of products, including:

    • Ute Canopies: A range of canopies designed for different utility vehicle models.
    • Ute Trays: Durable and functional trays for utility vehicles.
    • Tray Canopies and Tray Accessories: Additional accessories to enhance the functionality of ute trays.
    • Combos, Bull Bars, Drawer Systems, and Roof Racks: Additional accessories to customize and enhance utility vehicles.
    • A comprehensive vehicle guide and the latest product catalogue for informed purchasing decisions.

    Phone: 1300 656 599
    Website: https://www.flexiglass.com.au/

    MW Manufacturing

    mw manufacturing


    MW Toolbox Canopy and Trailer, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of aluminium canopy products, Ute canopy products, toolboxes, Ute trays, and trailers. With over 20 years of industry expertise, MW has established itself as a market leader, offering a wide range of high-quality products for various vehicle types. The company prides itself on its commitment to providing customers with the best possible containers for transporting and storing tools and contents.

    MW Toolbox Canopy and Trailer offers a variety of products, including:

    • Ute Trays: Custom-built trays for utility vehicles.
    • Canopies: Including chassis-mount canopies and tray & canopy combos.
    • Toolboxes: High-quality tool storage solutions.
    • Roof Top Tents: For outdoor and camping enthusiasts.
    • Trailers: Durable and versatile trailers for various uses.
    • Slide on Campers: For recreational and travel purposes.
    • Canopy Fit-outs: Customized fit-outs for canopies.
    • Accessories: A range of accessories to complement their main products.

    Phone: 1800 5544 34
    Website: https://www.toolboxmel.com.au/



    Norweld is an Australian company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality aluminium ute trays and canopies. With a history dating back to 1971, Norweld has established itself as a leader in the industry, known for its commitment to durability, reliability, and innovation. The company's products, designed and manufactured in Australia, represent the pinnacle of Australian ingenuity and craftsmanship. Celebrating over 50 years in business, Norweld has continuously evolved through extensive research and development at its head office in Cairns.

    The company's range of products is not only popular in Australia but also shipped worldwide, highlighting its global appeal. Norweld's commitment to producing the toughest products in the country using the highest grade materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques has made it a go-to choice for customers seeking quality and durability.

    Norweld offers a variety of services and products, including:

    • Ute Trays: A range of aluminium ute trays designed for strength and durability.
    • Tray and Wind Off Canopies: Customizable canopies that can be easily removed from the tray.
    • Full-Time Canopies: Permanent canopy solutions for continuous use.
    • Options and Accessories: A wide range of accessories to complement the trays and canopies.
    • Wiring Packages: Custom wiring solutions for the canopies and trays.
    • Fleet Solutions: Commercial solutions for fleet customers, catering to their specific needs.

    Phone: 1300 302 899
    Website: https://norweld.com.au/

    Kylin Campers

    kylin campers

    Kylin Campers, based in Australia, specializes in providing a wide range of aluminium ute trays, canopies, and accessories for camping enthusiasts. They offer affordable and quality products, including aluminium ute canopies starting from $1300. The company prides itself on offering a full 24-month quality warranty for all its products, ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability. Kylin Campers is located at Unit 34, 35-37 Jesica Rd, Campbellfield, and welcomes visitors to their showroom for a firsthand look at their products. They also provide a variety of finance options to make their products more accessible to customers.

    The product range at Kylin Campers includes:

    • Ute Canopies: Available in different sizes like 800L, 1200L, 1500L, 1650L, and 1800L, some with dog boxes.
    • Ute Canopy Accessories: Including drawers, roof racks, and various other accessories.
    • Ute Trays: Offering dual cab ute trays along with accessories like alloy trundle drawers.
    • Trailer Parts: A selection of parts for trailers.
    • Customization Options: Providing customers with the ability to get a quote for customized ute canopies and trays.

    Phone: 03 9357 8913
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.kylincampers.com.au/

    Caddy Storage

    caddy storage

    Caddy Storage Systems, an Australian leader in vehicle storage solutions, specializes in a wide range of accessories and storage systems for vehicles. With over 35 years of experience, they have established themselves as innovators in the field, offering high-quality products manufactured in Australia to meet local trade specifications. Their product range is extensive and includes solutions for various vehicle types, ensuring that they cater to a broad customer base. Caddy Storage is known for its commitment to quality, offering warranties and guarantees on all products. They have a national presence with offices and distribution outlets across Australia, providing installation and delivery services wherever their customers are.

    The key products and services offered by Caddy Storage Systems include:

    • Ute Canopies: High-quality fibreglass and colour-coded options.
    • Ute Aluminium Canopies: Customizable aluminium canopies built to customer specifications.
    • Vehicle Shelving: A range of shelving options to organize work vehicles.
    • Cargo Barriers: Secure cargo solutions available for all vehicle types.
    • Van Fitouts: Comprehensive fitout services for vans and utes.
    • Ute Tool Boxes: Secure storage solutions for tools in single and twin configurations.
    • Rear Step and Towbars: Custom rear steps and Hayman Reese towbars for various vehicle models.
    • Heavy Duty Drawers: Over 100 different sizes of drawers to fit any vehicle model.
    • Roof Rack Systems: Sourced from popular brands like Rhino Rack and Tradesman.
    • Vehicle Extras: A variety of accessories and additional products for vehicles.

    Phone:(02) 9831 2878
    Website: https://caddystorage.com.au/

    SMM Steel Canopies

    smm steel canopies

    SAMMITR Australia, with over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, specializes in providing high-quality SMM Steel canopies for utility vehicles. Their canopies are known for their strength, durability, security, and environmental friendliness. Designed to seamlessly fit a range of vehicles including the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara, and VW Amarok, these canopies are manufactured using the latest automotive processes to ensure top-notch quality.

    Key features and benefits of SMM Steel canopies include:

    • Manufactured from high-quality automotive steel for enhanced strength and durability.
    • Custom-designed to match specific vehicle brands, ensuring a seamless fit and finish.
    • Extra security for tools, equipment, and other items stored in the vehicle.
    • Built to resist the elements with automotive quality paint protection.
    • Environmentally friendly components that are fully recyclable.
    • Versatility and ease of access with rear doors and two side windows.
    • Door handles mounted on steel frames for additional security.
    • Rear glass mounted in a steel frame.
    • Heavy-duty rotary locks for increased security.
    • Roof rails with up to 150kg load rating.

    Phone: +66 641 318 296
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://smmcanopies.com.au/

    Aussie Tool Boxes

    aussie tool boxes

    Aussie Tool Boxes, based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality aluminium ute, truck, and caravan tool boxes. With over 19 years of experience, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of storage solutions, catering to the needs of customers in Melbourne, regional areas, and interstate. Their products are known for their durability, security, and customizability, making them a popular choice among tradespeople and adventurers alike.

    Key offerings and services of Aussie Tool Boxes include:

    • A wide range of aluminium tool boxes for utes, trucks, and four-wheel drives, available in both flat or tread plate aluminium.
    • Custom-built drawers tailored to specific customer specifications.
    • Custom fabrication services, including cutting, folding, and welding to meet unique requirements.
    • Aluminium ute canopies in both fixed and lift-off configurations, suitable for tradesmen, campers, and four-wheel drivers.
    • Lift-off trays that can be supplied with tool boxes or utilized with existing setups.
    • Underbody tool boxes designed to utilize wasted space below the tray for storing smaller items.
    • Tool boxes for caravans, built using high-quality aluminium material for secure and durable storage during travels.

    Phone: 03 9775 0015
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://aussietoolboxes.com.au/

    Fleet Trades

    fleet trades

    Fleet Trades, a leading custom ute tray and canopy manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in creating high-quality, heavy-duty products for light commercial vehicles. With over 20 years of experience, Fleet Trades has become a preferred partner for both industry professionals and direct consumers, known for its innovative design, durability, and functionality.

    Key offerings and services of Fleet Trades include:

    • Custom Ute Trays: A range of Australian-made trays built to heavy-duty specifications, suitable for all light commercial vehicles. These trays are available in both steel and aluminium.
    • Canopy & Service Bodies: Designed for maximum utility and efficiency, these service bodies and canopies include optional extras like internal shelving, slide-out drawers, and central locking.
    • Accessories: A full range of accessories to customize trays, canopies, or service bodies according to individual needs.
    • Nationwide Fitment: Partnership with fitment centres across Australia to ensure easy access to their high-quality products.
    • Custom Solutions: Tailored solutions for different vehicles, providing flexibility to create the ultimate work platform.
    • Warranty: Backed by a 12-month full manufacturer's warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.
    • Quick Turnaround: Efficient processes to get vehicles fitted out and back on the road as quickly as possible.

    Phone: 1300 358 873
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://fleettrades.com.au/

    HQ Link

    hq link

    HQ Link, located in Dandenong, VIC, Australia, specializes in custom-built toolboxes and canopies, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their customers. They emphasize on producing high-quality products and providing excellent services, ensuring that each item is crafted to match the shape and profile of the customer's vehicle perfectly. Their commitment to quality is a driving force in their business, and they offer one-on-one service and professional advice for all enquiries.

    Key aspects of HQ Link's offerings include:

    • 100% Custom-Built Products: Toolboxes and canopies are designed and built to neatly match the vehicle’s headboard or profile, with internal fitouts and functions (like shelves, racks, drawers, central locks, etc.) tailored according to customer specifications.
    • High-Quality Products: HQ Link focuses on continuing to produce high-quality products, which is central to their business philosophy.
    • Competitive Pricing: They offer highly competitive pricing, ensuring that their quotes are well-considered for quality and competition in the industry.
    • Location: Their products are 100% built in Australia at their factory located at 91A Cheltenham Road, Dandenong VIC 3175.

    Phone: (03)8759 3699
    Website: https://hqlink.com.au/

    Wigley Engineering

    wigley engineering

    Wigley Engineering Pty Ltd, based in Australia, specializes in metal fabrication and general engineering, offering a range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of their clients. They are known for their expertise in creating custom ute trays, canopies, and a variety of metal engineering solutions.

    Key offerings and services of Wigley Engineering include:

    • Aluminium Trays & Canopies: These are manufactured from heavy-duty, lightweight aluminium, designed to protect work and camping gear. They offer maximized storage, cover, and utility for various road conditions and are available as separate items or as a complete package.
    • Custom Metal Fabrication: Wigley Engineering provides start-to-finish solutions in-house, from 3D rendering to powder coating. Their qualified metal fabricators can handle both small, one-off runs and repeat mass productions, creating complex products with superior accuracy and consistency.
    • Tray & Canopy Accessories: They offer a full range of ute tray and canopy accessories, including rear drawers, lockboxes, water tanks, jerry can holders, spare wheel mounts, and more, to enhance the functionality of 4WD vehicles.
    • Laser Cutting, Press Brake, and Welding Services: These services are part of their custom metal fabrication offerings, ensuring high-quality results for various engineering needs.

    Phone: 03 9794 8311
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.wigleyengineering.com.au/

    Lock&Load Ute Bodies

    lock&load ute bodies

    Lock and Load Ute Bodies, based in Australia, specializes in manufacturing high-quality ute canopies, service bodies, and ute trays, catering to both tradesmen and campers. Their products are designed for both work and adventure, offering a blend of functionality and durability.

    Key offerings and features of Lock and Load Ute Bodies include:

    • Ute Canopies: Their canopies are designed to match the vehicle, maximize available space, and facilitate easy loading. They feature a sleek integrated design and are manufactured with quality in mind.
    • Exclusive 2-Point Latch System: This system includes central locking for the vehicle, ensuring security and ease of access.
    • Attention to Detail: Lock and Load Ute Bodies focuses on the details that matter to their customers, such as the height of the cab and a flush floor, making their canopies and trays easy and accessible to load.
    • Customization: They offer canopies and trays that are tailored to the specific requirements of their clients.

    Phone: 0427 531 752
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.lockandloadutebodies.com.au

    Boss Aluminium

    boss aluminium

    Boss Aluminium, based in Australia, is a leader in engineering smart solutions for commercial and recreational utes. They are renowned for their 100% Australian Made products, which include a range of aluminium ute trays and canopies.

    Key offerings and features of Boss Aluminium include:

    • High-Quality Products: Boss Aluminium prioritizes quality, backing all of their products with a lifetime workmanship warranty.
    • Unique Design: Their canopies and trays are modular, allowing for easy additions, swaps, or updates with minimal modification required.
    • Lightweight Construction: Built from marine-grade aluminium, their canopies and trays are lightweight, helping to keep vehicles within their Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).
    • Customer Service: They work closely with customers from start to finish, ensuring that the work or touring setup best suits the customer's needs.
    • GVM Upgrade: As authorized resellers and installers of JMACX Engineering kits, they offer coil conversions and GVM upgrades, particularly for building the ultimate Landcruiser.
    • Australian Made & Owned: All products are designed and built in-house at their Bayswater North facility, keeping manufacturing and jobs in Australia.
    • M-Spec Modules: These are a range of accessories for M-Spec Trays and Canopies that can be added during the build or retrofitted later.

    Phone: (03) 9729 3092
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://www.bossaluminium.com.au/

    UTE Safe - Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

    ute safe

    Ute Safe, based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in custom-built aluminium ute toolboxes and storage compartments. They cater to a wide range of applications including tub and tray work vehicles, recreational activities, camping, 4WD, and boating. With 18 years of experience, Ute Safe has developed the largest range of aluminium toolboxes and continues to innovate with new storage solutions.

    Key offerings and features of Ute Safe include:

    • Custom Built Aluminium Toolboxes: Tailored to suit various needs, from work vehicles to recreational and camping purposes.
    • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for tub and tray work vehicles, recreational, camping, 4WD, and boating.
    • Diverse Product Range: Offering boxes of every shape to suit utes, trucks, and trailers, including camping boxes for fridges and canopies for roof-top tents.
    • High-Quality Materials: Manufactured using 2.5mm marine-grade aluminium tread plate, ensuring durability and resistance to weather conditions.
    • Advanced Construction: All boxes are fully T.I.G welded with door seals and concealed hinges, enhancing durability and strength.
    • Lightweight and Durable: Designed to be both light and rugged, ensuring ease of use without compromising on security.
    • Australia Wide Delivery: Products are manufactured in Victoria and shipped across Australia.
    • ‘321 Warranty’: Offering a 3-year warranty on workmanship, 2 years on gas struts, and 1 year on all other hardware.

    Phone: (03) 9357 6640
    Website: https://utesafe.com.au/

    Top Dek

    top dek

    Top Dek Transport Equipment Pty Ltd, based in Victoria, Australia, has over 20 years of experience in providing heavy-duty steel and aluminium tray bodies. They are recognized as leaders in this field, catering to both standard and customized needs for all manufacturers.

    Key offerings and services of Top Dek include:

    • Custom Design for Any Vehicle: Top Dek offers a fully customized design service, allowing nearly every aspect of their tray bodies to be tailored within legal specifications. This service is ideal for every tradesman's requirement, including fully fitted service bodies on any make of vehicle.
    • Allen Sliding Canopy: As the exclusive supplier of the Allen Sliding Canopy, Top Dek provides heavy-duty canvas canopies that can be custom-made with options for extra windows, zips, and a range of canvas colors. The solid framework construction and high-quality roller components ensure durability and protection for cargo.
    • High-Quality Materials: Top Dek's tray and truck bodies are made from the finest quality materials, built to meet individual needs.
    • Complete Manufacturing and Modification Solutions: They offer complete solutions for tray bodies, with all manufacturing and modifications for canopies designed and manufactured on-site.

    Phone: 03 9775 0015
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://topdek.com.au/

    Rockbox Australia

    rockbox australia

    Rockbox Australia specializes in creating custom aluminium service bodies that are built to last. They focus on providing tough and durable solutions for various vehicle needs, including service bodies, ute canopies, toolboxes, and chassis-mounted ute canopies.

    Key offerings and features of Rockbox Australia include:

    • Custom Aluminium Service Bodies: Every Rockbox is custom-made to suit the specific needs of the customer. Their experienced team designs service bodies that are durable and stand the test of time, using high-quality aluminum fitted with heavy rubber seals and key locks.
    • Designed for Australian Conditions: Being 100% Australian owned and operated, Rockbox understands the harsh requirements of the Australian landscape. All their service bodies come with a manufacturing guarantee.
    • State-of-the-Art Design: Rockbox uses the latest computer design software to deliver high-quality, sleek service bodies that are tough and durable. All service bodies are 100% manufactured in Western Australia.
    • Fleet Solutions: Rockbox excels in creating specialized fleet deliveries of aluminium service bodies, ute canopies, toolboxes, and chassis-mounted ute canopies, catering to the specific needs of fleet operations.
    • Tough and Durable Products: Emphasizing their motto "Nothing is as tough as a Rock Box," they ensure their products are robust and reliable.

    Phone: (03) 9357 6640
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: https://rockboxaustralia.com.au/

    Generally 2 – 2 ½ hours for a non-central locking canopy and 3 – 3 ½ hours for a central locking canopy. Other factors may contribute extra time, such as if particular items need to be removed from the vehicle to install the ute canopy, such as sports bars, lids, etc. Please also note that this time does not consider other factors such as installing other items with the ute canopy such as roof racks etc.

    Our ute canopies are weatherproof, not waterproof. Different manufacturing tolerances from vehicle manufacturers need to be addressed, along with optional tailgate sealing strips if you encounter any water leaks. In addition, canopies should not be exposed to high-pressure cleaners or automated car washes. Please refer to how to care for your canopy brochure. All of our canopies have a large rubber seal between the deck and canopy and generous side door seals, as well as an internal drain feature for the rear door seal.

    Ute canopies, once installed, are generally not removed again unless the vehicle is sold or the canopy is no longer required. The clamp system between the ute canopy and tub of the vehicle is a non-drill fit, so it’s, of course, possible to be removed; however not a 1 x person job to lift the ute canopy off the vehicle.

    Suggest a sliding window canopy. We can also add to the sliding windows and sliding window guard (perforated powder coat sheet metal), which will allow your sliding window to stay open for air circulation purposes. In addition, the guard will stop the possibility of your animal occupant escaping. A roof vent can also be added to the roof of your canopy for extra circulation.


    Albeit it is most likely illegal, we highly recommend not to. Of course, if carrying something long and tailgate needs to stay open; however, this will place added pressure on the gas struts and increase the chance of glass breakage.

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