30+ Best Townhouse Builders in Melbourne, Victoria (2023)

In Australia’s capital cities, the great Aussie dream is shifting away from the ‘white-picket fence’ house with a big backyard, with the latest Census data showing that more Australians are choosing to live in higher density housing such as townhouses and apartments.

For those looking for the lock-up and leave, low maintenance lifestyle that apartments offer, yet desire more space akin to a house, townhouses bridge the gap and are growing in popularity with single professionals, young families, and downsizers.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, looking for the best townhouse builder? When you are planning your big project, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to select every company personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate company, options, and materials for your dream house.

We've created an ultimate list of Townhouse Builders in Melbourne, Victoria to save you time and money.

Top List of Townhouse Builders in Melbourne

MJS Construction Group - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

mjs construction group

(03) 9570 1826

Townhouse Builders in Melbourne, Victoria, Serving More Than 1200 Happy Residents

For more than 35 years, Melbourne and Australia have trusted townhouse builders. Over the years, we've finished more than 1200 new home, dual occupancy, townhouse, and apartment developments. We know what it takes to provide peace of mind while building your ideal Melbourne townhouse since we've seen it all and done it all.

You've come to the right site if you're seeking for new townhouse builders in Melbourne who are both high-quality and reasonably priced.

One townhouse at a time, making Melbourne residents feel right at home.

We make homes that people love to live in as a full-service townhouse building construction and project management firm.

Home is where the heart is, as we have all heard a million times. But the rest of you also reside there. Because of this, MJS Construction Group is dedicated to creating townhouse residences that cater to each and every one of you. Our dedication to excellence in design, construction, and customer service is a reflection of our philosophy and enthusiasm for custom homes. Let's make your ideal house a reality!

The MJS townhouse builder difference.

having built hundreds of townhouses, new homes, dual-occupancy buildings, and duplex developments over the course of 35 years. The MJS Construction Group works with everyone from small business owners to major real estate developers, and they always take care to grasp the specifics of the project so that you're overjoyed and satisfied with the results.

MJS Construction Group distinguishes itself by valuing connections, paying attention to details, and delivering quality outcomes. We don't simply "say" we'll carry out all of this. We follow through on our promises. This is how MJS Construction Group has expanded and how our distinctive organizational structure has enabled us to succeed in the design, construction, and building sectors.

Feel at home with Melbourne townhouse builders who complete their building projects on schedule, within budget, and with the utmost care.

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

vbuild melbourne pty ltd

0425 752 803

Leaders in Prestige Home Design & Build

At VBuild, we are Melbourne luxury home builders who are totally committed to realizing your vision of the ideal custom home. We promise you a gorgeous, wonderfully finished quality house that you'll be happy with for years to come, starting with your first ideas and continuing through bespoke design, planning, construction, and beyond.

The goal of VBuild is to offer a project management service that gives our client ongoing access to the project status and the assurance that the project will proceed without hiccups through every stage. VBuild's considerable project management experience can guarantee that projects are always run smoothly and meticulously from project conception to planning, procurement, execution, and completion, both client-side and contractor-side.

New Home Design

The process of designing and building a new house with our clients always excites us since it has so much tremendous potential. Our experts will awe you with their ability to transform your concept into a lovely and excellently livable home right from the start.

Latitude 37 Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

latitude 37

03 8795 3001

Full Custom Experience

Our in-house design team creates luxury houses that are truly a reflection of the residents. We examine each step of the process to ensure that we're building a home that is as distinctive as you are. We take pride in being there for our clients from the very first conversations through design presentation meetings, the actual build, and beyond.

Visualise In Stunning 3D

Every house we make is initially conceptualized as a top-notch 3D model, allowing you to virtually tour the house before it is ever built. These models, which are a constant source of excitement, enable us to show clients not only how their ideal homes will look but also—and maybe more importantly—how they will feel.

Our Vision

We assembled a group of business professionals dedicated to a culture of honesty and integrity, innovation, proactive and open communication, and simply following through on our commitments in order to continually realize this Vision.

Hotondo Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

hotondo homes

+61 1800 677 157

Our builders build everything from duplexes to beach villas.

For your family, your portfolio, and for you personally, our ultimate goal is to assist you in creating the house of your dreams. Whatever you have in mind, we want to help make it a reality because those dream homes come in a variety of sizes and styles, from modest residences to roomy beach villas. Every buyer can find something they like among our designs, which range from the aspiring to the genuinely opulent. We are here for you, no matter who you are or where you want to create.

Speak to the builders trusted across the country

Start here if you want to take the first step toward your ideal residence. Visit one of our showcase homes to be inspired by the sophistication of our interiors and elegant designs. Then, have a discussion with one of our builders to see how we can assist.

Comdain Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

comdain homes

(03) 9403 0001

Comdain, quality without compromise

In order to realize your goal, we are collaborative and consultative, listening to all of your needs and wishes. We are resolute in our dedication and commitment to you, backed by attentive service and the finest quality money can buy.

Where luxury meets ease

From two brothers operating out of a garage, Comdain Homes quickly expanded to include a vibrant and unified team in Fairfield. And after more than three decades, the brothers are still actively running our company. Comdain Homes upholds the finest standards of customer service and craftsmanship while remaining faithful to our deeply held family values.

We provide the entire building experience, from unique architectural ideas to amazing landscaping options, to a certain sector of high market home purchasers. From beginning to end, we do everything with a firm dedication to streamlined systems and processes.

Zuccala Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

zuccala homes

03 9407 9334

Zuccala Homes has the tools and knowledge necessary to finish jobs completely. Starting with preliminary design viability and cost projections to show project viability, town planning evaluation and guidance, civil works and site evaluation, acoustic rating and fire evaluation, building technology cost engineering, energy assessment, marketing assistance with design upgrade packages and facade treatment, full architectural working drawings with engineering considerations, tender procedures, and strategic project partnering

To guarantee the success of your project, we provide a dependable, results-driven, performance-based strategy. To produce a project that everyone can be proud of, our seasoned crew places a strong emphasis on results. To achieve the shortest lead times to delivery, minimal rework costs, and proper consideration of cost engineering economies and design benefits from the outset, we choose a strategic partnering approach with our project clients.

Alpha Building Group - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

alpha building group

(03) 9737 9799

Building Inspections

Even if you are working with a different builder, we nevertheless offer building inspections. This is done to ensure that your home is finished above and beyond an acceptable quality, giving you piece of mind. Every construction inspection performed by Alpha is carried out by a licensed builder with years of expertise who has also constructed several homes. You can have inspections performed at every step of your construction, and you'll get a thorough, professional inspection report that verifies your new house complies with building code standards.

Home Maintenance

We also improve pre-existing homes in addition to new construction. Every homeowner should, in our opinion, take full advantage of their residence. Your home can require maintenance, a change, or simply a little more tender love and care. Our adaptable and knowledgeable team can restore your house to its former splendor so you can live the lifestyle you deserve. We tailor our maintenance services to match your budget and only partner with approved vendors who have passed our stringent quality assurance inspections.

Long Island Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

long island homes

1800 604 012

We are a residential new home builder that provides beautiful and practical floorplans to accommodate discriminating buyers wishing to construct their ideal house. Those looking to construct their dream home can do so with the Islander line of residences. The most meticulous buyer seeking a huge home and stunning extras will be satisfied with this gorgeous collection of residences.

Our LifeSmart Special line of fully equipped turnkey products is ideal for investors. Your house has been turned over, both inside and out, and is prepared for your tenant to come in. For those who have smaller lots, the Altitude and LifeSmart home series are both perfectly suited in terms of style and packaging.

Dusk Home Builders - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

dusk homebuilders

+61 419 531 941

What We Do

From project management to planning for occupation to remodeling for resale, we provide a wide variety of services. We only take on a small number of projects, so you get our full focus, respect, and originality. We provide building services that cover all phases of construction, major renovations, swimming pools, and landscaping.

How We Work

This is your chance to explain the key components of your perfect house so that we can create the project team, budget, and schedule that will make this vision a reality. We cooperate with you, an architect, and a group of specially chosen professionals to comprehend your lifestyle requirements and how they translate into the architectural form.

Careful preparation makes sure that your construction goes smoothly. We have decided on a timeline for major checkpoints, budget oversight, and progress reporting at this point. We give you the keys to a structure that the sunset team and I am pleased with. It's time to throw a party at your gorgeous new house. After your house is finished, you can continue your relationship with dusk at the beach or on another project.

Elite New Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

elite new homes

(03) 9068 5014


We have teamed up with Gallerie, a business that specializes in the choice of home goods, finishes, and colors. Our customers can select all of the inclusions for their new homes at Gallerie. Due to the fact that we don't farm out work to anyone and only work with a reliable group, our suppliers and tradesmen are an essential component of the team.

Shape Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

shape homes

03 7002 5801

Detached Homes

We construct cutting-edge detached homes with contemporary facades and color schemes on prime lots in estates throughout Melbourne that are close to already-existing lifestyle amenities, maximizing leasing possibilities.

Medium Density Construction Services

Developers that want to build using Shape Homes' architect's plans in already-approved developments can get a quote. With our expertise, we can also offer real value management for the built form, ensuring that designs are adjusted to ensure constructability and cost-effectiveness as well as crucial elements like support for construction programming and requirements.

Claremont Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

claremont homes

(03) 9329 9612

The trade mark for Claremont Homes—"the only way home"—speaks for itself.

The process of constructing your ideal house should be smooth, joyful, and free of unpleasant surprises. We consider a builder and customer relationship to be valuable. Finding your ideal house is simple with us. You contribute an idea. We bring knowledge. To ensure that your home represents your personal taste, we will navigate the entire home design and purchasing process together.

Claremont Homes is dedicated to preserving homeownership as a dream for all Australians, and works to provide the ideal fusion of quality and affordability through cutting-edge design, efficient construction, and excellent customer service at every turn.

We are dedicated to giving you a top-notch customer service experience, starting with your very first discussion with us and continuing through the final handover of your new home. It's what makes us stand out as a trustworthy builder. Claremont Home Construction is all about you. Your home can be really unique with Claremont Homes.

Maison Homes Pty Ltd - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

maison homes

+61 456 111 001

Top-notch homes are being built in Melbourne by our competent, committed, and qualified construction team. We only employ certified and seasoned tradesmen to ensure that we build your ideal home to the caliber you demand.

Additionally, our design staff is passionate about what makes a new house have exceptional design. Let our in-depth knowledge and specialized design professionals lead you through the entire design and documentation process to realize your dream house or investment project that is customized to your personal lifestyle and/or specific needs.

Langford Jones Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

langford jones homes

03 9579 2278

About Us

With us, building is simple. You can select a design from one of our exquisite Design Collections and work with our creative team to alter the house to suit your unique design needs and way of life. As an alternative, you can use our Custom Design Service and offer us your dream. Let us develop your dream home from the ground up, according to your exact specifications.

Throughout all phases of the design and construction of your project, our staff is available to collaborate with you and provide support. We collaborate closely with you at every level of your design and construction project. To provide a holistic, planned building experience that makes building for our clients easier, we have streamlined our systems and communication.

5AB Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

5ab homes 1

1300 000 523

First Home Buyers

In addition, we provide features that surpass industry norms, such as sustainability results and warranties. As a result, you may build with greater assurance knowing that structural and product guarantees will protect you.

Our Guarantee

Our quality assurance program ensures that our work will be reviewed by a different team of professionals even though we stand by our guarantee that it is excellent. You can rest easy knowing that your home is long-lasting thanks to this. A total and thorough support

Build Process

We are aware that preparing in advance makes the process of building a new home more efficient and enjoyable. Your expectations for this building experience have been sincerely supported by 5ABHomes' service from the first consultation to the final inspection.

Mimosa Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

mimosa homes 1

03 8361 1901


To accommodate modern living, we just debuted our new line of architecturally built residences. There is a Mimosa Home to fit every individual and every family, with over 45 brand-new home designs and an exquisite selection of facades.

Our History

Mimosa Homes has developed into one of Melbourne's home construction firms with the fastest rate of growth as a result of its commitment to quality, service, and attention to detail. Mimosa Homes currently provides a wide range of wonderful designs to pick from, all of which have been meticulously made with busy modern families like yours in mind.

Highview Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

highview homes

(03) 5973 5974


Our traditional period-style homes are made of brick or weatherboard and mix real façades with roomy interior layouts to deliver the finest of history design with contemporary building standards and philosophies. Choose a design or combine a few; we are happy to change the facades and floor plans to meet your requirements.


Our Hampton homes, which draw their inspiration from the classic New York Hamptons style, are rich with contemporary coastal charm. For the lover of the seashore, bright colors, expansive verandahs, and abundance of natural light are ideal. Families who enjoy modern design will adore this style home, which is available in both single and double storey options!

Quality Home Builders - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

quality home builders 1

1300 12 99 78

Why Build With QHB?

Your new home's design and construction are our passions at QHB. To retain our reputation as top-notch new home builders, we strive for perfection with each home we build. You are likely to locate your dream home among the wide selection of conventional home designs offered by new home builders. A estimate for your home design plans can be provided, or you can modify any of our new home floor plans to incorporate your ideas.

Your home may take up to a year to build, according to home builders. You will move into your new home more quickly with QHB, reducing stress, time, and cost. We offer everything you'll need to move into a finished house as new home builders... coverings for the floors, ducted air conditioning, and more

About QHB

Since 2010, The IM group has assisted investors and first-time homebuyers with the goal of developing remarkable solutions for their clients. Today, that goal still serves as a motivating factor. The most imaginative and trustworthy craftspeople in the country have always been sought after by IM Group. This makes us one of the most reputable One-Stop-Shop organizations in the country.

Rycon Building Group - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

rycon building group

+61 3 9894 1501


Our team of devoted building specialists is committed to quality, and we fully think that it's the small things that count. To give you a custom building experience and a magnificent finish that you'll be proud to call home, we work hard.


With our customized "turnkey" service, we guarantee that you will have the best possible building experience with the best possible workmanship. Ryan works closely with his staff and personally inspects each property to guarantee it is completed on schedule, within budget, and to the high standards he expects because he himself has very high expectations.

Australian Building Company - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

australian building company

+61 131829

The Australian Building Company is who we are. Top home designers have developed our homes to meet the needs of contemporary Australian families that don't want to spend a fortune merely to own a house.

We are committed to making it easier and easier for Australians to construct stunning new residences that consistently provide outstanding value.

Leading home designers have built our homes to meet the needs of contemporary Australian families—families that don't want to spend a fortune merely to buy a home. We have designs for everyone, from a single person or couple to a rapidly expanding family with several children and teenagers. Whether you need a single or double story building, we can help. "ABC" stands for excellent buildings constructed to last.

JG King Homes - Townhouse Builder Melbourne

jg king homes

1300 545 465

View our unique promotions, which are intended to make the process of constructing your new home as easy as possible. Choose from discounts, upgrades to luxury, and more for a short period of time. In the neighborhood you adore, construct your dream home. New house and land packages from JG King are available throughout Victoria, from the city to the beach, and all in between.

Enter one of our model houses to envision yourself residing in one of our magnificent designs. In metropolitan or rural areas of Melbourne, we have display home locations.

Our History

Our experience of construction shows that we always put the needs of home buyers first. We have been constructing houses cherished by Victorian families for almost three decades. Although we have received accolades and prizes throughout that period, Victoria's dream homes are where we really saw the fruits of our labor.

What to look for in a townhouse?

Thinking of purchasing a townhouse for your upcoming move? Our townhouse buying advice is designed to ease the transition for you, whether you're a first-time buyer or just unfamiliar with townhomes. To help you choose your future home with confidence and knowledge, we've included included the key factors to take into account when purchasing a townhouse.

This townhouse buyers guide was created to help investors who are weighing the advantages of buying a townhouse over a house or apartment or who just want to know what are the important things to watch out for when buying a new townhouse.

What defines a townhouse?

Townhouses, often known as "townhomes," are typically 2-3 level dwellings that have walls that are shared with a neighbor. They can range in size from three-townhouse infill developments to master-planned estates with more than 100 townhomes.

The standard layout of a townhouse is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a single garage; however, due to their increasing popularity, more designs have become common, and 2, 3, or 4 bedroom townhouses with 1-2 parking spaces are now increasingly popular. The majority of townhouses also feature a garden or courtyard as part of their property.

Quite frequently, townhouse communities will offer shared amenities like BBQs, parks, or swimming pools that are only for residents.

A townhouse is, at its most basic, a multistory residence that shares at least one wall from ground level to roof with an adjacent house. We'll need to clarify that a bit more because it could also apply to some different types of attached single-family homes.

Townhouses are independent and privately owned, although being linked. In a duplex or side-by-side multifamily residence, more than one unit shares a basement or other shared space.

Townhouse owners own the land on which their homes sit and are frequently responsible for maintaining the exteriors of their homes, whereas condo owners only own the interior of their units. This is true even if a development with many groups of townhouses may resemble a condominium complex.

An example of a townhouse is a rowhouse, in which each individual residence is built in a row, as the name suggests. They virtually always have the same roofline, regardless of the type of construction or architectural style they use.

Rowhouses are frequently divided into rental units in pricey cities. But even in single-family homes, the only thing their owners typically have in common is the walls.

On the other hand, townhouses in suburban settings can resemble large condominium complexes with private roadways and communal spaces like playgrounds and swimming pools. Townhouse owners typically pay monthly dues to the development's homeowners association, which manages these townhouse projects similarly to condo buildings.

Pros and cons of buying a townhouse

You can determine if a townhome is the best option for you by comparing its advantages to those of purchasing a separate home or a condo.



Focus on specific townhome developments where you want to buy after determining that a townhouse is the appropriate choice for you. Compare the locations, features, HOA costs, and restrictions of the various communities.

You can really benefit from the assistance of a real estate agent who has experience working with condo and townhouse buyers in locating these specifics.

What does a great townhouse look like?

Bright, roomy, and contemporary townhouses are the most appealing. Location is important; daily conveniences should be close by. Look for a townhouse that is only a short walk from everything a possible tenant would need, including decent local shopping, public transportation alternatives, and neighborhood parks, if you want to experience great capital growth and tenant attraction.

A well-constructed townhouse makes the most of natural light in terms of design. Even though they may have neighbors on two sides and only have front and rear windows, this does not require them to be dark and gloomy. A well-designed townhouse is considerate of its surroundings and neighbors, utilizing floor-to-ceiling sliding doors or skylights to let in natural light from all directions.

Despite being smaller than houses, townhomes shouldn't seem confined or lack storage space. There should be plenty of storage and room to walk between the living and dining spaces. When purchasing a townhouse, look for built-in closets, sizable pantries, and lots of storage space appropriate for bicycles or sporting goods.

What to consider before buying a townhouse

Contracts and loans for townhouses:

Although a regular, single-part contract is still the most typical type for a new townhouse home, developers are increasingly using split contracts. Here, the land acquisition is covered by one contract while the building of the property is covered by another. The benefits for the buyer include only having to pay stamp duty on the land. But one must take into account holding expenses while the project is being built. Before moving further, make sure you have a reputable mortgage broker who is knowledgeable about these sorts of contracts because the financing process for split contracts can be complicated.

Community facilities and fees:

Some new townhouses have fantastic community amenities like parks, playgrounds, BBQs, fire pits, or swimming pools as one of its benefits. With residents mingling in these communal areas, they enhance the appeal of townhouse projects and contribute to the building of a sense of community. These amenities may have an effect on strata fees within a development, but with proper management of strata costs, these fees can be kept to a minimum. These features can also significantly increase appeal, which can boost rentals and resale values. The inclusions in your townhouse and the related strata or maintenance fees to maintain it should be considered while making your purchasing decision.

Strata vs freehold title:

The townhouse may have a strata, community, or freehold title depending on the complex. Strata titles are similar to those found with flats in that maintenance costs for the townhouse estate and buildings are covered by strata fees. Under a community title, each lot owner has complete ownership of their parcel but is responsible for maintaining shared amenities including swimming pools, outdoor gathering spaces, BBQ pits, and playgrounds. Everyone has sole ownership of their lot under a freehold title (also known as a torrens title), and there are no shared amenities. Your solicitor will be able to clarify which title your prospective purchase falls under and the ramifications of each before you purchase a townhouse.

In general, a townhouse (or townhome) is less expensive to live in than a house. As a result of the HOA, these homes frequently require less maintenance. Townhouses are more affordable than single-family homes, giving buyers the best of both worlds: homeownership without having to buy and maintain a house and land. First-time homebuyers should choose townhomes.

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