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40+ Best Solar Installers Melbourne (2022)

The technology that is used to collect the sun's rays and convert them into usable energy is known as solar energy. The technology met a demand for energy that was less than one-tenth of one percent of the total worldwide demand.

Many people are familiar with photovoltaic cells, also known as solar panels, which can be located on a variety of surfaces, including spacecraft, rooftops, and handheld calculators. The materials that make up the cells are semiconductors, just like those that can be found in computer chips. When ultraviolet light is absorbed by the cells, it causes electrons to become dislodged from their atomic hosts. The production of electricity is facilitated by the movement of electrons throughout the cell.

In order to concentrate the sun's rays and use them as a source of heat, solar thermal power plants operate on a much larger scale and employ a variety of different techniques. The heat is then put to use to boil water in order to power a steam turbine, which, in a manner not dissimilar to that of coal and nuclear power plants, is responsible for the generation of electricity that is used by thousands upon thousands of people.

Looking for solar panel installers in the Melbourne area of Victoria, Australia? The search for the ideal installer can be an undertaking fraught with anxiety. After all, there is such a wide variety of retail establishments, available alternatives, and cost structures in the market today.

In order to simplify the process of finding an installer, we have compiled a list of the solar companies in Melbourne, Victoria, that we consider to be among the best in the business.

Continue reading to find out where you should begin your search.

Melbourne’s Ultimate List of Solar Installers

Sunrays Power Installer Melbourne

sunrays power

1800 720 710

Delivering Quality. Always Motivated. Passionate About Solar.

We are a company that is wholly owned and operated in Australia. We design and instal solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes and businesses across Australia, and our services are available there. We are committed to ensuring that all Australians enjoy a prosperous and environmentally conscious future.

Why we are not the cheapest:

  • We only work with the top installers. We respect and have faith in our installers. We are confident that their work will meet our exacting standards as well as Australian and CEC compliance.
  • When we instal your system, we don't use subpar materials and instal random panels and inverters. We put in top-notch components and goods that have been tested to function well together.
  • We provide systems that are customised to your requirements. We don't provide products that are universal in size. For many years to come, we want to keep providing the same support.

Why we do not fix other companies’ installations:

  • Our warranties are backed by our pride in them. We don't want to take a chance by installing our products alongside those of other businesses. We also wouldn't want to nullify your current warranties.
  • We strongly advise getting in touch with your original installer or business. On the Clean Energy Council website, you can look up a nearby installer if they are out of business.

Sunburn Solar Installer Melbourne

sunburn solar

1300 673 169

Welcome to Sunburn Solar

Sunburn Solar is a CEC Approved, Australian owned and operated solar system provider that was established in the year 2016, and it continues to expand consistently with the support of the company's customers. When our company was founded, one of our primary goals was to establish a strong presence in the Australian solar industry that would last for many years.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most cost-effective solar solutions possible, and every year we work to expand our market presence by offering our services to commercial as well as residential clients.

Why Choose Solar?

Environment Friendly

Solar power is widely recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of residential power generation currently available. In addition to not releasing any harmful gases into the atmosphere, solar panels provide an abundant source of energy that is, most importantly, risk free to use.

Unlimited Solar Energy

The sun generates an enormous amount of energy, more than enough to meet the requirements of the entire world; in contrast to other types of energy sources, its supply will not be depleted any time in the foreseeable future.

More Sustainable

The sun generates an enormous amount of energy, more than enough to meet the requirements of the entire world; in contrast to other types of energy sources, its supply will not be depleted any time in the foreseeable future.

More Efficient

When compared to the costs of maintaining other forms of electrical generation, the costs of maintaining solar panels are relatively low once they have been installed. Solar panels are able to generate sufficient power for the household at a cost that is lower than the cost of the electricity that is consumed, making the system more efficient.

About Sunburn Solar

Sunburn Solar is a CEC Approved, Australian owned and operated solar system provider. We were founded in the year 2016, and thanks to the support of our customers, we have continued to steadily grow since we first opened our doors. When our company was founded, one of our primary goals was to establish a strong presence in the Australian solar industry that would last for many years.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most cost-effective solar solutions possible, and every year we work to expand our market presence by offering our services to commercial as well as residential clients.

We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding expertise, services, premium products, and quality installation as part of a customer-centric strategy that places the customer at the centre of everything we do. We put a strong emphasis on gaining an understanding of the requirements of each individual customer in order to provide them with a bespoke service.

Because we have assembled a devoted team of industry professionals, we are able to provide our valuable customers with solutions that are exceptional, innovative, and cost-effective.

SYNC Energy Solar Installer Melbourne

sync energy

1300 509 138

Australian Trusted Solar Provider

SYNC Energy is a company that is wholly owned and operated in Australia. Our skilled team has worked in the solar industry for many years, and we have an extensive network of contacts and suppliers in this sector.

While still providing you with high-quality Solar Panels and services for installing Solar Panels, it is our goal to help you save money. Our knowledgeable installers are aware of how to get the most out of the sun by utilising solar panels that require little upkeep. The installation of solar panels is an area of expertise for our team of electricians.

Their experience in the industry will ensure that you are provided with an accurate, up-front cost and that there will be no costly adjustments made during the installation. We provide a consultation and price estimate at no cost or obligation to you. In addition, we can provide our customers with the most up-to-date information on solar power rebates, allowing us to offer the most competitive pricing possible.

We make solar simple

We have a combined experience in excess of 25 years in the solar industry, in addition to an extensive network of contacts and suppliers.

In our opinion, the installation of solar energy systems ought to be a straightforward process. Sync Energy provides its customers with an easy-to-use system that explains the financial and environmental benefits of switching to solar energy.

Our system is built to maintain the openness of our process and to keep each and every one of our customers fully informed throughout the entirety of their solar installation endeavours. We are not only here to offer the most effective solar solution, but also the most satisfying interaction for our clients.

Solar on Panels Installer Melbourne

solar on panels

1300 770 153

We Make the Sun work for you!

The clean energy council and the solar Victoria both gave their seal of approval to solar panels as a solar retailer. We are dedicated to providing our clients with solar energy solutions of the highest possible standard.

In addition, we provide our customers with a complimentary in-home or over-the-phone consultation to assist them in selecting the optimal solar energy solution to lower their monthly electricity costs.


  • In house accredited solar designer
  • In house accredited solar installer
  • In house A Grade electricians
  • In house professional sales executives

Our Guarantee That You Will Be Happy With Our Service One Hundred Percent of the Time

We are a leading solar company that is focused on delivering a solar system of the highest possible quality. We are aware that the only way for us to expand is to assist you in selecting the optimal solar system; consequently, we take the time to listen, comprehend your requirements, and then make a recommendation for an excellent solar system that will truly lower your bills.

Solar on Panels is a company based in Australia that is owned by a family. They have a group of knowledgeable professionals on their team, including sales executives and accredited installers. Because our team is meticulous in their installations, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of at each step, beginning with the first phone call and continuing until the system is installed and running to the complete and utter satisfaction of each and every one of our clients.

United Solar Energy Installer Melbourne

united solar energy

1800 007 651

United Solar Energy – Your Solution

United Solar Energy was founded in 2009 with the intention of making the world a more environmentally friendly place in the future and reducing the amount of carbon footprints left by households, organisations, and governmental bodies.

United Solar Energy has built a reputation as respected leaders in the field of renewable energy engineering thanks to the company's ongoing dedication to providing customers with solar systems of the highest possible quality that include a variety of different solutions.

What Makes Us Different

Our strong, value-driven culture is at the centre of our philosophy. This culture places a greater emphasis on the manner in which we conduct ourselves rather than the activities themselves. Developing a culture that prioritises the well-being of people, leadership, client relationships, collaborative effort, and community service are among our core values. These guiding principles are deeply ingrained in each and every one of our procedures and systems, and they permeate every facet of the way we go about running our company.

We have a strong focus on the customer and a deep understanding of the priorities and drivers that are important to customers in all industries. People choose to work with us because our methodology is holistic and collaborative, and we engineer the most effective design and construction solutions for our customers. In addition, we offer competitive rates.

Powering Australia For Over A Decade

We have over ten years of experience in the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.

Having installed solar panels and provided utility services in thousands of locations to meet the demand for electricity from residential, commercial, and government customers.

We are able to provide a solution to your power requirements despite the rising cost of electricity thanks to the abundance of sunlight that is available to us.

Get started right away and get in touch with us to find out how you and others like you can reduce their utility bills while simultaneously helping the environment.

Where We Shine

United Solar Energy has a strong track record of delivering both small and large-scale solar projects to the residential market in Australia, as well as to the government sector and government infrastructure sectors. Solar solutions that are original, cutting-edge, and provide excellent value to our customers are the result of our close collaboration with those customers.

To date, we have successfully installed over 500,000 photovoltaic (PV) panels for our cherished clients. Due to the fact that this number is rapidly increasing, we are becoming more and more committed to providing the highest possible product quality as well as the finest workmanship.

Our status as a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer, which we currently hold, serves as your guarantee that our business will never sell you a system of inferior quality and that only approved installers will perform the work necessary to put it in place.

Endless Power, Right, Above

It makes financial sense to collect and store the electricity that would otherwise be sucked up by underutilised areas such as rooftops because it is available at a fraction of the cost of the power provided by conventional utilities and is almost limitless in supply.

When it comes to solar solutions that put you ahead of the competition in terms of system effectiveness and energy generation, United Solar Energy is the company to work with.

You can cut down on the money you spend on power while also helping the environment and making the world a better place if you instal solar panels and battery storage systems.

You can lower both your utility bills and your carbon footprint by getting additional grants and incentives from the government and getting started right away.

Custom Solar Solution

Even though the requirements for power consumption in homes and places of business are oftentimes very comparable, each of our solutions has been crafted from the ground up to cater to the particular requirements for power consumption that you have.

We tailor the solar panel and battery solutions we provide for you to meet your unique energy requirements, taking into account not only how you use energy now but also where you see it going in the foreseeable future.

Our specialties include:

  • Site & Roof Evaluation
  • Roof Pitch & Shade Assessment
  • Appliance Demands
  • Power Meter & Billing Review
  • Utility Forecasting
  • Business Needs Assessments
  • Peak & Off-Peak Demands
  • Machinery Usage Evaluations
  • Three Phase Specialists
  • Government Grants & Rebate Advisers
  • Bill Assessment & Projection
  • Meter Connection
  • Multi-Site Installations
  • Remote Management
  • Advanced Management Software Tools

Repairs & Installations

All of our residential, commercial, and government products, which are fully certified and compliant with ISO standards, use the most recent technological advancements, and the highest designed and manufactured products possible.

We offer a full 15-year warranty on all of our products and stand behind our customers through every step of the process.

If there are any problems with your system, our certified professionals will arrive on site as soon as possible to service or repair it so that it operates at its highest possible level of efficiency.

Residential – Commercial – Government And You

Solar solutions are most commonly installed by residential customers first and foremost. Even though the majority of our business comes from residential customers and we provide individualised services for each family, we also instal systems all over the world to meet the requirements of commercial businesses and government agencies.

We are constantly sought out for our ability to provide the most cost-effective solutions in any given setting thanks to our decades of experience and the hundreds of thousands of solar systems that we have successfully installed.

We not only surpass the highest standards that are required by these installations, but we also satisfy the stringent requirements that are outlined in government and commercial tenders.

We have spent years developing a one-of-a-kind solution to meet the energy requirements of commercial businesses. being the only company in the fossil fuel energy sector to offer a locked-in power usage rate that is significantly better than any other rate currently available.

Businesses will have a competitive advantage if they offer a long term power rate that will assure budget requirements and deliver a complete solar panel solution in seven years. This will also guarantee fixed cost power to avoid market fluctuations and vulnerabilities.

Because of our extensive experience and expertise, we are able to provide three-phase power to your company at a much more affordable rate.

Get in touch with us right away to find out how your company can reap the benefits of lower power costs per kilowatt and also receive a free solar power system for any of the locations where it conducts business.

Where We Began

United Solar Energy was founded in 2009 with the intention of making the world a more environmentally friendly place in the future and reducing the amount of carbon footprints left by households, organisations, and governmental bodies.

United Solar Energy has built a reputation as respected leaders in the field of renewable energy engineering thanks to the company's ongoing dedication to providing customers with solar systems of the highest possible quality that include a variety of different solutions.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in the delivery of solar projects while achieving sustainable growth thanks to the calibre of our workforce and the depth of our connections with customers and partners.

Our Philosophy

Our strong, value-driven culture is at the centre of our philosophy. This culture places a greater emphasis on the manner in which we conduct ourselves rather than the activities themselves. Developing a culture that prioritises the well-being of people, leadership, client relationships, collaborative effort, and community service are among our core values. These guiding principles are deeply ingrained in each and every one of our procedures and systems, and they permeate every facet of the way we go about running our company.

Bright Source Solar Installer Melbourne

bright source

1300 263 074


Our journey began more than ten years ago when we embarked on a mission to harness the energy of the sun with the intention of providing our clients with solutions that utilise renewable energy sources. All of those years of experience in the solar industry helped us solidly establish ourselves as a major market player in the General Electrical Services industry for consumers and also as a Solar Installation and EPC company for retailers. This was made possible by the fact that we gained a strong foothold in the solar industry early on.

Bight Source is led by an exceptionally skilled group of individuals as well as innovative businesspeople who have always had an interest in assisting organisations to improve their efficiency ratios and reduce their costs through the implementation of innovative solar solutions and services.


We have always been recognised within the sector for the quality of the relationships we maintain, which is one of the factors that has allowed us to stand out from our rivals. Our profound experience in the field of Solar Energy System Installation is evidenced by the length and breadth of our track record. Our primary concerns are the project's timeline, effectiveness, and security.

When it comes to the installation of solar energy systems and general electrical services, our most important selling point is the fact that we are certified by all of the most important trade organisations and that we have a team of professional electricians with an A grade. The fact that we have such a large customer base is evidence of both our product expertise and our success in the sector.

Advanced Energy Management Solar Installer Melbourne

advanced energy

1800 247 766


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Advanced Energy Management, your one-stop shop for solar power solutions, including system design, installation, service, maintenance, and repair advice, and warranty information. We are here to help homeowners and business owners across Australia find freedom from the financially crippling cost of electricity, and we will do so with your support.

Our in-house team of Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar technicians provide personalised and tailored energy solutions so that you can experience significant long-term financial gains and relief from the grid. Our electricians have over 25 years of experience as qualified electricians, and our solar technicians have over a decade of experience.


Your next vacation should be paid for by the sun. In approximately three years, most systems will have paid for themselves. After that, every kWh that your system generates is money saved that can be enjoyed for the next twenty or more years.


Through the partnerships we have established with various financial institutions, we are able to quickly and easily arrange green loan financing for both your home and your business, allowing you to make a transition that is both smooth and easy.


To have a lifespan of more than twenty years, a solar system installation needs to be made up of high-quality components that are backed by solid, extensive warranties. Anything less puts your infrastructure at risk of failing within just a few short years.


You can rest assured that you will receive the very best solar solutions from the very best electricians thanks to our in-house team of CEC-accredited electricians and installers. No subcontractors, no middlemen, just us.



Take advantage of solar energy to cut down on one of the most significant expenses that businesses are required to bear. You could slash up to 80 percent off the cost of your monthly energy bills. Get in touch with us and ask how to proceed.


Installing a solar energy system in your home provides you with some measure of protection against the unpredictability of the future of fossil fuels. Take control of your energy supply and ensure your long-term independence from steadily increasing electricity prices by doing so.


We have provided better solutions for more efficient electricity generation and use for over 30 years, and during that time, we have seen it all. Store, divert and save your energy for maximum savings.

Because we have some of the highest electricity prices in the world, there is every reason to change the way that things are done in the energy sector. Solar experts from Advanced Energy Management are available to assist home and business owners located anywhere in Australia in achieving financial independence by reducing the crippling cost of electricity. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with us in order to acquire additional information regarding anything related to energy, including questions about solar power solutions.

Gnowee Solar Installer Melbourne

gnowee solar

03 9607 1366

Take charge of your life and make it more environmentally friendly by installing solar power facilities. Our future lies in the protection provided by renewable energy shields. It not only puts money in your pocket but also eliminates CO2 emissions and puts supremacy in your hands. You hold the key to a revolution in the energy sector.

Because of the Solar Revolution, systems now offer better value, have a longer lifespan, and are more efficient than they have ever been. People in this holy land now have more control over their energy supply thanks to the widespread installation of solar energy systems, which power homes, cars, and businesses. You just need to be aware of what options are available and figure out what works best for you.

We work for you here at GNOWEE, and consider ourselves to be your personal solar goddess shield. We are not beholden to any particular product, and we will only feel at ease installing solar technologies when we are confident that you have made an educated decision.

Our solar panel installers in Melbourne, Victoria are able to work on residential, commercial, and industrial systems, in addition to providing a wide range of other solar services.


Gnowee is a company that is wholly owned and operated in Australia, and their commitment to providing an excellent service begins with an in-home consultation. Our goal is to always provide the highest possible level of service to our clients. This conclusion is supported by the fact that more than seventy percent of businesses are built on referrals.

We do not provide price estimates over the phone, in contrast to the practises of many other businesses. When photovoltaic (PV) and other solar systems need to be installed, our installers have custom-designed systems that come with a home consultation and a physical inspection of the roof. These services are included in the cost of the system.


As a result of the abundance of available solar panels, many individuals report feeling overwhelmed by information and unsure of the most effective next step to take. Through our straightforward yet comprehensive process, we at Gnowee help you arrive at an educated decision.


How Gnowee could you go?


Independence Day!


Not much, all recycled

Lightning Solar Installer Melbourne

lightning solar electrical

1300 009 271

Lightning Solar is an independent solar retailer that has assisted thousands of people in Australia in making the transition to solar energy in a stress-free manner. Our goal is to become one of the largest solar companies in Australia by the year 2022, and we currently have operations in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. You can have faith in the fact that we are the industry leaders because we provide a comprehensive range of solar services, including the installation of solar panels and solar batteries, commercial solar, and all solar rebates.

Who Are We?

Lighting Solar is an independent solar retailer that has assisted thousands of people in Australia in making a "stress-free transition to solar energy." We are currently conducting business in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide with the objective of becoming one of the largest solar companies in Australia by the year 2022.

Why Choose Us?

It is safe to say that you are in good hands given the over 150+ reviews with a perfect score that have been left on Google, SolarQuotes, and Facebook. Installing solar panels of the highest possible calibre for Australians is one of our primary goals. Because this business is run by electrical engineers, you can rest assured that the quality of the work will exceed that of the industry.

What Do We Do?

By installing solar panels at your home, we assist homeowners in making the transition to a future that is both more affordable and more environmentally friendly. We are CEC accredited, which enables you to claim solar rebates through us. Our areas of expertise include solar panel installation, installation of solar batteries, and installation of commercial solar systems.

Here are the reasons why we are one of the top solar providers in Australia:

Genuine High-End Solar Panel Installation

The installation of high-end solar panels is something that comes very naturally to us.

We have set our sights on becoming one of the companies in Australia that is able to provide solar panel installation services that are among the very best in the country. Thankfully, the perseverance of our team has allowed this dream to become a reality.

We take great pride in the fact that our service has received over 150 reviews with a rating of five stars or higher. We have assisted more than 3,000 people in Australia in making the transition to solar energy without any hassle. Our clients are able to avoid ever-increasing electricity costs and are already living in a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Impeccable Customer Service

At Lightning Solar, we always put the needs of our customers before all other concerns. Because of this, we are taking full responsibility for providing our customers with solutions that may not be available from other businesses. You will have the opportunity to become familiar with our staff from the very beginning thanks to the heightened sense of personalisation that our service provides.

Because of this, they will be able to provide you with solutions that are suitable for both your home and your needs. The breadth and depth of our team's industry expertise is something they are eager to share with you. You can relax knowing that the care of your solar system is being handled by professionals who have extensive experience working in the field.

Fast, Low-Cost, High-Value Service

A fantastic reputation has been established for us as a result of the exceptional value and calibre of the service we provide. We are pleased to provide you with our service because it has consistently received a perfect score of five stars from customers on Google, Facebook, and SolarQuotes.

Give us a call right away to learn more about our staff and discover the specific reasons why we are so good at what we do by doing so.

Amazing Solar Installer Melbourne

amazing solar

1300 025 956

Amazing Solar was established in 2017 by a group of businesspeople who had previously spent a significant amount of time working together in the solar industry prior to the establishment of the Amazing Solar company. They bring decades' worth of combined experience to the table for homeowners and business owners in Australia. It is not important what they believe; rather, what is important is what Amazing's customers believe.

Amazing Solar has already been of assistance to thousands of homeowners and a great number of businesses by providing them with environmentally friendly solar solutions. This has enabled the customers to lower their monthly power bills and has also assisted the world in lowering its overall carbon footprint.

Amazing headquarters are located in the south-east business district of Melbourne; in Dandenong South, with other offices in SA, WA, and NSW and supplying all around this great nation, including some remote regions of our beautiful country. Melbourne is home, and this is where the company started from Cranbourne and Clyde. Amazing headquarters are located in the south-east business district of Melbourne.

We have an unwavering dedication to our planet, its inhabitants, and environmental causes. Because of this, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the most cutting-edge solar power technologies available at the most affordable rates and with a level of customer service that you will adore.

Our goal is to astound the world by giving individuals the opportunity to select among solar solutions that are the most innovative, of the highest quality, and are offered at the most competitive prices.


  • Our promise is to amaze you with low-cost, worry-free solar power, and we do this by two things:
  • A strict commitment to quality assurance at all stages of the solar process
  • Greater customer service and building relations


Run Your Property On Solar Power 24/7

Produce low-cost electricity for your property by utilising the cost-free, environmentally friendly, and endlessly renewable power of the sun, whether it's a small home or a large commercial property that spans acres. Amazing Solar offers solar energy solutions that are cutting-edge in their quality while remaining affordable for customers.

We offer the most advanced solar energy solutions for residential and commercial properties in Australia. We will meet and exceed all of your expectations by providing an extensive selection of solar panels, batteries, and inverters that are a cut above the competition. This will allow us to satisfy all of your needs related to solar energy.

Turn your Rooftop into Your Own Power Plant and Save Money!

The cost of electricity has recently reached new heights. And this is something that impacts every single person, whether they own a home or a business. The installation of a solar system enables you to meet your daily energy needs without breaking your budget. There is the potential for a yearly reduction in electricity costs of up to 82%.

Go Green. Go Solar

Because of climate change and the increasing temperature of the earth, it is absolutely necessary for us to find and start utilising a source of energy that is environmentally friendly. Solar panels generate electricity by harnessing the sun's clean energy and, as a result, make a sizeable contribution to the fight against climate change by cutting carbon emissions. Have you given any thought to installing solar panels on the roofs of your buildings? Contact Us Right Away!

Sunrun Solar Installer Melbourne

sunrun solar

1300 782 063

Sunrun Solar - Your Trusted Solar Power Systems Provider in Melbourne

Sunrun Solar, a leading provider of solar panels in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, is able to assist you in lowering your energy costs, increasing your organization's commitment to sustainability, and achieving energy independence for your business. We educate our customers about the many benefits of solar power as well as the process by which it operates.

Because we are aware that the amount of energy used by each individual customer varies, we always provide professional guidance to help you choose the solar energy system that is most suited to your house and your way of life. Throughout the entirety of the process of installing solar power in Melbourne, our team offers an exceptional level of support and direction thanks to their extensive experience and high level of efficiency.

Residential & commercial solar system Melbourne solutions

Our residential solar solutions can assist you in maintaining financial control over your energy expenses while simultaneously increasing the value of your property. You can protect yourself from impending increases in the cost of electricity by having solar panels installed in Melbourne and reducing the amount of reliance you have on the electricity that your home sources from your provider of the Local Network. If you collect and use the free energy that the sun provides, you will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on your electricity bill.

In addition to assisting your company in lowering operating costs and locking in energy rates, Sunrun Solar can also assist you in gaining control over the amount of energy that your company consumes. Investing in a solar energy system in Melbourne is one of the best ways to future-proof your company against the ever-increasing cost of electricity and other fees, such as those associated with carbon pricing, network charges, and peak demand.

You may be able to save your company thousands of dollars annually by installing a commercial solar system in Melbourne, and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an excellent investment.

Solar panels for Melbourne properties

Sunrun Solar is an Australian-owned company that is rapidly expanding, and it offers the most cutting-edge PV solar module technology to commercial and residential customers. We are dedicated to providing you with solar system products that are very reasonably priced while still guaranteeing their high level of quality and service.

We provide our services to customers in both the residential and commercial sectors, assisting them in lowering their carbon footprint, cutting their electricity bills by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and guarding themselves against future increases in the cost of electricity.

We take the time to assess each customer's energy consumption as well as their specific requirements and then recommend the most appropriate system for them. In order to provide the service of the highest possible quality, we take measures to ensure that your system is installed by a certified installer.

Get in touch with one of our consultants right away, and we will conduct an analysis of your energy consumption patterns, site location, and other variables. After that, we will provide a comprehensive proposal and make recommendations regarding what would work best for your company.

Our vision is to provide an eco-friendly source of power to every household and industry in Australia.

Sunrun Solar is an Australian company that began operations in 2014 and is currently expanding at a rapid rate across the country. Its headquarters are located in Victoria. Customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are among those who utilise our services.

We place a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service as well as high-quality installations, and we work hard to do so in an honest and ethical manner. Our highly experienced staff is able to comprehend the requirements of each individual customer, and as a result, the recommendations are individualised for each individual. At Sunrun Solar, every project we design ensures the system's performance, as well as its quality and dependability.

Our in-house installers, engineers, designers, and service team all hold the necessary certifications, which enables us to provide technological solutions that are cutting-edge, original, and affordable.

We take great pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, ensuring that they are happy with the solar service they received. You can rest assured that we won't keep you waiting on hold, and that whenever you call, you'll be connected to a real person who is based in your area.

We intend to bring about a transition away from conventional sources of power, which are contributing to warming of the planet and the depletion of resources. Our mission is to make it possible for every household and business in Australia to obtain power from a renewable source that is also good for the environment.

Integra Energy Group Solar Installer Melbourne

integra energy group

03 8786 3120

Integra Energy Group is pleased to announce that our standard and custom photovoltaic (PV) products have been installed in thousands of homes across the country.

We import products of the highest possible quality from Tier 1 PV manufacturers that we know and trust.

Due to the fact that we are the direct importers, authorised distributors, and whole-sellers of the products made by our reputable manufacturers, we are able to offer both a standard and an extended warranty on all of our goods.

National Solar Company Installer Melbourne

national solar company

1300 126 668

We were the first to meet the demand for residential and commercial solar energy solutions, and we continue to set the standard for excellence with our comprehensive and time-tested philosophy and technology.

Don’t Cut Corners On Quality!


Rethink your strategy for conserving energy, and get on the ball with your lifestyle choices.

Investing in solar energy is made simpler, more cost-effective, and more readily available by National Solar Company. When it comes to both residential and commercial solar panels, we have trained professionals available to assist you in every step of the process.

Why take shortcuts when it comes to quality? Pick a service provider in whom you have complete faith and go with a product that can actually deliver the goods.

The transition to solar energy should be made as soon as possible. Get in touch with us right away to acquire further information regarding the operation of solar power.

Quality, Guaranteed

Products You Can Trust Installed By The Experts

  • Solar panels and inverters built by veteran solar manufacturers
  • All Products are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved
  • Installation by technicians accredited by Clean Energy Council (CEC) with years of industry experience
  • Unmatched customer service backed by industry-leading 25-year performance warranty Products

Why Solar?

Home And Business Owners Are Going Solar In Record Numbers, Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why:

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint
  • You’ll fight climate change
  • You’ll lower your monthly bills and protect yourself against rising utility rates
  • You’ll increase the equity in your home

Make Your World Brighter!


We have developed a strong and professional workforce over the course of many years by emphasising a culture of leadership and providing ongoing training for our employees. Our installers possess an exceptionally high level of qualifications and exhibit a high level of expertise in both the design and installation processes.


There is evidence to suggest that savings made on your quarterly energy costs will allow your investment to pay for itself in as little as just three years.


Traditional energy sources are one of the primary causes of climate change and a decline in air quality. Solar energy, on the other hand, is completely free of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane, and it is also very cost-effective and long-term.


At National Solar Company, we only stock products that have been given the go-ahead by Australia's Clean Energy Council and that are up to par with local requirements.


Our unfluctuating products maximise your savings to deliver value. In addition, there is no requirement for a deposit or upfront payment of any kind with any of our services.


We are able to accommodate customers of varying lifestyles and financial means thanks to our extensive product range. We offer the most suitable solution for your needs.


Installing solar panels at your home will allow you to generate your own electricity, which will allow you to save money over time. The National Solar Company is an entirely Australian-owned and -operated business, and its headquarters are located in the city of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria.

Since the company's founding, National Solar Company's upper management has been actively engaged in initiatives aimed at lowering energy costs.

National Solar Company is constantly driven to supply the best and highest-quality products at affordable prices that guarantee Australian home and business owners massive savings on their electricity bills. This is something that National Solar Company does.

Solar Nextgen Installer Melbourne

solar nextgen

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Australia’s Trusted Solar Installation Company for your home or business

Solar NextGen is your partner in finding solar solutions. We are of the opinion that a solution based on solar power will result in a more efficient use of renewable energy as well as a cleaner environment. and solar panel systems don't end up in landfills. We provide a variety of flexible solar panels and a lot more in an effort to meet our goal of providing efficient power to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Are you looking for the best solar installers in Queensland, Melbourne, or Sydney to meet your residential or commercial requirements?

In the end, Solar Nextgen developed into one of the solar installation businesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, or Melbourne that has experienced the greatest rate of expansion and is approved by the CEC. Our goal as solar installers in Sydney is to make your future more secure by utilising solar panels that are both affordable and long-lasting. Melbourne residential solar panels commercial solar panels, solar inverter, solar panels. Originally established as a research and development facility.

Residential Solar

Cut down your electricity bills with Residential Solar. Use Solar Power for Homes.

Commercial Solar

If you are a commercial property owner, investing in commercial solar

Solar Farms

Environmental concerns are increasing exponentially with every passing day. Invest in future.

Industrial Solar

As the percentage of total carbon footprint that is contributed by industries grows,

Do you want the residential, commercial, or industrial space you own to be a part of the revolution towards green energy? Let's get it done as a team. We are one of the most successful solar companies in Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, and other areas of Australia, and our name is Solar Nextgen. We believe that by utilising Solar Power Solutions, we will be able to give something back to Mother Nature in a constructive manner.

Fair Value Solar Installer Melbourne

fair value solar

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Let us make a commitment to the sun's energy...

We have faith that we can make a positive contribution to the world, specifically to the planet that we call home. For a very long time, and for a variety of different reasons, we have been cutting down forests. The cleansing and healing effects of forests are analogous to those of our own pulmonary system.

There is unanimous agreement among everyone that the tree is man's best friend on this earth. Despite this, we continue to cut them down without any remorse. We won't learn the hard way that money can't be eaten until after every last tree has been chopped down and every last river has been polluted.

This magnificent planet deserves to be honoured and revered more frequently.

Let's get it done right away...

The energy that is sourceable, free and healthy

Solar energy is a green form of energy. When solar panels are used to generate electricity, there is absolutely no emission of gases that contribute to global warming into the atmosphere. Solar power is a very important source of energy in the transition to producing clean energy because the sun provides more energy than we'll ever need. This makes solar electricity one of the most important energy sources.

Featured Projects

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Dairy Farms
  • Vegetable Farms

Fair Value Solar is a solar energy provider that offers a comprehensive range of services under one roof. Our group will see to it that every facet of your project is attended to. Our highly trained and experienced staff takes care of everything, from the initial enquiry to the installation of the systems, so that the customer experience is as stress-free and convenient as possible throughout the entire process.

Want to know about us?

Our mission at Fair Value Solar, a solar company that is wholly owned and operated in Australia, is to offer our clients superior solar solutions that can be utilised for residential, retail, or commercial settings. Our solar panels come with a performance warranty that is good for 25 years, and the on-site installations that we perform are covered by a workmanship warranty that is good for 5 years.

According to the beliefs of Fair Value Solar, the provision of energy ought to not only be in accordance with the requirements of people, but also with those of the environment. We are creating a more sustainable future by developing solutions based on renewable energy and lowering the costs of energy.


However, the generation of solar power through the installation of solar panels does not result in the emission of any glasshouse gases and reduces one's overall carbon footprint.

It does not contribute in any way to the formation of acid rain or smog, and it does not release any gases, smoke, or other chemicals that could pollute the atmosphere.

By doing away with the need for trucks to transport and deliver coal, oil, or gasoline, it brings about an additional reduction in the emission of glasshouse gases.


Solar panels come with a number of advantages for the surrounding ecosystem, all of which contribute significantly to the expanding interest in and adoption of solar energy.

The maintenance of healthy air quality and the protection of the earth's natural resources are at the very top of that list.

The sun is a non-depletable source of energy that can be used to generate solar power, which can then be used to power homes and businesses.

Sustainable Solar Services Installer Melbourne

sustainable solar services

1800 88 7242

Solar panels can be purchased from Sustainable Solar Services, a solar retailer that serves the metropolitan area of Melbourne as well as all regional areas across the state of Victoria. We carry a diverse selection of products that are not available anywhere else, including components of the highest possible quality for use in solar installations of any kind. In order to offer all of the feasible product choices for a project in a single location, Sustainable Solar Services carries a wide variety of high-quality accessories.

Sustainable Solar Services works with a network of CEC-accredited installers who are known for providing installations of the highest possible quality. If you are interested in having a solar system installed for your home, business, or other commercial building, contact us today.

We are an experienced retail business, and as such, we offer solar power systems that are of the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. We are extremely proud of the extremely high level of customer service that we provide as well as our compliance with all applicable standards and the approach that represents the industry's best practise.

Solar Retail and Technical Services

We are an experienced retailer providing one-of-a-kind and exclusive brands that are not available anywhere else in the Australian market. Our sustainable energy plus headquarters is located in Thomastown, Victoria (the first of its kind in Australia), and we operate our business out of this location.

The majority of SSS members are professionals holding engineering degrees in areas such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, structural, and environmental engineering. Because of the extensive knowledge held by our employees, not only are we able to provide assistance with a great deal more facets of the solar industry than simply the distribution of its components, but we are also able to answer any technical question that you might have.

Every item that we put up for sale has been tested and proven to conform to the most recent and applicable global and Australian standards. The information you need regarding certificates and examinations can be found in our Downloads Section.

Every one of our products is accompanied by warranties that are par for the course in the industry. For many of our products, we are in a position to offer warranties that are superior to those that can be acquired on products of a comparable nature from other solar retailers. This is due to the fact that we maintain very strong relationships with the companies that produce the brands that are exclusive to us in the Australian market.

This also means that we have an in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the products that we sell, and that we are able to assist customers with the installation, monitoring setup, export limiting, troubleshooting, warranty handling, and many other aspects of their purchases.

Please visit our Products Page if you would like additional information on any of the products that we have available in our inventory.

CONTACT US if you are interested in learning more about our current selection of fantastic offers and the ways in which we can improve the outcomes of your upcoming projects.

Tesla Electrical & Solar Installer Melbourne

tesla electrical and solar

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Accredited Solar Installers and Electricians

Installers of solar power systems on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and in Melbourne. Solar power and solar panel solutions are our speciality at Tesla Electrical & Solar, and we serve the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Melbourne areas. That Have Spoken for Themselves in Their Results Tesla Electrical & Solar is an environmentally conscious and sustainable electrical contractor that places a strong emphasis on providing our clients with the very best results possible.

In addition to having a positive effect on the natural world, the solar solution that we provide for our clients is of the highest possible quality and is also environmentally friendly. You can expect a much higher rate of return on your investment as a result of this. Solar energy is a solution that is both long-term and sustainable, and it can provide you with results right away.


Product, service, and support are all integral parts of the solar process, each of which has a significant influence on both your financial investment and the surrounding environment. Fewer than ten percent of solar installations are carried out in an appropriate manner without the availability of the appropriate product, service, and support.

Getting a return on investment of between 30 and 40 percent by utilising a product of high quality is possible. You will be able to keep this up for at least twenty more years if you have the very best service and support available. The return on this investment is significantly higher than that of any other option. Because we rely so heavily on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers, providing excellent service is essential to our business's continued success.

Save with a Solar Installation

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and our clientele ranges from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Our company is committed to being environmentally responsible. Talk to any of our long-term customers who are happy with our service, and let us show you the results of any of the system installations we've done. As a direct result of our high-quality products, services, and support, we have received many positive testimonials from satisfied customers.

Tesla Electrical & Solar has eliminated all of the challenging aspects of installing solar panels by understanding which methods produce the best outcomes for both our customers and the environment. Every interaction we have with our clients is treated as the beginning of a new relationship, and this helps to guarantee that your monthly electricity costs will remain as low as possible. Solar solutions of the highest quality are available from our company for a wide variety of system installations. With these kinds of results, solar energy will be accessible to all.

We are honest electricians who are experienced in all aspects of the solar power industry. We are concerned about achieving the desired outcomes for both our clients and the surrounding environment.

Supplying Australia with a High-Quality Product and ongoing Service

Tesla Electrical is a well-established business that provides electrical and solar installation services. Director Clayton Watson is in charge of the company. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Tesla Electrical was founded in 2010 by Clayton as a response to his observations that the solar power industry suffered from a severe shortage of QUALITY products and service.

Clayton possesses electrical and contracting licences in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. In addition, he is an experienced Solar Designer and Installer, which means that you will get the best possible system that is tailored specifically to your home and conforms to national standards. In addition to possessing extensive knowledge of solar power and more than 20 years of experience working within the industry, Clayton has earned accreditation in grid-connected photovoltaic systems with battery storage. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

"We do not make concessions when it comes to the quality of our products or the level of service we provide, and we have conducted in-depth research to ensure that we provide our clients with the most appropriate options. According to Claytons, "any solar investment made with Tesla Electrical will have a return on investment in approximately only three years and are designed to last 20 plus years." "It is our goal to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with the results that their Solar Installations produce. Any interaction we have with customers is viewed as the beginning of a long-term relationship, with service as the primary focus.

Our Point of Difference

There are no cutbacks made in either the Product or the Service at Tesla Electrical. Director and Electrician Clayton has conducted extensive research to ensure that only the highest quality product and a one-on-one, individualised level of service are provided to the company's customers.

Any solar investment made with Tesla Electrical is guaranteed to have a return on investment within approximately three years, and the systems are built to have a lifespan of more than twenty years.

In contrast to its rivals, Tesla Electrical will not lower its standards regarding the quality of the product or service provided to customers. "We will not offer a 'budget friendly' solar design and installation option to entice customers because we believe in the product we recommend and know how to get the best results for our customers," the company said. "We believe in the product we recommend and know how to get the best results for our customers."

In addition, Tesla provides its customers with ongoing support and education on their newly acquired system, including how it will function in the future.

Why choose Tesla Electrical and Solar?

  • Tesla, Electrical and Solar are an established Electrical and Solar Company.
  • Tesla offers a personalised service with ongoing support.
  • Tesla will not compromise on the product. Only the highest quality products are offered as we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. If cost is an issue, we can help you finance it.
  • Return on Investments (ROI) is approximately 3 years.
  • Tesla’s service is unparalleled, and we have the customer testimonials and bill comparisons to prove it.
  • Our focus is on Solar Power and offering ongoing support to our customers.
  • Trust and integrity are at the forefront of our business.
  • Tesla understands that investing in solar power can be a big decision for families. We offer support from start to finish with direct dealing to business Director Clayton Watson. Tesla does not have a ‘sales department,’ and believes in providing a personalised, supportive and educational service to its customers.

Solar Calculator Installer Melbourne

solar calculator

1300 921 524

Solar Calculator is a free and independent resource that provides information on solar power.

We assist you in evaluating solar energy and help you organise price estimates from solar installers who have earned our trust.


Self-consumption is the term for when you use electricity during the day when your solar panels are producing it; this is the most effective way to reduce your reliance on the grid and maximise your savings from solar power.

If you do not have a solar battery, any power that your home generates but that you do not use will be sent back into the grid. You will be given a feed-in tariff for each kilowatt-hour that you export; however, this tariff will only cover approximately 40 percent of the cost of the electricity that you purchase. When utilising the Calculator, keep this in mind as a factor. Your solar energy savings will be greater if a greater proportion of your daily electricity consumption occurs during daylight hours.


The amount of electricity that your solar power system generates will change depending on a number of different factors. These elements include the weather and climate, the roof pitch (the angle at which your roof is pitched), the roof orientation, shading or obstruction, the size of the system you choose, and the quality of the installation. Each of these components will have an impact on the performance of your system as well as the amount of money you could save using solar energy.

We educate consumers about the benefits of solar power and source quality installer companies.

In most cases, switching to solar power is not only the best option for our planet's ecosystem, but it is also beneficial from a financial perspective for private households and commercial enterprises. You can find information about the steps involved in converting solar energy scattered throughout our entire website.

You are able to make an educated decision about solar rooftop panels and batteries with the assistance of our free and non-biased solar power calculator, which is also available to you without charge. We offer calculators for all kinds of solar systems, including solar systems that are off-grid and solar systems that store energy in batteries.

In addition to that, we discuss tax credits, feed-in tariffs, solar finance, financing options, optimal system sizes, solar panels, and battery storage. In the event that you come to the conclusion that solar energy is the best option for you, we also offer a free and impartial solar quote service through our network of certified Australian installers.

When comparing prices, we also provide a buying guide that will assist you in selecting the best solar panels. This guide will detail the costs, the process of installing the panels, the best panels, and the warranties to look out for.

Are solar batteries worth it?

The technology used to store energy has been around for decades, but the solar batteries that are used in solar-plus-storage systems for homes are only recently becoming available on the market. Because of their high cost, solar batteries aren't always the best financial choice for homeowners, despite the fact that there are circumstances in which they can be of significant benefit. Continue reading for a rundown of the benefits and limitations that solar batteries can bring to your home.

The technology for storing energy has been around for several decades. However, the technology behind batteries is advancing at an exponentially faster rate, and you might be surprised to learn that battery storage could assist you in maximising the return you get on your investment in solar panels.

The best uses for solar batteries

When you instal a solar battery as part of your home solar energy system, you will have the ability to store the excess energy that is generated by your solar panels at your residence rather than sending it back into the local power grid.

By utilising solar batteries, you will be able to make the most out of your solar panels' capacity to supply you with usable electricity on a day-to-day basis. When you have a need for more electricity than your solar panels are able to produce (such as later in the day or when it is nighttime), you can use the solar energy that you have stored.

Misunderstandings about battery storage

Batteries pay for themselves

Batteries, in 2017, are quite expensive. It will take approximately 15 years to recoup the investment of a decent amount of battery storage, which will cost around $10,000. The majority come with a ten-year warranty. You figure out the answers.

It is not sufficient for a battery system that costs $10,000 to save $10,001 on electricity bills in today's money by the time it reaches the end of its useful life for the investment to have been worthwhile. In addition to this, it will need to produce at least the same amount of value savings that the next best use of that $10,000 would have produced.

Putting money into a term deposit might be the next best use for some people's money. For some, it may be the completion of the mortgage on their home, the purchase of stock, or the payment in full of their credit card balances.

Compare this to a standard grid-connected solar system that does not include batteries; such a system will typically break even after 5-7 years and then provide savings for an additional 20 years after that.

Buying batteries now helps industry in its early stages grow and become viable for the mass-market

New technologies, such as residential battery storage, are able to take off and enter the mass market because early adopters of these technologies provide the critical revenue needed to do so.

However, you do not need to worry about "supporting the battery industry" because the majority of the growth of the industry is currently being fueled by electric cars, which (for the time being) represent a far larger market than residential battery storage. This means that you do not need to worry about "supporting the battery industry."

Because the technologies used in electric cars and residential battery storage are identical, even if no one purchased residential batteries, the sheer size and potential of the market for electric vehicles would keep battery manufacturers in business for decades to come, even if no one bought residential batteries.

Rising energy prices make battery storage more economical.

In principle, this is correct; the higher the cost of electricity from the grid, the more beneficial it is to store solar energy in batteries so that it can be used at night.

However, in practise, solar feed-in tariffs, which are what you're paid for exporting excess solar generation to the grid, rise at a rate that is proportional to the rate at which energy prices rise.

The reason for this is that the rate that you are paid for solar energy that is fed into the grid is intended to reflect the cost of producing electricity.

To illustrate, the "cost per warranted kWh" for the Tesla Powerwall 2 is currently 0.23 cents/kWh. This is just one example. This indicates that you will incur an expense of 23 cents for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy that you put into the battery and then use at a later time.

Therefore, if it costs you 23 cents to use a kWh that has been stored and it costs you 30 cents to buy a kWh from the grid, then using energy that has been stored will save you 7 cents per kWh.

Current Solar Battery Prices in Australia

Solar Choice is fortunate in that it has access to the most accurate solar and battery pricing guide available. This is made possible by the Solar Choice Price Index as well as the Home Battery Price Index. The figures have been kept up to date on a monthly basis since 2012, and they are based on the average prices charged by the more than 200 installers that are part of Solar Choice's network.

Including the cost of installation and the goods and services tax, the price of residential solar battery storage is currently close to one thousand dollars per kilowatt-hour. This varies depending on the size of the battery as well as the brand. The solar installers that were used to finish the work, as well as whether or not additional work needs to be done to make the battery compatible with your system (like installing an additional inverter).

Don’t wait for batteries – go solar now and add batteries later.

Unfortunately, all of the hype about batteries in mainstream media has caused people to question the viability of solar power without batteries – to the point where people are waiting for "affordable batteries" before they invest in solar power. This is a problem because solar power has the potential to save people money.

Even though it is anticipated that the price of solar battery storage will fall from one year to the next, there is no good reason to put off installing solar energy systems.

Be assured that as soon as the cost of storing energy in batteries begins to justify itself, we will be the first to let everyone know about it.

But if you don't have solar panels, your monthly electricity costs are going to be much higher than they would be otherwise. Small electricity bills are possible with a solar energy system that is well designed but does not include batteries.

Putting off purchasing batteries until they are more reasonably priced could add another two, three, or four years to your total cost of ownership.

One day, batteries will make a lot of sense, and when that day comes, it will be simple to add them to any existing solar system using a method called AC coupling. When that day comes, batteries will make a lot of sense.

Do not put off installing solar panels because you are waiting for cheaper batteries to become available.

Think about switching to solar power now, with the understanding that you can easily add batteries at a later time, when they will have paid for themselves.

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