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Top 30 Granny Flat Builders in Sydney (2023)

A granny flat is typically a self-contained dwelling on the same property as an existing home. It can be used by family members or as rental accommodation and is becoming increasingly popular in Sydney

Some common uses for these properties include elderly care, rental income, work from home space, spare room for kids to have some independence and more.  

In this post, we will introduce you to 30 of the best Sydney granny flat builders so you can make your decision about who to contact when it comes time to build your new project!

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    Ultimate List Of Granny Flat Builders In Sydney

    Absolute Granny Flats Sydney

    absolute granny flats sydney

    1300 580 176

    Absolute Granny Flats specializes in the design and building of reasonably priced, contemporary, and adaptable granny flats throughout Sydney. Their crew is committed to offering a top-notch selection of contemporary granny flats. There is a flat out there for everyone and any circumstance, whether it has one, two, or three bedrooms. Established in Sydney, New South Wales, Absolute Granny Flats is dedicated to offering comprehensive and integrated granny flat development.


    They never just want to build a building; instead, they want to provide the finest experience possible for every step of the client journey, from making the initial inquiry to finishing the granny flat and beyond! Their fixed-price contract offer combined without expensive additions is another way they stand out from the competition.

    Absolute Granny Flats will guarantee that every client receives the build of their dreams while taking great satisfaction in every build. Looking to construct your first house, a sleepout cabin, or a granny flat on a budget? Or do you need to locate the ideal cabin for your visitors to stay in? Look nowhere else! They are based in Sydney and are your go-to partner for adding useful extra space to your home anywhere in New South Wales.

    Db Homes Granny Flats Sydney

    db homes granny flats

    1300 050 645

    We never want to just build a structure; instead, we want to provide the best experience possible for every step of the client journey, from the initial inquiry to the completion of the granny flat and beyond! Another way we distinguish ourselves from the competition is through our fixed pricing contract quote combination with no costly add-ons.

    The first step is to consult with one of our advisors about your goals, needs, and financial situation. We can then create and implement the best strategy for you and your future home. We begin implementing the plan as soon as you approve it. We pay attention to the fine print and understand the regional requirements before beginning a project.

    Then, we'll work as quickly and precisely as possible to build your ideal granny apartment. You may use a building once it has been completed. We will ensure and check the building before validating it. You can start using your new granny flat right away.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat builders

    0423 407 278

    Experts in granny flat designs, approvals, and high-quality construction, granny flat builders can be found in Sydney and on the Central Coast. We won't be outbid on either price or quality because we offer 100% fixed turnkey prices and Sydney's most affordable granny flats. Custom-designed granny flats and kit homes, as well as regular homes, additions, studios, and home offices, have been built by granny flat builders at incredibly affordable and aggressive prices.

    Backyard Grannys Sydney

    backyard grannys

    (02) 4075 7289

    Backyard Grannys was founded by Nulex Construction, a well-known, respectable building company based in Newcastle with a strong reputation for consistently providing our clients with excellent, high-quality, and dependable service. After receiving several requests for information about granny flats and conducting extensive market research, we discovered a gap in the market and launched Backyard Grannys to fill it. This enabled us to draw on our prior construction experience and enthusiasm.

    Our team is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, expert service based on quality, creativity, and integrity. Each project we undertake is completed to the highest standard, using the best materials, and is designed to maximize return on investment.

    Since we solely construct granny flats, you can be sure that we are experts in the field and have a ton of experience producing a variety of granny flats to meet the demands of various clients. Backyard Grannys is flexible throughout the construction process to ensure that your desired result is reached, thus sloping sites, limited budgets, or custom designs are not an issue for us.

    Granny Flat Builders FAQs

    Designed for one or two persons, a granny flat is a self-contained living area usually located on the grounds of a single-family home. A granny flat can be detached, or it can be attached to the other dwelling. It is sometimes called a granny flat because it is a popular way for families to accommodate aging parents.

    The granny flat is most often known as an accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in the building industry. Other terms include granny pod, mother-in-law unit, in-law apartment, bonus unit, casita, carriage unit and ohana unit (primarily in Hawaii).

    Many granny flats fall into the small house category, and the surge in interest in small house living has been a boon to grandparents interested in this type of housing. In addition, Granny flats/tiny houses may be used for nannies or young adult family members. They are sometimes used as rental units, but zoning laws and deed restrictions sometimes ban renting.

    As multigenerational housing becomes more accepted, granny flats are likely to become more prevalent. As a result, realtors and builders report that they are already a good selling point.

    The upsides of having a granny flat

    Building a granny flat is an affordable way to own an investment property. If you are not yet ready to buy a separate home as an investment, you can start with constructing a granny flat first.

    A granny flat could help you make extra money by renting it out. Depending on the location of your property, your granny flat could be able to generate several hundred dollars of rental income per week, which could help cover the costs of your mortgage.

    A granny flat is easier to maintain and look after than a separate investment property, given its proximity to your primary dwelling.

    A granny flat also boosts the value of your property, especially if it is legally compliant. You would be able to sell your property at a higher value if you have a well-maintained granny flat.

    The cons of owning a granny flat

    While there are several upsides to owning a granny flat, there are also some consequences that you need to consider.

    If you decide to rent it out to unrelated parties, be prepared to deal with tenants. You need to develop patience as you might encounter tenants with different personalities.

    It would be best if you also prepare your wallets for costs associated with the maintenance of the granny flat. Related expenses do not end with the construction of the granny flat — you should also think of the changes needed to maintain and keep the property in shape.

    Another factor you should look into is the capital gains tax that you might need to settle if you sell your property down the line. For example, if you use your granny flat for income, you would be required to pay capital gains tax.

    The cost of building a granny flat varies — it depends on the quality of the build you are gunning for, as well as the purpose of the flat. Constructing a granny flat could take as little as $20,000 to as much as $200,000.

    In choosing how to set up your granny flat, there are several options you can consider. There are prefabricated and modular homes that can be installed in your backyard, but you can also build a granny flat from scratch.

    When it comes to financing the construction of your granny flat, you also have a range of choices. You can either use the equity you built in your home or apply for another loan. However, it would help if you were prepared to have your home revalued.

    You can also ask your lender if they offer loans specifically catered to the construction of granny flats. Another alternative is to refinance your existing home loan with a new credit provider.

    Like any investment property, granny flat costs depend on your needs and what you want to build. However, many experts agree granny flats prices are, on average, around $100,000 for a one-bedder.

    Here are a few reasons why granny flats are a popular option for investors:

    The rental income could provide cash flow. Many people rent granny flats, from students and young singles looking for affordable housing to retirees wanting to downsize.

    Building a granny flat is usually cheaper than buying a standalone investment property. It's also unlikely to interrupt your everyday routine, like home extensions and renovations.

    Adding a granny flat to your house could increase your resale value. In addition, it gives the new owner the option to earn rental income and the benefit of an extra bedroom.

    How is a granny flat investment taxed?

    Like any other investment property, tax is payable on the rental income you earn from your granny flat. The Capital Gains Tax liability also applies. On the flip side, granny flat tax exemptions might be available.

    If you're wondering, can you negatively gear a granny flat? Unfortunately, the answer could be yes! If the cost of your granny flat is more than your income, you could claim the loan interest and ongoing expenses (like maintenance and insurance) as tax deductions. But if your granny flat is positively geared (as in, the rental income is more than your expenses), you can only claim the ongoing costs. You might also be able to claim value depreciation, but always remember to seek professional advice.

    What makes a granny flat a great rental property

    When you decide to have your granny flat rented out to tenants, you must take note of the following:

    • Consider the safety and privacy of your tenant. The granny flat must have a separate entrance and pathways from the street to give your tenants access to the dwelling.
    • Make sure that your principal residence is located in a desirable suburb. Location is still king when it comes to granny flats — the more accessible your property is to places of interest like shopping malls, hospitals, and offices, the more profitable it will be.
    • Design your granny flat as you would your residence. Make sure that your granny flat is something you would be comfortable living in. Leave room for tenants to put their personal touches, like having the granny flat painted neutral colours.

    A granny flat should be designed to suit both your style and your budget. After all, it is a smaller version of your main home and needs to fit in and flow well with your primary dwelling.

    However, at the same time, you do need to stick to certain regulations here:

    Queensland – 80 square metres

    Although, in Brisbane, you can build a granny flat a maximum of 70 square metres but with no more than two bedrooms. So, you can try speaking directly with your local Council to find out your exact restrictions, as they do change between Councils'. See detailed QLD rules.

    Victoria – 60 square metres

    They are called a "Dependant Persons Unit" (DPU), so they must be movable. Similarly to Queensland, the regulations vary in size depending on your Council. See detailed VIC rules.

    New South Wales – From 60 square metres – 100 square metres. 

    The former is a Complying Development, and the latter must be approved by submitting a Development Application. See Detailed NSW rules.

    South Australia – 60 square metres 

    OR 70% of the total floor area of the primary dwelling (whichever is less). See detailed SA rules.

    Tasmania – 60 square metres 

    OR 30% of the total area of the main home (the lesser). See detailed TAS rules.

    Western Australia – From 70 square metres – 100 square metres depending on your local Council. Rural areas are more likely to be flexible. See detailed WA rules.

    Northern Territory 

    Metropolitan areas, such as the city of Darwin, have more strict limits, with the floor space limited to 50 square metres. But, again, rural regions are possibly more lenient. For example, your local Council may allow up to 80 square metres.

    Australian Capital Territory – 90 square metres. 

    It is worth mentioning that the ACT also has a minimum size limit for granny flats of 40 square metres. See detailed ACT rules.

    Bungalow Homes Sydney

    bungalow homes

    02 9984 8954

    When considering a home addition, we work with you to develop the best solution for your specific needs and circumstances. We can plan your project with these considerations in mind to ensure you get a finished product that complements the existing residence, meets market demands, and fits within your budget, whether it's for investment or just to add on to the family home.

    Bungalow Homes specializes in one-of-a-kind and imaginative granny flat designs. A careful evaluation of the current site plan is a critical first step in ensuring that we create the best design for your home. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that each design is a response to their lifestyle needs and provide expert advise along the process to ensure you get the most out of your new property development as a result.

    Bungalow Homes specializes in one-of-a-kind and imaginative granny flat designs. A careful evaluation of the current site plan is a critical first step in ensuring that we create the best design for your home. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each design is a response to their lifestyle needs, and we provide expert advice throughout the process to ensure you get the most out of your new property development.

    Aarons Outdoor Sydney

    aarons outdoor

    I started constructing dog kennels in my parent's carport 25 years ago, which was the beginning of my Aarons Outdoor Living ambition. This gave me the opportunity to follow my interest for remodeling backyards. I'm pleased that Aarons is Australia's top provider and manufacturer of backyard equipment. We offer premium goods and services at competitive prices. That is my pledge. I am confident that you will love your time at Aarons Outdoor Living.

    From home studios and sheds to kid-friendly cubby houses, from outdoor entertainment spaces like Bali Huts and Thatches to extra room for work or storage with our Timber Workshops, Aarons Outdoor Living has a wide variety of backyard alternatives. We are known for offering high-quality outdoor products that are affordable, quick, and simple to put together.

    Along with our affordable costs, we are confident that you will like our high-quality Australian-made cubby houses, sheds, home studios, workshops, and other products. We follow the toughest manufacturing regulations, which guarantees our focus on detail. So, before you buy, check out our cubby houses, sheds, home studios, workshops, and more. Prepare to be inspired as you enter our outdoor goods universe! We encourage you to enjoy the outdoors at our magnificent showrooms, which are open seven days a week in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

    Ark Granny Flats N.S.W. Sydney

    0449 637 362

    You don't have to buy a new home to get the extra space that ARK Granny Flats can give you in your current residences. Your kids, aging parents, or even a side business could use this space. You can select from a wide range of well-established and reasonably priced programs with us. We can connect you with designers, drafters, and architects if you need a special design for your project.

    We take great satisfaction in providing the best construction and finishing services while keeping costs low and stress levels low. We keep in touch with you throughout the development process to make sure your needs are always addressed. With the help of our builders and designers, you can select the exciting elements from our pre-existing designs.

    Granny Flats For Less (GFFL) Sydney

    granny flats for less

    (02) 8605 8445

    Elegant Homes N.S.W., a sister company that focuses primarily on primary residential structures, is where Granny Flats For Less (GFFL) got its start. We wisely separated services from our main residential building side because we had observed a rising demand for granny flats. Since then, GFFL has established a name by emphasizing four fundamental principles: quality, design, simplicity, and family.

    We use this comparison to create a strong bond with our clients since building a house begins with a solid foundation. At GFFL, we put homeowners first. Providing houses that result in "feel good" moments brings us great joy and inspires us to create more of these experiences. Our ability to maintain long relationships with our building regulators, suppliers, and contractors is a result of our commitment to staying current with the most recent building techniques and technologies.

    Half-Priced Granny Flats Sydney

    half priced granny flats

    (02) 9822 9989

    We employ qualified, licensed tradespeople to construct our granny flats on-site over a concrete slab. At Half Priced Granny Flats, we have a sizable staff and an efficient system. To ensure that our customers only pay for what they actually need, we have improved our approach. We only choose seasoned craftspeople to build our granny flats because we firmly believe that a building is only as excellent as its constructor. All of our granny flat designs are created in-house by qualified architects. We operate like clockwork and offer our services at a 50% discount as a result.

    Half Priced Granny Flats is a division of the Half Price Group. Half Price Group has enabled over 500 large construction projects and tens of thousands of smaller projects. Our primary focus is on what we do best: assisting in the design and construction of homes of unrivaled quality, efficiency, and design.

    Master Granny Flats (MGF) Sydney

    master granny flats

    1300 643 545

    Our goal is to make sure your Master Granny Flat is constructed to a high standard, realizes your vision, and conforms with laws. A well-known Australian enterprise owned by Australians is Master Granny Flats. founded and run by Robert Daoud, a building industry veteran with more than ten years of experience.

    To produce the finest craftsmanship, we blend the highest caliber artistry with the most profound understanding. Our concrete raft slab is constructed by a skilled internal concreting team. We are giving you the strongest foundation possible as a consequence. Communication between our team members and our clients distinguishes Master Granny Flats from other companies. Our internal design team will make sure you are continually informed of the status of your project!

    A1 Granny Flats

    a1 granny flats

    1300 941 045

    Every project we work on at A1 Granny Flats is something we are proud of because it is something we are passionate about. So, unlike most builders, we can provide you with a clear, step-by-step method that has been refined through more than 30 years of experience.

    Amescorp - Granny Flat Builders Sydney


    (02) 8798 9845

    For many years, Amescorp has offered stunning custom houses to residents of Sydney, Canberra, and NSW. No job is too big or too small for us; we specialize in a vast range of construction projects, from granny flats to duplexes, apartment buildings, and breathtaking luxury mansions.

    We always guarantee top-notch artistry since we take great pride in it. In addition, we prioritize our clients' needs by providing them with solutions that fit their lifestyles and financial constraints. Each project we have worked on is distinct and a wonderful illustration of excellent design, unrivaled quality, amazing durability, and clever innovation.

    We make sure that your needs are handled properly and that the requirements of best practice are met by our services. Our affordable pricing strategy doesn't compromise on quality. We promise to implement the highest manufacturing standards without going over budget. When it comes to granny flats of any kind, you can depend on our skilled and effective granny flat builders.

    Butres Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    butres group

    0404 987 045

    We are a group of professionals who work hard and are passionate about every project they work on. First and first, since your remodeling is probably one of your biggest investments, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations of what's possible and deliver an excellent result. We build and develop from the heart; every building has its own spirit that continues to represent both its creators and owners. Second best is not an option for us.

    In light of rising rents, a granny apartment could give your kids the independence and rental income they need to start saving for a down payment on a future home. Elderly parents occasionally need help or support, but having a large family can be challenging. You may still still have your own space and independence with a granny flat. The studio apartment offers excellent space for a home office or an extension of your home living area. It can be used for working from home, hobbies, crafts, music, or just as a wonderful spot to sit and escape.

    Croydon Constructions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    croydon constructions

    0414 716 345

    Croydon Constructions is a successful company that is expanding. Our company was founded on conventional principles, and it has been successful for both us and our clients. We like to renovate and restore houses. We think that excellence in quality is essential, and as builders, we take particular satisfaction in a job well done. We enjoy what we do, which motivates us to construct with a distinctive quality. Do you want some suggestions? We provide no-cost consultations to go through your ideas and assist you in starting the project. Additionally, we can help you get it approved and provide an estimate of expenses for various possibilities.

    We Build Australia - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    we build australia

    1300 000 145

    In recent years, the majority of local governments in each state have made it easier and faster to build granny flats. Granny flats can be built in any residential area and approved in as little as ten days, thanks to the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, also known as the "SEPP." As the cost of living in Australia rises, families want to make the most of their money.

    Granny flats have proven to be an excellent solution, with hundreds of Australian families building one on their property to either house family members or rent out to tenants. They have been shown to be among the most popular features in modern Australian homes. According to a recent study, they are the second most desired housing amenity after swimming pools.

    I-build Building Solutions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    i build

    1800 679 245

    A totally self-contained home addition or secondary residence constructed on the same parcel of land as the primary residence is referred to as a "granny flat." In essence, it's a second, smaller house on your property that would be excellent for aging grandparents to live nearby or for a growing family in need of a teen hideaway. In most jurisdictions, including NSW and VIC, local councils will set a granny flat's maximum size limit at 60 square meters. However, WA (70 square meters) and ACT have more lax regulations (90 square meters).

    Granny flats may be a clever way for property investors to considerably improve passive rental income because they are permitted to be rented out in several states, most notably NSW and WA. Build offers a variety of granny flat options, from classic stick-built homes to modular, quick-build cabins. To find out more about the numerous kinds of granny flats available, click the photos below.

    Doumit Homes


    02 8812 3045

    We have a very welcoming and highly trained crew that can construct your custom-designed dream home, duplex, or granny flat while assisting you in selecting all the finishes. As a team of skilled individuals, we utilize the newest technology and streamline procedures to provide value to our clients. All of Doumit Homes' labor and services come with a guarantee, and we make sure that every project is handled with the utmost care, superior attention, and remarkable level.

    Modularwa - Granny Flat Builders Sydney


    08 7111 1355

    We at Modular WA are sincere. Although our name is fresh, the team behind it is rife with expertise. We have brought back a team that has worked on some of Western Australia's most avant-garde modular projects, led by Wayne McGrath and supported by the financial might of the Wylie Group.

    We have completed projects ranging in size and scope, including custom family modular homes, 100-home estates, offices, classrooms, and lodging. We have experience as individuals and as a group. We are now known as Modular WA. As a result, you can expect an unwavering commitment to quality and service, from premium components to meticulous construction techniques.

    Tekton Building Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney


    0422 605 345

    Starting out as a small home builder, Tekton Building Group has quickly expanded into a medium-sized home builder with a significant market impact. With more than ten years of experience working in the construction sector, creating family homes, and realizing aspirations. Consequently, we have determined that Tekton Building Group needs to expand. The word "Master Craftsmen" in ancient Greek is whence the name Tekton originates.

    Not only the construction side, but the entire building process is something we take great delight in. We walk you through the entire construction process, from design to development to approvals. We are aware that for the majority of our clients, their home is their most valuable possession. Tekton Builders has a special method that we adhere to in order to successfully complete any renovation or new home construction projects that you may have in mind.

    Bellcast Granny Flats Sydney

    bellcast granny flats

    1300 661 345

    When compared to other market players, we offer a lot of inclusions and have a quick, effective build procedure. We also support the granny flat philosophy, which emphasizes maximizing the use of existing space to raise the living standards of all residents while producing the least amount of waste. Our design philosophy is to create granny flats in Sydney and the surrounding area quickly, effectively, affordably, and functionally.

    Compared to other building kinds, granny flats are cheaper, more compact, and more useful. They can also be built faster. You are constructing a granny apartment on an already-existing piece of property. Once you've met the minimal standards, you don't need council approval. Overall, granny flats are a great financial decision. They are adaptable and close to home, which is an additional benefit. If you decide to rent, you will be able to exercise more control because you will be living next door in the event of an emergency.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat builders sydney

    1300 830 152

    With over 30 years of experience, our company manufactures high-quality Sydney granny flats, assisting in the preservation of affordable housing in NSW. We've built a team that consistently outperforms expectations and upholds exceptionally high building standards.

    The licensed Sydney builders on Shateam nt's believed that "Granny Flat Builders Sydney" might significantly improve the standard of the granny flat market in Sydney. We deliver a high-quality professional service based on ethics, superior workmanship, and exceeding client expectations to Sydney households wishing to construct new granny flats.

    We see our business as a crucial resource for promoting "sustainable affordable housing in NSW." Although each member of our staff has extensive expertise working on large-scale construction projects, the work we do when constructing Sydney granny flats is significantly more enjoyable and rewarding.

    5 Star Granny Flats

    5 star granny flats

    1300 843 945

    In and around Sydney, 5 Star Granny Flats specializes in planning, approving, and building granny flats. We have a full staff that will oversee your project from the original design phase to the finished fit-out. We may control costs by using in-house experts, maintain constant communication, and provide solutions to guarantee client satisfaction at every stage of the project.

    Our knowledgeable team is committed to turning each client's needs into a uniquely designed solution, providing a seamless service, and delivering exceptional outcomes. Additionally, we work hard to deliver each client's project on schedule and within budget while upholding the greatest standards for quality and safety.

    Granny Flat Solutions Sydney

    granny flat solutions

    1300 259 645

    Meet the passionate and committed people who have helped Granny Flat Solutions become a multi-award winning business. A committed group of experts has been assembled by Granny Flat Solutions who are all passionate about giving the best service.

    We exclusively hire skilled workers who share our key values of sincerity, openness, integrity, accountability, and excellence. These values have enabled our (originally tiny) family business expand into one of Sydney's top granny flat builders. Our customers may feel confident doing business with us because of our knowledge and dedication to the industry. We design and build nothing less than award-winning, high-quality granny flats that will last a lifetime.

    Granny Flat Approvals Sydney

    granny flat approvals

    1300 205 045

    Integrity and honesty are key to our mission statement. Located in Picnic Point, Sydney, (Granny Flats Sydney N.S.W. Pty Ltd) is a family-run granny flat design, approval, and building service. We take satisfaction in creating High-Quality and Affordably priced Granny Flats.

    Our goal at Granny Flats Sydney (NSW) Pty Ltd is to make sure you don't have to sacrifice quality to construct high-quality and reasonably priced granny flats in Sydney. Due to our twelve years in the industry, we are able to cross-match the budget requirements of our clients and offer granny flats for less than list prices. You gain, and that's what motivates our company.

    Granny Flats Australia Sydney

    granny flats australia

    (02) 9899 9154

    Working with Councils, Private Certifiers, and Engineers helps us stay current on the most recent information and updates since we take education, regulation, and compliance seriously. This enables us to provide accurate information, accurate assessments, and upfront pricing.

    During the development process, our construction team is renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and consideration for renters, neighbors, and owner-occupiers. For the course of the project, extra care is taken to ensure the safety of all workers and residents on the site.

    Granny Flat Sydney By Blue Gum

    blue gum

    1300 06 06 45

    One of the most reputable granny flat builders in Sydney is Granny Flat Sydney. Our adaptability and creativity have solidified our position as a top granny flat builder in Sydney. We collaborate with you to develop the ideal granny flat based on your unique requirements; our open communication is intended to help you make better informed choices. Your new granny flat will be of the greatest caliber because only premium materials and craftsmanship were used to construct it.

    Inhouse Granny Flats Sydney

    inhouse granny flat

    9659 9045

    Speaking with a granny flat builder directly from the time you request the first site inspection until the final handover is just one of the many benefits of choosing us. Our knowledgeable builder will be there to address any concerns you may have and provide you with qualified guidance along the journey.

    Additionally, our customers select us for our personalized design approach. With the guidance of our builders and architects, we provide every client the chance to create their granny flat layout so that it fits them and their land.

    Rescon Granny Flats Sydney

    rescon builders

    1300 110 054

    In NSW, we construct a variety of granny flats with an emphasis on affordability, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Our track record of achievement is the result of a desire for giving families a simple option to invest or keep their loved ones close by. The granny flats from RESCON Builders are offered in four common configurations: Smart, Designer, Breeze, and Studio, as well as a fully customized alternative, to meet particular requirements.

    Smart Choice Granny Flats Sydney

    smart choice granny flats


    One of our builders will be your first encounter on the property. To educate you on the site conditions and building process, we choose to provide a personalized experience to a professional with practical knowledge. To give you piece of mind that you are being taken care of from beginning to end, this builder will be assigned to you from the first meeting until the time the keys are handed over.

    Your granny flat will be specially designed to fit your unique block shape, desired style, and needs. We have a very flexible design approach to accommodate all granny flat objectives and financial constraints. Speak with us about the potential return on investment for our 3- and 4-bedroom granny flats. Or check out the designs from our Inspire Range, which all have a lot of personality and excellent usability to improve the look of your backyard.

    Our knowledgeable team will offer suggestions to help you save money; we won't try to upsell you on unnecessary items; instead, we sincerely want what's best for you and will only offer advice that will be helpful to you. Our excellent customer service and moral standards are what keep our clients coming back to us for their investment properties time and time again.

    Premier Granny Flat Builder Sydney

    premier granny flat builder

    1300 122 402

    Focusing on only one essential quality—reliability—can help businesses achieve 100% client satisfaction. n How many times have you requested a quote from a tradesperson only to have them not show up? Just a good ol' fashioned "no show," no call, no text. Most likely, they believe your position is too tiny. Or perhaps they're simply too busy? Not us.

    If we are not the ideal fit for your position, we will inform you immediately away and most likely suggest someone who is. The truth is that we are experts. Our granny flat construction expertise ensures that all of our clients are completely happy. We promise to complete the task to your satisfaction and to arrive on time each time. You'll struggle to find a trade guarantee like that elsewhere, but we stand by it.

    Benco Granny Flats

    benco projects & granny flats

    0403 773 574

    Bench Projects has been building, engineering, and designing high-quality Australian homes for customers for ten years. These can include garage conversions, granny flats, small homes, big homes, entertainment areas, renovations, insurance repairs, and other improvements to your properties. Since we began with insurance repairs, we promise that all work is completed to the highest standard. With access to a wide range of reputable, high-caliber trades, our professional team, with over 30 years of combined experience, is the best choice to build your new home.

    The entire job is managed and coordinated by Benco, so there is no need for you to arrange your own independent contractors. We promise 100% client satisfaction and ensure there are no flaws in whatever task we do. The success of Benco is due to director Corey Bennett's in-depth understanding of every facet of building. The ideas of excellence are the foundation of Benco.

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