Expert Picks of Top Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions in Melbourne

If you're like most homeowners, you have a lot of stuff. And if you're like most homeowners, you don't have enough storage space to put all of your stuff. This can be a real problem when it comes to your garage. 

If you're trying to find a way to organise and store all of your tools, equipment, and other belongings, you may be wondering where to start. One option is to install a garage storage cabinet system. But with so many different options available on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? 

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best garage storage cabinet solutions available in Melbourne. Read on to discover!

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    GarageSmart, a division of the Enficet Group, is renowned for providing comprehensive garage storage solutions and installations across Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. They specialize in transforming cluttered garages into fully functional extensions of homes in just one day. GarageSmart is a full-service company that offers tailored garage storage solutions and organizational expertise, accompanied by personalized customer service. Their experienced team provides in-home consultation, 3D modeling, organisation advice, and installation of premium GarageSmart products.

    Key Services Offered by GarageSmart:

    • Garage Storage Solutions: Tailoring storage solutions to turn cluttered garages into organized, functional spaces.
    • In-Home Consultation and 3D Modeling: Providing expert advice and visualizing the final setup before installation.
    • Installation of GarageSmart Products: Including SmartWall, hooks, baskets, shelves, modern cabinets, and other accessories for garage storage.

    Phone: 1800 517 294


    cabinetsmart storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    CabinetSmart, an Australian company, specializes in sophisticated garage cabinetry storage solutions. They offer a suite of garage cabinetry configurations that are not only visually appealing but also effectively solve the challenge of maintaining a tidy and organized garage. CabinetSmart's DIY flat packs are high-quality cabinetry solutions that are affordable and delivered directly into your garage by company employees. These cabinets are quick to assemble, accompanied by step-by-step assembly videos, and are available in three sizing categories to best suit different storage needs and budgets.

    Key Services and Products Offered by CabinetSmart:

    • High-Quality DIY Garage Cabinetry: Offering a range of cabinetry solutions that are easy to assemble and install.
    • Customizable Solutions: Products available in small, medium, and large solutions to fit various garage sizes and storage requirements.
    • Sophisticated Design: Focusing on creating garage storage solutions that are not only functional but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

    Phone: 1300 794 434
    Email: [email protected]

    Melbourne Garages

    melbourne garages storage cabinet solutions

    Melbourne Garages, a division of the Enficet Group, is a leading provider of garages, sheds, barns, and carports in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. They are known for their excellent service, experienced workmanship, and reliability. Melbourne Garages offers a comprehensive range of products, ensuring clients can choose the best solution for their property and lifestyle. Their services include design, permit application, and referrals to contractors like concreters, installers, and plumbers. The company prides itself on its exceptional range and expert knowledge, providing a complete solution tailored to each client.

    Key Services Offered by Melbourne Garages:

    • Garages and Sheds: Offering a wide range of garages and sheds suitable for various needs.
    • Barns: Specializing in the design and construction of barns.
    • Carports: Providing carports as a practical solution for vehicle protection.
    • Design and Permit Process: Assisting clients with design and obtaining necessary permits for construction.
    • Referral to Contractors: Refer clients to trusted contractors for additional services.

    Phone: (03) 5979 3677


    storewall garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    StoreWALL Australia specializes in wall-mounted storage solutions designed to organize and enhance spaces like garages, workshops, storerooms, and laundries. Their products are known for their superior strength, ruggedness, and waterproof qualities, making them suitable for installation on various surfaces, including plasterboard, concrete, or brickwork. StoreWALL offers a wide range of slatwall colours and an extensive collection of industrial-grade accessories like hooks, brackets, shelves, totes, bins, and baskets.

    Key Features of StoreWALL Australia:

    • Durable and Waterproof Slatwall Panels: Their panels are rugged, waterproof, and can be installed on all surfaces.
    • Wide Range of Colors and Accessories: StoreWALL provides a variety of slatwall colours and industrial-grade accessories to customize storage solutions.
    • Exclusive CamLok™ Technology: This feature ensures accessories stay locked in place, offering a secure storage solution.
    • Versatile Storage Solutions: Suitable for garages, workshops, laundries, and more, StoreWALL's systems are highly customizable.

    Phone: 0411280646
    Email: [email protected]

    Universal Tradesman

    universal tradesman garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Universal Tradesman, based in Melbourne, is a family-owned trades company offering a wide range of home repair and maintenance services, renovations, and waterproofing solutions. They are dedicated to providing top-notch services in various aspects of home improvement, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. With a team of skilled tradespeople, Universal Tradesman caters to a variety of needs, from minor repairs to major renovations.

    Key Services Offered by Universal Tradesman:

    • Renovations: Comprehensive renovation services covering bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and even unique spaces like hidden rooms or mancaves.
    • Waterproofing: Specialises in both internal and external waterproofing, including leak detection and recovery services.
    • Repairs and Maintenance: Handling all types of repair or maintenance jobs, from fixing a rotten window sill to patching and painting walls.

    Phone: 1800 411 811

    B&R Storage Systems

    b r storage systems garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    B & R Storage Systems, based in Dandenong, Melbourne, is a leading supplier of new and used storage systems. With over 30 years of experience, they stock major brands like Dexion, Colby, Brownbuilt, APC, Spacerack, Macrack, Schaefer, and older brands that are no longer available. They specialize in second-hand shelving systems and storage racks, offering solutions for various operational needs and configurations. Their services cater to established warehouses needing heavy-duty options, as well as durable shelves, storage racks, and cabinets for new offices.

    Key Services and Products Offered by B & R Storage Systems:

    • Wide Range of Storage Systems: Specializing in both new and used shelving systems and storage racks.
    • Major Brand Stock: Offering products from leading brands in the industry.
    • Second-Hand Specialists: Expertise in providing second-hand storage solutions.
    • Installation and Relocation Services: Available to set up entire business spaces, from offices to warehouses.

    Phone: 03 9791 3666
    Email: [email protected]

    Aussie Made

    aussie made garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Aussie Made, located in Lilydale, Victoria, specializes in building custom-made garages of any size. They are known for their quality, long-lasting, and affordable garages, constructed using BlueScope Steel with genuine Colorbond cladding, roofing, gutters, and downpipes. Their services cover a wide range of needs, from size and design to plans, permits, and concrete slabs. Aussie Made offers a variety of colour options for garages, ensuring that each structure not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

    Key Services Offered by Aussie Made:

    • Custom-Made Garages: Tailoring garages to client specifications using high-quality materials.
    • Variety of Color Options: A wide range of colour choices for garages to suit different preferences and styles.
    • Comprehensive Service: Assistance with design, plans, permits, and concrete slabs for a complete garage building solution.

    Phone: 03 9739 6999

    Super Rack

    super rack garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Super Rack, based in Australia, is a leading provider of warehouse storage solutions, offering a wide range of products and services. They specialize in pallet racking, cantilever racking, garage shelving, gondola shelving, mezzanine floors, and fencing & livestock yard solutions. Super Rack is committed to delivering excellent quality products at unbeatable prices, ensuring that their racking products comply with and exceed Australian Standards. They offer an extensive product range, exceptional customer service, and tailored storage solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers.

    Key Services and Products Offered by Super Rack:

    • Pallet Racking: Durable and efficient storage solutions for warehouses.
    • Cantilever Racking: Ideal for storing long items like pipes, timber, or steel.
    • Garage Shelving: Versatile shelving solutions for organizing garages.
    • Gondola Shelving: Perfect for retail environments, offering easy access and display of products.
    • Mezzanine Floors: Maximizing warehouse space with additional storage levels.
    • Fencing & Livestock Yard Solutions: Providing fencing solutions and livestock yard designs for agricultural needs.

    Phone: 1300 884 482

    Eureka Garages and Sheds

    eureka garages storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Eureka Garages and Sheds, a division of the Enficet Group, is a prominent custom shed and carport builder in Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience, they are recognized for their reliable, long-lasting products and fine designs with super strength. They offer fast delivery across Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool, Ballarat, Horsham, and provide freight options for wider Victoria and interstate. Eureka Garages and Sheds is entirely Australian owned and has been a valuable domestic and commercial provider for many years, growing to build everything from small carports to large industrial projects. They ensure quality control by using only the best materials for their in-house designs, resulting in strong and durable finishes. Their products are factory-made at their facility and sold in retail outlets across the state.

    Key Services and Products Offered by Eureka Garages and Sheds:

    • Domestic Solutions: Including garages, sheds, carports, and more for homes.
    • Commercial Structures: Design and installation of structures like cranes, workshops, sheds, and colorbond garages.
    • Rural Applications: Offering a broad selection of garages and shed kits for rural properties to store hay, machinery, and vehicles.
    • Alternative Housing: Providing a range of residential structures for rural properties, including the Eureka Lofty, Miners Cottage, Winchelsea, and more.
    • Aircraft Hangars: Building reliable aircraft hangars with spacious interiors and sliding doors, focusing on simplicity, durability, and functionality.

    Phone: (03) 5152 7069
    Email: [email protected]

    Absolute Storage

    absolute storage garage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Absolute Storage Systems Pty Ltd, established in 1991, is Australia's leading supplier of innovative storage systems for industrial and commercial businesses. Based in Dandenong South, Victoria, they offer a wide range of storage solutions, including small office storage cabinets, warehouse design, and fit-out of multiple pallet racking types, and automated storage solutions. With a focus on specialized products and services for warehousing, manufacturing, and commercial sectors, Absolute Storage Systems is recognized as SSI Schaefer’s most awarded distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

    Key Services and Products Offered by Absolute Storage Systems:

    • Pallet Racking: Offering selective pallet racking systems, double deep racking, drive-in pallet racking, push back racking, pallet live storage, mobile pallet racking, carton live storage, and pallet racking accessories.
    • Automated Storage Systems: Providing innovative solutions for automated storage needs.
    • Used Pallet Racking: Offering cost-effective used pallet racking options.
    • End-to-End Support: From planning and design to installation, integration, and future maintenance.

    Phone: 03 9799 2291
    Email: [email protected]

    Safety Steel Structures

    safety steel structures garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Safety Steel Structures, located in Dandenong, Melbourne, is a trusted company specializing in steel construction. They offer a wide range of steel structure solutions, including garages, carports, barns, farm sheds, and more. With over 60 years of experience, Safety Steel Structures has established itself as a leading steel shed builder in Australia. They provide smart solutions for both domestic and commercial building needs, ensuring quality and reliability in their products and services.

    Key Services and Products Offered by Safety Steel Structures:

    • Industrial & Commercial Buildings: Custom design turn-key projects and standard prefabricated kit buildings.
    • Domestic & Rural Solutions: Prefabricated storage buildings and custom design for steel structures.
    • Garages, Carports, Barns, and Farm Sheds: A wide range of steel design solutions for various purposes.

    Phone: 03 9706 7711
    Email: [email protected]

    Mr Verandah

    mr verandah garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Mr Verandah, based in Melbourne, is a leading builder specializing in custom-designed outdoor living areas, including verandahs, pergolas, alfresco areas, decking, extensions, and carports. With over 30 years of experience, they are renowned for transforming homes and enhancing outdoor living spaces. 

    Mr Verandah handles the entire process from design ideas to planning and building, ensuring professional services and great results that add value to homes and lifestyles. Their expertise in building outdoor living spaces ranges from decking to home extensions, tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

    Key Services Offered by Mr Verandah:

    • Verandahs: Designing and building verandahs to expand living areas and provide protection from the elements.
    • Pergolas: Constructing high-standard pergolas that outperform and outlast others.
    • Alfresco Areas: Creating prestigious verandahs with special features like plaster ceilings and insulation.
    • Decking: Building natural timber decks using long-lasting materials.
    • Home Extensions: Specializing in home extensions, managing design, drawings, permits, and engineering.
    • Carports and Garages: Enhancing home appearance and value with well-designed carports and garages.

    Phone: 03 9540 0734
    Email: [email protected]

    MR Pallet Racking

    mr pallet racking garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Mr Pallet Racking, based in Australia, has been an established supplier of high-quality pallet racking and accessories since 2006. They specialize in supplying and installing a variety of racking systems to meet diverse storage needs at competitive wholesale prices. 

    Their products are certified and tested to Australian Standard AS4084-2012, ensuring superior quality and durability. Suitable for small to large-scale warehouses, industrial shelving, long span shelving, storage shelving, supermarket displays, retail shops, and garages, Mr Pallet Racking's products are installed and maintained in many well-known places across Australia.

    Key Features of Mr Pallet Racking:

    • Compatibility with Dexion Systems and other major brands.
    • Certified products tested to Australian Standard AS4084-2012.
    • Guaranteed prices lower than wholesale.
    • Products manufactured from the highest quality raw materials.

    Phone: 03 9314 1499

    Copper Brick

    copperbrick garages storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Copper Brick Garages is a custom garage builder operating in the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. They specialize in designing and building custom brick garages tailored to the specifications of residential customers. 

    With a commitment to quality and durability, Copper Brick Garages offers a comprehensive service that includes planning and basic design, obtaining permits, insurance, and structural work. As a Registered Building Practitioner, they ensure all projects are completed with high standards of workmanship, backed by a 10-year guarantee. In addition to garages, they also construct brick fences.

    Key Services Offered by Copper Brick Garages:

    • Custom Built Garages: Tailoring garage designs to meet individual customer needs.
    • End-to-End Design and Build Service: Managing the entire process from initial design to completion.
    • Registered Building Practitioner: Ensuring professional and compliant construction.
    • 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee: Providing long-term assurance on the quality of their work.
    • Additional Services: Building brick fences, repairs, and alterations.

    Phone: 0407 338 092

    Multiple Storage Solutions

    multiple storage solutions garage cabinet melbourne

    Multiple Storage Solutions, located in Melbourne, has established itself as a leading supplier of pallet racking, shelving, and mezzanine flooring over the last 20 years. Known for their quality products and exceptional service, they are committed to small-business principles and honesty, ensuring the best deals for their customers. They offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions, including pallet racking, shelving, long-span shelving, and mezzanine floors, tailored for offices, workshops, sheds, warehouses, or factories. 

    Their services encompass expert installation, adhering to Australian quality and safety standards, and they also provide safety audits and repairs to maintain a safe working environment. Additionally, Multiple Storage Solutions engages in buying and selling second-hand units, offering a cost-effective option for their clients.

    Key Services and Products Offered by Multiple Storage Solutions:

    • Pallet Racking and Shelving: Customizable storage solutions for various operational needs.
    • Mezzanine Floors: Maximizing space utilization in warehouses and industrial settings.
    • Expert Installation: Professional installation services adhering to safety and quality standards.
    • Safety Audits and Repairs: Regular maintenance services to ensure a safe working environment.
    • Second-Hand Units: Buying and selling quality second-hand storage units.

    Phone: 03 8390 4483
    Email: [email protected]

    BOS Storage Systems

    bos garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne


    BOS Storage Systems, based in Australia, specializes in pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions. They provide a comprehensive range of services including sales, installation, and dismantling of racking systems. Their team is adept at creating efficient systems with a focus on flexibility, engineering performance, and cost. BOS Storage Systems offers a variety of pallet racking options such as Selective, Double-Deep, Drive-In, Cantilever, Long-Span Shelving, Pick’n’Pack, and Mezzanine floors. 

    They cater to a wide range of requirements and have locations throughout Australia, enabling them to provide localized and customized service. The company also adheres to FEM safety guidelines, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their storage solutions.

    Key Services and Products Offered by BOS Storage Systems:

    • Pallet Racking Systems: Including Drive-In, Long Span Shelving, Mezzanine Floor, Double Deep Racking, Cantilever Racking, and Standard Selective Pallet Racking.
    • Free Warehouse Design and Floor Plan: Offering a free service to design warehouse floor plans tailored to client needs.
    • Engineering & Australian Standards Compliance: Ensuring all installations meet Australian Standards for safety and quality.

    Phone: 1300 01 02 01
    Email: [email protected]


    garageking storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    GarageKing, based in Melbourne, specializes in custom-designed garage storage solutions, enhancing the functionality of home garages. They offer a versatile wall storage system that increases storage space significantly. With over 60 years of experience in Australia, GarageKing designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality garage storage solutions, including wall bays, cabinets, shelves, and accessories. 

    Their products are made from industrial-grade 1.2mm mild steel, powder-coated for durability and resistance to wear and tear. GarageKing's solutions are adaptable, allowing for easy adjustments to suit changing needs. They provide kits for both small and large areas, ensuring that their storage systems can grow with the user's requirements.

    Key Features of GarageKing's Offerings:

    • Versatile Garage Storage Solutions: Adaptable systems that can be adjusted to suit changing needs.
    • High-Quality Materials: Products made from industrial-grade mild steel, ensuring durability.
    • Customizable Options: A range of kits and accessories to fit individual spaces and requirements.

    Phone: 03 8787 3000
    Email: [email protected]

    Trusteel Fabrications

    trusteel fabrications garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    Trusteel Fabrications, based in Melbourne, specializes in constructing high-quality steel garages that are built to last. Established in 1975, they have a long-standing reputation for creating durable and functional garages, ideal for storing vehicles like cars, boats, or caravans, and also serving as multipurpose spaces for workshops or storage. 

    Trusteel Fabrications uses top-grade materials and employs solid design and construction techniques, ensuring that their garages withstand the test of time. Their team of skilled designers and builders can tailor garages to meet specific customer needs, offering a combination of functionality and extra storage space.

    Key Features of Trusteel Fabrications' Garages:

    • Multipurpose Use: Ideal for cars, boats, caravans, and as home workshops.
    • Customizable Designs: Options for roller doors, personal doors, windows/skylights, and roof insulation.
    • Durable Construction: Built with welded plates and bolted frames for increased resilience.
    • Professional Expertise: Over 40 years of industry experience in designing and building garages.

    Phone: 03 9560 4322
    Email: [email protected]

    B&G Sheds

    b g sheds garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    B & G Sheds, an Australian-owned company based in Melbourne, Victoria, has been a leader in the design, service, and installation of prefabricated steel buildings for over 30 years. As an independent designer and manufacturer, they offer a range of high-quality sheds known for their durability and versatility. 

    Their products are crafted from the finest materials to meet specific space needs, whether it's for steel sheds, custom garages, colorbond sheds, or other types of buildings in Melbourne.

    Key Products and Services Offered by B & G Sheds:

    • Custom Shed Building: Specializing in the design and installation of prefabricated steel buildings, including custom garages and sheds.
    • Diverse Range of Sheds: Offering steel garages, farm buildings, barns, stables & rural buildings, carports & verandas, and commercial & industrial buildings, available in kit form or fully installed.
    • Quality Materials: Using 100% Australian made Bluescope, Zincalume, and Colorbond Steel for construction.

    Phone: 03 9360 0022
    Email: [email protected]

    Declutter the Space

    Before you begin your DIY garage storage mission, start by eliminating any unnecessary items you don’t use or need. For example, donate the gear if the kids aren’t playing hockey anymore. Likewise, if you haven’t fixed up an old lawnmower in the last year, it’s time to give it to someone else or take it to your local recycling centre.

    If you have many things to get rid of and your garbage service won’t take it, consider using a private removal service. For example, you can buy a giant canvas bag at a home improvement store, fill it with garbage and set up a time for a haulier to come and remove it. Fees apply, of course, but companies like this offer a simple way to rid your garage of junk.

    Install a Pegboard

    A pegboard may be the most versatile of garage storage ideas. With a pegboard installed on a wall, you can hang just about every hand tool or gadget you have; seeing them out in the open makes them easier to find. Get a series of wire brackets to hang basic tools, and buy several hanging baskets that fit pegboards. They’re great for storing things like nails or bottles of glue.

    Add a Folding Table

    When you have two vehicles in the garage, there sometimes isn’t enough room to do much else. Where do you work? Consider creating a drop-down folding table. Connect the table to the wall with hinges so you can fold the legs under and fold it up against the garage wall when you aren’t using it.

    Hang Cans of Spray Paint

     If you have a lot of spray paint, buy a hanging shoe organiser at a department store and use it to hold spray paint in your garage.

    Utilise the Space Above Your Garage Doors

    There’s a lot of space above garage doors that you can use. Consider installing wire shelves attached to the ceiling as part of your DIY garage storage plan. Or you can try making some DIY garage shelves. Either way, make sure the shelves are secure before you try storing anything on them.

    Measure the available space before buying the shelf to make sure it will fit, and then buy durable tote bags that will fit on the shelves. It’s a great place to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that you only need to access once a year.

    Hang a Utility Rack

    Rakes, shovels, hoes and brooms all take up space. Rather than lean them against the wall and trip over them, get a utility rack from a department store and hang up any tool with a long handle.

    If space is an issue, you can buy individual hooks and hang them in tight spaces, such as between the garage doors, next to the tool bench or near the entrance to the house.


    When storing your car, it’s important to keep the exterior of your car clean from anything that could melt inside the garage or drip onto the floor. Check all fluids to make sure levels are full and no leaks that could potentially damage your garage floor. Clean up floors of dust and debris and consider applying a high-quality epoxy floor coating for additional protection.

    Clothing and Fabrics

    Clothing, linens, blankets, and sleeping bags are best stored inside your house, but if the garage is the only option, there are ways to store them to prevent damage. Keep fabric items in vacuum-sealed bags or covered plastic storage bins to keep them airtight. It’s best to store these items up and off the floor on wire shelving, cabinets, and overhead storage systems. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage to attract pests and protect your fabrics from moisture and odours.

    Lawn and Garden Equipment

    Lawn and garden equipment is best stored off the ground and secured. After a few hours of yard work, it’s tempting to toss tools and equipment in the nearest corner. But these items should be safely secured off the floor and out of the way. Tools like rakes and shovels should be hung up on a wall with hooks or special racks. Power equipment like weed whackers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers should have any cords neatly coiled and stored up off the floor on shelves, hanging racks, or tool closets.

    Organisation Is Key

    To safeguard stored items from the extreme summer temperature, you need to clean up, declutter and store as many things off the floor of your garage as possible. By using a variety of storage options, you are not only protecting your items, but your garage surfaces, too. Applying a protective epoxy coating to your garage floor adds an extra layer of protection – and it looks great, too!

    Car Supplies

    If you have a car, it probably spends a lot of time in your garage or parked nearby. So it’s logical to store items you use for your car, including wiper fluid and tire inflators, in your garage. A garage is also a good place for items you often transport in or on your cars, such as a roof rack or camping gear. If you have the space, hang bulky items like roof racks on the wall or ceiling of your garage. This will help keep the garage floor space clear for parking your car. As for the smaller items, consider a plastic storage rack with bins or a storage cabinet meant for the garage. This will keep the space organised and make finding items when you need them a breeze.

    Yard and Gardening Tools

    The garage is ideal for tools and appliances you only use outdoors. Think shovels, hoses, outdoor extension cords, lawnmowers, gardening tools, flower pots, and more. Bags of potting soil, buckets of ice melt, and other outdoor supplies that come in bulky packaging are also good candidates for garage storage. Consider putting up a pegboard or a similar product to hang tools where you can easily see them and grab what you need.

    Outdoor Toys

    Any product made for outdoor entertainment can withstand the elements, so it’s usually OK to keep it in the garage when it’s not in use. This includes children’s toys, pool accessories, bicycles, and patio furniture. Consider hanging items like lawn chairs from hooks on the wall to get them out of the way. And you can keep toys in wire or clear plastic storage bins, so you can easily see what’s inside.

    Infrequently Used Items

    If you need to store any items you rarely use, the garage—like the basement or attic—is often a great place to hide them away. The garage also can be a good temporary storage spot for items you ultimately plan to get rid of, as well as items that just don’t have another home at the moment. Remember that sturdy, weatherproof objects will do better in the garage. More delicate items, such as documents and electronics, will hold up better in a basement or an attic.

    Bring it Inside If Temperatures Get Extreme.

    Because garages aren’t insulated, you should only store a refrigerator in one if you live in an area with moderate temperatures. Cold weather may cause your fridge not to work at all, meaning your freezer section can thaw out. If you’re experiencing a heatwave, it can cause your refrigerator to work extra hard to keep food cold. If temperatures in your area dip to freezing levels or soar to temperatures above 100 degrees Farenheight, you should move your refrigerator inside for the time being.

    Newer Isn’t Always Better.

    Newer refrigerators are designed to run as efficiently as possible, making them more susceptible to environmental changes. If you’re going to put a refrigerator in your garage, go with an older model and move the new one into your kitchen in its place.

    Give it Room to Breathe.

    Naturally, your garage is much dirtier than a kitchen. Over time, sawdust and other nameless debris can get stuck in a unit’s coils. Keep clean air flowing throughout your refrigerator by cleaning your garage first and setting the fridge up in an area that’s free of bikes, tools, and sports equipment.

    Store Extra Ice in the Freezer.

    Not only is it good to keep extra ice around in case of an impromptu party, but having extra ice in your freezer will keep it from having to work so hard during the summer months.

    Build Garage Cabinets

    If your garage still does not have any form of cabinetry and you’re storing items in boxes on the floor, then it’s high time you build garage cabinets. These are a must for every garage. Having a formal storage cabinet will help in keeping your garage organised.

    Install Wall Organizers

    Your walls are great for space-saving. Don’t just think cabinets; you can also hang items on your walls using hooks. This removes clutter on the floor while keeping everything visible.

    Add Overhead or Ceiling Storage

    When you no longer have wall space, use your ceiling. Use ceiling-mounted racks for additional overhead storage. This is the perfect way of storing seasonal items and keeping the eye-level areas in your garage clean and clutter-free. Just make sure that you’re using sturdy racks or have a safety net placed under in case you’re in an earthquake-prone area.

    Create a Folding Workbench

    If you or your family uses the garage for crafting or as a workshop, making a folding workbench can save space. Opt for those that are wall-mounted and can be folded after every use. It will look like you didn’t even use that after. This collapsible workstation is easy to build and install.

    Get Magnetic Boards for the Small Parts

    If you’re the type who frequently loses nuts and bolts, then a magnetic board will save you. Just have small steel and metal parts magnetise to the board, especially when working on something. You can also use this to keep little things organised and prevent them from getting lost in the garage.

    Go Mobile With Work Areas

    Another idea to save on space is building a work area with wheels. Just going mobile while working on your crafts or DIY projects will make things easier. You don’t have to be stuck in a corner. You can also double this mobile working table as storage for keeping your most-used tools. 

    Upgrade to Adjustable Shelving

    If you have seasonal items in your garage, like decorations and clothes, then adjusting shelving lets you move around your storage boxes as needed. One idea is just to install open wall shelves with wooden strips. Then, you can place items inside large plastic containers to move around.

    Install Pegboards and Hooks

    Always use up your wall space to maximise space. Storage spaces that use up the floor will always make your garage feel full and messy. Keep rakes and other tools in place with a pegboard. You can go large depending on your needs.

    Tie and Keep Wires in One Place

    If you have a ton of wires lying around in your garage, this can add to a cluttered look in your garage. Tie your wires with zip ties or with a paper clip. Keep everything together in one drawer, so you only have to search for a specific wire at a certain place. If something falls behind a drawer, don’t stress. Check out this DIY 60-second fix video to see how easily you can remove the cabinet drawer.

    Lock Down Power Tools

    Power tools that are rarely used can be kept in your most inaccessible storage. Since these also tend to take the largest space in your garage, you can keep them hidden for long.

    Don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about your storage solutions and maximising your garage space. Use your creativity in keeping your garage organised and in maximising your space. Aside from following these tips above, think outside the box.

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