Top Garage Shelving Solutions in Australia: Maximizing Storage Space Effectively

If you're like most homeowners, then you probably use your garage for parking your car and storing some of your belongings. But what do you do when the space isn't big enough to fit everything? One option is to install some garage shelving solutions that will help you make better use of the space. 

There are many different types and styles of shelving available, so you can find something that will fit both your needs and your budget. Installing shelving is a great way to get organized, and it can also make it much easier to park your car in the garage. So if you're looking for a way to improve your garage storage situation, consider installing some shelves!

To help you get started garage shelving solution hunting, we’ve rounded up our favourite Garage Shelving Solutions from right across Australia.

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    StorageSmart® is an Australian company specializing in garage shelving and storage solutions. As the exclusive supplier of Fleximounts® in Australia, they offer a range of products that have gained significant popularity in the United States, being top sellers on Amazon and widely sold in major home improvement stores like Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowes. StorageSmart® prides itself on adapting these products specifically for the Australian market, ensuring that installation guides, fixtures, and templates are perfectly suited to local needs. With over 50,000 positive reviews in the USA, StorageSmart® is committed to transforming garages into functional spaces that cater to various lifestyles, whether for DIY enthusiasts, cycling aficionados, or families seeking efficient storage solutions.

    The services offered by StorageSmart® include a variety of Fleximounts® garage shelving products, such as:

    • Fleximounts® Wall Mounted Shelving – Extra Deep
    • Fleximounts® Wall Mounted Shelving – Standard
    • Fleximounts® Utility & Bike Shelf Hooks
    • Fleximounts® Wall Mounted Bike Rack

    Phone: 1300 794 434




    GarageSmart® is a leading Australian company specializing in tailored home and garage storage solutions and installations, primarily serving Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. Established in 2003, GarageSmart® has been a pioneer in the garage storage solutions sector in Australia, setting a high benchmark for garage organization and fit-outs. They offer a full-service approach, including in-home consultation, 3D modeling, organization advice, and installation of premium GarageSmart® products. Their experienced team is dedicated to transforming cluttered garages into fully functional extensions of homes, providing personalized customer service and organizational expertise. GarageSmart® stands out for its commitment to turning garages into efficient, well-organized spaces that enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of homes.

    The services offered by GarageSmart® include:

    • Tailored storage solutions using SmartWall systems, hooks, baskets, shelves, and modern cabinets.
    • A comprehensive 3-step process for garage transformation, including consultation, design, and installation.
    • Professional assistance throughout the garage remodelling project, from design to the final quality control check.
    • Innovative 3D design software to visualize the garage solutions before installation.

    Phone: 1800 517 294

    Skyteck - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 822 828

    Every shed owner is aware of the importance of having adequate garage shelving, whether it be in the form of shelving units or properly designed and installed shelving racks, to reduce mess and clutter, increase productivity, maintain organization, and make it simple to locate any item in your shed at any time. Suppose the following: You are working on a project in your shed for your home or business, but you are having trouble finding the supplies you need to finish it. To make matters worse, your workspace is cluttered with trash and other materials.

    Imagine your shed now—clean and organized, with all of your supplies safely and securely kept and everything you need organized on solid, easy-to-reach shelving shelves. You may complete your work fast and effectively, and locate whatever you require at any time! Have a small or challenging-to-reach area? If you can't find what you're looking for, just give us a call or send us an email at SkyTeck, and we'll be able to provide you with the customized storage and shelving solution you need. Our shelving units can be customized to fit any space in your garage or shed that you need to utilize for storage. Scroll below to see our product range.

    Direct Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    direct storage systems

    (03) 5277 0827

    This type of shelving can be equipped with a wide range of hardware accessories, such as wire fronts, wire dividers, wire baskets and dividers, scanning hooks, straight hooks, square tube hooks, gooseneck hooks, data strips, and 300mm extensions, giving our customers the flexibility to use the shelving however best suits their specific needs and streamlining their storage solutions.

    Our reasonably priced workbenches are the ideal choice because they give you the most versatility. They are incredibly strong and quick to put together. We provide customers with a Longspan solution for heavy-duty commercial applications, home garages, order picking and packing, and more. Pallet Racking is what we advise using. This would be the choice, for instance, if you desired a bench-mounted grinder, vice, saws, or pipe benders.

    All benches come with a choice of food-grade benchtops made of Particleboard, Melamine, Steel, or Stainless Steel. The uprights may be attached to the floor for added security, and the shelf levels are simply adjustable, allowing additional versatility. With lengths ranging from 1200mm to 2800mm and depths between 460mm and 1219mm, our workbenches are completely customizable. Fixed or moveable benches are available in common heights or can be customized to each client's needs.

    TuDay Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    tuday storage solutions

    (02) 6653 3356

    We provide a comprehensive selection of space-saving storage goods to our commercial and industrial clients in the greater Coffs Harbour area from our Toormina warehouse. The goods we acquire are adaptable and reasonably priced. In offices, warehouses, and coolrooms of all sizes and throughout all sectors, you can find our racks and shelves. Wherever feasible, we are happy to promote locally owned Australian businesses and their products.

    Our goal is to offer the top storage options to suit the various requirements of both people and companies. Our pallet racks and display shelves efficiently utilize vertical space, freeing up important floor space while ensuring that supplies are stored safely.

    RockSolid Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rocksolid shelving

    +61 425 780 571

    RockSolid Shelving distributes our quick shelf and workbench systems throughout Australia. Garage and warehouse shelving is designed to be easily adjustable and quickly assembled with no bolts or screws. RockSolid shelving allows you to organize and maximize space in your garage or warehouse by providing a high-quality storage solution. We now have shelf stockists in Melbourne, Swan Hill, Wangaratta, Bairnsdale, Mildura, Gippsland, Mansfield, and Horsham, in addition to Melbourne, Swan Hill, Wangaratta, Bairnsdale, Mildura, Gippsland, Mansfield, and Horsham.

    Garage Shelving Solutions Australia

    garage shelving solutions

    0428 714 947

    Our products, which are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights, are suitable for all customers and businesses, large and small. We currently have stock locations and deliver throughout NSW and QLD. We provide reasonably priced, high-quality goods.

    Our extensive selection, ideal for any garage, workshop, or warehouse, comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and weight ratings. We have a wide selection from different suppliers, choosing only the best products at the greatest rates and putting them all in one place. All of our new products are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty policy.

    CNA Storage Solution - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    cna storage solution

    0480 251 050

    Garage Shelving

    Find a wonderful collection. CNA Storage has high-quality garage shelving for your Australian home. Get storage and organization ideas to make the most of every square inch in your home and keep things off the floor with our racking unit. Our high-quality racking is available in all sizes and is perfect for garage or any other domestic use.

    Secondhand Pallet Racking

    Pallet racking is plentiful, with models from Dexion, Colby, and Schaefer available. We have new and used pallet racking for sale in Melbourne from all of the leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

    Rapid Stac Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rapid stac shelving

    0452 241 376

    Many hospitals, coolroom providers, canteens, and food franchise businesses in Perth and throughout Australia choose our coolroom shelving items first. We offer some of the greatest shelving Perth has to offer since it is corrosive-free, food-safe, and custom-made. We provide a variety of storage systems made entirely of plastic that are non-toxic and very impact-resistant.

    Among our offerings are plastic pallets, dunnage, coolroom, modular, long span, garage, benches for changing rooms, healthcare and leisure accessories, and plastic items. Our coolroom shelves are lighter and simpler to handle than typical wood or metal shelves since they are totally comprised of high-impact, non-toxic plastic. The product is easy to clean and won't corrode, which will stop bacteria from spreading.

    It is delivered as a flat-pack kit that can be put together by hand. All include the additional mobility option of castors (option of 100% plastic castors). It is adaptable in both kitchens and coolrooms with a weight-bearing capacity of 400 Kg/M2 and temperature resistance of -40 deg C to +80 deg C. In kitchens, food processing facilities, dry stores, and other locations where the hygienic storage of food is necessary, our cold room shelving devices are commonly utilized. Contact us right away if you need a shelf unit, storage rack, or any other units in Perth to help with storage space.

    Storage Sam - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    storage sam

    0405 713 999

    Australians are the owners and managers of Sydney-based company Storage Sam. Since our founding in 2007, we have specialized in providing premium storage solutions at competitive prices. Our products, which are made specifically for the Australian market, offer storage options for both domestic and commercial settings. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that are dependable, flexible, and affordably priced.

    Our dedication to providing excellent customer service supports the high caliber of our products. Our business model and our commitment to customer satisfaction are both very essential to us. Our company's goal is to continue providing our premium items and top-notch customer service in order to become the leading retailer in the shelving sector. Storage Sam is pleased to be a wholly Australian-owned business.

    Garage Storage World - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garage storage world

    08 9248 4849

    One of Australia's first businesses solely dedicated to providing garage organization and storage solutions is Garage Storage World (GSW), which is based in Perth. GSW was established in 2007 with the straightforward mission of offering Australians the top items from renowned companies throughout the globe.

    Since 2007, GSW has assisted thousands of people in clearing garage clutter and becoming organized, while also improving garages and adding value to their property. Working directly with GSW's owners and employees ensures that you will receive the highest level of individualized attention, service, and workmanship.

    StoreWALL - Garage Shelving Solution Australia



    Our superior tenacity Concrete, plasterboard, masonry, metal, and wooden studs are just a few of the substrates that waterproof slatwall panels and concrete can be mounted on. To go with your StoreWALL Slatwall panels, choose from our extensive selection of industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets.

    All StoreWALL accessories come standard with our unique all-metal CamLokTM. This amazing mechanism helps keep accessories locked in place until you want to move them. We offer a large variety of finishes to match the style of your room. Each room can have a distinct aesthetic. With the items you treasure, put your trust in StoreWALL, the best value in garage storage solutions. Start right away by using our StoreWALL Wall Panel Estimator. Based on the size of your wall, we will calculate the number of panels you need and an approximate investment. Restart here.

    Steelspan Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 851 378

    A family-run Australian company, Steelpan Storage Systems. We service clients across Australia and beyond. For the residential and commercial markets, Steelpan offers a variety of customized storage options. Currently available items include a modular system of steel cabinets, workbenches, tool hanging, lockable tool drawers, and shelving. To browse our current selection of storage solutions, visit our product pages. Steelpan is devoted to helping its clients find answers and is sufficiently small to adapt quickly to changing needs. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a specific storage need to see if we can help.

    Oz Shelving Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    oz shelving solutions

    1800 697 436

    Add outstanding shopfitting displays and creative storage options to your store. Oz Shelving Solutions offers a wide variety of practical and custom solutions to match your demands as Australia's top experts for high-quality retail display shelving and store fittings. With dependable and long-lasting display shelving and shopfitting materials, you may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store design while still meeting your shop floor and visual merchandising needs.

    At Oz Shelving Solutions, we have the most reasonably priced high-quality retail display shelving and shopfitting options in Australia. Our helpful staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and will provide you personalized advise. Our customers have the option of purchasing directly from the importer, which results in a more efficient and quick process. We supply shelving for stores and other equipment to different industries. When starting a business, you want to be sure that the shop shelving you purchase will be sturdy and trustworthy and keep your goods safely housed. To improve the look of your shop, we can assist with the measurements, supply, and installation of new shelving as well as showcases, countertops, display units, or glass shelving.

    Shelving and Racking - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shelving and racking

    (08) 8349 6623

    What we do

    A South Australian-owned and -operated company, Shelving & Racking Australia, specializes in offering commercial and industrial storage systems. Our warehouse is ideally positioned in Wingfield, South Australia, to serve the Adelaide market as well as the larger South Australian market.

    The full life cycle of your storage system can be covered by our service offering, which includes designing and laying out storage systems, supplying and installing storage equipment, performing inspections, maintenance, and repairs, adding and moving things around, and dismantling or trading in surplus and end-of-life parts.

    GarageKing - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garageking storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1300 208 503

    World Class Garage Storage Systems in Melbourne & Beyond

    For decades, GarageKing has built a solid reputation for creating top-notch garage shelving options. Our designs are sure to maximize the space in your garage or shed. We are based in Melbourne and can deliver to the majority of major Australian cities. We also have everything you need to make sure your garage is space-efficient, including wall bays, workbenches, golf bag holders, and tool racks, which can be combined with our modular kits.

    Each of our items is made from premium components, such as stainless steel. This increases the likelihood that they will last for many years, giving you access to a practical, very effective work or pleasure area. Discover why we have a reputation for making the best garage shelving systems in Australia by perusing the fantastic selection in our online store.

    Highly Modular Garage Shelving, Cabinets & More

    We produce goods that are every DIY enthusiast and lifestyle enthusiast's dream, from cutting-edge cabinets to fishing rod holders, wine racks, and workbenches. We take this action because we are committed to giving you and your garage or shed nothing less than the best. The GarageKing design team has been creating exceptional components for years, and they operate under the design principle of sophisticated finishes made from the best materials to guarantee they are as effective as possible.

    Super Rack - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    super rack garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1300 884 483

    Garage Shelving Best Seller | Brisbane | Melbourne | Australia

    Are you searching for warehouse storage systems or garage storage solutions? You are in the proper location! With a variety of sizes and weight ratings, we have the largest selection of garage shelving. They are the most widely used storage options for garage sheds and warehouses.

    Our website now features a fully featured online store that allows you to order long span shelves, get freight prices, and finish the entire ordering process in one location! Most importantly, for your convenience, PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip are now also offered. Super Rack always has something available to meet your demands. Please take your time looking through the items on our shelves.

    Australian company Super Rack specializes in storage options. We are specialists in long-span shelving, cantilever racking, and pallet racking. With more than 10 years of experience in the racking and storage sector, we strive to supply top-notch goods backed by our illustrious history of exceptional customer care. We currently operate warehouses and customer support centers in Melbourne and Brisbane.

    Stormor - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 880 845

    Stormor is a leading supplier of shelving, racking and storage

    Purchase directly from our website, or get in touch with our knowledgeable staff, who can provide comprehensive turnkey storage solutions for any application that are both affordable and timely.

    Garage Shelving

    To make the most of your garage storage space, Stormor provides everything you need. Stormor provides the garage storage solution you need, whether it's heavy-duty racking, tool storage, or a new workstation. We have a wide variety of shelving kits that come in multiple sizes and are easy to assemble so you can get the exact configuration required to fit your space.

    Toprax - Garage Shelving Solution Australia




    Disorganization in your workplace, warehouse, or business can significantly lower employee productivity and hinder your capacity to meet corporate objectives. The same holds true for your home and your life. Clutter in your home or garage is unhealthy, and it reduces productivity. We have a wide selection of shelving and storage racks at Toprax. We offer the organizational solution that is best for you, whether it is for your home, garage, warehouse, or business space.


    We'll assist you in choosing the ideal storage option for your needs as the industry experts in industrial shelving. Our shelf specialists are aware of safety requirements and follow all Australian regulations. There is a standard for pallet racking in Australia, therefore before purchasing pallet racking, make sure it complies with the requirements of the standard and is fitted properly. All of our industrial shelving is guaranteed to meet these Australian regulations, so not only are you giving your employees a safe place to work but also protecting your company.

    United Storage Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    united storage

    1300 993 416

    Who We Are

    Since 2010, United Storage has experienced organic growth, making it one of the independent storage industry's success stories. Its expansion is credited to offering high-quality products and, more importantly, superb customer service. One of the best return policies is that of United Storage. United Storage is able to provide the cheapest costs because they have solid ties with manufacturers. Some of the highest quality products at the best prices can be found at United Storage.

    Products and Marketing

    The Company's original success was built on its capacity to obtain a variety of high-quality, reasonably priced products using its connections and experience. United Storage soon built a reputation for choosing and providing goods with high dependability and performance at costs that appealed to the very discerning clientele it services.

    Our continued expansion will be based on deepening our connections with reputable suppliers and clients, expanding our line of cutting-edge products, utilizing tried-and-true technologies while also benefiting from the most recent technological advancements, and expanding our portfolio. We established dependable connections with goods makers throughout time. We have better access to support programs, product knowledge, and allocated products for our customers because of our excellent channel partnerships.

    Able Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    able storage systems

    (03) 9305 3677

    State Of The Art Pallet Racking And Warehouse Storage Solutions

    Are you trying to find a safe and secure storage option for keeping big and heavy products or materials in your industrial plants? One of the most well-known suppliers of industrial storage systems in Melbourne, Australia, is Able Storage Systems.

    We offer practical warehouse storage solutions to anyone, from little shops to huge distribution centers. We have a special selection of pallet racking solutions that can store bulkier building supplies while taking up less space. For Melbourne's top supplier of industrial storage solutions, get in touch with our experts. Your facility's storage system will unavoidably serve as the foundation of your business. Without a reliable, adaptable storage solution, managing inventory and storage is a logistical headache waiting to happen.

    City Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    city shelving

    +61 8 8345 1267

    Top Shelf Products & Services

    Because of our experience, we can identify the source of your storage problems, improve efficiency, and make the most use of the space you have to store things. In Adelaide, where clients were considering relocating to larger facilities, we erected numerous raised storage rooms. The amount of storage space in their current facility has increased thanks to our raised storage spaces.

    We can do a full warehouse fit-out with high-quality materials and brands you can trust. This could contain items for materials handling and safety, as well as pallet racking, commercial shelves, workbenches, cabinets, and lockers. View some of our completed projects and testimonials from happy clients by visiting our website.

    The storage and shelving dynamo is one of our Mini Span long leading span items. For use in industrial, commercial, retail, and garage applications, it comes in a wide variety of sizes. The ideal storage option for everything from smaller items to larger containers is Mini Span. This device is made entirely of steel and offers strength and durability in addition to being quick and simple to put together. Because Mini Span is so well-liked, inquiries for industrial shelving in Melbourne and other states are directed to this product.

    ABRSS - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    (03) 9762 9556

    Racking Melbourne

    In addition to providing storage systems for homes and businesses, they also prioritize product quality, client satisfaction, and cost. We provide the cantilever and drive-in racking, long span shelving, new and used pallet racking, and shelving and storage options that homeowners need for their garage or home workshop in addition to the shelving and storage options that business owners need for their warehouses.

    Pallet Racking Melbourne

    The ABRSS team draws on decades of industry knowledge to supply, design, and install the pallet racking that businesses need for adaptable storage solutions, and they are always happy to discuss your unique requirements for a better solution.

    You have every right to demand a high-quality solution at an affordable price, and we deliver just that. With all of our products and installations satisfying the standards of AS 4084-2012 steel storage racking, we are safety standard compliant. We also do safety audits to make sure your current warehouse racking solutions are in compliance with safety standards.

    Gerry Brown’s - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    gerry brown’s

    07 4633 2424


    Gerry Brown's, a licensed shelving specialist in Toowoomba in the Darling Downs, specializes in pallet shelving, shelving, and storage solutions. Gerry Brown's is still your go-to local shop for all of your DIY tyre repair and fitting accessories even if it no longer sells used tires. We take pleasure in our specialized service as a family-owned company, and if we don't have it, we'll try our hardest to find it for you.

    This website gives you the opportunity to look through our selection and determine what you might need in advance of receiving a customized quote tailored to your specific requirements. We offer shelving, office, and storage solutions for every need, from the home to the warehouse. If you don't find what you need here, call us or stop by our store because it is expanding daily. There is lots of convenient off-street parking available at our warehouse and showroom, which are located at Shop 5, 13 Carrington Road, Toowoomba. Reach out to us right away!

    Multiple Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    multiple storage solutions garage cabinet melbourne

    03 8390 4484


    Efficiency and organization are actually equivalent. To organize our workspaces, we frequently don't need a lot of room; instead, we only need to know how to make the most of the space we do have. Shelves can be useful in that situation. To make the most of available space and arrange essential goods and resources for quick access, use shelving. Multiple Storage Solutions specializes in developing and installing shelving units that meet your specific space and requirements and offers a wide range of shelf sizes and types.


    We have spent more than 30 years ensuring that every time a consumer deals with us, they leave satisfied, and we intend to keep doing so. When you call Multiple Storage Solutions, you will speak to the same personnel who will come out to install, check, disassemble, and remove your racking, shelves, or mezzanine floor. From purchasing to expert installation to audits, repairs, and selling, we are at your side every step of the way.

    In addition to offering you a great price on your new racking, shelving, or mezzanine floor, we will also install it for you in accordance with strict Australian safety regulations. In order to keep your shelving and racking in compliance with those standards, including WorkSafe recommendations for pallet racking operation and maintenance, we can then execute routine safety audits and repairs.

    Rackmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    08 9478 5756

    Why Rackmart

    The authority on office and storage equipment is Rackmart. With our straightforward online store, you can outfit a whole office in a matter of clicks. Whether you're looking for new heavy-duty workbenches, brand-new heavy-duty storage racking, or anything in between, Rackmart has the best selection and lowest costs.

    With both in-store and online purchase choices, Rackmart will simplify your life. Do not have the time to visit us? Not to worry! All flat-packed furniture is available for delivery, and we will even deliver those larger pieces directly to your designated street address*.

    About Us

    Our entire line of racking and shelving complies with Australian Worksafe requirements (AS4084-2012). Rackmart Pty Ltd provides a service that is unmatched thanks to the support of an engineering department and a variety of high-quality items. You can either pick it up from the Bayswater warehouse or use Rackmart's nationwide delivery service. Purchasing from our online store or in-store is simple. Rackmart provides the knowledge and goods to meet all of your requirements, whether you're looking for a filing cabinet for your home office or a whole warehouse fit-out.

    Shed and Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shed and shelving

    (08) 9418 8302

    Long Span Shelving

    Our boltless long span shelving systems have made garage storage quite simple. We offer 1500mm and 2000mm lengths and 500mm and 600mm depths for our 2000mm high custom long span shelving systems.

    For storage in your garage, shed, or warehouse, long span metal shelving systems are made of strong, long-lasting steel components that can support even the heaviest of boxes. They won't droop or warp when exposed to moisture, unlike MDF or chipboard equivalents, which frequently do.

    Car Supplies

    If you have a car, it probably spends a lot of time in your garage or parked nearby. So it’s logical to store items you use for your car, including wiper fluid and tire inflators, in your garage. A garage is also a good place for items you often transport in or on your cars, such as a roof rack or camping gear. If you have the space, hang bulky items like roof racks on the wall or ceiling of your garage. This will help keep the garage floor space clear for parking your car. As for the smaller items, consider a plastic storage rack with bins or a storage cabinet meant for the garage. This will keep the space organised and make finding items when you need them a breeze.

    Yard and Gardening Tools

    The garage is ideal for tools and appliances you only use outdoors. Think shovels, hoses, outdoor extension cords, lawnmowers, gardening tools, flower pots, and more. Bags of potting soil, buckets of ice melt, and other outdoor supplies that come in bulky packaging are also good candidates for garage storage. Consider putting up a pegboard or a similar product to hang tools where you can easily see them and grab what you need.

    Outdoor Toys

    Any product made for outdoor entertainment can withstand the elements, so it’s usually OK to keep it in the garage when it’s not in use. This includes children’s toys, pool accessories, bicycles, and patio furniture. Consider hanging items like lawn chairs from hooks on the wall to get them out of the way. And you can keep toys in wire or clear plastic storage bins, so you can easily see what’s inside.

    Infrequently Used Items

    If you need to store any items you rarely use, the garage—like the basement or attic—is often a great place to hide them away. The garage also can be a good temporary storage spot for items you ultimately plan to get rid of, as well as items that just don’t have another home at the moment. Remember that sturdy, weatherproof objects will do better in the garage. More delicate items, such as documents and electronics, will hold up better in a basement or an attic.

    Bring it Inside If Temperatures Get Extreme.

    Because garages aren’t insulated, you should only store a refrigerator in one if you live in an area with moderate temperatures. Cold weather may cause your fridge not to work at all, meaning your freezer section can thaw out. If you’re experiencing a heatwave, it can cause your refrigerator to work extra hard to keep food cold. If temperatures in your area dip to freezing levels or soar to temperatures above 100 degrees Farenheight, you should move your refrigerator inside for the time being.

    Newer Isn’t Always Better.

    Newer refrigerators are designed to run as efficiently as possible, making them more susceptible to environmental changes. If you’re going to put a refrigerator in your garage, go with an older model and move the new one into your kitchen in its place.

    Give it Room to Breathe.

    Naturally, your garage is much dirtier than a kitchen. Over time, sawdust and other nameless debris can get stuck in a unit’s coils. Keep clean air flowing throughout your refrigerator by cleaning your garage first and setting the fridge up in an area that’s free of bikes, tools, and sports equipment.

    Store Extra Ice in the Freezer.

    Not only is it good to keep extra ice around in case of an impromptu party, but having extra ice in your freezer will keep it from having to work so hard during the summer months.

    Build Garage Cabinets

    If your garage still does not have any form of cabinetry and you’re storing items in boxes on the floor, then it’s high time you build garage cabinets. These are a must for every garage. Having a formal storage cabinet will help in keeping your garage organised.

    Install Wall Organizers

    Your walls are great for space-saving. Don’t just think cabinets; you can also hang items on your walls using hooks. This removes clutter on the floor while keeping everything visible.

    Add Overhead or Ceiling Storage

    When you no longer have wall space, use your ceiling. Use ceiling-mounted racks for additional overhead storage. This is the perfect way of storing seasonal items and keeping the eye-level areas in your garage clean and clutter-free. Just make sure that you’re using sturdy racks or have a safety net placed under in case you’re in an earthquake-prone area.

    Create a Folding Workbench

    If you or your family uses the garage for crafting or as a workshop, making a folding workbench can save space. Opt for those that are wall-mounted and can be folded after every use. It will look like you didn’t even use that after. This collapsible workstation is easy to build and install.

    Get Magnetic Boards for the Small Parts

    If you’re the type who frequently loses nuts and bolts, then a magnetic board will save you. Just have small steel and metal parts magnetise to the board, especially when working on something. You can also use this to keep little things organised and prevent them from getting lost in the garage.

    Go Mobile With Work Areas

    Another idea to save on space is building a work area with wheels. Just going mobile while working on your crafts or DIY projects will make things easier. You don’t have to be stuck in a corner. You can also double this mobile working table as storage for keeping your most-used tools.

    Upgrade to Adjustable Shelving

    If you have seasonal items in your garage, like decorations and clothes, then adjusting shelving lets you move around your storage boxes as needed. One idea is just to install open wall shelves with wooden strips. Then, you can place items inside large plastic containers to move around.

    Install Pegboards and Hooks

    Always use up your wall space to maximise space. Storage spaces that use up the floor will always make your garage feel full and messy. Keep rakes and other tools in place with a pegboard. You can go large depending on your needs.

    Tie and Keep Wires in One Place

    If you have a ton of wires lying around in your garage, this can add to a cluttered look in your garage. Tie your wires with zip ties or with a paper clip. Keep everything together in one drawer, so you only have to search for a specific wire at a certain place. If something falls behind a drawer, don’t stress. Check out this DIY 60-second fix video to see how easily you can remove the cabinet drawer.

    Lock Down Power Tools

    Power tools that are rarely used can be kept in your most inaccessible storage. Since these also tend to take the largest space in your garage, you can keep them hidden for long.

    Don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about your storage solutions and maximising your garage space. Use your creativity in keeping your garage organised and in maximising your space. Aside from following these tips above, think outside the box. 

    Declutter the Space  

    Before you begin your DIY garage storage mission, start by eliminating any unnecessary items you don’t use or need. For example, donate the gear if the kids aren’t playing hockey anymore. Likewise, if you haven’t fixed up an old lawnmower in the last year, it’s time to give it to someone else or take it to your local recycling centre.

    If you have many things to get rid of and your garbage service won’t take it, consider using a private removal service. For example, you can buy a giant canvas bag at a home improvement store, fill it with garbage and set up a time for a haulier to come and remove it. Fees apply, of course, but companies like this offer a simple way to rid your garage of junk.

    Install a Pegboard

    A pegboard may be the most versatile of garage storage ideas. With a pegboard installed on a wall, you can hang just about every hand tool or gadget you have; seeing them out in the open makes them easier to find. Get a series of wire brackets to hang basic tools, and buy several hanging baskets that fit pegboards. They’re great for storing things like nails or bottles of glue.

    Add a Folding Table

    When you have two vehicles in the garage, there sometimes isn’t enough room to do much else. Where do you work? Consider creating a drop-down folding table. Connect the table to the wall with hinges so you can fold the legs under and fold it up against the garage wall when you aren’t using it.

    Hang Cans of Spray Paint

     If you have a lot of spray paint, buy a hanging shoe organiser at a department store and use it to hold spray paint in your garage.

    Utilise the Space Above Your Garage Doors

    There’s a lot of space above garage doors that you can use. Consider installing wire shelves attached to the ceiling as part of your DIY garage storage plan. Or you can try making some DIY garage shelves. Either way, make sure the shelves are secure before you try storing anything on them.

    Measure the available space before buying the shelf to make sure it will fit, and then buy durable tote bags that will fit on the shelves. It’s a great place to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that you only need to access once a year.

    Hang a Utility Rack

    Rakes, shovels, hoes and brooms all take up space. Rather than lean them against the wall and trip over them, get a utility rack from a department store and hang up any tool with a long handle.

    If space is an issue, you can buy individual hooks and hang them in tight spaces, such as between the garage doors, next to the tool bench or near the entrance to the house.


    When storing your car, it’s important to keep the exterior of your car clean from anything that could melt inside the garage or drip onto the floor. Check all fluids to make sure levels are full and no leaks that could potentially damage your garage floor. Clean up floors of dust and debris and consider applying a high-quality epoxy floor coating for additional protection.

    Clothing and Fabrics

    Clothing, linens, blankets, and sleeping bags are best stored inside your house, but if the garage is the only option, there are ways to store them to prevent damage. Keep fabric items in vacuum-sealed bags or covered plastic storage bins to keep them airtight. It’s best to store these items up and off the floor on wire shelving, cabinets, and overhead storage systems. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage to attract pests and protect your fabrics from moisture and odours.

    Lawn and Garden Equipment

    Lawn and garden equipment is best stored off the ground and secured. After a few hours of yard work, it’s tempting to toss tools and equipment in the nearest corner. But these items should be safely secured off the floor and out of the way. Tools like rakes and shovels should be hung up on a wall with hooks or special racks. Power equipment like weed whackers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers should have any cords neatly coiled and stored up off the floor on shelves, hanging racks, or tool closets.

    Organisation Is Key

    To safeguard stored items from the extreme summer temperature, you need to clean up, declutter and store as many things off the floor of your garage as possible. By using a variety of storage options, you are not only protecting your items, but your garage surfaces, too. Applying a protective epoxy coating to your garage floor adds an extra layer of protection – and it looks great, too!

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