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Expert Picks: Top-Rated Concrete Pumping Services in Melbourne

Concrete pumping is a great way to get your concrete where you need it without hassles or mess. However, Finding a concrete pumping provider in Melbourne can be tricky. There are so many companies out there, all promising the best service. But how do you know who to trust? And more importantly, which company will provide you with the best service and value for money?

If so, you're in luck! There are many great providers of concrete pumping services in Melbourne, and this post will help you choose the right one for your needs. We'll outline what to look for when choosing a concrete pump provider,

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    Concrete Pump Brokers

    concrete pump brokers

    Concrete Pump Brokers with 30 years of experience in engineering and industrial sectors, specialise in providing concrete line and boom pump truck hire in Victoria, Melbourne. They are experts in supplying safe and reliable concrete pumping services for various building works, including new build properties, slabs, foundations, basements, driveways, extensions, and more. Their services cater to both commercial and residential concrete pumping needs, offering fast, safe, and affordable solutions.

    Services offered by Concrete Pump Brokers include:

    • Concrete Boom Pump Hire: Providing boom pumps with hydraulic arms to pour concrete from above, suitable for reaching heights and navigating obstacles.
    • Concrete Line Pump Hire: Offering ground line pumps with pipes laid along the ground, ideal for hard-to-reach locations and accurate, metered delivery.
    • Commercial & Residential Concrete Pumping: Catering to a wide range of building work, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Phone: 0455 666 613
    Email: [email protected]

    Geelong Concrete Pumping Melbourne

    geelong concrete pumping melbourne

    Geelong Concrete Pumping is a highly reputable concrete pumping service in Victoria known for its expertise and reliability. They cater to a wide range of areas, including Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and beyond. With over 65 years of collective experience, their team is equipped with the right equipment and skills to complete concrete pump hire jobs efficiently and within budget.

    Services Offered by Geelong Concrete Pumping:

    • Concrete Pump Hire: Providing a range of concrete pumps for hire, including line pumps, boom pumps, and shotcrete pumps.
    • Dry Hire and Wet Hire: Offering concrete pumps on both dry hire and wet hire, with skilled operators known for their expertise in handling challenging projects.
    • Wide Service Area: Available for hire across Victoria, including Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, and statewide for longer-term projects.
    • Specialized Services: Catering to various project needs, from smaller residential and domestic tasks to larger civil, commercial, and multi-level building construction jobs.

    Phone: (04)17317426


    mitchcon concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Mitchcon, located in Braeside, Victoria, Australia, is a company specialising in concrete services. They offer a range of services focused on concrete pumping, highrise construction, and concrete spraying. Known for their expertise in these areas, Mitchcon caters to a variety of construction needs, ensuring quality and efficiency in their work.

    Services offered by Mitchcon include:

    • Concrete Pumping: Specialising in pumping services for various construction projects.
    • Highrise Construction: Providing specialised services for highrise building projects.
    • Concrete Spraying: Expertise in concrete spraying for diverse construction requirements.

    Phone: (03)93165222
    Email: [email protected]

    Cheap Pumping

    cheap pumping concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Cheap Pumping, operating in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and Geelong areas, is a concrete pumping service provider known for its expertise and affordability. They offer a wide range of services for both large and small concreting jobs.

    With years of experience in the concrete pumping industry, Cheap Pumping is recognised for its reliability, timely delivery, and adherence to budget constraints. They utilise the latest systems and technology to ensure cost and time efficiency in construction projects, emphasising professionalism and efficiency.

    Services offered by Cheap Pumping include:

    • Foundations: Specializing in laying concrete foundations for various structures.
    • Re-blocking: Providing re-blocking services for structural stability.
    • Cavity Walls: Expertise in constructing and filling cavity walls.
    • Driveways: Construction of concrete driveways.
    • Block Fill: Services for filling concrete blocks in construction.
    • Blinding: Offering blinding services for concrete projects.
    • Paving: Specializing in concrete paving for different areas.
    • Slabs: Expertise in laying concrete slabs for various applications.

    Phone: (04)59580950
    Email: [email protected]

    P.J.'s Concrete Pumps

    pj's concrete pumping melbourne

    PJ's Concrete Pumps, based in Shepparton, Wangaratta, and Alexandra, specialises in concrete pumping services for both domestic and commercial construction projects. With a fleet of seven boom pumps, they are equipped to handle a variety of projects, including slabs, footings, block fill, and bridge decks. 

    The company is committed to maintaining a safe work environment and adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring that all personnel wear the necessary safety gear like hard hats, Hi-vis shirts, boots, and long pants when required.

    Services offered by PJ's Concrete Pumps:

    • Concrete Pumping: Specializing in concrete pumping for a range of construction projects.
    • Boom Pump Services: Offering seven boom pumps to cater to different project requirements.

    Phone: (03)58211267
    Email: [email protected]

    Crocker Concrete Pumping

    crocker concrete pumping melbourne


    Crocker Concrete Pumping, led by Lance, with over 25 years of experience, is a family-run business specialising in concrete pumping services. Based in Victoria, the company has been growing steadily since its inception, focusing on delivering reliable and efficient concrete pumping solutions. 

    They cater to a wide range of areas, including Inner Melbourne, Gippsland, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, and beyond. Crocker Concrete Pumping prides itself on punctuality, hassle-free service, and exceptional customer service.

    Services offered by Crocker Concrete Pumping include:

    • Line Pumps: Equipped with high-pressure line pumps rated at 52 cubic meters per hour and carrying over 80 meters of line.
    • 32 Meter Z Fold Boom Pump: A new addition to their fleet, capable of pumping at 115 cubic meters per hour.
    • Experienced Crew: A team of qualified, skilled operators and hosemen who are fully insured and adhere to OH&S protocols.

    Phone: (04)19794085

    Somerton Road Garden Supplies

    somerton road garden supplies concreting pumping providers melbourne

    Somerton Garden & Concrete, located in Somerton, VIC 3062, has been serving Melbourne’s North-West since 1987, providing a range of garden supplies and concrete services for residential, commercial, and civil projects. 

    They offer a wide selection of products, including sand, aggregate, stone, pebbles, dust, mulch, and more, with a focus on quality and competitive pricing. The company is known for its hands-on service and great advice, adapting to industry trends while maintaining consistent ownership.

    Services and Products offered by Somerton Garden & Concrete:

    • Garden Supplies: Offering a variety of products like sand, soil, compost, stones, and mulches in different quantities including bulk and bagged options.
    • Concrete Services: Providing mini-mix concrete with great deals when booking along with the pump.
    • Delivery and Pick-up: Regular delivery services within a 30km radius of their yard and the option for customers to pick up directly from their yard.
    • Wide Range of Products: Including aggregates, screenings, building materials, cement, concrete hardware, decorative pebbles, stones, rocks, lawn care products, pathway and driveway toppings, retaining walls, and soils.

    Phone: (04)93053557

    Get Pumped Concrete Pumping

    get pumped concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Get Pumped Concrete Pumping, based in Melbourne, VIC, specialises in both residential and commercial concrete pumping services. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including concrete footpath and driveway construction, concrete footings, piers, block fillings, and slabs. 

    With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Get Pumped provides line pump and boom pump hire, ensuring that they can cater to projects of any size. The company is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality services, and they are equipped to handle projects in various locations, including Craigieburn, Sunbury, Melton, Lara, Werribee, Doreen, Carlton, and beyond.

    Services offered by Get Pumped Concrete Pumping:

    • Residential Concrete Pumping: Including construction of concrete footpaths, driveways, footings, piers, block fill, and slabs.
    • Commercial Concrete Pumping: Offering concrete line pump and boom pump hire, as well as services for concrete slabs.

    Phone: (04)12393512

    Concrete Pumping Parts Australia

    concrete pumping parts australia melbourne

    CPP Australia is a leading supplier in the concrete pumping industry, specialising in a wide range of products and services. They are known for supplying high-quality European hoses, including IVG Colbachini, Tubi Thor, Eaton Marauder, and Alfa Gomma Concrete Delivery Hose.

    Additionally, they offer standard concrete pump wear parts compatible with various brands like Putzmeister, JACON, CIFA, SERMAC, SCHWING, and more. Their commitment to quality and certification sets them apart in the market, ensuring they provide unparalleled service to their customers.

    Services and Products offered by CPP Australia:

    • Supply of Quality European Hoses: Standard and custom hose configurations for concrete delivery.
    • Heavy Duty Reducers: Specializing in custom reducers for concrete pumping.
    • Hose Inspection Report and Pressure Testing Services: Ensuring the safety and reliability of hoses.
    • Digital Thickness Meters and Calibration Services: For accurate measurement and maintenance of equipment.
    • Hose Tracking: Keeping track of hose usage and maintenance.
    • Hose Restraints and Australian Made Quality Hose Socks: Ensuring safety in concrete pumping operations.
    • Washout Bags, Biodegradable Concrete Remover, and Lanotec Release Agents: Providing additional products for concrete pumping needs.
    • Custom Parts & Fittings: Specializing in solutions for challenging requirements in various sectors, including mining and water resources.

    Phone: (03)95871364
    Email: [email protected]

    Concrete Pumping Providers

    concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Concrete Pumping Co specializes in providing concrete pumping services, ensuring reliability and efficiency for various types of concrete jobs. Their equipment, including both line and boom pumps, is regularly maintained to guarantee optimal performance at job sites. The company takes pride in its quality service, extending not only to their equipment but also to their well-trained staff. They are equipped to handle a wide range of concrete projects, such as driveways, slabs, cavity walls, columns, piers, underpinning, factory floors, car parks, freeway bridges, and road works.

    Services offered by Concrete Pumping Co:

    • Line and Boom Pump Services: Catering to a variety of concrete projects with a range of pump sizes.
    • Expert Staff: Trained professionals to ensure efficient and smooth concrete pours.
    • Wide Service Area: Serving locations including Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

    Phone: (03)85474766
    Email: [email protected]

    Melbourne Concrete Pumping

    melbourne concrete pumping

    Melbourne Concrete Pumping is a renowned construction company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, specialising in concrete pumping services. They offer a comprehensive range of concrete pumps to accommodate various construction requirements. 

    The company is recognised for its expertise in the field and its ability to provide suitable solutions for any concrete pumping job. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency, Melbourne Concrete Pumping has established itself as a key player in the construction industry in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

    Services offered by Melbourne Concrete Pumping include:

    • A wide variety of concrete pumps to suit different construction needs.
    • Expertise in operating line pumps and being part of a skilled two-man crew for efficient concrete pumping.
    • Services catered to both residential and commercial construction projects.

    Phone: (03)94011166
    Email: [email protected]

    True Blue Concreting

    true blue concreting pumping concrete providers melbourne

    True Blue Concreting, servicing Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula, and surrounding areas, specialises in domestic concreting and resurfacing solutions. They are known for their expertise in exposed aggregate and provide a range of concreting services. 

    True Blue Concreting prides itself on delivering high-quality services that leave a lasting impression. Their focus is on catering to the specific needs of their clients, offering bespoke and unique solutions for each project.

    Services offered by True Blue Concreting include:

    • Domestic Concreting: Including driveways, footpaths, crossovers, stairs, and more.
    • Saw Cutting & Acid Washing: Services for both new and existing projects, including exposed aggregate.
    • Service Areas: Providing services in Geelong, The Bellarine, Surf Coast, and surrounding areas.

    Phone: (04)93409782
    Email: [email protected]

    Victorian Concrete Pumping

    crocker concrete pumping melbourne

    Melbourne Concrete Pumping, also known as Victorian Concrete Pumping, has been delivering exceptional concrete pumping services to the Melbourne and Geelong areas for over a decade. Catering to domestic, commercial, and industrial construction sectors, they pride themselves on their ability to work with all trades, providing services for projects of all sizes. The company boasts a highly knowledgeable team trained to understand and provide solutions for specific project and site needs. Their operators continually enhance their skills, working in diverse and challenging locations across Melbourne and Victoria.

    Services offered by Melbourne Concrete Pumping include:

    • Quality Concrete Pumping: Ensuring skilled operators, quality machinery, and the right method for each job.
    • Customer Service: Skilled and certified team members who play a crucial role in the construction process.
    • Workplace Health and Safety: Adherence to best practice Work Health and Safety standards and regulations.
    • Quality Equipment and Machinery: A continuously updated fleet of boom pumps, line pumps, static pumps, and spray pumps maintained for optimal performance.

    Phone: (04)19342115
    Email: [email protected]

    Equipcon Concrete Pumping

    equipcon concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Equipcon, a construction equipment specialist, offers a comprehensive range of high-end concrete pumping and construction equipment. They cater to the complex needs of today's construction projects, providing a variety of machines and solutions. 

    Known for their professionalism and expertise, Equipcon has established itself as a go-to provider for concrete pumping equipment, including mobile and stationary concrete pumps, placing booms, and concrete mixers. Their partnership with ZOOMLION for concrete mixers highlights their commitment to offering top-quality products.

    Services and Products offered by Equipcon:

    • Mobile Concrete Pumps: A range of mobile concrete pumps for various construction needs.
    • Stationary Concrete Pumps: Offering stationary pumps for specific project requirements.
    • Placing Booms: Providing placing booms to facilitate concrete placement in construction projects.
    • Concrete Mixers: A range of ZOOMLION concrete mixers known for their quality and efficiency.

    Phone: (04)76500538

    Positive Pumping Concrete

    positive pumping concrete providers melbourne

    Positive Pumping, based in Melbourne and Victoria, is a leading concrete pumping company known for its exceptional services in the civil, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. They take pride in delivering the best concrete pumping services in Melbourne and Victoria, executed by a team of qualified and fully compliant operators. 

    Positive Pumping is committed to providing tailored solutions for every project, ensuring a positive experience for their clients. Their extensive range of services is designed to meet the diverse requirements of various construction projects.

    Services offered by Positive Pumping include:

    • Boom Pump and Line Pump Wet Hire: A large fleet of boom pumps and line pumps available for wet hire, operated by experienced professionals.
    • Concrete Pumping Wet Hire: Comprehensive concrete pumping services for different project specifications.
    • Tailored Solutions: Recommendations and services customised to meet the specific needs of each project.

    Phone: (03)40507082

    Meales Concrete Pumping Concrete Providers Melbourne

    meales concrete pumping concrete providers melbourne


    Measles Concrete Pumping

    Meales Concrete Pumping, a specialist independent concrete pumping contractor, has a proud history spanning over 50 years. They are recognized as market and industry leaders in Australia, offering the largest fleet of mobile concrete boom pumps, concrete placing booms, and stationary line pumps for hire. Their services cater to a wide range of projects, including residential, civil, industrial, and more. 

    Meales Concrete Pumping is known for its ability to handle any size concrete pumping project, providing services such as mobile concrete pump hire, long reach boom hire, line pump hire, stationary pump hire, separate satellite placing boom hire, high rise concrete pump hire, long distance concrete pumping, specialist concrete pumping, dry hire concrete pumping, shotcrete, mobile conveyors, and more.

    Services offered by Meales Concrete Pumping include:

    • Comprehensive Concrete Pumping Services: Including shotcreting, high-rise concrete pumping, and more.
    • Boom Pump and Line Pump Wet Hire: A large fleet of boom pumps and line pumps is available for wet hire.
    • Specialised Services: Tailored solutions for unique project requirements, including high rise, long distance, and specialist concrete pumping.

    Phone: 1300632537

    Gateway Concrete Pumping Providers Melbourne

    gateway concrete pumping providers melbourne

    Gateway Concrete Pumping, based in Melbourne, is dedicated to providing its customers with modern and reliable concrete pumping equipment. They are committed to ensuring a hassle-free concrete pouring experience for their clients in the Melbourne metropolitan area. 

    Gateway Concrete Pumping stands out for its guarantee of having two men on every pump, ensuring efficient and professional service. Their focus is on offering quality, reliable equipment combined with a highly trained team of professionals, making them a go-to choice for concrete pumping jobs.

    Services offered by Gateway Concrete Pumping include:

    • Professional Concrete Pumping: Utilizing modern equipment and trained personnel for various concrete pumping needs.
    • Fully Insured and Work Cover Registered: Ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.
    • Guaranteed Two Men on Each Pump: Adhering to the Concrete Pumping Code of Practice for optimal service quality.
    • Services for Both Professional Contractors and DIY Handymen: Catering to a wide range of clients with different project scales.

    Phone: (03)97221111

    boom or truck mounted concrete pump is best suitable for the construction of huge road and highway projects. For concrete pouring at several altitudes, where there is a limited area for the concrete pouring, a boom concrete pump is the best choice.

    You can place the concrete even in bad weather. It is easier to pour smaller amounts in multiple locations as some job sites may require. It takes fewer workers to pour in place. The concrete moves faster from the source to the pouring location.

    The reasons are time and labour savings, improved scheduling, reduced site preparation, on-site employee satisfaction, high-quality control, and the versatility of placing the concrete easily. You can consider using a concrete pump in today's construction site for the following reasons.

    Using the same aggregate to cement ratios in a mix, the dryer mix that a concrete pump can deliver can produce concrete that withstands 3000 PSI. But to deliver the same mix with a chute system, it must be much wetter and the resulting concrete will likely only produce strength of 2,000 PSI (if you are lucky).

    The first cylinder, also known as the material cylinder, pulls concrete out of the hopper. The second cylinder, the discharge cylinder, pushes the concrete out of the pump in the location where it is needed. The two pistons work in tandem, alternately pulling in and pushing out their volumes of liquid concrete.

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