20+ Best Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping in Melbourne, Victoria [2023]

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem and should be treated with respect. It's best to call an arborist if you have a tree that needs attention on your property. Arborists have the education and experience necessary to properly care for trees. They can also give you tips on how to keep your trees in good shape.

An arborist may recommend lopping or cutting down your tree if it is diseased or damaged. Fortunately, Melbourne has a plethora of reputable tree-trimming services. Make sure you do your research before hiring one so you can find the best company for the job.

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    Ultimate List of Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping in Melbourne, Victoria

    Harry’s Yard - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    harry's yard

    0475 217 658

    Melbourne Arborist With Over 20,000 Happy Customers

    We have been a trusted name in Melbourne for more than 20 years and have done more than 20,000 jobs including tree pruning, wood chipping, mulching, palm removal, and stump grinding. We have experienced everything.

    Harry’s Yard

    A multifaceted, family-run company with over 20 years of experience handling anything from tree removal to garden upkeep.

    We guarantee the highest standards and are fully insured for all of our work, especially during the important clean-up phase.

    Len McKeown Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    len mckeown tree services

    1300 135 983

    We take pride in being Melbourne's most dependable and reasonably priced tree service company. We specialize in all aspects of tree care, including tree trimming and cutting, stump and tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and more, with a team of qualified, licensed, and insured arborists. Our crew of guys can handle any job, big or small, and our reputation speaks for itself.

    In addition to providing comprehensive tree care in Melbourne, we take pride in what we do. We always prioritize your safety, the safety of your home, and the safety of our employees. Contact us if you need a tree removed, have questions about a sick or potentially dangerous tree, or simply need some trees manicured. Our team would be delighted to assist you.

    JF Arborist - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    jf arborist

    0421 141 808

    At JF Arborist, we are a small, family-run company renowned for our commitment to trees and gardens. We take great satisfaction in treating your garden as if it were our own and giving each of our customers incredibly individualized care. We work together with you to create the ideal outdoor environment for your home, paying special attention to the smaller details and overall beauty of your garden.

    We provide service to the North East Suburbs, including Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Templestowe, Balwyn, Camberwell, and Surrey Hills, as well as the neighboring districts. We are a two-man group that specializes in modest to medium-sized assignments that require removals and pruning. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable, fully qualified, and insured.

    JF Arborist & Tree Removal is a small, family-run business, and we take delight in collaborating with you to design the outdoor space you want. Because we want you to be happy with the outcomes of a healthy, well-kept garden, we take extra care.

    FAQs About Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping

    Professionals Keep Your Tree Well

    First, for the health of the tree itself, hire an arborist. If you take on a trim job yourself, you risk damaging your tree through indiscriminate pruning. You may believe your tree is too large to manage and then cut down to size, but if you over-trim the canopy, you could “topping” it. A topped tree no longer has vital, thin, terminal end structures for manufacturing leaves, and it can only produce weak buds at the remaining stubs. Over time, topping leads to dangers, including hampered energy production, decay, and unstable growth.

    Aside from steering clear of topping, a professional knows how to remove dead branches properly and promote your tree’s future well-being. Because they understand common growth patterns and how to assess and remove dead limbs, they can trim from experience rather than guess.

    Professionals Protect You

    Another reason you should hire a professional tree trimmer is for your safety. Trimming may seem like a simple step up from pruning, but trees’ heavy limbs, great height, and the tools required create a situation ripe for injury. After all, you don’t know how branches will fall when you cut them, and they can act even more unpredictably if they’re dead or diseased. Also, clambering up a ladder to do this can easily lead to a fall. Add in power tools such as a chainsaw, and the danger to an amateur such as yourself only increases.

    Professionals Displace Your Liability

    Furthermore, hiring a certified arborist removes your liability in two senses: you know you aren’t breaking any laws, and you don’t have to worry about health-related costs. An arborist-led tree service company studies local pruning laws and has the proper permits to work on your property. In addition, these companies don’t place any responsibility on you should further damage or injury occur during trimming. These experts know what they’re doing, and it’s nice to know that you aren’t on the hook for added expenses should anything happen.

    Arborists ensure the health and longevity of trees. They use several techniques to maintain and care for trees, shrubs, and woody plants. This includes pruning, plant health care (PHC) and removal.


    Pruning improves tree health and reduces hazards. However, specialised climbing techniques and equipment, including chainsaws, handsaws, and aerial lifts, are required to access taller trees. In addition, the brush is often reduced by using chippers.


    PHC treatments enhance the health and stability of trees. More specifically, cabling and bracing for support, nutrition and fertilisation applications, and monitoring for pests. These treatments are also applied to younger and smaller trees and shrubs to ensure future stability and growth.

    Tree Removal

    Removal is the last resort when a tree becomes a safety issue for people and infrastructure. Tree removals may be simple enough to require just a chainsaw. But additionally, it can require specialised rigging techniques with ropes, pulleys and engineering concepts. Also, equipment, such as grapple trucks and cranes, to eliminate damage to nearby structures and dangers to people. Chippers are then used after removals.

    Arborists love trees and want to make sure they’re healthy and happy (like a doctor for trees!). The work is physically demanding but has so many benefits. Benefits such as working outdoors, giving back to the community and not to mention the ability to climb in your career!

    Improving the Appearance of Your Logan Property

    One of the key reasons you should hire professional tree services is the potential to improve the overall appearance of your property. Landscaping companies usually follow a particular theme, which determines the appearance of your garden. Unfortunately, trees don’t always fit such themes. This is why tree pruning is so important: trim the tree to fit the desired look of your garden.

    Saving Your Trees

    Much of the tree often remains when a tree is struck by lightning. In such an instance, tree lopping is your best hope for keeping the tree alive. Arborists can remove the part of the tree that has been damaged by lightning to prevent the disease from entering the wound and killing the tree. This can also promote new growth in the tree. Sometimes, however, the storm damage might be so severe that complete tree removal becomes the only option. A Logan tree lopping expert can assist you with this.

    Ensuring Safety in Your Yard with Logan Tree Lopping

    If you allow the branches of a tree in your yard to grow unchecked, you might be allowing a safety hazard on your property. Overgrown or dead branches pose a significant safety hazard to you, your loved ones, and even your house. Tree pruning is your best bet for reducing the size of unbalanced branches to avoid any dangerous incidents.

    Improving the Health and Appearance of Smaller Trees

    Outdoor spaces should have a mix of both tall and short trees. To allow enough sunlight to pass through and reach the shorter trees and even your lawn, you will need to reduce the canopy. Importantly, not everyone is qualified to handle this task. Therefore, you must contact a licensed professional to handle this dangerous task to improve the appearance and health of all your trees.

    Improving the Health of Your Trees

    To promote regrowth, tree lopping is important for getting rid of dead, dying, or diseased parts of your trees. Leaving diseased, dying, or dead branches uncut can harm the entire tree since it can start decaying slowly. Therefore, it is harmful to the tree and the people or properties in its proximity. A qualified arborist can assess the health of your trees and determine what pruning is necessary to promote the health of your trees.

    Ensure Health: Pruning maintains the health of your trees. Pruning removes dead, diseased and extra branches. When trees are properly pruned, you encourage more air circulation and exposure to the sun, boosting healthy growth. As a result, you’ll notice more new branches and a sturdier structure of younger trees.

    Encourage Fruit Production: Prune fruit trees in late winter to boost more growth in spring and summer. When the tree has less volume to maintain, it uses its excess energy stores to produce more fruit.

    Growth Control: Homeowners can control the growth of their trees through tree pruning. Regular pruning makes it easier to maintain a tree. When completed in summer, trimming limits tree growth, while fall or winter trimming encourages more growth.

    Safety: Dead branches pose a potential risk to property and life, especially when there is a storm. Trees whose branches touch power lines are quite dangerous. Trimming will help prevent accidents by cutting off the high-risk branches from the trees.

    The commonly used term ‘tree lopping services ‘means to “cut off” a branch, limb or section of a tree. When looking for an Arborist to lop your trees, it is easy to get confused when they tell you that they don’t lop trees.

    Tree lopping is not the best practice for keeping your trees healthy. Tree lopping can mean cutting off branches and major limbs at any point without considering the tree’s future growth habits. 

    It is common to lop trees to a height that keeps them away from buildings and pathways. While it is a quick, easy way to achieve the desired outcome, aesthetically, it’s not always pleasing, and the results don’t last.

    Jefford Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    jefford tree removal

    0411 721 684

    Jefford Tree Services takes pride in providing a customized service that includes suggestions and instructions on how to care for your valuable trees and outdoor space. We can set up a tree evaluation and report as soon as today.

    At Jefford Tree Services, our staff of certified and experienced arborists will make sure that all work is completed in a way that is professional, safe, and provides service that is above and beyond expectations. We are capable of doing a variety of services, including height reductions, palm tree removal, cleaning, and chipping/branch mulching. Delivery of mulch is $150 for 5 cubic meters and $200 for 10 meters.

    Treelife - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne


    0404 348 824

    Treelife, a Melbourne-based company, specializes in providing professional tree services for all of your landscaping needs. You can depend on us for all of your tree care needs because we provide a variety of services. We can assist you whether you want to improve the appearance of your land or require the removal of a tree for a construction project. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we have established a reputation as one of Melbourne's most dependable tree service providers.

    Trav’s Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    trav's tree services

    1800 934 192

    Our certified arborists are skilled in all tree services and solutions, from clearing away storm-damaged trees to inspecting every tree on your property. We don't merely chop down trees; instead, we take a holistic approach to your site to identify preventative maintenance strategies for your trees. For trees that require additional support, we can install cable bracing, remove branches that might obstruct service wires, and provide comprehensive arborist reports.

    Everything from choosing the right tree to plant and where to plant it to removing trees and stumps, we are completely qualified and skilled in. For the benefit of you, your trees, and our personnel, we want the finest outcome possible. As a result, we provide reasonable pricing and do all projects fast. We can rest easy knowing that our staff members and your property are secure because we are properly insured and have extensive public liability coverage.

    Joel’s Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    joel's tree services

    0409 051 768

    The experienced arborists at Joel's Tree Services are committed to delivering superior professional service and achieving complete client satisfaction. Word-of-mouth referrals are valuable, and we understand that. Our objective is to remain your go-to source for tree services after we have completed a job for you, your family, and friends.

    The goal of Joel's Tree Services is to conduct business while providing a safe working environment for all employees and any potential affected members of the public.

    Tree Culture - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    tree culture

    0412 303 914

    In the event of storms or strong winds inflicting major damage, ranging from a weakened branch to uprooting a tree, our tree arborist is also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Tree Culture to provide emergency tree services. For your safety, we will let you know if any work is required to stop future harm to the tree, the nearby structures, and the plants. No matter how big or where the tree is, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done without incident. Even those who aren't climbing arborists are trained in the use of EWP platforms.

    Always use certified arborists to manage trees and shrubs through trimming and pruning to ensure that they do not obstruct public works such as power lines. The look, health, and value of trees can all be increased by hiring a professional arborist. During tree removal and stump grinding, branches, trunks, leaves, and wood chips can all cause a mess. We as a consequence make sure that your site is tidy, clean, and free of clutter by removing all by-products.

    Arborcraft - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne



    No matter how big or challenging the tree is, our skilled and experienced staff can bring it down. Chainsaw tree cutting is a hazardous activity that demands careful preparation, knowledge, and the right tools. Arborcraft has a group of experts who are very skilled at felling trees all around the state.

    In order to guarantee that your trees are felled safely and in the direction you choose, we bring the necessary knowledge, abilities, and expertise, as well as the proper feeling support instruments. We remove trees in a safe and expert manner, so you won't have to worry about your tree harming your property after it is gone.

    Pruning trees when they are young will ultimately save you time and money. When you establish a good primary branch structure while your tree is young, it will grow a strong framework that will require less corrective pruning as it matures.

    Early intervention promotes healthy trunk development and growth and enables the correction of any structural faults before they worsen. Young trees are pruned to shape them while they are still growing; this process is known as "training" the tree. It has also been demonstrated that the capacity to mold a tree's structural integrity at a young age makes them more resistant to severe weather like storms as they mature.

    Eucalyptus Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    eucalyptus tree services

    0402 328 322

    It's simple to start your search for an arborist in Melbourne at Eucalyptus Tree Services. All occupational health and safety regulations as well as Australian standards for working with amenity trees are met by our excellent service. We are a group of highly motivated arborists with a base in Melbourne. We take great satisfaction in the excellent work we do and the services we offer.

    Each task is handled securely and expertly because the tree surgeons at Eucalyptus Tree Services are not just informed and skilled, but also fully qualified and insured. If you're looking for an arborist in Melbourne who can prune your fruit trees and trim your hedges just as well as prune or remove large trees, call us today at 0402 328 321 for a no-obligation quote.

    Max Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    max tree services

    0405 768 806

    The top tree care and removal business in Melbourne is called Max Tree Services. Max has an easy-to-understand mentality. Whatever the circumstance, he will provide you with the most straightforward guidance to ensure the greatest outcome for your garden.

    Max Osman and his wife, Emma, created Max Tree Services, a family company based in Melbourne, as a passion project. A longtime outdoorsman started the business in 2015 to provide a sustainable future for his family, himself, and the environment in which he lives.

    Customers commonly ask for a tree to be removed because they think it's the easiest or only choice. After meeting the owner and touring the property, this isn't always the case, though. There are frequently other options that haven't been thought of in place of adopting the simple path. Max will explain how to make it work and lead you through each step.

    Arborist Marcus - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    arborist marcus


    Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Arborist Marcus has provided conventional family tree services to Melbourne from Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.

    Let's cut down any trees that are unsafe, dead, or otherwise pose a risk to public safety since they block light and overhang roofs. Some trees have just grown too large for the garden and are cracking paths and walls, blocking drains, encroaching into or from next door’s property.

    Tree Removal Melbourne - Arborist & Tree Lopper Melbourne

    tree removal melbourne

    (03) 8595 5475

    Tree Removal Melbourne offers the most reasonable tree removal and trimming service in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We help homeowners cut costs and save time while upholding the highest standards of quality in our work and ethics. Have you ever been the target of a tree removal that was urgent or dangerous? Cranes, massive lift trucks, qualified tree climbers, and an unmatched ground staff are just a few of the equipment we have available. Don't hesitate to call us. A call for our presence has been made.

    We take pride in being Melbourne's most dependable and reasonably priced tree service company. We specialize in all aspects of tree care, including tree trimming and cutting, stump and tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and more, with a team of qualified, licensed, and insured arborists. Our crew of guys can handle any job, big or small, and our reputation speaks for itself.

    Jim’s Trees - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    jim’s trees


    The safety of your property and the neighborhood where it is located is ensured by tree removal services, which identify and get rid of trees that have grown dangerous or obstructive. When it comes to removing trees and other plants, our loppers are the best there is.

    Our Melbourne tree removal teams are equipped with the training, knowledge, and gear required to deliver a wide range of expert arborist services. Avoid spending your time and money on other removal services unless you have an urgent need for tree care. In an effort to protect your home, our staff can help you locate any other possibly hazardous trees in the neighborhood and chop down the tree for you as well.

    In our opinion, the removal of trees does not signify the end of a project. Instead, we provide extensive tree removal services that include everything from removing tree stumps to wood-chipping, getting rid of green trash, and thorough cleanup once the job is finished.

    The Tree Fairy - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    the tree fairy


    Thanks to the fact that our staff members are from all over the world and have a wealth of combined expertise, you can relax knowing that your tree job is in the hands of the most qualified professionals in the field. The treatment and removal of hazardous trees that are huge, dead, or otherwise troublesome fall under the expertise of our crew, even though we handle all elements of tree work. A higher level of knowledge is necessary for this.

    We deeply value trees and are committed to keeping them safe. However, it's feasible that they'll need to go in order to make way for growth, enhance health and safety, or both. By planning and supporting planting days all year long as well as actively taking part in conservation projects across the state of Victoria, we make it a point to give back to the community. We have a healthy respect for nature and what she has given us.

    Yarra Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    yarra tree services

    1800 2292 775

    Tree removal is done effectively by Yarra Tree Services. For a big palm tree or a little tree, our staff can determine the optimal course of action. The biggest trees can be safely disassembled by our skilled staff. Additionally, we provide wood mulching and stump grinding. To reduce property damage, our personnel cleans up.

    Bushfires are widespread in today's tough climate. The fire danger on your property can be decreased by Yarra Tree Services. Home preparation lowers the risk of bush fires. We can evaluate fire dangers like branches that dangle too low. Trees nearby are likely to drop leaves and twigs into the guttering, increasing the risk of a fire. Visit the CFA website for more advice on how to lower your risk of fire and develop a fire strategy.

    Local authorities demand tree removal licenses in order to safeguard native species. An arborist's report is needed for a permit. Your municipal permission application can benefit from the assistance of Yarra Tree Services. We'll talk about your requirements and include our recommendations in an unbiased report. This process can be used to cut down trees near existing homes, as part of a pre-purchase inspection, or when planning a development. Send these reports to the council together with your permit application.

    Tree FX - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    tree fx

    1300 873 330

    The East of Melbourne is served by Tree FX - Quality Tree Management, a tree care business that prioritizes the happiness of its clients. Despite the fact that we are a little business, we already have big ideas, huge aims, and tremendous results.

    We are dedicated to provide tree care and tree management services that constantly meet high standards, but we will never lose sight of the fact that our main goal is to give consumers a unique experience.

    A hand-selected group of arborists and very talented and extensively educated tree workers make up Tree FX. These individuals are equipped with all of the information and resources necessary to perform a wide variety of tree management responsibilities.

    PC Trees Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    pc trees services

    0412 533 683

    PC Trees Services is the best full-service tree work provider. With years of industry experience under our belts, we have the knowledge to handle even the most difficult tasks. Whether your yard needs a makeover or you have a rotten tree that needs to be removed, you can rely on us for prompt, dependable service. We can meet your needs at an affordable price and provide a wide range of services, from trimming and pruning to removal.

    The majority of the time, Melbourne councils mandate that you obtain a planning permit prior to conducting any tree removal services. Unfortunately, the process of getting this permit can be lengthy and take up to eight weeks. An arborist report can speed up the permission procedure if your situation is urgent, enabling us to cut down the tree faster and keep you safe.

    To help you with the required documentation, our expert arborist Melbourne services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This important part of the tree removal procedure is often overlooked by property owners. If you remove a tree without first obtaining an arborist's report, you could be subject to fines of up to $30,000.

    Arbor Pro Australia - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    arbor pro australia

    1300 301 122

    Over the course of this time, we have built a strong professional relationship with hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Melbourne's city and suburbs by offering such high-quality tree care services. Residential property owners, commercial enterprises of various sizes, as well as the local, state, and federal governments and their respective agencies, are some of our clients in the tree and stump removal industry.

    One of the most significant services we provide is tree removal. Regardless of the reason a tree needs to be chopped down, we have the skills and expertise required to do the task safely and securely. While some occupations could be straightforward, some might be trickier than others and require more skill, collaboration, and experience.

    Wherever it is necessary, which is usually, we employ ropes and rigging to lower branches and logs carefully and safely to the ground crew that is waiting below. This safeguards not only our workers but also the structures and other assets we possess, including buildings.

    Yarra Eco - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    yarra eco

    03 7016 6217

    We have extensive expertise working with residential and commercial clients to maintain the safety and health of their trees over a long period of time. We take great effort to manage every area of the project with the utmost care and focus on even the smallest details, from the very first phone conversation to the very last leaf. Additionally, in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we pledge to offer a risk-free working environment for each and every member of our staff as well as each and every one of our clients. Find out more about the regions we serve and the services we provide.

    You can be sure that the job will be done in line with the most efficient procedures and rigorous safety standards currently employed in the industry if you choose to deal with Yarra Eco Pty Ltd for your project involving tree trimming or tree removal. We will provide you an itemized estimate of the expenditures required on the same day that we visit your property for the entirely free tree examination. We take precautions to guarantee rapid service delivery, on-time arrival, and ongoing participation from you throughout the process even after it is over.

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